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Tenders to Be Called.

When a committee of Fremantle resi* dents set to work to raise £6,000 for the erection of a war memorial, on Monu wiAtir Hill — the hiehest noint overlooking

Fremantle — the local council promised to spend £1,000 upon the prei-aration of the site for tie memorial. Plans for an ela borate lay-out of the grounds, which are to be intersected by roada and foot paths and planted with shrubs and' trees, and the erection of a tall and imposing monument which will be seen by ships many miks from shore, were prepared and accepted. The council showed its earnestness in the matter by expending £500 of tie amount promised for the preparation fo the site. . ' At a' meeting of the war memorial committee last night, presided over by Mra. F. Instone, Mr. Jas. Shepherd mov ed that the committee be authorised to call for tenders for the erection of the monument, as far as funds will permit Mr. P. Clegg asked how much cash was in band or promised? Mr. Shepherd replied that the commit tee had £1.000 in the j-ank, and promised donations of £1,200 had to* be collected. The council had promised £1,000, and half that amount had been spent. Mr. Clegg seconded the motion, to per mit of a discussion. ? Mr. Shepherd said that he thought . that the committee would be safe if it let a contract for £1,500. Mr. J. W. Bateman considered that the most the committee could do was to recommend that tenders b* caJIed for. Mr. J. Wilson questioned whether the committee would receive £1.500 worth of work if tenders were called and only portion of the contract proceeded with. Mr. Bateman contended that it would be a shocking example to sec a halffin ished memorial in the most prominent position in Fremantle. He doubted whether the scheme would achieve the object of. shaming people into contribut ing towards the fund for the purpose ft having the memorial completed. Mr A J. Lea Holt asked whether it would riot be better to call for tenders for the whole of the work and ask the successful tenderer whether he would go on the first stage of the work. Mr Shepherd: That is what I intend ed. Continuing, he said that his reasons for submitting the resolution were that the committee wanted to ascertain whe ther the estimate it. had received for the work was a good one, and that people 'down the street,' who -were always cri ticising the committee, would see that the members had some enterprise. «o tender need be accepted. ? , Mr Bateman assured members- mat - he was prepared to -withdraw fis objec tion to the motion if it was only for the purposeof .putting out « 'feeler. , i Mr ri. E. J. Foreman inquired whe !ther 'the plans and specifications were i sufficiently advanced to enable the com mittee to call for tenders, and he wa« informed that they were complete. The motion was carried.