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Rovers Win Premiership

Low Scoring Game

. The grand final of the Tasman Associa-

tion was played at Port Arthur-on Satur-1 day between tho minor premiers, Timber workers, and Tasman Rovers. Owing to heavy rains, tho ground was not In tho best condition. In the first quarter the Rovers played strongly. Tho kicking was 'poor, and only two coals, resulted from

nine scoring shots. Towards th« end of tho quarter Timberworkcrs rallied. At tho end of tho quarter the Rovers led by 12 points. The second quarter was fairly even, the play seesawing between the half- back lines. By kicking one goal to Rover's three behinds, Tlmberworkers reduced their deficiency to nine points. After half-time, Rovers applied the pressure, and dominating the play In.tho ruck, gave their forwards opportunity , to score 27 points against Tlmberworkers' three, in tho Inst quarter the Tlmberworkers rallied magnificently. Neither side scored dur- ing the first .15 minutes, but In tho latter pnrt of the final torin, Tlmberworkers broke through Rovers' bnckllnc and gave tho forwards plenty of opportunities to score, but erratic kicking only gave them 2 goals, seven behinds from ten shots. Rovers Avon by 14 points. E. Corbett um- pired. Quarter-time scores:

1st. 2nd. 3rd. 4th. Pta. Tasman Rovers 2.7 2.10 6.13 6.13-49 Tlmberworkers 1.1 2. 1 2. 4 4.11-35

Goalklckcrs.-Tasman Rovers; S. Har- wood (3), M. Noye (2). K. Cos. Timber workers: J.' Palmer (2), IC. Nichols, R.

Free. , r

Best Players.-Tasman Rovers: Iv. Cox, G. Spaulding, M. Noye, J. Batchelor, J. Noye. C. Frork, L. Hartam, and S. Har- wood. Tlmberworkers: R. Free, D. Martyn, C. Beresford, K. Nichols, J. Beresford, J. Quarrell, J. Palmer.