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. IE IOSP"EOTT.TS OF THE A SEMI-WEEKLY JOURNAL, DEVOTED TO THE MATERIAL, SOCIAL, AND POLITICAL INTERESTS OF THE BRAIDWOOD DISTRICT.: T HE publication atBRAIDWOODOf a second newspaper which, from its principles, its in tegrity, its general ability, and varied contents, shall claim regard as the faithful exponent of public opinion, the guardian of popular rights, the corrector of abuses, the advocate of liberal politics, and the educator of the people, will, it is only reasonable to presume, be bailed with satisfaction as a long-desired boon, and meet with encouraging support. Such an organ will, it ii hoped, be found in the Braidwood Independent; and in assuming so high a stand, it will profess nothing more than it will be prepared to perform, and perform only the legitimate functions of the PRESS, which must ever conduce to the prosperity and happiness of the people. The Independent will be the organ of no party, and have no proclivities except towards avowedly liberal, progressive, and independent, principles. Whilst recognizing, it will zealously maintain, the natural and political rights of not only every class, but of every individual The Independent will encourage the developement of the vast resources of the Braidwood district-the wealth of its mines, the produce of its fields and pastures, and its various manufacturing industries; and, at the same time, will foster the intellectual and moral growth of the community, by pleading the cause of primary schools, and other institutions for the education of the people, and entertaining a due respect for the conscientious convictiQns of every section of society. Regardless of pains or expense, the columns of the Independent will be furnished with the latest reports of local and district news, comp:ehensive digests of general intelligence, and correct commercial statistics and transactions, and thus rendered a valuable source of information for the ordinary reader, and an indispensable mercantile medium. The Independent will furnish the latest telegrams of Colonial, American, and European news. The first number of the Braidwood Independent will appear at the latter end of July, or early in August, Subscribers' names and advertising orders received at the usual rates. * All business communications to be addressed, for the present, to the Proprietor of the Independent, and all literary communications to the Editor, at the Post-office, Braidwood. June 17th, 1867.