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(From our Correspondent.)

Wagin's experience of working in with

other centres to celebrate the taking over   of the Great Southern Railway and lands has not been a pleasant one. After holding five committee meetings the position is the same as at the start, and is summed up in two words. Nothing definite. This is re- gretted, for with the really good working committee formed everything could have

been arranged with a free hand. At the   last meeting it was decided to await arrangements elsewhere, so far as date is concerned, but to keep to the original

guest list, which includes all other leading   men of the colony, as well as the members of Parliament. The opportunity of making our advantages known generally is felt to be too good to be lost, and if there is any |

truth in the report that Albany recognises the event as one of local importance only, this view is not held by the country dis- tricts. Any way it is recognised here that the celebrations will now begin at Albany,

lasting the whole day ; the following day   at midday at Katanning and in the evening  

at Wagin. Deputations will wait on the

Premier at perhaps both Wagin and   Katanning, representing the tenants of the   West Australian Land Company, their principal object being to place before the Government the special claims of the tenants:-(1.) To be placed upon the same terms as the Government tenants. (2.) The arrangement of arrears (which it is

felt can only be satisfactorily accomplished  

by adding the years so owing for to the

lease) (3.) The giving of full credit for I all payments made over 6d. per acre per annum. The granting of these conces- sions will for ever do away with the in- justice these tenants have had to submit to in the past, so far as the Government is able to do away with it. ,

Harvest operations are in full swing, but considerable difficulty is experienced in getting men accustomed to farm work, par- ticularly the working of reapers and


The Wagin Agricultural Hall will be opened on the 1st of December. A public ball will be held in the evening.  

Smart showers of rain fell here yester- day.

Wagin, November 25.