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There was a good attendance at Subi aco oval to see Cast year's .champions onirifortably betit West Perth. Before the match the chainpionshin nennant. wdn

by Subiatb last season, was-unfiiried at the head of -the .-flagpole -of the-new pavi lion, the ceremony being performed by Mr. A. A. Moffat; president of the league. It is pleasing to record that time* were Faithfully kept throughout-' the game. Beth teams were on the field before 3 p.m.; the- halt time interval was not ex ceeded and the ' change ' over between (juartcrs was quickly made. Of course 'here -was as much -interest centred-'™ I he viewing of the effect of the new rules as in the nctijal play. The consensus of opinion' seemed to be that they tended to improve the game. There i« no doubt that on a day such as Saturday when tlip breeze blew up the: centre of the field and 'not to the wings' the new' out' of bounds rule was a, great success. It 'com- pletely rids the came of those massed tussles round' the line and keeps the ball .more in play — and. in open play at that. Thug pace' is made and those long and. fai-t exchanges so good to see arc more in ' evidence. It is, perhaps, early yot'ttf .say that the new ruie is :i wonderful improvement. But. sit.a,fir.vt glance, on such a ?? day as Saturday, it must Iks admitted that football1' has been made faster and cleaner. And in if being made thus it becomes more attractive. In tlie first half last Saturday the baR was out of bounds' only nine times. What a contrast to other seasons, when boundary1 umpires would have* thrown in from the. iine times far in excess of nine. .In a'l only 17 .seconds were called off iu time by. the central umpire. O'Con nor \yas the central and . did finely. He was quick in decision, made very few mistakes and was ulw.ays.up with the play.- Subiaco won most .convincingly. They, we're. much the better team 'on- the 'day. Despite the fact that Tom Outridge mid Bahen were'unatte to play, they fielded a great side. Piiiying with .more pace, triumphant across that important Hjic — the'eentrc-7-and playing much, bet ter football, up forward, the maroons fu3y deserved .the easy win recorded. Wc,sts seemed ragged. Their forwards crowded in too much, allowing the ma roon defenders to' play havoc in the jumble andith'eir centre' line'was bee ten all day. Their ba.cks. too. althouffh grand in the air,' lacked that quickness on the ground', which was a handicap against such a nippy, kind, as .'the maroon 'for- wards were. Yet in patches the cardinals showed some 'fine football and' give piid raise- pf- grcaiter- achievement ahead. There were some sp/endid ssnowings for *o ea£y-in the season.- Gep. Scaddan, elCTat ed )o the leadership, of- the Maroons;, played great 'football at ? the pivot. As a-usivc as cver,';quif:k in judgment 'and marking well he was the outstanding player of the day. And he is- disposing of the 1)011 now- much more surely than in other years.' J. Grigg, a true type of half: forward, did grandly in that, position. With a rare ? burst of ? speed in short dashes, .and a .grand liigh mark, ,this njsiuj.urns back well and. field's -in with eiiuno'n like passes ('host high. Rodrique7., us good as ever and kicking with deadly aim, reflected ?even_ goa^s and played cleverly. ' Thompson 'was a dashing de fender and Hodse, a strong and clever back num. Sexton and Bunning were great players in n team which did not con tain a poor footballer on the day. The out of ?? bounds rule seems to. .-suit ? this Maroon team, which, is capable of mam tuining great pace. and whose, non -stop methods and clever fanning up 'forward make them a difficult side for others to. hold in check. Wbt=t Perth lacked cohe sion, something, which Bert Taylor;' who was unnblc. to' .nicy and '.lead them ou Saturday, will probahiy lviiild up in the weeks to come.. Craig, marked wci'i and defended well «C1 .day, and' Gdi-pells,' too, did some' excellent 'work.VMelliin showed out well and ? Sinclair, although . beaten generally: by ^Scaddan, ' nevertheless put in sbmete'Mirig dashes, lie is .rugged, yet fair player, with tremendous dash and looks like being a ^grat footballer this seai'on.. Soutar and Parks were the best o£ the others. : . ?_ Subiaco commenced with the breese qnd. within two minutes Kodriqiiez had scored full points for them, lihe play was fast and it was five jninuti}?.. before thV'ball 'had 'crossed J.'h'e boundary line. Grigg scored from a and Rodriqucz sent through a third^ Subiaco' were .work ing 'in siv^'hdid unison* 'up forward and liodriquez with a clever left foot snap raised a fourth major. The some 'player rtartiug in for the pass with r.arc das.h, sc'orcd again, and with- deadly precision had the Maroons'. CCth on the' board. Be fore: the quarter ended A'hearn ahd.!W,ie land had scored further. ..major's. West P.t-r,th hud not .registered a single, major, It had been a Subiaco quarter. Apart from the-, breeze ? advantage they .'had played '.the better, football., They, were faster, more concerted and led finely. Across the centre \ {hey had- 'built up su premacy and their' forwards, piiyed well together. West's back- line-^-good ' as- . it was'in tliq air,, was, failing: in. ground work., Scaddan, Hodrlqucz and Sexton were a brilliant -trio . in Maroon, -whilst Qosnells. --3raig! and Melbin did well ; for West9. Scores at ' the quarter- were: — Subiaco.' 7.5; West Perth,' 0:1.' '. * - ' '/Wests were extiectcd to .bridge the gap in' the sccond.Tjut -rtiey were.-slbw moving'. Itodriquez gave tliefn. fiirt'her lee way to make:up with' a goaJ for. Subiaco. This they- replied toxwith a cleverly. -siwp- pt-il major and although' mostly in. attack did not score for 'some time after this. Their, forwards .crowded in too much and became .targets for the dash and vim of the defenders. It was not until towards the end of the quarter- that -they opened out' and: in a brief space Parks, I-onegan and Moy-le..-had . scored majors-.fdr~them. It had been their quarter in pJa'y.-but op* portunity;iiad not been :topp«l 'off.. Scores at the shatf were S,7. to '4.4- in favour of Subiaco.. For. some time in the third term, Wests ? looked- -like winning back, holding! the: Subiaco. men out-.'for. 15 minutes and developing pace and more team; work.' ,- But 'mastery across the centre told its tale and towards the bell, Subiaco .broke into attack tOKSeore three times , in quick succession, Rodriquez, Beaslcy and Rodriquez again finding the big opening. Beas'ley's goal was -from a glorious ^lbng. torpedo punt. The fhree quart'er -scores ' were: — Subiaco. 11.12; West Perth.' ,4.5. With a hopeless Usk in front, of them Wefts «tuek manfully to their' gtihK scoring 3;4 to' 1.1 for the term. Early 'in' the term Gris^r widened put: the gulf and West&.scored later, with gtiiks from Moyie and 'Park-si (.twice). S.ubiaco, howevjer.' were never really threatened itriil won comfortably by 34 points, the' final: tallies being:— ?Subiaco, 12.13 (85 points). West Perth, 7.Q (51 points).