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Owrunr to* a »stake in onr Adelaide tele grama it was stated yesterday that theBeserve Fand of the Commercial Bank of Australia was ¿8190,000. The correct figures are .£1,090,000.

IN yesterday's report of the meeting of the Licensed Victuallers Association, it wa» stated ' that Mr. D. Symon, M.L.A., was elected one of tbe vice-presidents : the name should bave been that of Mr. W. Morn me, of the Stanley Brewery Company.

Tas> Premier has received an invitation froas the. Greenough Farmer's Clab to dine with tbemi at the Greenough en tbe occasion ef biak visit to the Victoria distriot. Sir John Forrest has accepted the invitation, and the date will be fixed at a f ntnre time.

Tfem next concert of the Perth Musical Union has been fixed for Wednesday, the 20th inst., when Mendelssohn's St. Paul will be pro darnd, for the first time in Western Australia. The principal vooalists are Mrs. Dyer, Mrs. ¿Forbes, Mrs. Gale, Miss Parker, Mrs. North, |Mrs. Fraser, Mrs. Birrell-Gray, Mr. Wright, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Hart, and Captain Crook, 'and Mr. Hensman is conductor. ! -"

?YMSTMXDAT afternoon two deputations waited 'on the Premier, Sir John Forrest. The first 'deputation wanted a platform erected on the Fremanga line at the jnaotion of Thomas street and Subiaco road. The seeond depu- tation was from the City Counoil, with regard to the City Market.. The Premiar promised to consult the Engineer-in-Chief regarding the railway platform, and with regard to th» City Market, the. deputation received a favourable reply. Reports of the depatatioas appear elsewhere*.

THB Pollard Lilliputian Opera Company varied their season at the Fremantle Town Hail last evening by replacing La Mascotte by The Pirates ogPenzanee. Another well filled boose testified to the appreciation, whioh the company have earned from their two inaugural poriormaneee of the first named opera. An extended notice of Th», Pirates of Penzance has already appeared in onr colnmns, and it is snffieient to say'that the Lilliputians improve opon asonaintanoe. The Mikodo will be per- formed this evening.

THK Premier and Lady Forrest gave a dinner pa/ty on Tuesday evening, at wbieh the fol- io» ing guests were present :-His Exeellenoy the Governor and Lady Bobinson, Miss Robinson, the Chief Jnstioe and Mrs. Onslow, Mr. Jnstioe Hensman and Mrs. Hensman, the Colonial Seoretaty and Mrs. Shenton, the Attorney General and Mrs. Burt, the Com- missioner of Crown Lands and Mrs. Marmion, Mrs. Lefroy, Mrs. Venn, G. W. Leake, Q.C., M.L.C., the Engineer-in-Chief and Mrs. O'Connor, Mr. and Mrs. North, Captain Stuart, and Mr. Blois.

THB hearing of the case of Threlfall v. the Government was concluded yester- day before Mr. Justice Hensman and a Bpecial jary. The morning was oc- cupied by taking evidenoe for the de- fendant, and by the addresses of counsel. His Honour's summing np in the afternoon lasted an henr, and the jnry, after twenty minute's deliberation, found a verdict for the plaintiff, damages ¿887, for which judg- ment wa? given with costs. A report of the proceedings appears elsewhere. The Conrt will sit again at 10*30 a.m. to-day, when the case of Lovegrove v. Sampson and wife, in whioh the plaintiff claims damages for alleged slander, will be taken.

LAST night the Vital Spark Company were welcomed by a fairly well-filled house at the St. George's Hall in spite of the boisterons weather. The gallery was again crowded, and the baok of the hall was well filled. The company appeared with anew programme. Eaeh number was well received by an appre- ciative audienoe, and the entertainment was considerably lengthened by the nnmberof encores. The Leslie Brothers fairly brought down the house with their clever musical performances, and the Anderson Sisters were equally well reoeived. This evening the management intend to produce a shadow pantQSuiioe similar to that in whioh the Leslie Brothers have bees io successful ia


?Ill 1M-M

UNUSUALLY boisterous weather has prevailed at Fremantle and along the coast during the past two days. Yesterday no progress could be made in loading cargo on board the s.s. Victorian, which was moored alongside the jetty, and at times the strain npon the shore lines was almost as much as oould be with- stood. In consequence of this delay the sailing of the Victorian did not take place at the time notified, and if the squalls from the north coatinue it is doubtful whether she will be able to get away to-day. Great difficulty was experienced in placing passengers on board the s.S. Flinders last evening, and at a late honr she had not ven- tured on her trip to Bunbury and Vasse, having had to anchor in the roadstead during "*>> violence of the storm. The barometer ? ^- i. * «ettled change to stormy weather,

indicates a. t be expeoted.

and continned Bi«. " '

during the next few days.

IN another column we publish a report of the hundred and seeond half-yearly mooting of shareholders of the Western Australian Bank. We have again to congratulate the Bank on its excellent position. The figures given by the Chairman (Mr. Shenton, M.L.C.), in reviewing the opérations of the Bank for the past **o years, speak volüflllí for the progress maaw by this purely local institution. Advances Lave increased from ,£339,642 to ¿8509,691, assets from ¿£435,850 to ¿6657,190, and the circulation bas doubled. The Reserve Fund and reserved orofits amount to .£100,039. The capital is ¿670,000, but the Board of Directora have decided to make a new issuer of shares, which will in- crease it to ¿880,000', and raise the Reserve Fund from ¿880,000 to ¿95,000. The Direc- tors' report, advising the payment of a divi*

,'dend at the rate of 17£ per oent. per annum ' "and carrying forward £20,039, was carried. Tberèport and balance j sheet are/publish M3