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PROCLAMATION.-A proclamation in ac- cordance with the Munioipal InstiinticoB Act, divding the municipality of Banbury into wards and declaring tbe popnlitioc to be over 1,000, is published. Norseman ia de- clared a municipality, and the boundaries are


ORDERS IN. Cotrscix -Orders in Council under the Minea Regulation Act aro pub- lished, applying tbe provisions of the. Act to areas w thin a circle of 21 miles radias, having the Warden's otfic9, Nannine, as its centre; 20 miles radia«, having tbe Warden's office, Cue, as ita centre ; 10 miles -radius, having the Warduna office, Mount Magnet, ai its centre; 20 miles radiui, having the Warden's office, Ya'goo, as its centre ; 25 mil^a radins, having tbe Warden's office, Southern Cross, as ria cen'r« ; 40 .-miles radius, laving tie -Warden's ofiiie, .Kal goorl e, as is centre ; 40 miles radius, having the Warden's office, Veszies, aa ita osntre. Und« an Ordir in C-.uncil dated 15th January, the regulitiocs framed in accordance with the nsw Stook Diseases Act are published.

APPOINTMENTS.-Geo. Lennox, to be assis- tant Mining Registrar, Dundas Goldfields ;   Hastings Everill to be, temporarily and pro-   visionally, probationary clerk in the Educa- tion Department. Annie M. Bieby to be, temporarily and provisionally, mistress of Katanning School, vice F. Williams, resigned. G. H. Banks to be, temporarily and provisionally, master of Bindoon half-time schools, vice G. E. Jones, transferred. Aethea Hill to be pupil teacher at Gingin   School vice F. M. Baynham, resigned. A. J. Lewis to be temporarily and provisionally,   master of Walkaway School, vice Kate Horrigan, transferred, J. T. Boileau to be,tem- porarily and provisionally, master of Wanne- rup School, vice Eleanor Guerin, resigned. Thomas Henry to be, temporarily and provi- sionally, master of Beverley School, vice Lennox Storey, transferred. Lennox Storey   to be, temporarily and provisionally, master of Geraldton School, vice Thomas Henry, transferred ; J. E. Hart to be, temporarily and provisionally, master of Grigson's Well school, vice A. J. Lewis, transferred ; Arthur Hill to be, temporarily and provisionally, master of Leederville school, vice J. C. S. Deans, transferred ; George E. Jones to be, temporarily and provisionally, matter of Central Greenough school, vice Arthur Hill, promoted ; J. C. S. Deans to be, temporarily and provisionally, master of Ser-   pentine schcol, vice B. T. Hart, transferred ; Amy B. Ottaway, to be temporarily and provisionally, aasistant at Infants' school, Perth; Robert Peel to be, temporarily and provisionally, master of Claremont school, vice M. E. A. Brown, placed on un- attached list; Kate Horrigan to be, temporarily and provisionally, assistant at Midland Junction school ; E. C. Francisco to be clerk in the Education Department; Hannah McCarthy to be, tempararily and provisionally, mistress of Clackline school ; Hemy Lovegrove to bs coroner for th»Pirth, Fremantle, and Swan Magisterial Districts ;   Charles J. Taylor to be temporary mining   registrar at Kalgoorlie, vice Stringer, re- signed ; Sydney S. Cape to be mining regis- trar at Day Dawn ; H. H. Du Bou'ay to be a bailiff of the Local Court at Mullewa.

STJRVEYOBS UNDER TRANSFER ' OP LAND ACT.-E. H. Aboson and M. B. Green r.ave been epscia'ly licecs:d ti practice under

the Transfer of Land ¿ct.

TENDEES -Tenders wi 1 be received at tha Publio Works Offica np ti noon on Tu°stlay, 11th February, for tbe Mount Magnet lockup contract. Tbe following tendeia bava been accepted :-Messrs. Coh?n and Wright's, for the Perth and L edcrvi Id school contract ; Mr. VV. Yonng'sj fsr the Perth Park fencing : Mr. J. Nclsüii's, fir add't o <s and al:ecations tü the i e'aidtoa Post Office.

BYE LAWS.-Tbev bye-laws of the Muriel pa'i ty of Kalg orlie aie conficmed, and the Rales and Regulations under the Copi right Act of last year aro pub.isbed for genaral


THE-'MEDICIL ACT.-Tn accordance with this Act a list of p' rsOns reg:s°ered as medical practitioners in the co'ony i< publish* d.

WATER SUPPLY.-It U notifiad that the main water pipe haa bet-n laid down ia Outnrs-street from Hay-street to Hooper