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THE Legislative Council will hold a sitting this afternoon, eommenoing at half-past two.' The only business will be the presentation of the Address-ia-reply to the Governor, and the consideration, under motion for the seoond reading, of tbe Noxious Birds and Animals


WE regret to record the death of Mr. John Liddelow, which occurred last night at the residence of his brother, Mr. Albert Liddelow, Stirling-street. Mr. Liddelow had only been ill a week. The d ceased gentleman was a very old colonist, and was for many years in business in Barrack-street, where he had a well-known butchering business, which he relinquished some two years ago. The funeral will take place at the Wesleyan cemetery to-   morrow (Wednesday) afternoon.

JUDGING from the following telegram, re-

ceived yesterday by Capt. Russell, tfc.N.,

Chief Har boor-ra aster, raugh weather may be looked for on the southern and south-western

coastal waters shortly. The tel<-gram, which is from Mr. Clement Wragge, Government meteorologist, ia dated Brisbane, 10th July, 3.10 p.m., and is aa follows :-" Further squally weather trom between N.W. and S.S. W., after, min? to rough seas espected off Laen win. More rain Bonth-west districts."

THE Legislative Assembly met last night, when the second reading of the Treaiury Bills Bill was moved by the Premier. The measure was opposed by Messrs Canning, Loton, De Hamel, and E. F, Sholl, but on a division the Sdcoud reading of the Bill waa carried by 15 ti 8 The Bill will be con- sidered in oonmitten tai* afternoon. The Premier gave nutice thit he wonld introduce the Constitution Act Amendment Bill and the Savings Bank Act Amendment Bill at Wednesday's Bating.

THE oriminal sittings of the Supreme Cour

were oontinued yesterday, when the oase of Begin», v. Keeshaa was tried before Mr. Justice Stone and a jury. The charge against the accused was, that he had murdered a native woman named Meedejah on the 27th of January last in the Merchison district. The bearing of the case lasted nntil half-past six o'c'oek in the evening, when the jury re- tened a verdict; of not guilty, and Keeshan was set at liberty. The Court sits again this


THE Legislat ve Assembly meets this after, noon at half-past two- The agenda paper is as follows:-Order cf the day: Treasury Bil's Bill to be considered in committee. Notices of motion : Mr. Burt to move for leave to introduce tfä Bill to provide for the better prevention of fires caaeed by sparks from locomotive engines, and to facilitât« tho recovery of damages in such oases. Mr. R. P. Sholl to move that tbe following return be laid upon the table of this House: A list of all officers whose salaries and allowances are provided for on page fonr of the Loan Estimates ending 30th of June, 1893, containing the following particulars (1.) Name of each officer (2.) Title ofeaoh officer (3.) Amount of salary and allowances (4.) On what work engaged (5.; When ap- pointed and term of his engagement. Mr. S. P. Sholl to move : That a return be laid upon the table of the House showing (1.) The amount realised by the sale of Treasury Bills issued by the Government in May last and to what pnrpose have the proceeds been ap- plied, (2.) J£ the Post Office ¿savings Sank funds have been applied, showing the amount. (3.) Any other Trust Funds at the disposal of the Government and the amounts. (4). The necessity for the issue of Treasury Bills. Mr. Solomon to move-That there be laid upsn the table of the House all papera and correspondence in reference to the small pox inquiry, and also the correspondence which passed between the Government and agents of the s.S. Saladin, in referenoe to the intro- duction of «mall-pox into the colony.

THE sixth entertainment given last night by Messrs. Wirch Bros.* mammoth eirous, in- cluded several items which were not con- tained in the previous performances. The principal of the novelties introduced were a horizontal bar aot by Messrs. P. and G. Wirth, performed upor. horsebaok, the Zanio Brothers' clever performance on the bars, and the tandem race, in which the New Zealand stallion Bannockburn and Satan» driven by Miss Marizles Wirth, were the victors against; the thoroughbred mares Elsie and Maud, driven by Miss Louise. Amongst the other competitions were the two horse Roman stand ing race over hurdles and the boys' and girls' pony hurdle race, a race between Indians, Mexicans and cowboys, concluding

with a cross-country steeplejbase. The pro-

gramme also included an English May-pole dance on horseback, in whieh was introduced two amusing Irish comedians, and part of the aet comprised some very exciting high jump- ing. Although the weather was unpropitions, the attendance was muoh larger than eould have been expected, showing the popularity the exhibition has gained during its brief stay here. The Perth season closes to-morrow evening, on which occasion His Excellency the Governor has signified his-intention of' being present. Besides the two following evening's performances, there will be another .matinee entertainment given to-morrow after- noon. The circus will then proceed to Fre- mantle and will give its first performance there on Thursday afternoon, opening on the vacant land sear fie Federal Hotel. The perform- ance is a treat which all should eajoy before the big show leaves the oolony. The opening programme was so long and so varied that many people thought the performers had exhausted their repertoire. Last night, how- ever, caused a change in their opinions, and the entertainment not only gave a very great measure of satisfaction, bat was com- plete proof of the versatility of the artists.

OITB contributor "L.L.O." writes : "A para- graph appeared in the WEST AUSTEA.LIAIT O£ yesterday morning referring to the Order in Couneil recently issued by Government making the disinfection by dipping of im- ported frnit trees and vines compulsory. It was stated that the term concentrated lye is unknown here, and that if potash is meant the solution is strong enough to kill the trees which are dipped in it. Upon inquiry I find that concentrated lye is a term known here ; Chemists doing business in Perth have in- formed me they know the meaning of the term, and are prepared to supply what is re- quired-concentrated caustic soda. The standard of strength would vary with the purpose for which the lye was required, and if no standard was specified the chemist would use his discretion. The standard fixed in America for the disinfection of fruit trees is 80 per cent., 4-5th lb. of stiok oaustic soda, containing 98 per oent. will be fonnd equal in effectiveness to lib. con- centrated lye. This is obtainable in Perth. The ecluti.m mentioned in the Order-in Council has been used for many years in Ame dea, where some millions of trees are annually dipped and sprayed with it, with no ill effects, but qnite the contrary, even when 50 per cent, of potash is added. Mr. French, the Government Entomologist of Victoria, recommends this solution, at tbe same time drawing attention to the necessity of disin- fecting trees before they are distribute!, aBa obeok to the importation of new diseases. Further, sume eight weeks ago concentrated ly* (caustic soda) was obtained by mo in Perth without any preface or any difficulty, and I dipped several trees in the solution, as *j specified, and they have shown no signs of

dying yet. The Order-in-Counoil will, I have little doubt, give rise to a good deal of oppo- sition on the part of persons who have for years been breeding inseots and diseases in their orchards faster than they have grown frait. The experience of the last ten years of the largest frnit-prodooing country in the world trill count as nothing against the expe- rience of these gentry, who are adepts only in the art of cultivating what the Order ia very properly designed to sappress. In re- gard t¡» the impoitabion of salioylio aoid, also referred to in the paragraph as being inter- dicted at the suggestion of some one. who laoked experience, all I can say is that the so me one, whoever he was, deserves to be well thought of. The use of salicylic aoid as a preservative in food stuffs should be pro- hibited, for the simple reason that it ia poitonons. This aoid is now made, almost all of it, from carbolic acid, and is considered by chemists to be an accamulative poison. Taken with any food it has a decidedly dele- terious effect upon health. The people who need salioy'io aoid to preserve their jams and frnits, and wines, are just the kind of people the Order-m-Connoil compelling frait trees te bi< dipped is designed to catch-the lazy, the shiftless, and the unscrupulous.