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  • mjw140875 25 Jan 2011 at 06:51
    ANGUS, Annetta M. (1864-1873), daughter of William Thomas ANGUS, coachmaker, and Mary Ann BIBB.
  • Jeanette.EGAN 18 Oct 2011 at 22:41
    THIS should read: KAY-STARK not HAY- STARK as I have researched the family thoroughly.

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Family Notices

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ADAMS—January 8th, at St. Leonards, North Shore, Mrs.

P. F. Adams, of a son.  

ANGUS—January 8th, at her residence, Stanmore Road, New-

town, Mrs. W. T. Angus, of a daughter.

ANDERSON—January 17th, at West-street, Darlinghurst, the  

wife of Robert Anderson, of a daughter.

AUSTEN—January 1st, at her residence, New Caledonia, Port

De France, the wife of Mr. Lewis Austen, of a son, which only

survived three hours.

BALLARD—December 21st, at Sutton Forest, near Berrima,    

Mrs. R. Ballard, of a daughter.

BARNETT—January 12th, at her residence, Pottinger-street,

the wife of Mr. Benjamin Barnett, of a son.

BELLMAN—December 28th, at her residence, Parramatta, Mrs.

William Bellman, of a son.

BERNASCONI—December 28th, at her residence, Montefiores,

Macquarie River, the wife of Mr. C. A. Bernasconi, late of

Parramatta, of a daughter.

BINNIE—December 13th, at her father's residence, Spring Flat,

Mrs. Alexander Binnie, of a son.

BLACKBURN—December 20th, at her residence, 89, Victoria-

street, the wife of Mr. James S. Blackburn, of a daughter.

BLACKSTONE—January 4th, at her residence, Newtown, Mrs.

Joseph Blackstone, of a daughter.

BLAKE—At her residence, Upper William-street, Woolloomoo-

loo, the wife of Francis A. Blake, of Waterford, of a daughter.

BOND—December 27th, at 64, Sussex-street, the wife of C. B.

Bond, of a son.

BOWERS—January 6th, at her residence, Greenwich, North

Shore, the wife of M. Bowers, of a daughter.

BRADLY—December 17th, at her residence, Enmore, Newtown,

Mrs. James Octavius Bradly, of a son.

BRENNAND—January 7th, at her residence, Elizabeth-street

South, Mrs. L. I. Brennand, of a son.

BROWN—December 28th, at University Cottage, Glebe, Mrs.

Peter D. Brown, of a son.

CANNON—December 18th, at her residence, 87, Harrington-

street. Mrs. R. S. Cannon, of a son.

CAPORN—January 4th, at her residence, 14, Lower Fort-street,

the wife of W. G. Caporn, Esq., of a son.

CARNEY—December 11th, at her mother's residence, Smithville,

Eastern Creek, Christiana, the wife of A. J. Carney, of a


CARTER—January 3rd, at Viles'-buildings, 163, Kent-street, the

wife of Mr. T. S. Carter, of a son.

CASWELL—December 25th, at Cannindah, Burnett River,

Queensland, the wife of Henry D. Caswell, Esq., of a daughter. CHURCH—December 24th, at Maryville, Balmain, Mrs. Walter

Church, of a daughter.

CLIFFORD—December 28th, at her residence, Botany Road,

Redfern, Mrs. J. Clifford, of a son.

COBB—December 19th, at her residence, Crown Flat, Araluen,

Mrs. Henry A. Cobb, of a son.

CORKHILL—December 26th, at her residence, Messenden Road,

Mrs. R. B. Corkhill, of a son.

CREER—January 17th, at her residence, Pyrmont, Mrs. H.

Creer, of a daughter.

DALY—January 9th, at her residence, Union Inn, St. Leonards,

the wife of Bernard Daly, of a daughter.  

DEGOTARDI—January 7th, at her residence, Prospect Cottage,

Peacock's Point, Balmain, Mrs. John Degotardi, of a daughter. DEWHURST — December 26th, at Lebanon-terrace, Darlinghurst,

the wife of Arthur Dewhurst, Esq., of Tamworth, of a daughter. DILTHEY—January 8th, at her residence, No. 352, George-

street, Mrs. J. G. Dilthey, of a son.

DRAKE—January 2nd, at her residence, Terminus Inn, Ashfield,

the wife of Mr. Henry Drake, of a daughter.

FISHER—Decmber 24h, at her residence, Elizabeth-street,

Paddington, Mrs. J. C. Fisher, of a son.

FOY—December 22nd, at her residence, Hunter-street, Mrs. M.  

Foy, of a son.

FREEHILL—January 5th, at her residence, 109, George-street,    

the wife of Patrick Freehill, of a daughter.

GIBSON—January 9th, at the Bank House, Parramatta-street,

Mrs. James Gibson, of a daughter.

GORDON—December 26th, at Kent-street North, the wife of

George Gordon, of a son.

GRENVILLE—January 15th, at her residence, Burlington Bazaar,

George-street Mrs. H. Grenville, of a daughter.

GRIFFITHS—December 30th, at 418, Bourke-street, Surry Hills,

Mrs. George Griffiths, of a daughter (premature).

GUNN—January 6th, at Toolburra, Hailing Downs, Mrs. Donald

Gunn, of a son.

GURNEY—December 27th,at Clifton Cottage, Manly Beach,    

thewife of the Rev. George Guney, of a son.  

HARDIE—December, 17th, a her residence, Macquarie-street

South, Mrs. Charles Hardie, of a son.

HAVILAND—December 28th, at Surry Hills, Mrs. Haviland, of    

a son.

HEZLET—December 24th, at her residence, Downshire-place,

Paddington, Mrs. William Hezlet, of a son.

HOFFMANN—January 15th, at her residence, 501, Brickfield-

hill, the wife of F. Hoffmann, of a daughter.

HORNE—January 1?th, at Littlebourne, near Bathurst, Mrs.

Horne, of a son.

HOWARD—January 11th at her residence, Denison-street,

Woollahra, Mrs. James Howard, of a son.

HUNTER—January 4th, at her residence, River View Cottage,

Brisbane, Queensland, the wife of James Hunter, Esq., of a son.   HUNTINGTON—January 7th, at her residence, 4, Little Bourke-

street, Surry Hills, Mrs. William Huntington, of a daughter.

IRONSIDE—January 17th, at her residence, Bloomfield-street,

Surry Hills, Mrs. J. F. Ironside, of a daughter, still-born.

JOHNSON—December 17th, at her residence, East Maitland, the

wife of Mr. E. Johnson, of a daughter.

JOSEPH—December 19th, at Mahratta, Maneroo, Mrs. H. M.  

Joseph, of a daughter.

JOSEPHSON—At Enmore, the wife of Mr. J. F. Josephson, of a


KENNEDY—December 20th, at her residence, George-street,

Parramatta, Mrs. Thomas Kennedy, of a son.

KILMINSTER—December 27th, at Stanmore, the wife of G.

Kilminster, of a daughter.  

LACKERSTEEN—January 8th, at her residence, Glebe Point    

Road, Mrs. A. A. Lackersteen, of a son.

LAING—January 13th, at St. Mary's, South Creek, the wife of

the Rev. James S. Laing, of a daughter.

LANG—January 6th, at Retreat Villa, St. Kilda, Melbourne, the

wife of Gideon S. Lang, Esq., of a daughter.

LEATHES—January 14th at Randwick, the wife of Stanger  

Leathes, of a son.

LEE—December 18th, at her residence, corner of Liverpool and  

George streets, Mrs. Thomas Lee, of a son.

LEWIS—January 11th, Mrs. Lewis, the wife of Robert Lewis, of

Wilton-street, Strawberry Hills, of a daughter.

McCANN—January 3rd, at her residence, Surry Hills, the wife

of the late Mr. William McCann, of a son.

McINTOSH— December 16th, at her residence, Crown-street,  

Surry Hills, Mrs. James McIntosh, of a daughter.

MACLEOD—December 20th, at the Ridge, Gipps Land, Mrs.

Donald Macleod, of a daughter.

MANSFIELD—January 14th at her residence, Oakwood, Glebe

Point, Mrs. G. Allen Mansfield, of a daughter.

MARTIN—December 25th, at her residence, Ivy Lodge, Pitt-

street, Redfern, Mrs. John Martin, of a daughter.

MARTIN—December 18th, at her residence, 54, Devonshire-

street, Strawberry Hills, Mrs. Emanuel Ferrara Martin, junior,

of a son.

MARKS—October 18th, at her residence, 61, Potsdam Gardens,

Maida Hill, London, the wife of Jacob Marks, Esq., of a


MAY—January 1st, at her residence, Devon-place, Balmain, Mrs.

May, of a son.

MENSER—December 17th, at her residence, Church-street,  

Parramatta, Mrs. L. Menser, of a daughter. Premature birth. MILLS—November 19th, at sea, near Samoa, on board the John Williams, the wife of the Rev. John MacGregor Mille, of a son.

MONTAGU—December 26th, at her residence, Belvedere Cottage,

Bourke-street, Mrs. Henry N. Montagu, of a daughter.

MORRISS—December 19th, at her residence, 669, George-street,

Mrs. A. Morriss, of a daughter.  

MOUNTCASTLE—January 14th, at George-street, Mrs. Mount-  

castle, of a daughter.    

MULLEN—December 28th, at her residence, Petersham, the wife

of Mr. George Mullen, of a son.

MURRAY—January 12th, at her residence, 79, Lower George-

street, Sydney, Mrs. Henry Murray, of a son.  

MYERS - January 4th, at 197, George-street North, Mrs. Joseph

Myers, of a daughter.           NORTON—January 7th at Tiara, New England, the wife of

Edward Norton, Esq., of a son.

OAKES—December 28th, at the Collegiate Institution, Newing-

ton, the wife of C. S. Oakes, Esq., of Oak Park, of a daughter.  

OLIVER—October 14th, at Preston, the wife of John H. Oliver,

Esq., manager of the Manchester and County Bank, Preston, of a son. PALMER—October 23rd, at her residence, 5, St. John's-terrace,

Regent's Park, London, the wife of J. N. Palmer, Esq., late of Sydney, of a daughter.    

PARTRIDGE—December 23rd, at her residence, Thurlow-terrace,  

Bourke-street, Surry Hills, Mrs. James Partridge, of Bathurst-

street, of a son.      

PATON—December 26th, at her residence, Paton's-buildings,

Kent-street North, Mrs. T. Paton, of a son.

PEARSON—December 27th, at Gladesville, Parramatta River,

Mrs. R. M. Pearson, of a son.

PETHERBRIDGE—December 22nd, at Newcastle, Mrs. W.      

Petherbridge, of a daughter.    

POPE—January 4th, at her residence, Ryde, Mrs. George Miller

Pope, of a daughter.    

POPE—Januury 17th, at Ryde, Parramatta River, Mrs. Charles

Chatfield Pope, of a son.

PRESCOTT—January 9th, at her residence, Beehive Store, Bega,

Mrs. William Prescott, of a daughter.

PRITCHARD—January 14th, at her residence, King-street, Mrs.

William Pritchard, of a son.

RANKIN—December 13th, at her residence, National School-

house, Lismore, Richmond River, Mrs. W. H. Rankin, of a


RICHARDSON—December 24th, at her residence, Upper Forbes-

street, Darlinghurst, Mrs. R. Richardson, of a daughter.

ROBERTS—December 31st, at 21, Lower Fort-street, Mrs. John

Roberts, of a son.      

ROGERS—January 8th, at her residence, Garrick's Head Inn

King and York streets, the wife of Mr. William Rogers, of a

daughter, stillborn.

ROWLEY—December 28th, at her residence, Palmer-street,

near South Head Road, the wife of Mr. R. Rowley, of a son.

RUSSELL—December 22nd, at 484, George-street, Mrs. J.

Russell, of a duughter.

SAUNDERS—January 4th, at Burwood, Mrs. J. A. Saunders, of

a son.

SCARR—December 26th, at her residence, 104, Victoria-street,

Mrs. J. A. Scarr, of a son.

SHAW—December 30th, at 4, Fitzroy-terrace, Redfern, the wife

of Mr. J. J. Shaw, of a son.

SKINNER—December 14th, at Balmain, Mrs. John Skinner, of

a daughter.

SMITH—December 20th, at her residence, Gipps and Parker

streets, the wife of Mr. Cormick Smith, farrier, of a daughter.

SOLOMON—At her residence, Cooma, Maneroo, Mrs. Charles

Solomon, of a daughter.

SOLOMON—January 8th, at 101, Bourke-street, Woolloomooloo,

Mrs. P. S. Solomon, of a daughter.

STACK—December 4th, 1863, at Brighton, Auckland, New Zea-

land, the wife of A. Murray Stack, Esq., of a son.

STEWART—December 16th, at her residence, Rockhampton,

Queensland, the wife of Mr. Robert Stewart, cooper, of a son.

TAYLOR—December 25th, at "The Dingle," Shell Cove, St.  

Leonards, Mrs. William J. Taylor, of a son.

TEBBUTT—November 23rd, at the Peninsula, near Windsor, the

wife of John Tebbutt, jun., Esq., of a daughter.  

THOMAS—January 12th, at the residence of Mrs. Snow, midwife,

167, South Head Road, the wife of W. A. Thomas, of a son.

VAN HEEKEREN—December 19th, at her residence, 283,

Castlereagh-street, the wife of Dr. Van Heekeren, from New York, of twin daughters.

VARDY—December 28th, at her mother's residence, Cooper-  

street, Surry Hills, Mrs. J. T. Vardy, jun., of a daughter.  

WALLACE—December 16th, at Burnimo, Maneroo, Mrs. William

Wallace, of twin sons.

WATTERS—November 29th, at Balmain, Mrs. William Watters,

of a son.

WATSON,- January 8th, at her residence, Elizabeth-street,

Camperdown, the wife of Captain W. R. Watson, of a daughter. WILSHIRE—December 31st, at Clovelly, Watson's Bay, the wife

of F. R. Wilshire, of a son.

WOOLNOUGH—December 28th, at Bank-street, East Maitland,

the wife of the Rev. G. Woolnough, of a son.


ADAMS—LITTLE—December 29th, at St. Andrew's temporary

Cathedral, by the Rev. Thomas O'Reilly, Mr. Alexander Adams, Sydney, to Jane, daughter of Mr. Alexander Little, near Enniskillen, Ireland.

ATKINS—VILE—December 26th, by special license, at the

Wesleyan Church, West Maitland, by the Rev. J. Oram, William Warner, eldest son of Rev. W. Atkins, Brighton, Sussex, England, to Harriet, third daughter of Mr. W. Vile, farmer, Gosforth, Hunter River, N. S. Wales.

AUSTIN—COVENY—January 7th, at St. Mary's Cathedral, by  

the Most Rev. the Archbishop of Sydney, Henry, eldest son of the late Joseph Austin, Esq., of Heidingly Hill, near Leeds, Yorkshire, to Fanny, eldest daughter of Robert Coveny, Esq., Glanworth, Sydney.

BAILY—SMITH—September 16th, 1863, by special license, at

St. Mary's Cathedral, by the Rev. James Hayne, Mr. John Baily, of Sydney, to Miss Catherine Margaret Smith, of Camperdown, fourth daughter of Mrs. Catherine Smith, of Camperdown.

BARON—MATHEWS—December 28th, 1863, at St. Michael's,

Surry Hills, by the Rev. Hulton King, M.A., William Henry Baron, Esq., C E., resident engineer, Clarence River Heads, to Isabella, third daughter of Mr. John Mathews, Bourke-street, Sydney, and granddaughter of the late John Beale, Esq.,   Lower Glenmire Road, Cork.

BEAUMONT—DAVIS—December 28th, at the District Registrar's  

Office, Burwood, by John Watts, District Registrar, Mr. Samuel Beaumont, of Nottingham, England, to Emily Elizabeth, only daughter of the late Mr. George Davis, of Sydney.

BETTS—CARTWRIGHT—December 7th, at St. Paul's Church,

Dunedin, by the Rev. E. G. Edwards, T. G. Betts, Esq., of Melbourne, to Sophia, eldest daughter of the late R. M. Cartwright, Esq., M.D., of Sydney.  

BLIGH—DICK—December 29th, at St. John's Church, Dar-

linghurst, by the Rev. Thomas Hayden, B. A., John O'Connell Bligh, Esq., of Rockhampton, Queensland, to Charlotte Eliza, third daughter of the late Alexander Dick, Esq., of Sydney.

CALLAN—GILL—December 18th, by special license, at the

Catholic church, Burrowa, by the Rev. John Cooke, Andrew, sixth son of John Callan, Esq., Balrath, Meath, Ireland, to   Mary Agnes, only surviving daughter of the late M. Gill, Esq., M.D., Galway.  

CHARKER—COCK—January 5th, at St. Mary's, South Creek,

by the Rev. Richard Amos, William, eldest son of Mr. William Charker, of Elder Park, to Matilda, daughter of Mr. R. Cock,

of South Creek.

DAVISON—HAWDON—January 5th, at Kiora, Moruya, by the

Rev. William Wilson, Francis Davison, Esq., of Blakiston, South Australia, to Elizabeth Anne, daughter of John Hawdon, Esq., of Kyla Park.

DAVIS—JOHNSON—January 6th, by special license, at St.

James' Church, by the Rev. Canon Allwood, Sydney, third son of Mr. William Henry Davis, of Kennington, near London to Jane Caroline, eldest daughter of Mr. Henry William Johnson, of Sydney.

DONALDSON—HILLARD—January 18th, at St. James' Church,

Sydney, William George Donaldson, of Porchester, Hants, Eng- land, to Ann Hillard, of Sydney, New South Wales.

ENGET—PRESTAGE—January 1stI, at the Scots Church, by

special license, by the Rev. Dr. Lang, M.P., Mr. Philipp Enget, of Grafton, a native of Frankfort-on-the-Main, Germany, to Elizabeth, third daughter of Mr. Nathaniel Prestage, boot maker, Prince-street, Sydney, a native of the colony.

FAUNCE—BLAKE—December 30th, at Christ Church, Quean-

beyan, by the Rev. A. D. Soares, Alured Dodsworth, eldest son of the late Alured Tasker Faunce, Esq., of Queanbeyan, formerly Captain in the 4th or King's Own Regiment of Foot, to Henrietta Charlotte Maunsell, only daughter of Isidore J. Blake, Esq., Judge for the South-western District of New South Wales.

GRAHAM—TURNER—January 8th, at Brisbane, Queensland,

by the father of the bride, assisted by the Rev. J. H. Fletcher, William Graham, Esq., of Jondaryan, Darling Downs, to Louisa Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the Rev. Nath, Turner, Wesleyan Minister, North Quay.

HAY—STARK—December 24th, at 105, Prince-street, by special

license, by the Rev. John Reid, of the Mariners' Church, William Hay, native of Fifeshire, Scotland, to Mary Stark, daughter of Alexander Stark, Clyde-street, Miller's Point, Sydney.

HARRIS—ARTLETT—December 26th, at Parramatta, by the

Rev. C. W. Rigg, Mr. C. Alexander Harris, to Miss Emily C. Artlett, both of London.

HEALY—MEENEN—December 28th, by special license, at St.      

Patrick's, Parramatta, by the Rev. P. Kenyon, James Norman Healy, of New Zealand, to Annie, third daughter of the late Mr. Hugh Meenen, of Paddington, Sydney.

HENDERSON—STEEN—November 24th, in the Maoquarie-

street Church, by the Rev. Dr. Steel, William Henderson, of Sydney, to Eliza Margaret Munford, relict or the late William Steen, of Belfast, Ireland. No cards.

HEYDON—LOCKE—December 21st, by the Rev. Dr. Fullerton,

Frank Clare, third son of Mr. E. Heydon, of Chippendale, to Mary Jane, third daughter of Mr. D. Locke, of Botany-street,

Chippendale, late of Bristol.

HOLLIN—PRICE—December 25th, 1863, Christmas Day, at  

Prospect, by the Rev. Thomas Craig, Parramatta, by special license, Mr. Noah Hollin, to Sarah, eldest daughter of Mr. William Price, Sherwood.

HUNT—BOURNE—January 8th, by Rev. T. A. Gordon, Joseph

Searle, eldest son of Mr. Joseph Hunt, of Balmain, Sydney, to Helen Maria, fourth daughter of Mr. James Bourne, late of Camberwell, England.

IRVINE—LOCKYER—December 24th, at the Scots Church, by

the Rev. Dr. Lang, M.P., Mr. James Irvine, ship carpenter (of the ship La Hogue), a native of Stromness, in the Orkney Islands, Scotland, to Sophia, eldest daughter of Mr. William Lockyer, baker, of Chelsea, England.

JONES—JONES—December 25th, at Christ's Church, by the

Rev. Canon Walsh, Francis Albert Jones, youngest son of Horatio Jones, Esq., 5, Ludgate Hill, London, to Jane Sarah   Jones, youngest daughter of Mr. E. Jones, tailor, 326, Pitt- street, both of London.

JONES—BURROWS—January 14th, at the Congregational

Church, Pitt-street, by the Rev. W. Slatyer, assisted by the Rev. W. R. Fletcher, M.A., of Victoria, George Hall Jones, of Boonara, Queensland, son of David Jones, Esq., Sydney, to Alicia Maria, elder daughter of the late Captain George Burrows Rose, 69th Regiment.

JOHNSON—SMITH—December 12th, by special license, at Christ

Church, by the Rev. Canon Walsh, Thomas, eldest son of the late Mr. Thomas Johnson, Crown-street, Surry Hills, to Eliza Alice, eldest daughter of Mr. Lewis Henry Smith, Petersham.

KIRKPATRICK—HORN—December 3rd, at Bathurst, by the

Rev. James Adams, M.A., Robert, second son of Mr. Thomas Kirkpatrick, Warrigal, Lachlan, to Jessie Stewart, only daughter of the late Mr. David Horn, St. Leonard's Hill.


LESLIE—FLETCHER—December 31st, 1863, at St. Andrew's

Church, by the Rev. J. Dougall, William L. Leslie, eldest son of J. J. Leslie, Camperdown, to Isabella Anne Fletcher, eldest daughter of William A. Fletcher, both of this colony.

LIGGINS—ARNOLD—December 21st, at Camden, at the

residence of the bride's brother, by the Rev. S. Wilkinson, Joseph, second son of John Liggins, Goulburn, to Mary Louisa, third daughter of Samuel Arnold, of Camden.

LOOKE—ANDREWS—December 24th, by special license, at her  

father's residence, by the Rev. James Martin, James Looke, Esq., of Stroud, to Eliza Jane, eldest daughter of Robert Andrews, Esq., of Maryville, Manning River.  

MARTIN—NEWBOULD—December 25th, by special license, at

Albury, by the Rev. Father Toomy, P. W. Martin, Esq., of Wagga Wagga, to Dorothea Ann, only daughter of the late George Newbould, Enfield, Liverpool Road.

M'CAULEY—STONEMAN—November 21st, by special license, at    

Chalmers' Manse Melbourne, by the Rev. A. Cairns, D.D., John William, second son of John M'Cauley, of Bourke-street, Woolloomooloo,. Sydney, to Rebecca Stoneman, of Melbourne.

M'GRATH—HAYES—January 7th, by special license, at St.

Mary's Cathedral, by the Rev. Father Dwyer, Mr. Thomas M'Grath, from county Tipperary, Ireland, to Miss Margaret Hayes, of Sydney.

M'MULLEN—M'GOWAN—December 18th, at St. Mary's

Cathedral, Sydney, by the Rev. A. J. Forde, James, youngest son of William M'Mullen, County Down, to Martha, eldest daughter of Darby M'Gowan, of County Donegal, Ireland.

MENLOVE—SMITH—January 6th, at Adelong, by the Rev.

C. J. Byng, of All Saints Church, Tumut, Mr. Edward Menlove, of Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand, to Mary, only daughter of Mr. Andrew Smith, Adelong.

MENZIES—SMITH—January 6th, at 105, Prince-street, by

special license, by the Rev. John Reid, of the Mariners'

Church, George Menzies, native of Garmouth, Morayshire,

Scotland, to Janet Sadler Smith, spinster, native of Bathurst, New South Wales.      

MILLER—SAUNDERS—December 22nd, by special license,        

at the residence of the bridegroom, No. 149, York-street, Sydney, by the Rev. Dr. Lang, M.P., Mr. Samuel Miller, a   native of Lynn, Norfolk, England, to Matilda Saunders, of Clarence-street, Sydney, a native of London.  

MUNROE—BLAIR—January 4th, by special license, by the

Rev.Dr. Lang, Thomas Edward Munroe, chief mate of the   barque Uruguay, to Janet Blair, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Blair. MURPHY—MAKINSON—January 9th, at the Church of St.

Charles, Ryde, by his Grace the Archbishop of Sydney, John Michael Murphy, Esq., of the Auburn, Queensland, to Edith, second daughter of T. C. Makinson, Esq., of Gladesville, near Sydney.

PETERSON—M'ROBERTS—December 15th, at St. John's  

Church, Brisbane, Queensland, by the Rev. J. Tomlinson, Daniel Peterson, of South Brisbane, to Mary Louisa Ann, youngest daughter of Edward M'Roberts, Esq., Randwick, Sydney. POLO—KENNY—December 30th, 1863, by special license, by the

Rev. E. O'Brien, at St. Bede's Church, Braidwood, Dominic Polo, to Miss Mary Kenny, both of Braidwood.

REDGATE—PATERSON—January 4th, by special license, at    

the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. J. Watkin, William, second son of Mr. John Redgate, to Sophia, eldest daughter of Mr. John Paterson, of Sydney.

RICHARDS—HILT—December 17th, by special license, at St.

John's Church, Parramatta, by the Rev. R. L. King, Robert, eldest son of B. Richards, Esq., Lake Ville, Richmond, to Marianne, only daughter of John Hilt, Esq., Parramatta.

RICKETTS—KEAN—December 29th, by special license, at St.

Mary's Cathedral, by the Rev. J. E. Sheridan, O.S.B , Thomas Ricketts, of Lucknow, to Margaret, youngest daughter of the late Mr. John Kean, County Clare, Ireland.

ROWLING—DOULL—December 17th, by special license, at the    

residence of the bride's uncle, Mr. D. Farquhar, Clarence Town, Williams River, by the Rev. A. M. Sherriff, John Rowling, Esq.,   merchant, Sydney, to Isabella, second daughter of Mr. Thomas Doull, Melbourne, Victoria, and late of Glasgow, Scotland.

SAMUEL—COHEN—December 30th, at the residence of the

bride's parents, by the Rev, A. B. Davis, Elias Samuel, Esq.,   merchant, Melbourne, to Hannah, third daughter of Mr.

Abraham Cohen, Wynyard-square, Sydney.

SAPSFORD—BUCKLAND—January 7th, by special license, at

St. Philip's Church, by the Dean of Sydney, Newman, eldest son of the late Mr. M. Sapsford, to Mary Jane, second daughter of Mr. J. Buckland, of Sydney.

SIMPSON—MILLETT—January 14th, by the Rev. John    

M'Gibbon, James Simpson to Mary Millett.

SMITH—HOWELL—January 6th, at Adelong, by the Rev. C. J.    

Byng, of All Saints Church, Tumut, William Duncan, third son of Mr. Andrew Smith, Adelong, to Elizabeth Ann, second daughter of Mr. Henry Powell, Kenwyn, Cornwall, England.

SMITHERS—BROWN—December 29th, by special license, at St.

Michael's Church, Surry Hills, by the Rev. H. S. King, B. A., Henry Hayes Smithers, of Gundugai, and second son of Mr. J. B. Smithers, Manly, to Marianne, second daughter of Mr. W. Brown, Wimbledon Hall, Bourke-street, Surry Hills.

STEPHENS—GARD—October 20th, at Calstock Church, Corn-

wall, by the Rev. F. T. Batchelor, George, eldest son of Captain George Stephens, H.E.I C.S., to Emma, third daughter of W. G. Gard, Esq., of Gunnislake, Cornwall, and niece of R. S.

Gard, Esq., M. P. for Exeter.

STEWART—LAYTON—December 24th, by special license, at

the residence of the bride's brother-in-law, 64, Crown-street, Woolloomooloo, by the Rev. John M'Gibbon, John, third son of Andrew Stewart, Esq., Milne Bank, Dundee, N. B., to   Ann Elizabeth Caroline, eldest daughter of the late John

Layton, Esq., of Sydney.

SURRIDGE—WHALEN—December 23rd, by the Rev. Dr.        

Fullerton, at his residence, Elizabeth-street, Sydney, Mr. William James Surridge, to Ellen Whalen, a native of the


SUNNER—SUNNER—December 9th, by special license, by the

Rev. John Reid, of the Mariners' Church, William Sunner, eldest son of Mr. Thomas Sunner, of Sydney, to Annie Sunner, eldest daughter of James Sunner, of Balmain.

THOMAS—HOPKINS.—December 23rd, by the Rev. E. Price,

of Wee Waa, Charles Jacob Thomas, of Goansara, Namoi River, to Minnie, sixth daughter of Joseph Hopkins, Esq., of Clonegal and the Mid Lands, and niece of William Hopkins, Esq., Clonogan House, County Carlow, Ireland.  

THOMSON—-THOMPSON.—December 23rd, by the Rev. Thomas

Johnson, Louisa Mary, eldest daughter of the late Rev. Robert Thomson, of Tahiti, South Seas, to James Thompson, Ennis-

killen, North of Ireland.

THROSBY—HOPKINS.—January 12th, at St. Luke's Church,

Dapto, by the Rev. William West Simpson, M.A., Patrick Hill, sixth son of the late Charles Throsby, Esq., of Throsby Park,   Berrima, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of R. J. Hopkins, Esq.,

of Benares, Illawarra.

WALKER—TARVES.—January 7th, at the Scots Church, by

special license, by the Rev. Dr. Lang, M.P., Mr. William   Walker, jun., of the firm of Hurst and Co., wholesale grocers,   George-street, Sydney, eldest son of William Walker, Esq., of Kiama, late or Parramatta, to Janet Bruce, eldest daughter of Mr. Alexander Tarves, builder, Clarence-street, Sydney, both natives of the colony.

WEBB—UNDERWOOD.—At Adelaide, the Rev. A. W. Webb,

nephew of Mrs. Tait, Lyons-terrace, to Janet, youngest daughter of Captain Underwood, Adelaide.

WELSH—WILSON—January 16th, by the Rev. Dr. Fullerton,  

Thomas Welsh, second eldest son of the late James Welsh, to Isabella Wilson, youngest daughter of the late James Wilson,

both of Sydney.

WEYMOUTH—M'CAULEY.—December 25th, by special license,

at St. James' Church, by the Rev. G. H. Moreton, Henry, fourth son of the late W. Weymouth, Esq., surgeon, of Launceston,   Tasmania, to Sarah Harriet, second daughter of John M'Cauley, Esq., of Bourke-street, Woolloomooloo.

WILSON—GARRARD.—December 10th, by the District Regis-

trar, William Wilson, eldest son of William Wilson, Esq.,   Richmond River, to Theodosia Caroline, third daughter of the late Henry Garrard, Esq., P.M., Borree, Richmond River.  

WILSON—FULLJAMES.—December 28th, at St. Peter's, Cook's

River, by the Rev. Mr. Kemp, James Wilson, of London, to Emma, second daughter of the late R. C. Fulljames, Cook's


WILSON—WARDELL.—January 9th, at St. Clement's Church,

Yass, by the Rev. Thomas Kemmis, H. P. Wilson, Esq., eldest   son of Captain J. Wilson, of Parramatta River, to Emilie Christiana, youngest daughter of the late Captain G. Wardell, H. M. 28th Regiment.

WOOLCOCK—BLUE.—December 30th, at St. Mary's, by the

Rev. Father Ford, Henry Woolcock, marine, native of England, to Elizabeth Blue, daughter of the late William Blue, of the North Shore, and sister to William Blue, Esq., of Araluen,



AITON.—December 18th, at her parents' residence, Balmain,

Annie Amelia Aiton, infant daughter of Thomas Aiton, aged 12 months 3 days.

ARMITAGE.—December 29, at her residence, Creswick, Victoria,

aged 62 years, Ann, the beloved wife of J. Armitage, and mother of W. Armitage, of Crown-street, Sydney.

BAKER—December 21st, at her grandmother's residence,

Wattle-street, Chippendale, of diarrhoea, Grace Caroline Eliza, the beloved daughter of Benjamin and Charlotte Baker, aged 3 months and 9 days.

BARLOW—July 20th, 1863, at Capetown, Cape of Good Hope,

John Rhodes Barlow, eldest son of Francis Barlow, of London, aged 38 years.

BARLOW—December 30th, at her parents' residence, Samuel-

street, Surry Hills, Caroline, the eldest and beloved daughter of Mr. W. L. and Mary Barlow, aged 10 years and 9 months. "The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away, blessed be  

the name of the Lord."

BARNES. - January 12th, at the residence of his parents, 36,

Campbell-street, George Edward, infant son of John F. and Jane Barnes, aged 6 months.

BARNETT—December 12th at the Sydney Infirmary, John

Barnett (brother to George and Charles Barnett, of the North Shore), aged 29 years.

BEIT—December 18th, at Toowoomba, Darling Downs,

Frederick, the youngest son of John N. Beit, Esq.

BENTLEY—January 13th, at the residence of her parents, Goul-

burn-street, Surry Hills, Selina Adeline, daughter of Frederick and Eliza Jane Bentley, aged 13 mouths and 14 days.

BENSON—January 6th, at Waverley, at the residence of his

son-in-law, Thomas Ratcliff, John Benson, in the 52nd year of his age, after a long and painful illness. His end was peace.

BIGG—October 7th, at London, Emma, widow of the late    

Charles Bigg, formerly of Hatfield, Herts, and the beloved mother of W. G. Bigg, storekeeper, Young, New South Wales.

BRADBURY—January 11th, at the residence of her parents,

Glebe Road, Kezia Francis, infant daughter of Samuel Brad- bury, aged nine months.

BRADRIDGE—January 3rd, at her residence, Cook's River, the

beloved wife of Mr. Edward Bradridge.

BUCHANAN—January 14th, at the residence of her parents,

Camber Cottage, Glebe, Kate Hannah, youngest daughter of Mary and William Buchanan.

BURGIN—January 18th, at the residence of her parents, Church-

street, Parramatta, Beatra, youngest daughter of Grace and Henry Burgin, aged eight months.

BURNS—January 5th, at the residence of John Fye, engineer,

Kent-street North, John Burns, native of Glasgow, Scotland, aged 20 years, son of Andrew Burns, Esq., No. 1, Rutland- terrace, Govan Rood, Glasgow.

BURRILL—At the residence of his parents, Campbelltown, of  

worm fever, John, the infant son of William and Hannah Burrill, aged 8 years.

BURTON—December 28th, Sarah Ellen, infant daughter of Sarah

and Edwin Burton, Enmore Road, Newtown.

BYRNE—January 9th, at St. Leonards, Catherine, youngest

daughter of Thomas and Eleanor Byrne, aged 8 months and 12


CAMPBELL—December 18th, at Parramatta, Mr. Archibald  

Campbell, formerly of Tyree, Argyleshire, Scotland, aged 76


CAMPBELL—December 31st, Lawrence Garling, infant son of F.

G. Campbell, Esq., of Balmain.  

CAVANNAUGH—December 4th, at Bosh, Baloon River, Thomas

Cavannaugh, son of Mr. James Cavannaugh, of Windsor ; his horse falling upon him while riding. He has left a discon-

solate mother and a large circle of friends to mourn his untimely


CODLIN—December 23rd, at George-street, Redfern, Sydney,

Alice Cameron, infant daughter of George Codlin, Auckland,

New Zealand.

COULTER—January 1st, at the residence of his parents, near

Penrith, John, the youngest son of Edward and Jane Coulter, of consumption, after 12 months' illness, aged 16 years.

CUNNINGHAM—October 6th, at the Glebe, Grove Hill,

London, the residence of Richard Plews, Esq., Robert Cunn- ingham, late of the Terrace, Champion-hill, Esq., in his 61st year, brother-in-law of James Thomson, of East Maitland,

C. C. L.

CUNNINGHAM—January 1st, at 472, Kent-street South, Henry

Cunningham, aged 2 years and 6 months, the beloved son of Thomas and Mary Cunningham.

COUPLAND—January 3rd, Frederick, the youngest son of

William Coupland, Redfern-street, Redfern.

DAWE—December 25th, 1863, drowned in consequence of the

foundering of the yacht Major in Sydney Harbour, George Dawe, of Plymouth, Devonshire, England, aged 27 years.

DAWSON—December 28th, at Bega, John Weston, only son of

John and Maria Dawson, aged 3 years.  

DAWSON—January 6th, at her residence, George-street, Wind-

sor, Sarah Anne, the beloved wife of John A. Dawson, and eldest daughter of Mr. George Rennick, Lough-Derry, county Monaghan, Ireland, of consumption, aged 46 years.  

DICKSON—December 26th, at Denison House, Phillip-street,

John Gilchrist, youngest son of Robert B. Dickson, Esq., aged  

4 years and 5 months.

DIGNAM—December 31st, at her residence, Milson's Point,

North Shore, Mrs. Margaret Dignam, aged 87 years, native of county Meath, Ireland. May she rest in peace.

DILLON—January 7th, at the residence of Mr. William Gill,

Jones' Island, Elizabeth Dillon, eldest daughter of Mr. William Dillon, Hinton, aged 5 years, after twenty-four hours' sickness on board the Samson, steamer.

DONOHOE—December 7th, at Lambing Flat, James Donohoe,

aged 88 years, leaving a wife and three children to mourn their loss. Deceased was formerly a carcase butcher, of Pitt- street, Sydney, and brother of Mr. Andrew Donohoe, of the Weddin Mountain Inn, Forty-mile Rush, and son of the late James Donohoe, of Parramatta.

DYMANT—January 16th, at the residence of her parents, South

Head Road, Elizabeth Hannah Dymant, eldest daughter of Catherine and Charles Dymant, aged 6 years.

EVANS—December 23rd, at Cromwell Cottage, Balmain, Emily

Augusta, infant daughter of Owen Spencer Evans, aged 8


FAIRFAX—December 28th, 1863, at Burwood, Mr. Charles John

Fairfax, aged 35 years.

FELTON—December 22nd, at Sion Honse, Cumberland-street

North, Frank, youngest son of Mr. Thomas Felton, of 870, George-street, aged 3 years.

FERRY—At her parents' residence, 151, Kent-street North,

Margaret, third daughter of John and Isabella Ferry, aged 7½ years.

GILL—January 19th, at Lachlan Lodge, Redfern, Jane, the wife  

of Mr. James Gill, formerly of Maidstone, Kent, aged 70 years.

GORDON—January 4th, at the residence of her parent,

Traveller's Rest, Market-street, Charlotte Theresa, the beloved child of Eliza Gordon, aged eight years, of scarlet fever, deeply regretted.

GREVILLE—December 31st, at West Maitland, of disease of the

heart, Elizabeth Lydia, eldest daughter of Mr. W. C. Greville, aged 13 years. GRIFFITHS—December 26th, at the residence of his parents, 553,  

George-street, Lancelot, the infant son of Thomas and Jane Griffiths, aged 17 months.    

HENDERSON—September 16th, at Caskieben House, Aberdeen-

shire, Alexander Farquharson Henderson, Esq , of Caskieben, in the county of Aberdeen, and of 6, Curzon-street, Mayfair, London, aged 87, founder and endower of a Professorship, and of the collection of objects of Fine Art in the University of Aberdeen, as also of model lodging-houses and industrial schools for the poor of that city ; author of the History of Wines, and Member of the Principal Scientific Societies of London. He was buried at Tullich, in the ancient vaults of his mother's family, the Farquharsons of Invercauld and Monaltrie, White-

house and Shills, chiefs of the clan.

HIGGINS—December 23rd, at his late residence, Goulburn-

street, Sydney, Mr. John Higgins, aged 47 years, native of

county Limerick, Ireland.

HILL—December 24th, John Sleath Hill, Esq , at his residence,

the Savings' Bank, Geelong, Victoria.

HOOKE—January 2nd, 1864, at her parents' residence, Balmain,

Theodora Caroline, youngest daughter of A. J. Hooke, aged 18


HORAN—January 13th, of diarrboea, at the residence of her

parents, 832, Kent-street, Mary Frances, only child of Peter

and Ellen Horan, aged 15 months.

HUGHES—January 4th, at the residence of his parents, Glebe-

street, Glebe, Frederick Manning Augustus, the beloved child of John and Ann Hughes, aged 1 year and 4 months.

HUGHES—January 6th, at the residence of her parents, 58,

Windmill-street, Sarah, the youngest daughter of David and   Sarah Ann Hughes, in convulsions, aged one year and eight months. HUGHES—January 14th, at Glenhead Cottage, Woollahra, Edith

Bellamy, eldest daughter of Mr. D. B. Hughes, aged 4 years  

and 8 months.

HUMPHERY—September, 28th, at his residence, Battersea Rise,    

Clapham Common, John Humphery, Esq , alderman of the City of London, and Governor of the Irish Society, late Lord Mayor and for many years Member of Parliament for the borough of Southwark, aged 70, only brother of Mr. T. B. Humphery of this city. HUTCHINSON—October 6th, at the Cottage, Brisco, near  

Carlisle, Francis Coleridge Hutchinson, Esq., M.D., in his 72nd year. JOSEPH—January 17th, at Lankelly-terrace, of convulsions,

Alger Leopold, infant son of S. A. Joseph, Esq., aged 6 weeks.

JOSEPHSON—At Enmore, Louisa, the wife of Mr. J. F.    


KECK—December 25th, at his residence, Verona-place, Surry

Hills, in his 64th year, Henry Keck, for thirteen years Governor of her Majesty's Gaol at Sydney, and for the last eleven years clerk of the Markets, last surviving son of the late Captain Keck, of Fethard, county Tipperary, Ireland.

KELLY—December 23rd, at his late residence, Burt's Farm,

Newtown, Mr. Edmond Kelly, tanner and currier, native of the city Cork, Ireland. Cork papers please copy.

KIDDLE—October 6th, at his late residence, 81, Hunter-street,

Brunswick-square London, John Lambert Kiddle, Esq., aged 71, uncle of Mr. D. Matthews, National School, Wallalong, Hunter


LEE—January 8th, at the residence of his parents, 61, Prince-  

street North, after a long and painful illness, Benjamin Woolfe, eldest son of W. B. and Rose Lee, aged 17 months.

LEES—January 15th, after a lingering illness, William Lees,

late sergeant 11th Regiment, leaving a wife and six children to

mourn their loss.

LENNON—December 24th, William Lennon, of the Oriental

Bank, Corporation, nephew of Mr. W. J. Lennon, of Sydney,  

aged 28 years.

LINGARD—On the voyage from Liverpool to Melbourne, in his  

nineteenth year, Alexander Howson Lingard, fourth officer of the ship Donald Mackay, and youngest son of the late George Edward Rowson Lingard, of Liverpool, and Sydney, N.S.W.    

LOWE—December 20th, at her residence, No. 11, Swan-street,  

Brickfield-hill, Mrs. Rebecca Ann Lowe, widow of the late Mr. John Lowe, in the 36th year of her age. Much regretted by

her relatives and friends.

LOW—December 17th, at the residence of her parents, Emma  

Elizabeth, youngest duughter of Ann and John Robert Low, surgeon, 72, South Head Road, aged 8 months and 10 days.

LYALL—January 7th, at Balmain, George, the beloved son of

John and Catherine Lyall, aged 12 months.    

LYONS—December 24th, at her residence, Kissing Point Road,  

Parramatta, Sarah, the beloved wife of Mr. William Lyons,

aged 44 years.

M'COLL—January 10th, at Torwood, Rocky Point Road, Jane,

daughter of Mr. John M'Coll, watchmaker, Botany Road, Red-   fern, aged 1 year and 2 months.

M'INNES—At her residence, Factory-street, Parramatta, Jane

M., the beloved wife of Allan M'Innes, aged 43 years, after a long illness, which she bore with firmness to the last.

MANN—December 21st, at Neutral Bay, Bentley Camille Mitchell,

twin son of John F. Mann, Esq , aged two months and twelve


MANDELSON—December 12th, at Goulburn, Louis, the youngest    

son of Emanuel and Caroline Mandeleon, aged eighteen


MARSHALL—October 12th, last, at his residence, Albert-street,

Dundee, Scotland, in the 81st year of his age, Mr. William Marshall, father of Mr. A. A. Marshall, Macquarie-place, Sydney.

MARTIN—December 30th, at his late residence, Clarence-street,    

after a short but painful illness, Hector Martin, fruiterer, aged 39 years, leaving a wife and five children to mourn their loss.  

MELHADO—September 26th, at Gloucester Crescent, Hyde Park,  

London, J. A. Melhado, Esq., aged 65.

MITCHELL—January 18th, at her residence, Bourke-street,

Woolloomooloo, Emily Esther, the wife of Alfred Mitchell,

aged 33 years.

MONTAGU—January 16, Mary Wortley, the infant daughter

of Mr. and Mrs. Henry N. Montagu, of Belvedere Cottage, Bourke-street, aged 21 days.

MONTI—December 20th at his parents' residence, No. 509, Brick-

field-hill, Peter Stephen, the beloved son of John and Maria Monti, aged 3 years and 5 days.

MORIARTY—January 10th, at Spencer Lodge, Merion Marshall  

Moriarty, Esq., Commander R. N., M.L.A., aged 70 years.    

MURDOCK—December 23rd, at J. Heffernan's Bundarra Hotel,

Bundarra, New England, James Murdock, Esq., aged 39, native   of Edinburgh, Scotland, and formerly connected with the Goul- burn Chronicle, New South Wales.

MURRAY—December 18th, at the residence of her son-in-law,

Mr. L. Kendall, 75, Lower George-street, Ruth, relict of the late John Murray, aged 63 years.

NUTT—December 24th, at his parents' residence, Pyrmont,

Herbert, youngest son of Mr. George Nutt, aged 10 months

and 18 days.

OLIVER—December 25th, 1863, drowned in consequence of the

foundering of the yacht Major in Sydney Harbour, James Henry Oliver, of Teignmouth, Devonshire, England, aged 30


O'NEAL—December 17th, at his residence, Royal Hotel, Green-

well Point, Shoalhaven, Cornelius O'Neal, aged 55 years.

PEISLEY—December 30th, at her residence, George-street,

Parramatta, Mrs. Elizabeth Peisley, aged 87 years, relict of the late Mr. John Peisley.

PERRY—December 20th, at her brother-in-law's residence,

Murray-street, Pyrmont, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Thomas Perry, Bega, in the 35th year of her age, leaving a husband and six children and a large circle of friends to deplore their loss.

PETHERBRIDGE—January 14th, at Newcastle, Sarah Elizabeth,  

infant daughter of William and Lydia Petherbridge, aged 25


PHILLIPS—December 15th, at Lansdowne, Goulburn, N. C,

Phillips. Esq., aged 52.

PRICE—December 17th, at 49, Hunter-street, Mr. John Price,

aged 42.

RANKIN—December 20th, at the residence of her parents,

National School House, Lismore, Richmond River, Eva Alexandra Maud, infant daughter of W. H. and J. R. Rankin.

RAYNER—December 27th, at his late residence, Campbell-street,

Haymarket. Mr. Joseph Rayner, dealer, after a long and painful

illness, in his 57th year.

RODGERSON—January 15th, of diarrhoea, during dentition,

John George William, infant son of John and Mary Ann Rodgerson, aged 13 months.  

RUDD—December 24th, at his residence, Dalton's-lane, Par-  

ramatta-street, William Rudd, aged 55 years.

SEYMOUR—December 30th, at the residence of her parents,

Bourke-street, Surry Hills, Mary Alphonsus, infant daughter of Richard and Alice Seymour, aged 7 months.

SHARWOOD—January 18th, at the North Shore, Langton      

Sharwood, Esq., aged 45, youngest son of the late Samuel Sharwood, Esq., of Ramsgate.

SLATTARY—January 7th, at Wianbundy, Macquarie River,

James Slattery, schoolmaster, aged 46 years.

SMITH—December 8th, at her residence. Emu Plains, Ann

Smith, a long and respected resident of Parramatta, aged 55


SOLOMON—January 17th, at his residence, 43, Bathurst-street

West, Mr. Abraham Solomon, aged 42, leaving a wife and six children and a large circle of friends to mourn their loss.

STACK—December 30th, at the residence of his parents, Dowling-

street, Francis John, aged 1 year and 6 months, the eldest son of Mr. Francis Stack, jun.

STATHAM—-January 8th, at Parramatta, Elizabeth, the be-  

loved wife of Mr. Edwyn Henry Statham, aged 43 years.

STONE—October 1st, at his residence, Stoneleigh, Wrexham,    

North Wales, aged 50, the Rev. G. L. Stone, eldest son of the Rev. W. Stone, of Bong Bong, N. S. W.

STRATFORD—December 29th, at Ashfield, Charles Harrington  

Stratford, the infant son of Charles and Harriett Stratford,

aged 16 months.

SULLIVAN—January 11th, at the residence of his parents,

No. 3, Reservoir-terrace, Campbell-street, Surry Hills, Joseph, only son of Thomas and Margaret Sullivan, aged 1 year and 4


TAYLOR—December 25th, at Parramatta, Albert Leonard,

youngest son of Hugh and Frances Eliza Taylor, aged 1 year

and 8 months.

TAYLOR—January 11th, at Castle Hill, George, younger son of

the Rev. R. Taylor, aged 3 years and 11 months.

THORNTON—January 14th, at his late residence, Devonshire-

street, George Thornton, son of the late James Charles

Thornton, in his thirty-fifth year, after a long and painful


TURNER—December 18th, at Parramatta, Mr. Archibald

Campbell Turner, aged 76 years.

TURNER—December 12th, in childbirth, at her residence,

Church of England School, Cornwallis, near Richmond, Philadelphia, the affectionate and beloved wife of Henry Turner, aged 26 years, deeply lamented, leaving two children

(and the infant which survives her), to mourn their irreparable


VOSS—December 24th, at the Lunatic Asylum, Tarban Creek,

Margaret, the wife of Edward Voss, tinman, of George-street South, aged 33 years.

VYNER—January 2nd, at Kellet House, Captain Vyner, R.N.,

aged 49 years.

WALSH—January 3rd, at the residence of his brother, Botany

Road, Waterloo Estate, Mr. Edward Walsh, leaving a wife and   one child to mourn their loss, aged 26 years.

WARD—January 6th, at Paddington, Godfrey Hiller, youngest

child of Edward Grant and Pauline Ward, aged eleven months. WATSON—January 19th, at her residence, at Camperdown, in

the twenty-first year of her age, Catherine, the beloved wife of Captain W. R. Watson. Requiescat in pace.

WEARNE—December 22nd, at the residence of her parents, 26,  

York-street, Mary Jane, the beloved daughter of Sarah Jane and John Wearne, aged 14 months.

WEST—December 18th, after a long illness, at his residence,

Willow Grange, Macquarie Plains, Major West, senior, Esq.,

aged 52 years.

WHITEHEAD—January 19th, at the residenee of her mother,

Miller's Point, Souvenir Livingston, youngest daughter of Mrs. J. Whitehead, Holy Trinity School, aged 14 months and 19 days ; deeply regretted.

WHITESIDE—January 1st, Edward Francis Whiteside, at his

parents' residence, City Inn, Kent-street, the beloved son of Mr. William G. and Eliza Whiteside, aged 5 years.

WILLIAMS—-December 31st, at his residence, Breakfast Creek,

near Windsor, Mr. William Williams, after a painful illness, aged 49 years, leaving a wife and six children to mourn their


WILLIAMS—October 1st, 1863, at his residence, Fishguard,

Pembrokeshire, South Wales, Mr. Henry Lewis Williams, in the 81st year of his age, after a long and painful illness, father of Henry Lewis and Edward Henry Williams, of this city,

USSHER—October 14th, 1863, Captain Ussher, R.N. He and his  

brother, Colonel Ussher, sons of the late Admiral Sir Thomas Ussher, both living in London, while crossing, on the night of said date, along the draw-plank from a steamer moored near to London Bridge, were precipitated into the river. The captain was drowned, but the colonel swam ashore.  

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