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Criminal Sessions. - The criminal asasiona of the Supreme Court will be re- sumed at 10 o'clock thiq morning.

Helena Yale -Mr. E. J. Halpin, the chairman of the Helena Vale Municipality, who bad unfortnnatoly been laid np for the last six weeks, is now convalescent.

Hospital Eeport.- Last week's report of the patients treated at the Colonial Hospital waa as follows -Admitted, 15 ; discharged, ID: died, 1; remaining in hospital, 23 ; cnt door patients, 56.

The Under Secretary fob Lands. Mr. B. C. Chiton, the Undxr-Seoretary for Lands, has been indisposed dnrirg the last few days, and in consequence was not in attendance at hia office as usual on Friday and Saturday.

Fremantle Hospital.-During the week ending Saturday last, 3 patients were ad- mitted to the Government Hospital, Fre- mantle, and six ditcharged. The number of inmates at present in the institution ia 26 ; 7 of these are sufferiug from typboid.

Immigrants for Western Australia. We are informad by the Under-Secretarythat 50 female emigrants embarked at Portsmouth for Western AnBtrali* by the 8 s. Port Phi lip, whioh sailed for Fremantle on the 17th of last month, and which will be due at Fre- mantle ab ont the end of this month.

Troublesome Natives -lu a telegram received from the Warden of the East Mar- ch sou golifie'd by the Under-Secretary of Mines, Mr. H. Prinsep, Mr. Chf ten states that the natives ard oxtremaly troublesome in the district. A Mack track'jr bas been murdered by ti«m whilst trying to »rriBt several native prisoners.

The Colonial Mails -The Postmaster General received tbe following; r=»mo-andum yesterday from tho poatmaater ht Albany - "The Valetta fcha not Bighted wh^n the train left. Tho vans have been de'ained to take up the oo'om^I mails to-morrow moro irg, pbould the Valetta a.rivo cu-irg tro niglt "

Mr W. Moore - Tno proj cl ti reconnue

in a substantial marner the omketug abih- ¡

ties cf Mr. W. Moore, the captain of tbe Ports, is being warmly t'ikßn up in Fre- mantle. A räpreBenta'ive and well ot'ended meeting of cricketers nn-i others waa held fit O'Bierna's Club Hotel, Fromintie, on Satur- day night, wh<sn it Ka» decided to issue sub- scription lists in PerLh and Fremantle.

Illness of a Warden.-Mr. A. Clifton, the warden of the E> t Murchison Goldfields, baa reported to tho Mice» Department that he has for a period or lonrteen days been laid up with an attack of low fevir. Mr. Clifton had recovered sufficiently to permit of his going about again, but it has been impossible, BB a result of his illness, for bim to ti it lbs outlying portions of h¡8 distriof.

The Sailors' Rest.-The increasing popu- larity of the weekly oonoerU Leid at the Siilora' EsHt, Fremaatlo, was ampiy ewidt need on Saturday night, when tin hall waa crowded, the doorways ñera blocked, and number« of persons v. era nnable to g.iin aimission. An nt'.raetive programme was prepared by Mr.

Clcugb. Misses Wobstnr, Watson, Feltham,' Ste;n, and Messrs. Allday, Coglaj, Th:mp eon, Hill, Hayes, Andrew, Hanks and Wella contributed to the varions items. ,

Government Land Sale.-A sa'e of Government land tojk pl2oe st the offica ot the Lands Department on Friday last, three lota being disposed of as follows :-Manjedal tonn lot No. 6, two roods, upset prioe, ¿10, purohasor, Mr. Antoui Szezcoinaki, .£12; Serpentine town lot No. 8, two rood?, upset price, £5, purchaser Mr. G. E. Gallop, £5 10s. ; Moora suburban lot No. 26, two aorea two roods, npset price, £2 per aere, pur« chaser, Mr. Thomas Walkden, £5.

Sunday School Anniversary. - The anniversary of the Anglican Sunday Schools in the West Perth district was held yester- day afternoon, when tho distribution of prizes took place in the church ff St. John tha Baptist. There w.-.b a large gathering of soholarB in the church, and the presentation of the prizes, which was made by the Dean of Perth, was witnessed by very many friend» of the schools.

Electoral Application Forms.-The complaint against the Colonial Secretary's department of laxity in the matter of supply- ing eleotoral application forms to the gold leída has been revived by our oontemporary in ita morning issna rn Saturday. On thia subject it baa been explained that tbe de. partaient has already supplied over 15,000 forms for the Yilgarn electorate alone, the forms being in the possession of those en- titled nnder the Aot to register applications

fer votes.

Proposed New Hospital at Kal- goorlie.-In reference to the proposed new hospital at Kalgoorlie, Bishop Gibney, in a recent lettor to the Bev. Father Deafly, «tates:-Ton may Btereotype the following cn all minds: (1.) Tha hospital will be open at all hours of the day and night for the re- ception of urgent cassa. (2.) The sick ara to be admitted without distinction of cieed, and clergymen of all denominations will have free aeoess to their co-religionistB. (3.) The hospital is to he supported by the good will of the people, that is, by subscriptions, dona- tions, and bequests of the charitable. (4.) Subscribers will ba entitled to recommend cases for admission.

The Ettie Williams Company.-Tho entertainment given on Sa'uroay night by the Ettie Williams' Happy Hours Company took place in the presence of ose of the largest audiences that baa been seen at any of their performances at the Town Hall. There was an entire ohange of programme, and, in consequence of the frequent ouooiea, tho entertainment lasted more.than two houra and a half, the performers good-jiaturedly responding to every oall, notwithstanding that most of them were re-oalled twioe and thriee. This evening thora will ba" another change of programme ; and after to-night the company will play in .one or two oí the country districts, returning to Perth and re- opening next Saturday evening.

Patents.-The following applications for patents are notified for the week ending the 10th inBt:-Joseph George Nash, Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide, South Australia, engineer : Improvements in and relating to apparatus for purifying water or other liquids ; Edward Charlea Johnston, Folkestone, Tipper-aireet, Marrickville, near Sydcey, New South Wales, gentleman : An improved basting oolander j Thomas Edwards, Sebastopol, Ballarat, Vio* toria, metallurgist: Improvements in the extraction of gold aad silver fiom orestor compounds containing the same, and iii apparatus applicable tor use in the treatment of such materials by means of solvents, and in ore washing or leaching generally.

Cremorne.-One of the most successful performanooB given at Cremorne waa that ol Saturday evening. These popular gnrdent wore simply packed with spectator?, some of whom had come from long distances. Tha programme which had been prepired by Mrs. Oliver, the proprietress of the gardens, wai a capital one, including as it did freal selections by the orobestra and the Bingi« numbers by tbe Mesara. Gardner Brothers songs and reoititions by Mies Gwen Davien songs by Messrs. Lingard and Shepherd, an« songs and recitations by Miss Hilda Fraser, It waB the first appearanoe of tho last men. tioned lady and abe received a kindly welcome from tbe audience. Several of her piecei were enoored. For thia evening a very we! arranged programme has been prepared.

The Condemned Afghan. - Gonlam Mahomet, who stands oond-msed to dea* I for the murder of Tagh Mahomet at Cool, gar die, is bow being supplied with two quarts of milk daily at Fremantle prison, owing te the enforced stoppage of his meat supply. Ordinary foods are also supplied him. As the Afghans must kill and coot their own meat, according to their religion! beliefs, it waa impossible to give Gonlam tbi .meat cooked in the prison cuisine, and bia fellow-countrymen ware perrailte'l to send this item of his bill of fare into his cell. Rumours hive reached the ea:s of tha Sheriff that it was intended by the Afghans to poicos Gonlam in order to save him from Dancing, the outer meat supply was stepped ana milk tubstitutcd. '

Bain on the East Murchison Gold- fields.-The Under-Searctary of Mines hal received the following telegram from Mr. A, Clifton, the Warden of the Ea3t Murchison Goldfields, stationed at LawlrVa. Tha message is dated Cue 9th April, but the original data of despatch from Lawlcr's waa 4th April, havicg occupied five days io travel- ing between the two places : " I have to report that splendid rains hare fallen at Lawyer's and surrounding diBti iota and in con. sequence thor» is an abundanoe of grass feed, A number of teams have been bogged along the track, owing to the soft nature of the ground after the raine, and tbe mail from

Cue was very much delayed on the last trip . owing to the Bame oanse. A scarcity of food is threatened on account of the teamsters, being noable to get along as far «s tha)


GoodTemplary.-A social of the brethren of the I.O.G.T., North Fremantle, waa held on Friday evening in the Wesley Hall in connection with the Crystal Stream Lodge No. 8. The proceedings were opened bj Bro. Eev. W. H. Paters, CT., G.S.J.T., who, after receiving the visitors, officially invited the C.T. of the Exoelsiot Lodge, Bro. Fitches, D.G., to pre* aida. Visito» were present from lodges at Coolgardie, Bunbury, Singapore, and Sydney, together with members of the Fremantle and Perth lodges. Songs wer« rendered by Bro. Ssyer and Sister Edward», instrumental seleotion by Bro. Bonrko, ana recitations by Broa. Sbellom and Williams Bofreshments were Berved during the even- ing by the Bisters, and after fraternal grat- ings hud been presented by the visitors « very pleasant evening was bronjbt to a


' The Bev. Charles Clark.-Ab alreadj announced, the Bev. CharleB Clark will com- mence bia short lecture season in the Tewi Hall te-merrew evening, when' he will give

his popular lecture entertainment " Charles,   Dickens," with dramatic and humorous recitals. Mr. Clark's reproductions of the novelist's creations do not so mach imply

long study- though doubtless that bas borne its part in the development of his proficiency - as keen, sympathetic intuition of tbe mean- ing aad objects of the characters he pour trays. A genuine treat is in store for the public of Perth, and intending patrons thould lose no time in booking their seats, or obtain- ing tickets in advance, to avoid disappoint- ment and crowding at the doors. The Rev. Charles Clark, who arrived by the Oroya, will   reach Perth by this morning's express from Albany, and is in excellent health. The season in Perth is limited to four entertain   ments, as Mr. Clark has to fulfil engagements in the Eastern colonies shortly.

'Unclaimed Letters. - The following; letters in answer taadvertiaementa are wait- ing dulivery at thin t men.-A.G. (25), A G.B. (7), Ironmonger (5). A E.G. (3), Adelaide (3), Miller (3i, CO. (3), B.S.B. (2), JT. (2), Coimo (2), Genuine (2), No 8 (2), Enterprise (2), Tired (2), P.W. (2), W.W. (2), Married Couple- (2), Brooklyn (2), Stook, H. J. Hassell, Wesley, Desperandum, Tangier, H. Eowell, N.O.E., Burglar, T.C., Drassmaker, Endurance, No. G, H.P., Bachelor, Capable, Careful, E.P. H.S.M., M.B., D.S.E, M.C., \ T.C , Furniture, A.B , S.E.G., Jno. Dobson, r'* A.MN., Mr. Cox, Approval, K Y.BO., JP.,

H.J.A , L.l\, E.C., Cyole, and a telegram for W. M. Phillipa

Bbatjtiptino the City.-The nuoleus of » municipal nursery for ornamental trees is seing made in "Viotoria Park, where half an acre of land ia being broken np and other- wise prepared for the cultivation of trees to be need in beautifying the streets. A large nnmber of tree frames are also being con- structed in wbioh to germinate the seeds of > suoh trees. Already 600 trees have been

?tdered by the City Surveyor, and these will Ile ready for planting in the streets abont June next, ao that in the very near fntnre the itreete of Perthshould,likethe streets of Ade «Vide and of oiliea in the cider world, present v the appearance of picturesque avenues. Tbe

system of overhead telegraph and telephone wire*, so ranon in vogne in Australia, is . likely to interfere with the artistic training

of the trees, bnt hopes are entertained that, in Perth at least, it will be possible to oir oumvent this trouble when the time comes.

Thb Skcbet of Asphalt Paving. Everybody coming here from othar cities of the world where asphalt is used in the for- mation of footpaths cannot bnt be struok with the superiority of the material of whioh . the pavements are made. In other places

the material is either too spongy or «lae it very quickly begins to crumble away. Hero, however, the footpaths made of asphalt are . irm, smooth, and durable. To some extent -v ibis is accounted for by the excellent

v" tlimate of this colony ; but a very large

measure of the success is attributable to the careful manner in whioh the oity surveyor, Mr. Castilla, has the stuff prepared. He ex- plains that good asphalt oannot be made ont of damp material. He is specially attentive, therefore, to this most important point, and baa all the component parta thoroughly dried before mixing, and does nqt attempt the laving of it in the wat weather. So long as these details are rigidly attended to the city surveyor is confident of the oity always having asphalt paths of the finest olass.

DELAYS IN THE COMPLETION OF MUNICI- PAL Woeks. - The oity surveyor, Mr. Castilla, has recently been experiencing no tnd of trouble in the completion of the mnnioipal works throughout the city requir- ing gravel. For want of this material he has had to discharge a number of men from time to time. The work of making portions of Wellington and Brisbane streets has been altogether suspended, and the workmen die

missed. The oennoil haï a contraot for the anpply of gravel with the W.A. Gravel Com- pany, and although this oompany is ready at the pits, near Smith's Mill, with the quantity required the Ballway Department has -' hitherto been nnable to bring it to the city.

Mr. Castilla states that in three months he > haB bad only about forty truok loads wheraaB he wanted fully tbrea or fonr hundred. Taking advantage of the dry weather last November and December, daring whioh Mr. Castilla prefers not to prooeed with the road making of the city, he had something like 1,500 subió y arda of blue-metal stacked on t he various hra racant mnnioipal lands of the city. This àw was most fortunate, as without this reserve

?took it wonld have been impossible to do the necessary street " patching." The work of forming drains in Water, Wellington, and other streetB is also suspended owing to the Arm who has the contraot noc being able to turn ont the pipes fast enough.

Easter Encampment.-The following memorandum from His Excellency the Governor, dated the 9th »Bt., appeared in Friday's Government Gazette:-His Ex tellenoy the Governor desires to express the pleasure and satisfaction he derived from bia risit to the camp of exercise for the looal forces at Karrakatta on Easter Monday, tbe Bth inst. Having dne regard to tbe faet that thi» is the first oooasion on whioh the formation of any camp has been attempted on io large a Beale or on a strictly military basis, His Excellenoy íb of opinion that the ') attendance waa very satisfactory, and that

the cleanliness of tbe camp, and the drill and oisoipline of the foroe while under armB, or î£E duty, reflected credit on the Commandant, the Staff-Adjutant, and the officers, non-com- missioned officers, and men of all ranks

* alike. His Excellenoy trusts that in future

years still larger numbers may take advan- tage of the formation of the camp, to confirm .nd enlarge the instruction they receive in ' their local corps and disiriots. His Ex-

cellency will have pleasure, by his presence

"^"*- it future camps, in giving to the local forces

the enoonragement whioh lies in his power, In the beat interests of the colony and the impire.-Gbrabd Smith, Governor.

Medical Pbactitionebs -The following list of medical practitioners registered in Western Australia sinoe the issue of the annual return in the Gazette of January 17 last was gazetted on Friday. In fnture, aew registrations will be published monthly : William Bannerman, Pettb, M.B., M. Ch. Edin, 1894; Charles Swanston, Perth, L E.C.P., L E.C.S. Edin., 1881 ; J. E. Fergus- son Stewart, Guildford, M.B., CM , Glaeg, 1895; John Arthur Langdon, Menzies, L B.C.P. Edin.,L.F.P S. Glasg., 1874 ; George Ogle Moore, Coolgardie, M.B.C.S Eng., 1890, L.B.C.S..L.B.C.P. Edin. 1888, L.F.P.b. Glaäg. 1888; George ErneBtDennis,E8peranoe,M.B. Melb., 1895 ; Howard Slater, Karridale, L.B.C.P., M.E.C.S. Eng. 1890, L S.A. 1839; Edward Scott Humphrey, Na weat tie, M.B.C.S., L.B.C.P. loud. 1893; William i Adam Kennedy, Perth, M.R.C.S. Eng 1874, ', -L.E.C.P. Lond. 1875, M.B. Durh. 1881;

Arthur Goode, Norseman, M.B, B.S. Adelaide 1894; John E. J. Morfitt, Greenough, fiJS.CS., LK.Q.CP. Irei. 1878; George L. L. Lawson, Perth, M.R.C.S. Eng. 1832, LEC.P., DP.H. Edin, 1890; William Finlay, Perth, L B.C.S., L E.C.P.Edin. 1894 ; F.F.P.S. Glaeg., 1894; Henry Adolphus Leschen, Kalgoorlie, M.B. M.Ch. Edin. 1889. John Aloysius Bougban, Fremantle, M.B., _~ B.S. Boy. Univ. Irel., 1895 ; Anthony Colling

> Brownless, Coolgardie, M B..B.S. Melb., 1881.

Townsite at the Geeat Boulder.-As »nnounced recently in these oolnmns, the Bovercmont, on the recommendation of Mr. r~~ A.B. Richardson (Commissioner of Crown

Lands) has decided to declare a small town- site at the Great Boulder. Following np this dcoûim, the Lands Department bas instructed Mr. Surveyor Beasley to survey 106 to 120 acres at that plaoe for a town Tois is only a small area for a goldfields townsite, but one side will be left open in order that the area may be extended at any time without trouble. Aroaud the eite to be surveyed for bosiness areas a belt of land will be reserved for the purpose of residential areas only. The question of these residential areas has been nnder the consideration of the Government for some time past, and the Commissioner of Crown Lands statea that there is little doubt bnt tbat the Government ?rill in future bave to be oareful to provide

residential areas when declaring fresh town rites on the goldfields. It will also be nec6s jary, Mr. Biohardson thinkB, to consider the »dvieableness of providing similar areas in the neighbourhood of the towns already in ixiBteace. This will greatly convenience large numbers of men working on the leases whioh are some distance outside of the towns. For, as a matter of law, a mineral lease can- not be used for residential purposes.

Teadis and Labode Council.-The usual fortnightly meeting of the Trades and Labour Counoil was bold in Jacoby'a Café on Friday. In the absence of the president, Mr. West waa voted to the chair. The cre- dentials of Messrs. Nankervis, Day, and r Deport as delegates from the Bakers' Union

were received, as well as that of Mr. Wad i diegton aB a new delegate from the Car j^" pantera' Sooiety. The delegates were wel ^f corned by the ohairman. The sum of ¿20

was received in aid of tbe bootmakers on strike at Messrs. Pearse Bros.', and varions unions notified that additional aid wonld be forthcoming if required. The mnoh-disonssed question of subletting on Government con traots was again brought forward. The evidence placed before the conncil was of snob a natnre that it was resolved that a deputation wait on the Commissioner of Pnblio Works respecting the snbjeet. Messrs. Underwood, Grant, Oldham, Pearoe, and "Waddington were appointed to aot on the deputation. The secretary waa inatrueted to 'write to the Premier urging the necessity of tbe repeal of the Imported Labour Registry Act and the necessity for restricting the ¡nflrix of the other Asintió races who wert

not affeoted by the Chinese Immigration Re- striction Aot. During the discussion on 1 his aubjeot, Mr. Grant said that Chinese ware being employed on farms in the Northam district to a largo extent, and that Japanese wera ouaiicg the whites from tbo Nor'-west ports. Eeferenoe was also made to the way ia whioh the Chinese ware seizing the retail grooery bniinesB in Perth and Fremantle, and the hope wbb expressed that the City Council would refuse to allow Aeiatios to rent stalls in the new Perth markets.

The Government's Attitude on Federation.-A telegram appearing in onr issna of Saturday Btated that the Prämier of Tasmania (Sir E. N. C. Braddon) had for- warded tbe Premier of this colony a com- munication on the Bnbjeot of the attitude of Western Australia in regard to federation. Sir Edward Braddon was reported to have pointed out in the communication that while federal matters were progressing elsewhere Western Australia Bhould net [remain in a Btata of isolation a day longer than was necoBsary. The Premier of New South Wales (Mr. G. H. Eeid) was stated also to have written to Sir John Forrest on the subject. Sir John Btates that neither of these com- munications have yet reached him. The atti- tude of the Government of thie oolony with regard to federation, Sir John added, waa that, when the Governments of the other oolonies had made some progresB, this colony, not wishing to stand ont, would be glad to tako aotion in the matter. Offing to the situation and oiroumstanceB of Western Aus- tralia, it waa not advisable that the oolony should have taken the initiative in the matter. In short, Sir John seems to thiak the oolony haB been too busy bo far to concern itself with the question of federation in ita earlier experimental and incipient atageB. It ia nnderstood,however, that, in view of the steps taken by the other colonies in reference to the Enabling Bill, and the probability of the Bill being introduced and passed at the ensuing session of the Queensland Parlia- ment, the matter will also be taken np by the Government of Westorn Australia, and that a Bill on the subject will be submitted during the next session of Parliament.

Traffic Employees' Picnic.-At the annnal pionio of the employees of the traffio branch of the Western Australian Govern- ment Railways, on Saturday, important speeches wera delivered at the luncheon by tha Engineer-in-Chief and the General Traffio Manager, bearing on the rolling-stock ques- tion. Tha Engineer-in-Chief pointed out that if the increase of traffio was as great in 1897 SB it was in 1896, .£400,000 was needed at onoe in order to iadsnt for farther rolling stook, but the difficulty was that the Government had no vote or loan monay for the purpose. It had been difficult, he pointed out, to anticipate the enormous growth of the traffic since 1893. In the year 1894 .they found that 15 per oent. more roll- ing stook waa required, in 1895 50 per cent., and 1896 100 per cent, more than in the pro oediBg years. At thia ratio they would re qnire, perhaps, 200 per eent. more rolling stock iu 1897, and in snch a case they would need an expenditure of ¿£800,000 at once for the rolling stock. Apart from the failure to foresee the great increase of traffio, fhe said that he did not think there was anything to be aabamed of as regarded the administration of the railways. The returns, he Btated, on the «apital ex- pended on the railways had been the highest in .the world except those of some of the Indian lines, and he quoted from several newspapers to show that the Western Aus- tralian railways ware highly thought of. Mr. Daviss, the General Traffio Manager, also commented on the inadequate equipment of the railways, pointing out that their short- comings were principally due to that faot. The Minister of Bailways (Mr. F. H. Piesse) also spoke at the luncheon, and received a cordial reoeption.