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PROCLAMATION.-A proclamation in ac- cordance with the Munioipal InstiinticoB Act, divding the municipality of Banbury into wards and declaring tbe popnlitioc to be over 1,000, is published. Norseman ia de- clared a municipality, and the boundaries are


ORDERS IN. Cotrscix -Orders in Council under the Minea Regulation Act aro pub- lished, applying tbe provisions of the. Act to areas w thin a circle of 21 miles radias, having the Warden's otfic9, Nannine, as its centre; 20 miles radia«, having tbe Warden's office, Cue, as ita centre ; 10 miles -radius, having the Warduna office, Mount Magnet, ai its centre; 20 miles radiui, having the Warden's office, Ya'goo, as its centre ; 25 mil^a radins, having tbe Warden's office, Southern Cross, as ria cen'r« ; 40 .-miles radius, laving tie -Warden's ofiiie, .Kal goorl e, as is centre ; 40 miles radius, having the Warden's office, Veszies, aa ita osntre. Und« an Ordir in C-.uncil dated 15th January, the regulitiocs framed in accordance with the nsw Stook Diseases Act are published.

APPOINTMENTS.-G-JO. Lennox, to be assis- tant Mining Registrar, Dundaa Goldfi ¡Ids ; Hastings Everill to be, t impjrarily and pro vUiinatly, probatonary cirrk in ttia Einca tion Department. A-.nie M. Bieby to be, Temporarily and provisionally, mistress of Katanning Scboo', vice F. Williams, resigned. G. H. Banks to be, temporarily and provisionally, master of Sindcon half-time schools, vice G. E. Jone?, tranaf-rred. A etbca Hill to b3 pupil teacher at Gingin Schocl vies F. M. B*ynfiam, resigned. A. J. Lewis to be, temp rarily and provieiona'ly, master cf Walkaway iSchool, vice Kate Horrigan,transferred, J. T. Boileta to be,tem- porarily and provisionally, master of Wanrc rnp School, vies Eleanor Guerin, resigned* Taomas Henry to be, temporarily and provi- sionally, master of Beveilsy 'Boholl, vice Lennox Storey, transferred. Lennox Star y to be, temporarily and provisionally, master of Geraldton Behool, vice Thomas Henry, transferred ; J. £. Hart to be, temporarily and provisionally, master t.f Grgson'a Well ecbool, vice A. J. L«wis, transferred ; Arthur Hill to be, temporarily and provisionally, master of Leederville schcol, vice J. C. S. D;ans, transferred ; George E. Jon^s to be, temporarily and provisionally, matter of O-ntril Cheenongh echo?], vice Arthur Hill, promoted ; J. C. S. Deans to be, temporarily an"3 proviaio. ally, matter of Ser- pentine schcol, vioe B. T. Hart, transferred ; Amy B. Ottaway, to be temporarily and provisionally, aasistant at Infants' school, Perth; Kobt-rt Peel to le, temporarily and provisionally, master of Cl.nemont school, vice M. E. A. Brown, placad on un- attached list; Kate Horrigm' to b3, temporarily and provisionally, assistant at Midland Junction school ; £. C. Francisco to be clerk in the Eluxation Department; Hannih McCarthy to be, tempararily and provißiona'ly, mistress of Clackline school ; Hemy Livegrove to bs coroner for th»Pirth, Fremantle, and Swan Magi terial Diatiicts ; Charles J. Taylor to be t mporary mining registrar at Kalgoorlie, vice Stringer, re- signed ; Sydney S. Cape to be miniiig regis- trar at Day Dawn ; H. H. Du Bou'ay to ba a bailiff of the Looal Court at Mnl'ewa.

STJRVEYOBS UNDER TRANSFER ' OP LAND ACT.-E. H. Aboson and M. B. Green r.ave been epscia'ly licecs:d ti practice under

the Transfer of Land ¿ct.

TENDEES -Tenders wi 1 be received at tha Publio Works Offica np ti noon on Tu°stlay, 11th February, for tbe Mount Magnet lockup contract. Tbe following tendeia bava been accepted :-Messrs. Coh?n and Wright's, for the Perth and L edcrvi Id school contract ; Mr. VV. Yonng'sj fsr the Perth Park fencing : Mr. J. Nclsüii's, fir add't o <s and al:ecations tü the i e'aidtoa Post Office.

BYE LAWS.-Tbev bye-laws of the Muriel pa'i ty of Kalg orlie aie conficmed, and the Rales and Regulations under the Copi right Act of last year aro pub.isbed for genaral


THE-'MEDICIL ACT.-Tn accordance with this Act a list of p' rsOns reg:s°ered as medical practitioners in the co'ony i< publish* d.

WATER SUPPLY.-It U notifiad that the main water pipe haa bet-n laid down ia Outnrs-street from Hay-street to Hooper