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MAUS will close at the General Post Office as follows :

FOE BBISBAKB.-By the Telegraph (s.j, this day, at 4.30 p.m. FOB CALLAO.-By toe Weldford, on Monday, at noon.

. FOE MELDOORKK,-By tho Alexandra (».), on Tuesday, nt!

3.30, p.m.

' Foil ROCKHAMPTON,-By tho Balclutha (a.), on luesdav) at

4.30 p.m. .

' J_FOB EOKH ¿MD HonAitï TowK.-By the City ot Hobart («.), on ^cdiu»day, at 3.30 p.m.

. CUSTOM House-Entered outwards, November 3 : City of Ade- laide (s.), 615 tons, Captain Paddle, for Melboumo; Telegraph ?ta.), S67 tons, Captain Page, for Moreton Bay ; Wcldford, ship, .879 tons, Captain Hughes, for Callao ; Naval Reserve, snip, 1831 tons, Captain Ellis,' for Callao.

¿.The City of Adelaide will not sall for Melbourn« os advertised. 'The first steamer being tho Alexandro, on Tuesday,

'. 'The barque Rapide, brig- Heather Bell, and. schooner Colonist : '"Will-be sold by auction, by Messrs. L.T3. Threlkeld and Co., om

Monday. .

; Tbc Contest, from Adelaide, anchored at the Heads yesterday.

: She is bound for Newcastle. ' I

'''Tbc'lJßarinla, from Mauritius, hos had very heavy weather,

??and bas lost a portion of her bulwarks and rail.

? The floe ship Strathdon, Captain File, has again completed an : 'cxceUcnt passage of eighty-five days from thc Downs, and eighty- '? 'two days from.the Lizard, which was passed on the 12th August, :'Sh6 crossed thc Equator on the 10th September, passed the mcri

?dion of the Cape of Good Hope on the 2nd October, and was off , Çttpc Otway on the SOth ultimo. She ran down her easting between latitude 45- and 46- 8., carrying; 6trong breezes

from N.W.

Vessels Bpoken by the Strathdon: August 19, George Thomp- son, London to Melbourne; September 0, Young Lochinvar, Foo Chow to London, latitude 9-42 N., 25-50 W.

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