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ALL-ELECTOIC SAXON (MADE IN AUSTRALIA). Three Valve, complete with Two Valve, complete with Valves, Valves, £22 £16 16/ IN METAL- CABI2TET. The Saxon All-Electric Radio Receivers are highly efficient—simple *o control —ruggedly constructed—very selective—capable of good loud speaker repro duction and outstanding tonal qualities. Guaranteed for twelve months A WEEK'S FBEE TRIAL MAY BE ARRANGED. OLIVER J. WLSEN & CO PTY.. LTD. 35, KING WILLIAM-STREET. The achievements of Anul. i M S BE lamated Wireless (A/sia) W^^m M ■ ■ m W Ltd. are dne to the initiating -A I 1 ■ m A 6 S genius and untiring efforts " . i * m B E 3of over 1,090 Australian - ' I 13 1 S workers. - HK ||. B 0 C 8 Our thanks go, too, to the BB; HIE m m \ H Australian public, who share sjjl!l fl rfHft^s |i with this all - Austraiiaa i~r AS V J^BeS 2 Company tne national tri"- pS |P i^HS H umphs of wireless perfec- Ui^ K • .^HBII t3OH from tZie grpgrinrifeinyj 'Xifif jB M^^^ufl^^^^^§ 9 steps of seventeen yean ago, ' H and whose support has made I B possible such . note^crthy |^^HJ > ■^■^■■^■r J i " i B national services ass ■^■^S ■^■^■^■W .^Kiiiiiii B -dcuii Wireless ■^■^■^■■■^■^■^^^^^^F B Coastal Radic ■^bHb^b? S Marine Wireless ' I Pacific Island Radio HP V A.W.A. have also pioneered f^Hfek M~~~^-iz -* ■ in Australia shortwave over- pUBHBsjBMfii^SBBg _^M— ' =Sl 8 seas broadcasting, wireless F-^S^B^^fiHJ^^H^BjfrflMff —^ S telephony and the manofac- i^^S^BJ^^^^^^^^^^^BflHH?T — I ture of wireless equipment, riSiP?^B^Bjf 1 and Dtnr hare pleasore in 1 ■ presenting— ■ "^§ ij^^BSffg I THENEW'FISK" 0 "^B^^^^M I SERIES RADIOLA {I| ■ built in Australia for Aus- j^l t ■ tralian conditions. ■ To hare socomplidied this f^^jl ■ solely in Australian work- VVjVI v B shops and laboratories and fc^Jl ■ with Australian workmen flNil ■ alone, is an achievement of I which we are justly proud, 3. g^^B^Bj?jy ■ and which has trnly singled ■ ont A.WA. as Australia's jJVjj'-JjjBBBBf ■ National Wireless Organisa- I^HB^BBW B t*on* SSBiHlaf JBBBf The RADIOLA R RADIOLA Product of Australia's National Wireless Organisation Distributors in S-A, y^ yC^^^^^iv ! McLaren ltd. *^ "Phone fof Demon- Fls _^^ stratton, C. 8341— -J $—?■ i"*^ 6 lines. . ZZISI FARRAND INDUCTOR DYNAMIC SPEAKER IS HERE Another milestone in Radio production—pure Dynamic performance and operation without field coils, iron pots, rec tifiers, &c . * NOW you can .enjoy Dynamic reception from every type of Radio Receiver. FARRAND Inductor Dynamic Chassis with 10-inch Cone, and supplied with Centre Tap and Push Pull Operation. £4/1.5/- REQUIRES NO FIELD CURRENT SUPPLY. Obtainable only at BULLOCK'S 65, RUNDLE-STREET.

oil. slowlug l.'irs. bright barn of go!d. Ye banish winter's :rloom and cold— Briquettes .aud ita& and mallee roots M l>rft arc tdii'l^s sabstitDtes. Oh, giowir.p lo=^, so vaim and 'bright. I need bu: <ir.c zuore friend to-night— To ease the cold I now epderc & BotU* ft Wood* Gnat PtppermiDt OB?i _.

PELICAN BEST CORRECT DRAWING The drawing which Kerniii Mae graith chose as (he best sent in last week was forwarded by MSS. G. J. WALKEE, ~'JJ- JWESXBQIWNE FABK. ~^ i

HH VOGUE I ™ RADIO I Every "Vogue 8" is a real master piece of tne cabinetmaker's craft. It offers jxncer detection and Single Dial Control. Xothtac bu been spare! to make it the finest radio and phDaogTaph combination on the market. Write lor Il'.usttrtd /*j^ —

nTOODS' GREAT PEPPERMINT CTJRRI | .VV,Slot aid lor Cough*. Colds, Influenea,!

Rgdiola Wireless Receivers were Awarded the Gold Medal at The All-Australian Exhibition in Adelaide, 1930, and are made in Australia to suit local conditions Prices From £34*10*** Ccsh For 4-Valve Screen Grid Model Forty. Easy Terms Arranged HUh v^hHUIIM •i j HuH&^flHHHIiijHH EDDY'S LTD. ** Rundie St. Distributors in South Australia Milliard Screened Grid Valves BH^^) have double the amplification of mSb^&// any others—a fact not generally WmEjjm known. When buying screened mw?t^m grid valves— #^E^7 ASK FOR MULLARDS. \KI/

BUT FOR BEST VALUE TRY OUT SAVERITS ALL ELECTRIC RADIO Savery's Pianos, Ltd., 29, Rundle-st (opp. Myer's), , RADIO SPECIALISTS. ? Terms if you need.

/ RACING \ I Said Willie to Lib I can pick 'em! Watch 1 I me! 1 ■ I've an eye for the form of a steed!" ■ ■ Said Lily to Will (as they walked to the ■ I Quay), 1 ■ "It's moments like these that you need ■ l*^ Minliej^l B THE UNIVERSAL. SWEET ■ $65