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The conditions under which the above match was played on the Esplanade ground on Satur- day precluded the possibility of anything like *ootbttll. The ground was thoroughly sodden and cohered with numerous pools of water, and thu ' hew-v squalls combined to make

otters as unpleasant as could be imagined 1 for the players. Tne wonder waa that there

was any play at all. But Fremantle, trusting A the extra weight of their pia) era and their geod mud-seraoibling qualities to pull them th> oagh, were des'rous of playing, and the B ivers, to whom another d*f < at made little difiVre^ce, were ready 4¡o oblige, al -thongb t ey went into th« field som« two or three men short. Garey and L. Bateman showed their good sense by standing ont from the Fremantle team. The visitare won the toes aiid started operations with a gale of wind at the back' of them. The ball almost immediately went to the Rovers' goal, where a good deal of aimless scrimmaging, ?plashinsr and rolling about in the pools took place. Caulfield, Pash, Randell, Ed- wards, Reardon, Taomp^on and Pearse showed good deieasivd work, but the ball seldom get further than half-way. After acme hard work Sinclair (pt the ball in front all to himself, and with a quick kiek scored first goal for the visitors. Not Ion? afterwards, Preec? marked close in and scored second goal. Two more sho a by Fay were without result, and the quarter «Toeed with Fremantle 2 goals 2 beliinda to nil. Rovers, with the wind behind them, became aa proir-'nent as Fremantle were in the preoeeding quarter. They reotived much encouragement from the spectators, but '.bough they plajed vigerens'y they lacked the unison of their opponents. Out of a skirmish the first behind was hoi-ted for tho locals, and then Hussey took a long ?hot, the bill falling abort. Mayes also attemptt-d a shot from an «ngia, but failed to reach the giol. A free kick waa then awarded to Burton, but ¡Sinclair, with a timely mark, intercepted the ball. During a lull in the gale, tbe Fremantle ran the ball forward, and Walsh dribblsd the ball two or three yarda oft the post The goal umpire, who wes absent from hia place, raised the two flags, to the surprise of a good many. Fremantle kept np the attack, and Knox obtained a fiae goal. The scores at half time were F/e mantle 4 goals 2 Dehinds ; Rovers 2 behind«. Being thoroughly drenohed the pla)«rs decided to play cn without an interval. As before, the play was <f an uninteresting character, Fremantle attacking daring the wuole of the third quarter. Although they bad two shots only another bebind was added. In the last quarter, the Rovers prevailed, but oould not score a single goal, although MayeB from one shot grazed the outside of the post. The final result was-Fremantle 4 goals 4 behinda ; Rovers 4 behind». Mr. Duffy performed his duties as central umpire as well as the circumstances would allow. Fremantle by their victory bave won the premiership for the season.



The W.A. Cycling Club held their road race on Saturday from the Esplanade to Cottesloe and baek, a diatanee of 15 miles.. The competitors, as stated by Mr. J. C. H. James, were as follows:-R. O. Law, p, toad racer, scratch ; C. Cutbash, p. racer 50seoe.; C. Dent, c. light racer, lmin. 45sees.; Ii. Duncan, p. roadster, 2min. 45seos? L. Ogborne, p. roadster, 3min. 15secs.; J. E Harwood, p. road racer, 3min. 15seos.; W. M. Atkins, c. roadster. 5mius. Atkins was the first te retire, the gc .-ring of his machine coming loose near the Dep4t. Ogborne then took the lead. Passing Clare- mont the order was ; Ogborne, Dent, Duncan, Cntbush, Harwood and Law. Soon after this Cut bush's machine broke down and he retired. The turn 17 chains beyond the Cottesloe crossing was reached by Ogborne, ac- cording te the time noted by Mr. S. Chipper, at 36 minutes past four, Dent was half a minute later, and Law another minute, then carne Duncan and Harwood. Ogborne maintained 'his lead until the hill berore frawley, when Dent shot past him and kept % lead varying from 10 to 20 yards until the finish, which was aa fellows :

C. Dent

... 1 L. Ogborne.

... 2 R. Law .

... 3

Harwood finished fourth. Ogborne came in 7 sees, behind Dent. The actual riding times were : Dent, 61 min. 55 se 38. ; Law, 63 mina. ; Ogborne, 63 min. 32 sees. ; Harwood, 90 min. 20 sees. The time is slow fpr the distance, but, considering the strong gale with which the riders had to contend against for the first part ef the journey and the heavy state of the road, the performance of the winner was most satisfactory. He rode a light cushion racer, wbieh proved itself quite equal to the pneumatic machines on the day. Dent has several times shown his capa- bilities as a rider, and, being very young, has a promising future before him as a eyclist.








LONDON, September 8.

The match, between tbe Austra'ian Eleven and a team representing the South of England Was continued at Hastinga to-day.

The attendance was moderate, owing to the wet weather, and the wicket was heavy.

The South of England, with five wickets down for 126, resumed batting, and brought their score to 147 before the last wicket fell.

Turner took five wickets for 43, Trumble

five for 60.

The Australians commenced their seeond innings, and had lost two wiokets for 27 (Lyons, not out, 16) when stumps were drawn

for the day.

The following are tho seor«3 :

SOUTH OF ENGLAND.-First Innings.

Grace, e Blackham, b Trumble ... 24 - Stoddart, e Geo. Giffen, b Turner,... 4 Ferris, o Blackham, b Trumble ... 15

Hewett, b Turner. 58 A. Hearne, o Trumble, b Turner ... 4

Read, b Turner . 10 Tindall, c and b Trumble. 7 Lockwood, c Graham, Turner ... 0 J. Hearne, not ont ... ... :.. 7 Wickham, c Blackham, b Tnrner ... 3 Richardson, o W. Giffen, b Turner... 2

Sundries . 13

Total . 147


First Innings. 64

Second Innnings. Bannerman, c A. Hearne, b

Richardson ... 7

Lyons, not out ... ... ... 19 G. Giffen, b R:chardson ... ... ' 1

Total for two wickets ... ... 27