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,\'_ [Bt.Teleobaph.], ",.

(Fbom Oub Special Repobteb.) :

'-Geraldton, October 26.

His Fxcellency.left Geraldton for, the Murchison at one o'clook. on the morning of Friday, 7th instant, for Nookawarra, travel-

ling in a light Amerioan buggy. The Private I Secretary (Mri. Hare) in charge of a seotion |

of the party, started at the same tim*. Three buggies, driven by Mr. E. Wittenoom, Mr. J. Aitken and Inspector Rowe, had started on the previous Wednesday morning. It had been arranged, however, that by. making a long Journey on the first day, His Excel- lency and the Private Secretary should overtake the others' at Yuin, Mr. Burger's station, on the outskirts, of the Murchison district., By the Ught of the moon, the Governor, driven by Constable Connor and Mr. Hare, made splendid time..; But Mr. Hare was handicapped by a heavy load- The Governor reached 'Yuin,. 126 miles ' from Geraldton the same day, bnt Mr. Hare and party failed to do so, and camped at a well, 25 miles from Yuin. From Ynin to the next: station, Murgoo, Mr. Wittenoom's is' over 90 miles, .and' the, Governor reached there on Saturday evening: others of the party also reached, thereon Saturday er early on Sunday. ¦ Hare, Mr. Edwd. Darlot met the Governor and drove him the rest of the dis ent settlers had'.oollected' at Nookawarra for distance to Nookawarra' station. Many promin the races. Thoygave HisExbelleney a cordial reception aad thad.made elaborate prepara- tions for the entertainment of visitors; On Wednesday evehing, a dinner-was given, at whioh the Health of His Excellency was drank.

The races began on Wednesday 12th, and they were well attended. The course is over a mile quite level, and in magnificent order. It is, indeed,- superior to any in the colony. The stand is on the slope of a small hill, and every yard of the race can be seen with com- fort.' The racing was confined chiefly to the stables of Mr. Frank Wittenoom of Nooka awarra, and the Messrs. Darlot of Berringarra,

both these establishments.being represented. Prior to the racing, the Governor was pre- sented by Mr. R. E. Bush with an address of welcome from Murchison settlers, and His Excellency replied inappropriate terms

The raoing opened with tie Ladies Purse,, a maiden event, in whioh - there1 were four competitors Mr. F. Wittenom's Ethel and Wilora, Mr. Darlots Winilya and Mr. Campbell's Tinboon. The race lay .between Wilara and Wilnilya, and the former was winning cleverly when his jookey fell over upon his neck and was beaten.

/Mr. Wittenoom's Star of the South won the 'Warra Warra Cup, one mile and a quarter, beating Mr. Darlot's Esca, and Mr. Judge's Highlander.

Mr. Wittenoom'* Jeelongi won the Nooka- warra Plate;; Mr.! Judge's'Highlander won the Mileura Plate; Mr. Perk's Cid the Sel- ling iRace; and Mr. Darlot's Esca the Mt. Clere Cup. This brought the first j day's racing to a close. *'-" ? ; -'- ' ' "

On the secsnd day the Berringarra Plate was fwon by Mr. Darlot's Esca; the Begina by Mr. Darlot's Agitarion; the Breeder's Plate by Mr.-^VvitfiBhdbm'srWelara}". the Stookman'a Purse by^-Mrf Perk's Tell-Tale and the Mnrohison Cup by Mr. Darlot's Agitation. Seven competitors started for the latter event, four of them belonging, to' the Nookawarra stable and three, to Berrin-

garra. The * raj"e was won cleverly by: Mr. Darlot's Agitation,' carrying 12st. 10ibs.,and beating Mr. Darlot's Winilya and Esca. The four| Nookawarra,-horses wera not placed. Agitation's time was 3 mina. 54 secs., whioh is remarkable, considering that she'carried so great a weight. Most of the races were well i contested. Welter weights were .car- ried i all through, and there was not a Bingle case of breakdown. :> '

¦Onthe third day, the show of sheep and cattle was held. The stock shown-were all in grand condition, and testified to the ex- cellent feeding qualities of the country. There wes a striking difference between the quality of wool on the baoks of paddocked sheep and those shepherded. The former being cleaner, denser and longer. _ t>

On the evening^f the race and show days,? dinners were given. The first was in honour of His Excellency's visit, the seoond in honor of other visitors and the third was the ordin- ary dub gathering. At each a long list of toasts was gone through.

In (response to the toast of his health, the Governor thanked the settlers for the warm reception given him,-and expressed his sur- prise at the development and prospects of the district. ."--' '¦¦¦'-¦

On Friday, 14th instant, the party Bet ont for Milly Milly station owned by Mr. James Aitken and passed through magnificient salt bush and grassy plains. The route then lay on to Beringarra, the fine station of the Messrs. Darlot, Minuela, the station of Messrs. Walsh A Son, situated behind Mounts. Matthew and Hale" and then back to Nookawarra.

The return journey from the Nookawarra was begun on the 18th, and His Excellency, with Captain Phillips and Mr. Hare came by Warra Warra, the station of the Messrs. Laoey. Bnt the other visitors came down the direot road from Geraldton. His Ex- cellency made a very big journey from Warra Warra, doing no less than 147 miles in oho /day, Mr..Arthur Lacey driving. Wherever- hekJappeared in'the Murchison .district he was very well reoeived, and he has expressed himself as highly pleased with bis trip.

Little reference was made to the inter diction of the Chief Justice, beyond the presentation of an address signed by all the leading Murchison settlers, condemning the.

attempt, during the agitation", to bring His j

Excellency into onntempt. - ,

The Murchison squatting district prcper | begins atYuin,about 120 miles from Geraldton. For nearly 100 miles of this distance, the country is of the most dreary character,'' sand , plain being varied with thick sorub. |'So far inland is the good country situated

that it is a matter of wonder that it ever was settled. From reports received from natives in 1863, Mr. Thomas Burges des- patched |Mr. Perks his present manager, to explore for sheep country. Four years later, Mr. Perks took up a flock of sheep

to the country round Yuin. As they did j well, a station was formed there, and soon after Warra Warra station was established,.. and gradually the district has been taken up, until now it is in a highly promising state. ' The feed for sheep consists chiefly of salt bush which, on nearly all the sta-

tions, covers -fine open plaius. Near the! rivers! and creeks there is flooded grassy country, . and in addition .there is scarcely

a single scrub or tree, from which all kinds j

of cattle do riot get excellent food. Water can be'found on all the stations at a depth of a few feet sinking. It is seldom neces. sary to go deeper thun.fifteen feet, in several places, also, there are permanent

pools. The rainfall, however is small, in |

some parts being not more than four inches per annum. But showers fall both in. winter and summer. Most of the stations are of immense area, ranging fron' 400,000 to over 1,000,000 . acres. At present it is necessary to have a largo extent of conntry, as the sheep are shepherded, and are taken from well to welL On some of the stations, however, fencing is proceeding with great rapidity, notably at Berringarra and Minenla, and nearly all the squatters are arranging for paddocking their country.

The Governor and the visitors from Perth intend to leave for home per the Otway on Wednesday next.