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j The usual weekly meeting of the Esecu«.

tive Council was held yesterday... The following matters were decided :-Appoint* ments : Mr. George Gray to bo Justice o_i the Peace for the Magisterial district of East Coolgardie ; Messrs. J. G. Mann and

S. Adamson to be Justices of the Peace for the Magisterial district of York ; Mr. E. A. Lee-Steere to be a Justice of the Peace

for the Magisterial districtof the Murchison; Capt. Wm. Curme, RA.., to bo in command of the permanent force, Albany; E. Kidson to be district registrar of births, deaths, and marriages, Ashburton registry dis- trict, to reside at Onslow ; J. Lawrence to be assistant district registrar of births, deaths, and marriages, Eucla registry dis- trict, to íesido at Eucla ; W. H. McKinnery, Yerilla, and Stuit Brown, to be depnty registrars, Yilgarn, electoral dis- trict; W. Smith to be member of the Board of Health, Yerilla ; Caroline Flood, to be nurse, Bunbury hospital; Emily Duncan to be, temporarily, nurse, Fre- mantle hospital ; A. E. Burt to be, tem- porarily, employed in the head office Mines Department, until his appointment as Registrar at Coolgardie; F. M. Alcock to be, temporarily, clerk in the correspon- dence branch, Mines Department; H. B. Staples to be, temporarily, clerk in the Warden's office, Marble Bar; J. A. Watkins to be bailiff, Warden's Court, Kalgoorlie ; W. C. Smith to be draftsman, AYarden's Office, Cue; E.- K. Cunningham to be, temporarily, assistant clerk. Warden's office, Kalgoorlie; Walter Marwood du Boulay to bo Clerk of the Court, Mullewa; E. Cros3 to be, temporarily, clerk in the central office, Supremo Court; W. H. AVheeler to be, temporarily and provision- ally, clerk Education Department, inspec- tion branch; E. A. Hamersley and E. Kennedy to be members of the AVilliams District Board of Education; J. de Castilla to be inspector of conditional purchases and homesteads ; A. W. Canning to be in charge of the Esperance Bay survey party ; C. M. Denny to bo, tem- porarily, surveyor, Lands and Surveys Départaient; C. L. Knight to be junior draftsman, Lands and Surveys Deportment; J. H. Jones to be station-master Cottesloe Beach; G. W. Stead to bo assistant goods agent, Fremantle; J. A. Porteus to be clerk in the goods shed, Perth railway station; C. W. Davies to be clerk in the outdoor superintendent's office, Railway Department ; H. O'Connor to be clerk in the Perth goods sheds ; J. J. Fitzgerald to be clerk in the office of the Inspector of Permanent Way, Fremantle ; E. D. Jack- son, G. Bernbery, and G. W. Cochrans, to be draftsmen. Works Department; W. Robertson to be shorthand clerk and type- writer, Works Department ; E. Edmunds, H. S. Keest, T. C. Mcclelland, A. C. Johnson, temporarily, W. J. Barrance, E. A. Sladen, T.'D. Murdoch, J. C. Sadlier (temporarily), J. F. Hill, W. H. Wilkinson and H. Bell to be clerks. Works Depart- ment; R. G. H. Harris and F. Davis, to be junior clerks, Works Department.

Resignations.-H. Sherlock, as assistant accountant Works Department; G. C. Macdermott and C. F. Wright, as clerks. Works Department; E. W. Lawn, as clerk, registration branoh, Mines Department; J. L. Clarke, as computer, Lands and Survey Department; J. F. Morrell, as assistant inspector of sheep.

Tenders Aceepted.-R. Bunning, new mortuary, Perth Hospital, .£377 16s. 2d, with ¿220 3s. lOd. for supervision and con- tingencies ; C. Mouritzen, Wyndham wharf receiving shed, £1,975, with £50 for super- vision and contingencies ; Bunning Bros, erection of temporary post office, Mount Magnet, ¿300.

Proclamations.-Proclamations be

issued setting apart a temporary quaran- tine station for stock near Guildford, at White Peak, near Geraldton, and at Dixon'sPaddock, near Fremantle.

Grant.-A grant of .¡860 to the Northamp- ton Roads Board as authorised.

Confirmation of By-laws.-The by-laws of the Bunbury Municipality are con.