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The folldtrlntr old-fasMoned recipe will drive away dandruff. First boll In a^ stone jar. stood in a pan of hot wate*'.' halt a pint of rose, water, and half-- m pcssatras \voo3. Let them stan.l/ HJ4 cold, then add half a small wlnegiajs^oe alcohol and obe drachm of pear 1-Ssii." Apply to the scalp once dally. Onions are almost the best nervine known. They are roost useful in cases oZ nervous prostration, and will ■•reati:.' assist in toning up the system. Ti:<-y a"^1 useful in all cases of coughs, colds, .nflu enza, scurvy, and kindred complaints. Eaten every other day. they soon have n whitening and clearing effect on " the complexion. Knitting is, declared by specialists In the treatment of rheumatism to be a most hopeful exercise for hands.liable to become stiff from thnt painful complaint; and It Is being prescribed by physicians because ot Its efflcaey. For persons liable to cramp, paralysis, or any simi lar affection of the fingers, knitting' fs regarded as a most beneficial exercise. A cure-ior toothache was "given by a .London. physician at a meeting of a. medical society, when he stated that ex traetton of teeth was unnecessary. Ho was enabled to cure the most desperate case of toothache, he said, unless the case was connected with rheumatism, by the application of the following remedy to the .diseased tooth : — Alum reduced to an impalpable powder, two drachms; nitrous spirits of ether, seven drachms; mix and apply to the tooth. ~ Shop assistants, hospital nurse.*, an] others who have to stand much, often suffer Kreatly from swollen and - tender feet To them a powder which Is ranch used In the German army tor sifting into the boots and .socks of the soldiers may be of great service. It consists of three parts of salicylic acid, ten parts of starch, and eighty-seven parts ol pul verised soaps tone. This keeps the feet dry. prevents chafing, and heals 'any little sores. ."■ . : Reading aloud Is an excellent practte In the home-circle, and medical authori ties agree that It is a. most invigorating one. Persons who have a tendency to pulmonary disease should' methodically read aloud at stated Intervals, and even recite or sing, using due caution as ti posture, articulation, and avoidance "of excess. Here is where - our scientific professors of vocal culture in elocution and singing should find Immense service In the establishment and development of health. It is a common habit, and a decided ernjr, to attempt to'give brightness to the eyes by rubblngcologne on the lashes or taking belladonna. The benefit Is tem porary; the injury permanent. If the eyes are dull through weariness or ovcr exertlon, relief is gained quickly by bathing them In water as hot ag can be borne, to which a fen* drops of cam phor have been added.

The illustrations show coming Spring fashions. The sleeves, it will be ob served, are bouffant. " ■-.. V

Xo. I.—HaM-*mbroldered Kobe, shaped flounce, finely nicked and em broidered.

Xo. 2.—Embroidered Linen Robe, shaped flounce, skirt finely tucked and embroidered.