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A Question of Longitude.

Early in the year Mr. H. B. Curlewis (the Government Astronomer) . issued preliminary figures for the longitude of the Observatory. Now, after consider

able correspondence with the Govern ment Astronomer of Sooth Australia, who co-operated with him in the deter mination of the longitudes of two places Dn the State's eastern boundary, Mr. Curlewis is able to make available the final figures for Perth, and for these two places on the boundary. Last night he made the following state ment: — 'The interval between the tak ing of the necessary observations at the various points and the appearance of the final results may seem long, but when [t is remembered that both observatories »re understaffed and it hat all the points requiring discussion, which crop up in 9. work of this kind, have had to be elucidated by letter, the reason for the Jelay can be understood. The results ire as follow: — The longitude of the Perth Observatory by ? wireless signals (depending upon 120 separate compari sons) works out at 7 hours 43 minutes 21.46 seconds east of Greenwich. The longitude by cable and land-line was 7 hours 43 minutes 21.74 seconds — the mean of figures obtained in 1899, 1901, md 1911. ' Greater weight has been iriven to the wireless determination, since It is direct from Greenwich, and the number of separate comparisons were Far greater, with the result th'at the final longitude of the Perth Observatory has been fixed as 7 hours 43 minutes 21.50 seconds east of Greenwich, or in arc 115deg. 50 minutes 22.50 seconds. The final longitude of the observatory pillar it Deakin, on the trans- Australian rail way, depending upon 170 comparisons, has been fixed at 8 hours 35 minutes 52.61 seconds east of Greenwich, or in ire 128deg. 58 minutes 9.15 seconds, ind the latitude, from almucan-ter obser vations and Talcott pairs, at 30deg. 46 minutes ; 1.84 seconds south. The final longitude in the observing pillar in the Kimberjey, depending on SO comparisons, nas been fixed at 8 hours 30 minutes 5.46 seconds east of Greenwich, and the latitude from Talcott pairs at 16deg. 12 minutes 58.6 seconds south. The State's eastern boundary is defined by the 129th meridian of longitude, so that in the case of Deakin it lay 1 minute 50.S5 sec onds to the east of our observing pillar, and in the Kimberley 5.46 seconds of time or 1 minute 21.90 seconds west of the observing nillar.'