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A deputation consisting of Messrs. Quin .Jan, MX.A., Molloy, M.L.A., 3. Leedor and *%utGhinson, introduced by Mr. S. H.Parker, M.L.A., waited on the . Premier, Sir John Forrest, M.L.A., yesterday afternoon, in order 1 io urge upon the Government the necessity

of a railway platform being erected at the junction of Thomas-street and Subiaoo-road, ,, on" the Fremantle-Perth railway. Mr.

Quinlan presented a petition signed by about 100 people in support of the request. Mr. Molloy;M.L. A., said there was great necessity for increased - accommodation for people «outing,to Perth, and the railway platform would give increased facilities for building .purposes in this district. He hoped tho Premier would do bis utmost to further the irequest of the deputation. Mr. Hutchinson -said he had been building in this locality rrecently, and had found great difficulties in ibis way. They had to pay heavy carriage on AU their timber, and in faot the timber yards i would not deliver their wood'on account of the .«and, and the same thing occurred wich the storekeepers. If they had a platform at this point these difficulties would soon be «.«croome, and the railway traffic would very aeon pay for the cost of the platform. The point at which it was suggested this plat- form should be erected was about 90 chains from the Central Station, and about 60 chains from Melbourne-road. The Premier, ltm reply, said he thought it would be desir

? able on oooasions of this kind when they

came to ask a .Minister anything with refe- rence to any particular subject, that they should inform him beforehand exactly what they required, so that he would have an opportunity of consulting the advisers of the Government and be able to give a more defi- nite reply. With the exception that he had heard from Mr. Quinlan some- thing about a crossing he did not know the object of the deputation. Therefore, he had not bad an opportunity of consulting the Engineer-in-Chief regarding the desir- ability of this platform, or as to whether there were any difficulties in the way. He would promise, however, to consult the Engineer-in Chief on this matter. ' He was quite aviare that the population was spreading in this direction, but whether the time had arrived for the ereotion of a station he was not quite «ertain. Ht had heard that ii wai intended

to move the Melbourne-road station ia con- nection with the improvements goirg cn *t the Perth station, and it '' occurred to him that the stations wonld be somewhat «lose together. Of oonrse the more stations there were the more convenience it would fee to tho public At the same time the ¡sail ways must be carried on on commercial principles, and they could well understand that if they had too many stations between here and Fremantle, and the, trains stepped at everyone of them, the time occupied-over the journey would be considerable. He was not awaee at the present time of any pressing necessity for the station asked for, but when the population did increase in this locality it would be an absolute necessity. He proposed to consult the Eogineer-in-Chief in the matter, and, if possible, the Government would be very glad to meet the wishes «of the


The deputation, after thanking the Premier, withdrew.


A deputation from the City Council, con- sisting of Cr«. Quinlan, Molloy, Hurst, and the Town Clerk (Mr. W. E. Victo*), waited on the Premier, yesterday afternoon, with regard to the proposed publio market for Perth. The deputation was introduced by Cr. Quinlan, who explained that the object was to obtain a definite reply from the Government, with reference to the ¡land offered by the Commissioner of Works for the purpose «f a public market. Since hearing the terms on which the Government was prepared to offer the land on which the "Ponnd" had been situated, the committee had almost given np the idea of a market altogether. Yesterday evening, however, the committee met Mr. Hooley, who said he would be willing to allow a portion or a whole of tbe Perth Refrigerating Company's ground on certain terms, with the right of parchase. v The committee had informed Mr. Hooley that they wonld have to wait on the Government first, and obtain a definite reply as te whether the Government was prepared te give them any land, as this would be preferable to Mr. Hooley'a offer.

Cr. HURST said that the pound site ori- ginally proposed had emanated from the Commissioner of Works, and the council was led to believe they could acquire the laud for a serviceable term. The term of three or four years on whioh it was offered would not allow them to spend any money on bailding, for in order to bring it to a successful issue they must spend a considerable amount of money. This conld not be done witbout|a fixed tenure of the land. They still hoped, however, that the Government would see their way olear to deal with the proposed site where the old pound stood.

The PREMIER, in replying, said that the question of a market for Perth, which had been agitating the City Council, was thought of considerable importance by all those in- terested in the city of Perth. He had not taken any action with reference to the com- munication which passed between the Com- missioner of Railways and the City Connoil, but he understood the Commissioner was not prepared to recommend that the site, which was offered in the first instance, should be given over for any length of time. It seemed to him that unless the City Council wonld obtain a permanent site they would only be prolonging the difficulty. ~ H they arranged for a temporary site, the difficul- ties existing now would be far greater when the lease expired than they were at the present time, therefore any arrangements made regarding the establish- ment of a market should be on land seoured to the city for ever for this purpose. He was not in a position to say that the land formerly occupied by the pound should be given to the oity permanently, although he was quite in accord with them that a market site was desireable, and should be secured at the very earliest moment. With reference -to the action of the Government in resuming the pound land, apart from any question of right, he was sore the City Council was patriotic enough to see that the Government was doing this for the good of the colony and of the city of Perth. It had been for the objeot of making the railway system more per- fect. Therefore, anything that might be said or thought with reference to the aetion of the Government in this matter, they might dismiss from their minds, as the Government was only doing its best as be said before, for the colony and the city. Now, coming back to the question as to what was the best to be done for a market, the site now mentioned did'not seem te be a very good one; it seemed to be inoonvenient to start with. They must, however, look about and ascer- tain whether they could obtain a suitable site, and he would be very glad to fall in with any suggestion, within the means of the Government, by which they conld secure what was desired. His idea was that they should select a snjfable^site, and see whether it oonld not be purchased, and'then ask the Government to help them. This wonld be much better than a temporary meaanre. It had been suggested that the Government might erect buildings for a market place near the old pound site with the view of, in the future, turning them into a railway shed. This might be done, but they would not obtain the object they had ia view, as in future years tbey would have the same difficulty- to face, whioh he had previously pointed out, of again finding a snitable site. If he oenld, however, personally do anything in the matter he wonld be'very glad to do so. *

Cr. MOLLOY asked whether th<% deputation was to understand that if the Council were te select a site the Premier wonld make representations to the Government for its purchase. """ "

The PREMIER explained that to purchase the land wonld require a special vote. How- ever, he was oertainly in favour of the estab- lishment of a market ia Perth, and wonld be very anxious to do all he oould to ?obtain what was so muoh required.

Cr. HURST asked whether the Government would be inclined to advance the Conncil the money neoessary for the construction of a market, should they obtain a suitableisite.

The PREMIER said, without answering the question off-hand, that he might favourably oonsider such a proposal.

Cr. MOLLOY, in thanking the Premier, re- ferred to the remarks of the Premier with regard to the pound land. He was sure there was no serious disposition on the part of the Council to complain of the work being done by the Government. He was sure that it had not been intended to reflect on the Government in any way. ' They recognised the good intentions of the Government towards the city, especially with regard to the pro- posal to form a park on Mount Eliza.

The deputation then withdrew.