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ACCIDENT.-A mon named Kempt waa admitted Into the Infirmary last night for treatment of a hnrt to one of his thighs, whioh he received by the Wok of a horse yesterday


ACCIDENT AT THE RAILWAY TERMINUS.-A boy named Pearson met with an aooident at the Redfern Rail- way Terminus yesterday evening. The wheel of a truok pceeed over his left foot and orushod it. He waa removed

in a cab to tho Infirmary.

MAIL AND HIGHWAY BOUDERIES BEYOND SINGLE- TON.-We were yesterday informed that the Merriwa mail wno eluck-up and robbed on Thursday last, and that sevoràl teamsters and travellers were robbed by bush- rangers on tho main Northern Road tho following day. Our informant states that, about half-past two o'olook on Thursday, tho mail-boy Cumberland or Chamberlain, who. carries the mail between Merriwa and Boone, was stopped by a highwayman, at Browboys, about sixtoen miles from Scone. Tho robber, ho alleges, opened the mailbag, and then opeced all the letters. Tho highwayman is eupposod to bo Dunleavy (an associate of some noted scoundrels who pass their lives robbing whoever may fall in their power), because he told the boy that he etuok him up beoause his (the boy's) brother spofco about his (Dunieavy'e) bâing at a shepherd's hut a few days boforo. The fellow answered the published description of Dunleavy, After rifling the letters, ho rode away. On Fridoy afternoon, no lees than twelve teams wore "stuok-np" by three mounted highwaymen boiweou Singleton and Murrurundi. Tho scoundrels holped them- selves to whatevor they oould conveñiontly onrry, and easod tho tcameterB of what little cash they had. Tho teams W6ro not all together. The robbora wore all mounted and armed with revolvers, and two of them appeared to bo weil up in the nefarioua business tha other appeared somewhat nervous, and the teamster's groat fear was that ho would discharge the revolver by his nervousness, They all wore crape over their faoos, but oiatievertheless be recognised. Tho same scoundrels on Friday last met Mr. Blount, the contraotor for tho raliway extensions, when he was returning from Singleton ; they thought he hod been in town to draw from the bank to pay his workmen. In this they were disappointed, as it did not happen to bo tho day on which Mr. Blonnt dosB that part of his hneincee. They found only 14s. Gd. on him; we have not beard wheiher they kept or returned it. A seoond time, tho Eame day, they met Mr. Blount, but on this ocoasion they found nothing on him. The robbara wore seen on beth sides of Graes Tros Hill on Friday, and sinoe than efforts have been mada to capture thom.-Maitland Mer- cury of yesterday.

A BLACK DESPERADO.-A serious affray occurred with the blacks at Marianna last week, when a lumberer named Hill narrowly escaped losing his life. It appears the blacks had been very troublesome, led on by a fellow for whom there was a warrant out for his apprehension ; and Mr. Fowell, the manager of the station, being aware of this, de- termined to try to effect his capture, and sought the assist- ance of Hill in doing so. Having proceeded to the camp, they attempted to seize the blackfellow they wanted, when another came behind him and fetched him a blow on the back of the head with a nullah-nullah, which drove in the skull and immediately rendered him unconscious. Hill was promptly conveyed to the station, and Dr. Ward sent for, who advised the removal of his patient to the Hospital, where, when received, he was quite insensible ; but happily has since reoovered sufficiently to make a deposition of the occurrence, upon which the police magistrate issued a war- rant for the capture of a blackfellow called "Walk-about   Billy." Hill, we learn, is now recovering, but slowly, and though not altogether out of danger, there are strong hopes of his being eventually restored to soundness. Since writ- ing the above, we learn that "Walk-about Billy" walks   at large no longer. A mounted constable (O'Brien) with some difficulty tracked him across the country to Donngal. where he was captured, and brought thence to the lock-up -Maryborough Chronicle.

GORED BY A Cow.-On Friday evening last a serious occident happened io Mies C, Turnor, cf the Polka Castle, who was unfortunate onough to get gored by a wild oow. Tho animal (ono of a mob being driven through the town), charged her in Devonshire-streot ; just as it came up with her it fell, rolling in tho fall over tho unfortunate lady. But for ibo opsisinnco of Mr. Williams, who saw tho miehap. and who gallantly rushed to Misa Turner's assis- tance, the probability ls she would havo been killed ont rieht. AB -it was, her injuries were not very serious, Maitland Ensign.

ANOTHER OUTRAGE BY MORGAN -Information has been received in Sydney of another outrage committed by tho bushranger Morgan, at a Btation on the Yanko Croak, between Deniliquin and Urana, and about thirty miles dittnnt from either .township. The robber " bailed np " tho people cn the rquattagea on Sunday night, and did not ¡rave tho pince till Monday morning. It is not known whether Morgan obtained any or what booty, but happily, os it ie underwood, this scoundrel used no violence,

TERRIFIC HAIL STORM.-According to the Armidale, Express of 29ih ultimo, New England has beon visited by a very destructive hailstorm, which burst over tho oentro of Armidale end pasEed over a narrow belt of country five or six miles south, on the 21et October, destroying property eeiimatod at £1000 er £1200. Tho storm lasted throe quarters cf an hour in Armidale. It was oooompanied by particularly vivid lightning and heavy wind. A quantity of growing wheat and fruit hue been destroyed and a va3t quantity of window glass broken. 8t. Poter's Churoh lost H'xfy «three panes, and in other buildings and housoo tho losa was from thirty-four downwards, Up to Wednesday morn [pg Mr. Mooro bad sold 1000 paueo, besidea tho largo num. ber whioh tho other atores must have furnished ; and etil

Ibero was plenty of broken pones unrepaired, Some lamb' sr.â a great ntunb6r of birds were killed by tho hail ; and a great raony other birdB were maimed. In Armidalo many of ¡he hail stones were the size of hens' eggs ; outsido of (ho town (hey were larger ; ono piece waa ploked np meaeuring six inches tn length, four wide, and three thiok. Fortu- nately tho numerous farms east and went of tho town Cfosped, and other etatlons in tho neighbourhood had no bail to do damage A good deal of rain fell after the


THE BUST ur WHEAT.-Tho lochinvar correspondent ol ibe Maitland Ensign fays -Unfavorable accounts of tr.e wheat crop are daily spoken of, many farmers in this district have cut it down for hay to prevent the rust spread- ing. In coasfquenco of tho continued wet weather in the beginning of autumn the quantity of wheat sown this year is very limited compared with previous years Another correspondent of the same journal says :-Mo3t discouraging reporta continuo to reach us respecting the oxtont to whioh th>8 fearful blight ÍB prevalent throughout the whole dis- trict. From Anambah, Wollombi. Oakhampton, Paterson, Knockfin, Rosebrook, and Bolwarra, tho account is, that tho rust is spreading. At Bolwarra, and Rnoohfin, a good doa! has been cut down na fodder for cattle. We hava also hrard it utated that the cropB on tho Williams River are affected to come extent ; we cannot vouch for tho aconraoy of tho statenient however. The Ensign further regrets to It nrn that at Mount Vincent rust has made its appear- ers in tho wheat at ibo Sntrar Loaf and Mulbring Creok, well known wheat-growing localities. The disease has not. as yet, made mnoh progress.

THE GLADSTONE DIGGINGS - Writing on tho 20tb ultimo, from Gladstone, the Eochhamjiton Bulletin's ocr répondent rayB:-Our gold-fields aro progressing still there- ore, I am assured, no less than four reefs discovered and at present being workod, tome of them very rich. New rushes ore reported, and I believe a good prospoct Is ob- tained ; there is certainly no appearance at present of any falling off, on the contrary. I havo no doubt that in time wo shall havo rich discoveries of gold broutrht to light. Of this 1 sm sure, that one half of the gold that has been cot atoly hos not been known publicly at all. I do not blame ibo diggers for thia. If persona oro desirous to dig for sold they must make up their minds to work hard, or oleo they wen t get much ; and not wait until tho diggora inform them where and how they obtained the gold they possess.

PLEURO-PNEUWONIA AND THE TRADE IN CATTLE - Though this dire disease hsB nearly died out, and at its'heißht ravaged but aa inconsiderable portion of Queensland, the enrolment prohibiting the Introduction of cattle from tho colony of Now South Wales remains in ioroe, to tho serious detriment both of breeders and would-be purohasors. Tha evil seems to bo peculiarly felt th the Clarence and Rioh m.nM^,mT-rílI^^lStB,, w^.Priot to -be passing of the prohibition traded largely in stock for tito colony. So pressing, in fact, have becomo, on the ono hand an anxiety to sen, met on the other hand by a corresponding desire to purchase, that the Btcclholdora and others interested there li«fn' havo,songbt to remove the prohibition by an appeal


In the matter of weather, laBt Saturday waa a duplicate of ; tho Friday, in the shape of a thnnder and a rein storm, i lowering the mercury from 75' to 64-, the rain continuing

all night and through tho whole of Sunday a regular Í down pour. It waa general throughout the district, and

n uch heavier in some çarta than about the township, as at Junee, where a violent hailstorm occurred. On Mon- day, however, the weather cleared again, and warmed op considerably, again to bo succeeded on Thursday at daybreak by some heavy rain for a few hgurs, and an effective drop of tho mercury to 60', with a sharp wind from ibo south-west, making fires desirable for the time being. Tho end of the week was more seasonable and settled. Tho river rose from Saturday night to Monday morning tomo BÍX feet, bnt only another foot up to Tuesday morn irg, when contrary to expectation a elight subsidence ehowed, for from such a general and lengthened rain fall at thia season with the melting snows from the rangevanother flood was to be ieared. Tho accounts from Gundagai do rot state the rise there to be very high, and It seems to have been principally the Tarcutta waters that were oomlng down. On Wednesday the river here again rose about a foot, and tho Gundagai report on that day was a rise of four feet, but falling again on the Thursday. A frosh rise of thirty inches took place here on Thursday night, chowing its effect in backing np the lagoon waters at least five feet. Tho absence, however, of drift down the river is worthy of notice, OB gonerally at this season men havo to be en. ployed pretty regularly at the bridge clearing ; bnt the drift teems to have boen all flooded down during the past few months. The creeks and water coursée have, of oourse, been flooded ; aa a proof, one of our Junee residents coming In to town on Monday, found the water at Leltoh's water- hole up to the teat of hÍ8 buggy. The waters from thi Bwnmpy Plains have sent down their usual tributarj (triotu on such occasions, In fact, much more than th1 Uitial volume of overflow water. We hear of_a man losin) hie dray and two horsee, and what ls more, Karly himsel tn the Cranbob Creek, and so with tho various watercourses the general report of travellers is that thoy are now most! swimuable streams,'if not dangerous ones. Sheering hae, ( I courte, been entirely stopped by auch untoward weather, s ' alto general agricultural operations,.-Express, Ootober 2

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