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(FitOM ou« Special Cokbesi'ONdent.)

Nrwcasxle, 14th Nov.

The report of Mr. Anstey's discovery Of gold near Enoying Springs, on Mr, Lnkin's station, has made quite a stir of excitement here. Everyone is talking of gold, and the glorious prospects presented if this discovery turns out as everybody hopes it will. Mr. Daly, in charge of a small prospecting party arrived on Friday afternoon. The whole town seemed to turn out to gaze at the little company coming in, with their horses and packs, laden with necessaries for the sup- posed gold fields. Before any of the party mentioned anything of what their mission was, everyone was talking to them of the hoped-for Eldorado.

The York people are of 'opinion that the road viv York is the shortest and best. But I think all who know anything about the district to the eastward will agree that this is the best and surest route out, as it is more settled ; and there is water along the track. There are also several stations. At about 35 miles from Newcastle, Mr. Sla- ter has a station at Goomalling Spring. At another twenty-five miles farther on, there is Mr. Lloyd's station, Koombekine; and again, near the south end of Lake Cou couin, there ia another ont station. Every- one who baa been along this track speaks well of it, and I hear on good authority that the lojjgoat stage for water is fifteen miles. Aga'.o, this morning, at 8.30, we were «oused from our normal drowsiness by Mersrs. Steere a"nd Lloyd dashing down the street en route for the diggings. They are the first parry to start out. Mr. Cameron's party arrived here today. All well. Mr. Camero'., ¡a an 0]¿ hand at digging, and he on8b>, to be able to give some opinion as to WD'ether these reefs will be payable. He is Tery hopeful of the mineral wealth of this part of the newly discovered district. The people here are even so enthusiastic that they wonld like the gold fields to be quite close to Newcastle, and they hive a number of startling specimens of "mundie and mica," to show to any passing enthusiast. In the last few days I have heard many open wcgers offered, such as, " I'll bet you gold will be discovered in my paddock!"

or, "Jimmy Whatshisname got some beautiful* specimens down "Blind Gully Creek," or some queerly named place. 'Til bet you there will be a rush there, yet!" Bald another. Both Mr. Daly's and Mr. Cameron's parties started out of town early yesterday (morning, on their way east, ward. It is earnestly hoped that we shall soon here more news of Mr. Anstey's dis- covery. Many people also desire to know when the Government will allow other prospectors to go on the 60,000 aore reserve which has been already notified. At present, until more news is brought in, it is not much good predicting our prospects. Bnt we all wish those going east " Good luok."