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Transfer op Land Act.-Mr. Arthur Henry Smith, surveyor, has been specially licensed to practise under the above Act.

Railway By-Laws.-The by-laws regu \ latin» the use of the Government railways \ were published in yesterday's Government

> Gazette.

Mail for the Eastern Colonies.-A rriail for the Eastern colonies will close at iO this morning, for despatch per s.s. Adelaide.

Claremont Wesley Church.-The Eev. C. A. Jenkins will preach at Claremont iri the Government Schoolroom at 11 a.m., and the Kev. John Thomas, of South Wales, , jin the evening. .

Cohn v. Shamee.-It is the intention of Mr I J. K. Cohn to appeal to the Full Court 'against the judgment of Mr. Justice Hensman in this case, which was heard in the - Supreme Court during the July " Visit of Mr. Faithfull Begg, M.P. An error crept into our paragraph of the 12th inst. referring to the Crown Explora- tion Co., of which Mr. Begg is a director. We gave the capital of that company as b->'n« .£100,000, whereas it is .£1,000,000.

Perth Public HosriTAL.-The report of ïhe Perth Public Hospital for the past week is as follows :-Out-patients, 38 ; re attendances, 123 ; discharged, 11s died, ii; admitted, 13; remaining, 36.

Johnston Memorial Church.-At the aoove church, the pastor announces a ¡special subject for young men to-morrow evening. " The Story of a Life " being the

title of his discourse.

Sunday Becitals at Fremantle. -Mr. H. Evans Hughes, the well-known violinist, «rill give his sixth recital at the Fremantle Town Hall to-morrow evening. A collec- tion "will ho taken up to defray expenses.

The Perth Waterworks.-Tho Pre Tnier, speaking at tho opening of the. leederville school yesterday afternoon, stated that the Government had that day .accepted the offer of the company to sell the Perth Waterworks, which purchase had boen authorised by Parliament during {,&* »reseat week,

Trinity Congregational Church. - The Bev. William T. Kench will conduct services to-morrow at 11 sSid 7.30 o'clock. The subject of the morning service will be " Christian Perfection" and of the evening "Eemeraber Lot's Wife."

Beaconsfield Anglican Chwrch. Bishop Biley is expected to conduct ser- vice and preach in the Beaconsfield Anglicm Church, in connection with its third anniversary, to-morrow evening, at 7.30 o'clock. The anniversary social and concert will be held at an early date.

Art Exhibition.-Those who wish to spend a pleasant hour in inspecting tho beautiful pictures now on view in Hay street are reminded that the gallery is open in the afternoon and evening. The wet weather somewhat interfered with the attendance on Friday.

Bifle Shooting. - Efforts are being made by the Perth Infantry to arrange a

series of^ shooting matches between the 1 Perth, Fremantle, and Geraldton corps, to ] take place on the Karrakatta range on or about the 20th of next month, on the same conditions as the Fleming Cup.

The Coolgardie Water Scheme.-In -I the speech of the Minister for Mines on the Coolgardie wator scheme, a report of which appeared in this journal yesterday, reference was made to a letter on the the scheme by Mr. W. G. Fox, CE. Tho letter was written by Mr. W. G. Cox, CE., who writes pointing out the error.

The Swan ErvRR Drowning Case.- i'

Tlie body of H. N. Shaw, who was drowned t in the Swan Biver near the Swan Brewery on Thursday afternoon, was recovered shortly before li yesterday morning. An inquest on the body was opened before the

coroner, Dr. Lovegrove, andwa3 adjourned i

till 11 o'clock on tho ISth inst.

Perth Marhets.-" The fact is, sir, that tlie citizens see these great buildings lying idle, and are asking what it all means. They .ire blaming the City Council for not having the matter attended to." These waie the comments of Cr. Oldham at tho City Council meeting last evening when the question of leasing the Perth markets was once more brought up for discussion.

CiTr Council Staff Special Com- mittee's Report,-'.Ëhe special committee, appointed to inquire into and report on the organisation of tho staff of officials em- ployed by the City Council presented their report last night. The more salient parts of the report, which is to be discussed at a future meeting, appear in another column, and, as will be seen, deal with the subject in a very candid manner.

The Telegraph Lines.-The official re- port of the working of the telegraph lines foi- the 24 hours preceding yesterday morning wns as follows :-" Eucla line woikei well yesterday ; we are clear inward, but have 150 outward on hand. Eucla has about tlie same number for Ade- laide. All other lines clear, and are work- ing well this morning."

Canning Mills Wesley Church.-The

now church at Canning Mills will be-opened to-morrow by the Rev. G., E. Bowe, who will attend the public tea and.entertain li.ent this evening in the old schoolroom. Mr. Frank Wilson, the managing director, will preside at the entertainment, and will remain at the Mills for the church opening


Wr.sLEYAN Chinese Mission.-The Bev. G. E. Bowe received during the week a

donation of .£50 towards tho Chinese mission in connection with Wesley Church. The mission is meeting with encouraging le-sults. and the attendance at the Mission School last Sunday was the largest on record. The numbers of Chinese attending the Sunday evening service in Wesley Hail steadily increases under the ministry of the Bev. Paul Soong Quong.

Bankruptcy.-The following appeared in yesterday's Gorei-nmeni Gazette :-Notice of intended dividend-Re W. Honan, con- tractor, Leederville, Perth : Proofs re- ceived up to 29th inst. Application for discharge-Re Joseph Stokes, contractor, Fremantle: To be heard September 15th. Re C. Cutbush, tobacconist, Kalgoorlie, and late of Perth : To be heard September 15th. Order made on application for dis- charge-Re M. Daly, late inspector on Mid and Bailway, Perth : April 23rd, absolute.

" My Partner."-The complimentary benefit to be tendered to Mr. A. H. Elvins at tho Town Hall, Fremantle, to-night, promises to be most successful. The en- tertainment will consist of the production of tho powerful American drama "My Partner," in which Mr. Elvins will sustain ¿the character of Joe Saunders, supported by Mis. Buffy Hill as Mary. Seats can be reserved at Watson's, and as the tickets are being rapidly disposed of a bumper house may be confidently anticipated.

Hooper v. Costello ; Costello

Edwards.-The hearing of these two amalgamated cases was brought to a close yesterday.. The first-named was an action to recover .£500 for obstructing the plaintiff's use of a half right-of-way, and the second a suit by the defendant in the first to obain ¿500 damages for trespass. The Chief Justice gave a verdict in favour of the plaintiff in the first case with 40s. damages, and for the defendant in the second case. Only one set of costs was allowed.

The Far East.-The Changsha arrived yesterday at Thursday Island. The latest files brought by her state that information had boen received from Wenchow of tho destruction of a German mission by the Chinese, and that a renewal of the anti foreign agitation is probable. The Chinese Government has consented to the opening of gold, silver, and coal mines in Man- churia, known to be very rich. A serum remedy for the lubonic plague has been discovered. The Japanese in Formosa are displaying great brutality towards the native population.

Mr. Moir's New Buildings.-Tenders for the erection of the proposed new build- ings for Mr. J. H. Moir, at the south-west corner of Barrack-street and St. George's terrace have closed, and the lowest tender, that of Mr. J. White, is understood to have been about ¿£20,000. This price, however, is only for brick, not for Oamaru stone, which would be some ¿64,000 or £5,000 dearer. It will be necessary to communi- cate by cable with Mr. J. H. Moir, who is at present in England, before the accept- ance of a tender is decided upon.

St. Alban's Hall, Highgate.-As an- nounced elewhere, the formal opening of St. Alban's (new) Hall, Highgate, will take place next Tuesday evening, by Mr. W. T. Loton, MJi.A. An excellent programme has been prepared. The artists include Miss Gwen Davies, Miss Kelsall, Miss Prinsep, and Mrs. and Miss Fry, and well known gentlemen vocalists and musicians. Befreshments will be provided. The enter- tainment will be under the patronage of His Excellency the Governor, Bishop Biley, and other leading residents.

Marmion Memorial Fund Committee. _The first meeting of the above committee was held in the Council Chambers, Fre- mantle Town Hall, last evening, the Mayor of Fremantle,' Mr. E. Solomon, M.L.A., in the chair. Mr. J. B. Percy was appointed treasurer, and Mr. Jas. Lilly secretary. The following were elected an executive committee to draw up subscription lists and collect data of suitable memorials: Tho Mayor, the treasurer, the secretary, the Bev. Father Byan, Messrs. J. H. Briggs, M.L.C., J. J- Higham, M.LA., and Cr.


Wesley Church Services.-The Bev. John Thomas, of Merthyr, South Wales, who arrived on Wednesday, will conduct his first service in the colony to-morrow morning in Wesley Church. Mr. Thomas was trained at Headingly College, Leeds, and was ordained'by theBritish Conference at Burslem, in 18S7. For ten years he was encaged in the Welsh work. As a preacher and pastor he has a good reputation. His residence in connection with Wesley Church circuit will bo at Subiaco. The Bev. C. A. Jenkins will conduct an evange- listic service in Wesley Church to-morrow evening, commencing at 7 o'clock.

Concert at Subiaco. - A successful concert and theatrical entertainment was given in the Public Hall, Broome road, on Thursday evening by the pupils of Miss Peet's Victoria School, in aid of tho Con-   valescent Home, Cottesloe. The building was crowded, and all present appeared to thoroughly enjoy themselves. The per- formers were: Misses E. and O. Pearce, E. Barratt, G. Whitby, Ranford, M. Caris, J. Daw, E. and A, Lascelles, Master Hitch, and others. The usual vote of thanks was accorded to the performers, including Miss Peet, tho principal of the school, and Mesdames Pearce and Lascelles, who worked hard to make the entertainment a


Boyal Agricultural Society.-A com- mittee meeting of the Boyal Agriculttiral Society is convened for Tuesday aft?rnoon (August 18Ui) for the purpcse of drawing up the prize schedule for the annual show,

to be held at Guildford on October 20th

and 21st. His Excellency the Governor has consented to become patron of the society, and has shown his sympathy in a practical manner by promising 10 guineas annually during the period of his office, if the society will provide a challenge cup on the same principle as the Boyal Agricul- tural Society of England. Mr. J. Howard Taylor, M.L.C., has given a special prize of 10 guineas, and other smaller prizes have been promised.

An Alleged Oil Trust.-Our Kal-

goorlie correspondent, telegraphing last night, reports that the alleged Perth oil trust has " bumped" the price of kerosene on the fields to £4, per case, with the result that the Government offices and many private persons are using candles ex- clusively. One member of the trust, he add3, is reported to have .£10,000 worth of oil'at Fremantle, and has travellers touring .the fields offering unlimited quantities of oil for immediate delivery at Fremantle at 22s. per case. The extraordinary rates are rapidly hastening the general tendency to,

use candles instead of oil as an illuminant and it is feared that candles, he believes> will run short for the mines if the "oil ring " is not " burst up." If the scarcity of oil continues it will strike a deathblow to the use of oil engines and cause the .mines to revert to the steam motive power.

Speaker's Dinner.-The Speaker, Sir James-Lee Steere, gave his first Parlia- mentary dinner last night, at which the following were present:-His Excellency the Governor, the Lord Bishop of Perth (Eight Bev. Dr. Kiley), the Chief Justice (Sir A. C Onslow), the Premier (Sir John Forrest), the Attorney-General (Mr. S. Burt, Q.C., M.L.A.), the Minister of Mines (Mr. E. H. Wittenoom,-M.L.C.), tho Presi- dent of the Legislative Council (Sir G. Shenton), Mr. J. Howard Taylor, M.L.C., Mr. A. Forrest, M.L.A., Mr. C. Harper, M.L.A., Mr. J. J. Higham, M.L.A.. Mr. E. T. Hooley, M.L.A., Mr. F. Illingworth, M.L.A., Mr. W. James, M.L.A., Mr. H. B. Lefroy, M.L.A., Mr. W. T. Loton,.M.L.A., Dr. Waylen, the Commissioner of Titles, (Mr. J. C. H. James), Captain de Satgé, A.D.C., the Clerk of the Legislative Coun- cil (Mr. C. Lee-Steere), and the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly (Mr. W. Gale).

Floral and Industrial Exhibition.

It is the intention of the managerial body of the Perth Wesleyan Sunday School Floral and Industrial Society to hold their annual exhibition in Oc- tober next. The exhibition is to bo held on the last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday in the month, and particulars of the different exhibits to be invited will be advertised shortly. The exhibition will be held in the Town Hall. Mr. W. A. Laker has been elected hon. secretary, and a strong committee has been formed, who, with Mr. Laker,. will make all the necessary preparations. These annual gatherings, which have been held in con- nection with the Wesleyan Sunday school in Perth for many years, have proved both pleasurable and profitable to those who have taken part in them, and it is intended this year to take every possible means to surpass the success won at former exhi-


New Bulling Stock.-Tlie Bailway Department has prepared for immediate transmission to tlie Agent-General,an in- dent for rolling stock which, to those not familiar with the needs of the railway ser- vice, would seem to be on a most lavish scale. The following are particulars of the stock included in the indent and the probable cost:-20 passenger carriages, ¿819,aO0; 2 bogie brake vans, ¿820; 7 loose boxes, ¿61,100; 200 bogie freight trucks, ¿833,200 ; 200 bogie covered goods vans, ¿654,000; 25 bogie cattle waggons, ¿65,500; 50 bogie platform trucks, ¿69,000; 250 high-side waggons, ¿821,000 ; 230 low side waggons, ¿820,000; total, ¿6169,510. Thei-e are also to be included in the indent 59 engines, the classes of which have not yet been settled, and the approximate cost will be as follows : 25 at ¿62,500, 10 at ¿82,400, and 24 at ¿62,700; total, ¿6151,300. Tlie grand total of the indent will thus be ¿6320,810. The value of the rolling stock ordered during 1895 was ¿8238,074, and .there has already been ordered this year .'rolling stock to the value of ¿6434,869.

Perth Savage Club.-A meeting of the newly-formed Savage Club was held last night at the temporary rooms of the club in Foulkes's Chambers, at the corner of Barrack and Wellington streets. There was a good attendance of members. Dr. Astles, one of the founders and a past president of the Melbourne Savage Club, was unanimously elected president. The other office-bearers chosen were as follows : -"Vice-presidents, Mr. A. B. Kidson, M.L.C., and Mr. W. Hughes ; hon. secre- tary, Mr. E. A. Grant Williams ; assistant hon. secretary, Mr. H. Wynne Arties ; hon. treasurer, Mr. E. Bowser-Cumpston ; musical secretary, Mr. E. Crome ; com- mittee, Messrs. Hughes, Cavanagh, Nanson, Ulbrick, Watson Williams, Dr. Cuthbert, Dr. Hitch, Salway, Malcolm, and Crone. The rules drawn np by the pre- liminary committee were duly considered and passed, and after other business had been transacted the gathering assumed a

social character.

Miss Neva Carr-Glyn.-The artists con- nected with the proposed benefit to Miss Carr-Glyn on Friday, the 21st inst., are striving to make the concert un- usually attractive. Herr Francik will open the entertainment with the violin sonata, "The Devil's Trill," by Tar tini, and will be accompanied by Mr. E. H. Zollner, who will herewith make his début before the Perth public. Mr. Otto Linden will give one of his charming solos on the piano. Mrs. Mackenzie will sing " Beauty's Eyes." The young bene- ficiary will contribute Tosti's " Good-bye " and the favourite song, "In the Cathedral." Mr. Harry Wright will give a new song, " Fiona," and Mr. Bosenthal " The Forge " and " Thy Sentinel am I," both by Michael Watson. Mr. Crome's reputation as an accompanist is a guarantee of the success of this important part of the performance. Miss Carr-Glyn is now back from Cool- gardie, where she has had the advantage of some valuable hints from M. and Madame Musin. Her brother, Mr. F.

Carr-Glyn, writes to us, stating that there

is no truth in the rumour in circulation to the effect that his sister is married, or about to be married. He asks to have the report contradicted, as the credence being given to the statement is, he believes, pre judically affecting the prospects of the


Uncle Tom's Cabin.-The Easton Uncle Tom Company had a scenery rehearsal at the Perth Town Hall last night, at which several press representatives and a number of patrons .of the company were present. It was evident from the rise of the curtain on the plantation revels to its fall that the enterprising management, Messrs. Stevens and Wilkinson, had gone to considerable expense to make the production of Mrs. Beecher-Stowe's famous slave story a com- plete success. The piece opens with an admirable picture of Shelby's cotton plan- tation, from the brush of Mr. W. M. McEwen, a recent arrival from the Eastern colonies. Another of his productions is a brin-ht picture of Legree's estate, while his conception of the interior of Uncle Tom's cabin contributes much towards the general suceess of the scenic display. Mr. Melville Anderson is another large contributor towards the spectacular effect, his principal works being a picture of the Biver Ohio in winter and an attractive landscape. The opening performance of "UncleTom's Cabin" takes place to-night at the Town Hall, Perth, and a bumper house is confidently looked for. The prices of admission are 4s., 3s. and 2s., and the box plan is at Nicholson's, Barrack-street. Nicholson's, however, will be closed after 1 o'clock to- day, and the plan may be seen at the Hay street entrance of the Town Hall.

Perth Chinese Mission.-The teachers and scholars of this school held a social meeting in the new room cn Wednesday evening. The superintendent occupied the chair. Miss May McPhee presided at the organ. The progiammo consisted of short addresses from xl:>i Be\. D. Boss (Presbyterian), Bev. P.uil Sun.-; Lung (Wesleyan), Messrs. Cargeeg (Bap list), Moody (Congregational), MuKovern. (Y.M.C.A.)., Hitchings (Church oi" Chrui,}, and Barnet, Louey and Fan Yik (P.C.M.). Mr. Louoy, speaking about the origin of the mission, said that when he came to Perth he could not find one Christian among his country

men, and, being very anxious for their en- lightenment, he wondered what he could do. The idea of getting a few together on Sun- day afternoons was put in practice in September last by hiring a room. Into this he gathered several Chinese, and was assisted in his work of teaching by Euro- pean Christian friends until the room was full. Then the Wesleyan mission was started, and almost emptied it again ; but he carried on the work as usual, not wish- ing his mission to be under the control of any one church. A fresh number of teachers gathered round him, as only two of the old staff had remained, and he was glad to fay that so many new scholars came that tho room very soon became again over- crowded, so that teaching had to be car- ried on in the open air. Then he built this larger room, and he was very thank- ful to Mr. Barnet for the energy and en- thusiasm displayed by him in its "building. During the evening refreshments were served out, and after the visitors had thanked the teachers, a most happy time was closed by the Bev. D. Boss pronouncing

the Benediction.

The Clerk of the Executive Council. -There seems little just reason for the warmth displayed in the discussion over the Constitution Bill. The point which will be mo3t obvious to onlookers is that we are now rapidly moving on the up grade so far as salaries are concerned, and so far are following the example of "boom" times in other colonies. It was not worth while putting an increased salary for the Clerk of the Executive Council in the civil list if it were to lead to unpleasantness in debate. But of some things those who opposed it may be reminded. It is the custem elsewhere to put this salary in the schedule to the Constitution Acts, as a part of the civil list. The objection to this is that when the time comes, as it almost inevitably will, when swollen salaries will have to be reduced, it is unfair that any clerk should be given so superior a position requiring a special Act and a reference to the Imperial authorities in order to diminish his income. On the

other hand, the salary grantedhere is very

much below similar salaries bestowed in other colonies. But, possibly, one of the chief objections will be got rid of when the reminder is made that although the salary cannot be inter- fered with, the officer enjoying it can be. The clerk to the Executive Council can be dismissed with the same ease and with the same lack of formality that any other clerk can. If any Ministiy find that they have*reason to object to the present holder he can be dispensed with in twenty four hours, and another appointed in his place. The object of putting this salary on the civil list is probably to secure Ministries against improper influence, being exercised in reference to past executive secrets. But in the present formal way in which business is taken in the council there seems no good ground for placing the office in the civil list. But being there, it may be there is no good reason against its removal.

City Council.-An adjourned meeting of the City Council was held last night, and several questions of importance were dealt with. A petition to extend the water system to the Chatsworth Estate was re- ferred to the Government as tho proper body to look after such works in future. A report by the general purposes committee, recommending the purchase of a No. 1 double vertical Shand and Mason fire engine, at a cost of ¿6500, and that the Go- vernment should bo requested to introduce into Parliament a Bill tor the initiation of a scheme of protection from fire, on the lines of the scheme in' force in Adelaide, was adopted. The health committee also presented a report, but its chief recommen- dation-that private hospital licenses should be granted to Mrs. Craig and Mrs. Nicolay until the expiration of their leases -was, alter a short discussion, referred back to the committee for reconsideration. The sanitary commit lee in its report recommended the raising of a sum of ¿85,000 by tender in preference to securing an overdraft at a high rate of in- terest, in order to carry out certain works at tho sewage site, including the sinking of a well and the purchase of an engine and appliances for pumping the water. The council decided, as this pro- posal dealt with an important monetary question, to refer it to the finance com- mittee. Tho report of the special com- mittee dealing with the officers of the council was presented, and it was decided to consider it on Friday next. Cr. Hurst proposed that the Government should be approached with a view to its assisting the council in obtaining a system of surface drainage which might be embodicdhereafter in a large general drainage scheme, but it was decided to defer consideration of the motion for a week. A letter was read from

the Under-Secretary for Works, making

certain alterations in a draft lease of the city markets which had been forwarded to the Government for approval, and a com- mittee was appointed and styled the " market committee " for the purpose of arranging the details of the lease.

ABolling StockBetuen.-The Minister for Bailways ha3 had prepared a return, showing'the amount of rolling stock ordered for the Western Australian railways during the year, which has not yet arrived in the colony, the cost, erected, and showing also the expected dates of arrival. The tollow ing is a summary of the return:-S7 locomotives, ¿6177,640. To arrive: One August 20,1896 ; seven, middle of October to end of December ; 22, end of September to end February, 1S97 ; two, middle of November ; five, middle of December; nine, end of December ; 21, June, 1897, to Sep- tember, 1897. Duplicates for locomotives, ¿618,309,to follow respective locomotives; 20 sets wheels and axles, ¿6210, end of August ; 10 sleeping cars, ¿813,850, no ad- vice as to result of tenders yet received ; 30 passenger carriages (15 first-class and 15 second-class), ¿828,950, no advice yet re- ceived as to result of tenders ; 20 passen- ger carriages, with guard's compartment, ¿620,000, 10 end of September to end of October, no advice for balance; 33 bogie brake vans, ¿613,530, 15 end of September to end of October, no advice as to balance ¡' 75 bogie covered guards' vans, ¿820,250, 50 end of September to end of October, no advice as to balance ; 12 cold storage vans, ¿810,200, end of March, 1897 ; two post office sorting vans, ¿62,300, no advice as to result of tenders yet received ; 22 bogie cattle waggons, ¿64,840, 10 end of Sep- tember to end of October, no advice as to balance; 17 bogie sheep wagons, ¿64,000, five end of August, no advice as to balance ; six horse boxes, ¿61,100, no ad- vice as to result of tenders ; 215 bogie freight trucks, ¿840,000, 2S end of August ; 22 end of September, 65 end of Decem- ber, no advice as to balance; 25 bo-rio pl<tform trucks, ¿64,500, no advice as tore suit of tenders; 100 high-side wagons, ¿63,400, 50 end of September, balance end of October; 90 low-side wagons, ¿87,200, 50 end of August, 40 end of March, 1897 ; 48 side-tip ballast wagons, ¿84,080, no ad- vice as to result of tenders; 150 New Zea- land wagons, ¿815,000, daily oxperied. Total, ¿6394,309. With regard to the rolling stock not advised, tenders were returnable in July last, but rolling stock now takos.'ii; is stated, much longer to procure thai hitherto, and it is not possible to accicateiy estimate the time of arrival in the colony.