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THe report of the Volunteer Review and of the Governor'sjevee, held yesterday, will be found in the fourth page of to-days issue.

AT the Roebourne Police Court, on the 10th inst., Alexander Davies was ordered to pay Ah Kett, a Chinaman, £1 17s, which the latter claimed as wages.

ON Thursday last an inmate of the Invalid Depot, Mount Eliza, named George Chap- man, aged 78, died from the effects of senile decay, fhe deceased was admitted into the institution on tile f °tb of iMay, last. ,. i

AT Pilbarra, on the 6th inst, William Downs was comitted for trial, on a charge of stealing 4 ozs of gold, 5 sovereigns, and 15s in silver from the person of Henry McDonald, at Egina, on the 29th ult.

AT the Wyndham Police Court, on the 25th ult., four aboriginal natives were each sen- tenced to six months imprisonment, with hard labour, for breaking a number of tele-   graph insulators.    

AT the Cossack police Court, on the 13th inst, Baboo, a Cingalese labourer, was sent to prison for six months, with hard labour, for stealing a quantity of clothing, valued under £50, the property of the W A. Mercantile Company.  

      AT the Roebourne Police Court, on the 30th ult., Mingo, a Macassar man, was brought forward on remand, charged with the murder of Henry Timothy, or Rontamah, at the Lacapede Islands, on March 8. The prisoner was committed for trial.

AN iinquest sas held at Donkey creek, Kim-   berley, on March 7, before Mr. E. P. Dowley, acting R.M, and coroner, and three jurors, on the body of James Campbell, who died at the creek on the same day. A verdict of death from natural causes was returned.

AT the Perth Police Court, yesterday morn, mg, before Mr. G. W Leake, P.M , Thomas Wooley was brought forward, on remand, charged with the larceny of two fish, valued at 3d, the property of William Brown. The acaused was sent to prison for tea days.

Mr. W MALET, president of tha Perth branch of the A.N.A, vocglved tile following tele- gram, dated Melbourne, 23rd inst, from the Hon. Alfred Deakin, Chief Secretory, Vic- toria: "Exouse delay, Hope joint re- presentation to Colonial Office through your Government will prove suooessful. Am waiting till yonr Bill arrives in London "

AT the Derby Police Court, on the 28th ult., William Jennings, for supplying spintuons liquor to aboriginal natives, was sent to

ptíjoft íór'sif months On the 1st 'inst

"Jennings was~'a1sô conviotâd'of "'stealing a qoaatity of liquor, and was sentenoed to a similar term of imprisonment, cumulative,

with hard labour in each instance.

AT Roebourne, on the 29th ult, Bagagwira, alias Tanner, and Madgie alias Mary, abori- ginal natives, were brought up on remand, charged with the murder of an aboriginal boy named Ned, on the 21st February. The former was remanded, but the latter was dis- charged, and her evidence accepted against Tanner, on her making an offer to guide the police to where the remains of the murdered boy were hid by the prisoner.

AT Sharks Bay, on the 8th January last, V. H. O'Dell was charged with unlawfully using an unstamped order for the payment of money. The defendant admitted the offence, and was fined £1, with costs. On the 6th May, Henry Corbett and John Peterson were fined £5, with £1 6s 6d costs respectively, -for'supplying aboriginal natives with liqnor at Freshwater Camp on the 21st ulk Joseph Devaney,for a similar offence was finen JÜ20, with £\ 6a 6d costs. The fine waa paid in each instance.?

SPECIAL arrangements have been made for the regulation of the railway trafilo on the 1st June, in connection with the Opening of the Great Southern Railway by His Excel- lency the Governor. Special trains will leave Fremantle at 6 ia. and 6'10 a ra, leaving Perth 35 minutes later, and arriving at Bev- erley at 1*50 a.m , and 12 noon respectively. The trains on: the return journey are timed to leave York at i p.m. and 5*10 p.m , arriv- ing at Perth at 930 and 9 45 p.m.

A VASSE correspondent writes: "What about jetty extension. eWe of the Vasse were given to understand, some time back, that tenders -for, the jetty head wonld be -called at once, but no sign of tenders being called appears at present. There is overy indication of increas- ing trade, and therefore this work should be pushed forward to meet it, and not allowed to be a want in4the spring of the year, when it is more than probable a'great call will be made upon toe structure."

Br.the Australind>bioh reached! Fremantle on Wednesday, 38 splendid fat bullocks arriv- ed. Thesefine beasts were bred on the Yeeda Station, belonging to Mr. Game of London,and although only 3 years old, realised the sum, of £12 coota. We learn from the agents, .Moura. A. Forrest A. Co, that the Australind ?will'onher next! down 'trip, bring 50 more from the same station. This prime beef is now en view at the shop of Mr».-Osborne

and Holmes Bros. & Co.

¿« "J I N- > An adjourned meeting of the members of the Fremantle Literary Institute was held early ia the week: Mr. B. Birch waa in the' chair,' ,andf there waa a good attendance. It waa jttopbted by Mr. G. Willis and seconded by Mr, F] J. Kelly, that the Fremantle parlia- mentary Debating Society be re established in; connection' with^tba institute,, and the secretar/ was instrnoteditoioonviae" a meet- ing of the late members, to inaugurate the society. The motion after some discussion

was carried.

WB have to acknowledge the following sub- scriptions towards the WEST AUSTRALIAN Chinese, Famine Fund: Mr. W. Edwards, York, £2 ; Miss Edwards, York, 5s. In a list of snbsoriptiens collected bv a resident of Newcastle, appearing inyeeterday's WIST AUBTBALIAN, several typographical errors occurred. We therefore re-publish the list : Mrs. Egdell, 2s ; Mrs. W. Donegan, 2s; Mr. J. G.-Dempster, Sa ; Mr. 0. Ellery, Is ; Mr. Archdeacon, 2s Gd; Mr. Leary, Is; Mrs. Harper, 2s 6d ; Miss H, 2s 6d ; Mrs. Adam, 5s; Miss Gilahrist, 2s 6d; Mrs. Cooper, Is; and Mr. Mosoord, 2s. |

THB nsnal weekiy meeting ot the Yonng Men's Society in connection with the Johns- ton Memorial Chnrcb, Fremantle, was held on Wednesday evening in a room adjoining the parsonage. Impromptu speeches were given by all of the membors, and a paper was read by the Rev. Jos. Johnston on'astronomy. It has been dèoided by the members to trans- form the room into a reading room, to pro vide draughts, chess, dominoes and other games,'and to have newspapers and periodi- cals, supplied so that during any evening members can spend the night in reading and


OUB Vasse correspondent, writing under date May 19, says : On Wednesday last »marriage was celebrated in the Anglican Church, the contracting parties being Mr A. J. Bussell, of Wallcliffe, son of the late Mr Alfred Bussell, and Mis3 Marion Ellen Reynolds, sixth daughter of Mr. J. G. Reynolds, of Wannernp. The bride was attended by four bridesmaids, the Misses Laura and Clara Reynolds, sisters of the brid», Miss Clair and Miss Kate Lay mm. Mr H. Liymaa acted as best man The newly-married couple left for Wallcliffe, their future residence, shortly after'the cere- mony. The officiating clergyman was the Rev. E. O. Clairs, rector of the parish.

THE remains of a man named John Price, were found by some aboriginal natives, at Tabba Tab, about 125 miles from Roebourne, about the middle of April. The deceased who was about 25 years of age, and was employed by the contractors of the Cossack-Robourne tramway, left the gold- fields on January last, to go to the   De Grey, but was not heard of after leaving Mr. Widge's station on the Tamer River, in the same month. P.c. Guildfoyle, after making an investigation, returned to Roe- bourne on the 11th inst. and reported that he found the remains lying under a bush, on the bank of the Tabba Tabba creek. The only clothing on the body was a pair of trousers, and a shirt was lying close by. The place is situated about three miles from the Derby telegraph line, towards the coast. The na-   tives handed over to the constable some cash and deposit receipts amounting to about £175. The remains were buried at the spot. It is believed that want of water was the cause of death, although there was a well only half a mile distant from where the body

was found.

A DISCUSSION took place at the Trades '.Hall, Melbourne, recently (reports the Argue), be- fore the Millers' and Bakers' Trades Union Societies, en the question of "BoilerFour venu» Stone Four." The discussion was between Mr. S. M. Harvey (a retired working miller) and Mr. J. L. Wilson" (the President of the Millers' Society). " Mr. Harvey opened the discussion, and stated ghat Mr. Wilson and himself bad met together previously and arguod the question without convincing each other, and it had been determined to disons* it before'the"!Millers', arid Bakers' Societies, with the hope that perhaps it might lead to further consideration amongst the younger members of those Societies. On the general question, he contended that the principal advantage of the roller system was that ît'flattçità] the «ran or husk of the wheat, tod'api th* germ, instead of pnlve^ rising thom, as wis done by the stone system, and consequently rendered-it' easier torsjft them from the flour by ü»e proper application pt ^a^m»,macMné8. Wttbibe roller system, 4naVip^i«*aiuing of «he krheat in the first instance, flour waa made of a whiter and finer quality by the roller system than by the ¡sjme sjTrtem, aàdSt .fetched a -higher, prioei which, of bourse, must be the tint ^consider ation wit'j millers: Mr.1 Wilson, in reply, described at length the system of milling by ataaesi which he waa now pursuing, and eon tended that by it a good, wbojesqme ijonr was obtained.' ' It Waa" very questionable, he considered, whether it waa sight to extract the germ trent the wheat so much as was done by the roller ' system- Bread made from the .roller.milletl flour would not keep so well as that from iron atoue.milled flour/and ho was told that bakers eould get more bread''from a given quantity of the latter than from a similar quantity of the formor, and if that were the ease the addi- tional weight of bread might be placed against the higher prioe of the roller flour. There was no doubt in his mind that a more nutritions flour .was .obtained by the stone -.ystom than} by tho roller system. . ,