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League Leaders Prepare For Strenuous Match B[?] JIM HANDBY

Although the match between Port Adelaide and Norwood at Alberton Oval on Saturday will- not have any bearing on the premiership, both teams

are preparing for another evenly-coD tested game. Norwood is anxious to break its Al berton Oval hoodoo, which has per sisted since the team won its last match there in 1922. Owing to in juries to Page and Tugwell, Norwood's team will not be the strongest possible. The injuries to these players do not appear to be as serious as at first thought, as Page can now rest his foot on the ground, and it is certain that be will be fit to play in the second semi-final, while Tugwell has im proved greatly and is expected to be ready to play in the following week. Last night the team was the guest of the Norwood Club. Inc.. at <r social evening, when indoor bowls, billiards, and snooker cham pionships were contested. The annual churcn service at Clayton Memorial Church will bP conducted by the Rev. A. C. Newbury on Sep tember 12. He will be assisted by member* of the team. Port's Sequence Ot Wins Port Adelaide Is also expecting a stern fight to retain its sequence ot wins against Nor wood, which now totals seven. The players. in spite of the unfavorable conditions, con tinued to train strenuously last night. Port Adelaide will be getting back to iU origins] team, which played its most brilliant football this season, when Bampton. Wigbtman. and West return to the side for Saturday's match. Bampton has recovered from injury, and West, who was unable to play owing to family be reavement, will be available. Wightman is certain to be preferred to Schupeltus. because of his greater experience. Sturt intends, in the match against South Adelaide, to continue the policy ol playing pro mising new men. E. Holloway. from McLaren Vale, who will nlay for sturt against the Pirie Association on September 18. will probably be included. C. Weckert (Tanunda) will also be considered lor a position in the eide. H. Tnohy. who -played so well in his Brst tune on Saturday. wUI be retained, while Opitz. an experienced player, who was prominent in the Association team this season, will probably ba tried as a forward. Bis previous appearances In the League side have bees as a follower and back man. Jarrett, who has been unable to play for several weeks owing to an injury hasrecovered. and will be available. Pryor, who received a knock on the head. was the only South Adelaide player to re ceive an injury in Saturday's game against west Torrens. but he attended training last night. L. J. Ashby (coach) concentrated on handball practice, in lieu of kicking the heavy y^J..?aU- nd the P^yera Bave a clever ex hibition of flick and punch passing by hand. South Adelaide wiU engage Sturt at Adelaide Ova! on Saturday, and Its strongest team should be available. West Torrens Strong t *??!; T omns s"teDds- *s nearly as possible, to fleld Us semi-final team against West Ade laide on Saturday. Although Mullins could train only lightly last night, he is sound and wiU resume In the ruck for West Torrens. Hi s Inclusion will bring West Torrens to full strength. Mewett. the new player from WUliamstown. will not be available because ?/.** ***?1; knoc£ ?n tne leg received in the Jast match. Although West Adelaide had several Association players training with it last night, its team will not be niaterially altered. In spite of the wet weather and the club's low position on the list, there was a large and enthusiastic muster of players at Glenelg last S! e .■.Lmk ** the only PJayer about whose fitness there is a doubt. He had to.leave the field at half-time in the last match, and it will not be known until tomorrow whether his Injured knee will' stand the strain of the trial he proposes to give it that night. Offici als hope that the rover will be able to play ior his absence would mean a rearrangement of the Association side, which wUI be engaged in the final on Saturday week 8 ,N- Drew, who Intended to retire at the end of the season, had his football career cut shorter than expected as the result of a bad knee injury received in the last match This strong side, as Alexander. Poulls and A Bur wS.f" e??£ cte? k? b(" avalla?le. It is the in pJU! Ei of. the clab to trv t<ro or l?ree new men Probably two more countrv players who have not previously played with the dub. will be North Adelaide District Association, trained SoSab^^S, :aSt Di?ht- and WIU On September 11 North Adelaide will plav a match a?ainst a Yorkc Peninsula Association slue at Kadina. Amateur League Seini-Finals I The umpire ana permit committee of the I Amateur League last night decided to play [two Grade Al semi-finals on Saturday in stead of one semi-final in each grade Satur day's matches and umpires will be- First semi-final—Prospect Oval—West Adelaide Dnited (minor premier) v. St. Peter's Old Collegians (third); S. H. Oehme (fleldi. R A "V&Tdon and X_ Oon-er tbounda.rvi Second semi-anal—Norwood Oval—Semaphore Central Ifsecondl v. Prince Alfred Old Collegians rfourth): J. H. Parkinson (field! c w Ben |netl and J. E. Church i boundary >. " Port Pirie Association POST PIRTE. August 31. 1 A meeting of the Port Pirie Football Asso> ' elation Japt nigbt was presided over bv Mr Threadgold, M.P. The secretary (Mr.'J. S

Hocking) reported that Messrs. M. S. Keane. A. Wade, and B. Cavenett had made the fol lowing awards:—"Recorder" medal tfor fairest and most brilliant player). J. W Brady, of St. Mark's; club trophy, given by independent delegates (Messrs. j. G. Sweeney. H. S. Wastell. and W. B. D. Hinel. for best placed man. H. Madlgan. of St. Mark's Club; trophy given by Mr. Tfcrcadgold. M.P. ifor most Improved player). W. Connor, of Solo montown Club. Mr. A. Watte (Proprietary Club) reported that C. Karran, one of the Proprietary B grade team, was nominated for 19th man in A grade, and agreed to stand. Previous to the match, however, finding that if he did play he would be Ineligible to take part is the B grade final, if his team reached tbat stage, he refused to stand. This was after he had had bis boots examined by the um pire. Karran desired to be advised as to his position. Mr. E. A. Parr (Proprietary) said that th? Proprietary B Association claimed that Ear. ran. by having refused to stand, had not fulfilled the qualifications of 19th man. Mr. H. S. Wastell (independent delegatei was told by Mr Wade that Karran's name had been included In the lists exchanged by the captains. Mr. R. G. Lambert (St. Mart's) said that in the case previously discussed, Norton had remained on the ground, whereas Karran had not. The chairman said that his decision tas that Karran fulfilled the obligations of a 19tb man, according to tne local rule. Mr. Keanc moved that Karran must b*? officially deemed to have participated In the match referred to. Mr. Cavenett seconded the motion, which was carried. It was mentioned that an appeal from the B Grade Association to the league In the case ol Norton was pending. The chalrmaD ruled that Earran's case would come under the fame decision ol the State body.

MISS ANN CODRINGTON, the radio star, who sailed for Australia from London on Saturday, to op pear with Miss Fay Compton's com pany in a series of plays. The re pertoire will probably include "Vic toria Regina," "George and Mar garet," and 'Tonight ot Eight."— Photo, by air mail.