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MESSRS. FORREST & ANGOVE report hav- ing sold twelve sub-lots ol' Perth Town lot T 276, at satisfactory prices.

As notified in our advertising columns; Lady Broome'« attcruoon inceptions will bo resumed, on and after Wednesday


THE Half T«rm of the High School com menees on Tuesday" the 30th hist. New b >ys eau be received for the Half Term ou application to the Head Master.

MONDAY the 29ih iast. having heen ap- pointed for the celebration of the aniii versary of tb.3 Queen's Coronation lias boen proclaimed a Publie Holiday.

MJI. J. A. WRIGHT, Director of Works, has been appointed a Justice of tho Peace for tho colony, and, during plea- sure, au official member of the Executive


THURSDAY evening's Government Gazelle contains the announcement that the Legislative will meet for tlic despalc-JF ot bu-iuea's on Wa.lnesdiiy, the &2ud day of J'.dy, at 3 o'clo.-k in the atteint.on.

MORRISON & Crossland, Stock Station and Land Aleuts report ihe sale of SWHÜ L-o.-atiou (J, on account of Lidy Drake, to Eicnbc-.rg Sa liogeis at a satisfactory


THE "mail steamar Ballarat arrived at Albany at 7 o'clock on Monday morning. Her passengers for tins colony were .Messrs. Edward«, Pallago, Elson, Barker, Thomas, J. Davis aud T.Davis.

2ur, plans showing the proposed rear i-augeinent ol;-b:iun lanes of tho leases ,-iífceíüd by the upper Murchison -Survey ate now ready for inspection, and objoc tiug leaseholders nm-<t lodge objections iu p -rsou or by their agents before the 1st day o:' September next, after which II-» change can be made at the Lauds Üííbe, "Perth.'

Ti;B lie v. Mr. Williams is on his way to undertake clerical duly iu connection v. ii¡i i he Anglican U'inidi in this colony. Mr ha-; h-.ld great experience ia Mission uc¡k in Loutiun, and else- where. II« comes hera fr<*m Holbourne, and is very highly spoken ol' by the .ight it'V. Dr. J Lo .-idiom.', îîishop of thal d10


V/c imder¡\iucl that Air. J. S. Maley, of the Greenough will contóse the Geraiut 'ti

clojr.Mii with Air. E. Li. Wittenoom. Of Mr. i>ialey!s q s&hnea io:ib for public t'U<ui'-"5d ia tho Lü^'sia'oi-e, we know iii.t.-iii-g -i., yet. Mr. Wittenoom, during in« -"¡niti he represented (}«.u aid um pit Vtondy, did g.i--d service to his constitu v-uy .nid sh ..-> t-<I » d-cub-u aptitude fia the w-rk ni toe tl<>us¿. &

<jux3£DSUABLE progress has been made 3:! toe'survey >>f tie Bevenoy-Albany r. ii way. Wo un erotaud that t.he per- manent su-vs}' of the' route has been completed ^to »vit in a 1 w milts oi Eli cUj>, I. whica pi e¿ the surveyors will

shift ihe v camp iu the coui'oo of the 1 ^-oek. So far no .engineering "difficulties '

of importance liavo been encountered. The gradients are very easy, the severest met with being an incline of one in fifty


THE Perth gas company are taking time by the forelock, having commenced lay- ing down the mains for lighting the streets. We understand it is expected that their operations will have progressed sufficiently by November next to admit of several streets being then lighted.

MR. Keane is already actively eugaged on the now Fremantle Town Hall. He has set up a hoatding round the space in which the building is to be erected, while preparations for the foundation are being rapidly pushed forward and bricks carted up in large numbers. The lively appear- ance of High-street promises well for the stores m close proximity to the site of tho proposed building.

A CORRESPONDENT writes :- " If the Loan was floated as stated in various press telegrams during the last day or so, namely ¿150,000 soldat an ayerage of

£98 10s. and the balance, £69,000, taken up at the minimum, £97 10s., I make it that the first mautioued instalment would have realized £419,100, and the second '£67,275-total £516,435. This gives as the average for the whole a fraction over £98 7s. 4tl. How docs this tally with the average stated in the telegram receiv- ed by the Governor from the Crown Agents-£98 2«. 6d. ?"

ON Monday morning, one of the work- men at the new Cathedral, a recent artival named John Truck well, sustained I a serious fracture of the skull owing to [ the falling of a brick from the top of a l scaffolding near which he was standing« He was taken to the Colonial Hospital, where his wound was atteuOe I to. Up- on examinad in, it was found that al- though severe there was every pro- bability that th« wound woul¿ not prove


OUR readers will be interested to see the prices realized by the various 4 per

cent. Victorian loans that have been placed upon the London market. The first column gives the date of floating, the second the amount applied for, and the third the average price obtained.

- £

£ s. d. 1871 ... ..


90 2 7 1876 .


9i IG 10î January-March, 18S3 ...


98 16 8i July, 1883 .


97 16 0

January, 1884.


9S 8 3

May, 1885 .


93 IS li

UNDER date May 15, Messrs. Trinder, A^dirson and Co. write to us as iol Iows :-" It may interest your readers to know that a table manufactured of jarrah by the West Australian Manufacturing Company, which was ordered for the purpose by our Mr. Trinder when in Perth, has arrived safely and is now on show at our office. We have sent notices to the principal West Australian mer- chants in Loudon, to the Furniture and Timber Trades Journals to the Colonial newspapers published here, to the prin- cipal furniture manufacturers and the principal furniture importers, and a good many visitors have already called to sea it, and express great admiration for the wood which is a beautiful sample, aud Ave

have no doubt the result will be of benefit to your colony."

I MUST mention, says the Times corres- pondent at Suaidtn, a singular incident of General Graham's raid on Takool. Two Australian Correspondents after the first portion of the fighting were possess- ed of the happy thought to ride in with their telegrams. Either unaware or heed- less of danger they started off. They soon returned galloping, one with a se- vere wound in the leg, inflicted by his own revolver. They had been beset by a party of the enemy, and in drawing a revolver one had shot himself. Their horses saved them from a terrible fate. They would either have suffered instant death, or, if captured, have nitft with death by torture and mutilation. It is said that the corres pond cut shot was the representativo of the Sydney Morning


UNDER date June 20th our Fork corres- pondent writes :-' Our Municipal Coun- cil have arranged to present Hin Excel- lency with an address on his arrival in York next Monday week. During the pa>tweek a mm named William Hed- iera has boen missing. The police hav- ing made a search without gaining any information, as a last resource yesterday afternoon dragged the large pool of water which lies, between Hie two' bridges, afterwards ; they fired several shots aeróos the pool at differ cut i laces, and this morning the body of the unfortunate man was found floating near the bank. It ia aupp >sed that he had walked in-'o the pool while under the influence of drink. I have not yet hoard when the incpiest will be held. The weather still contiues fine.' '

WE have received a copy of the Huies of the West Australian Football Associa-

tion, got up in an extremely neat shape. The promoters of the Association have every reason lo be satisfied with the suc- cess that so far appears to have met their eííorís. Six clubs &xj> mentioned as hav- ing already joiusd, and Geraldtou has late- ly added another to the list. There cm bo little doubt that in consequence this popular game may be said to have received during the current-season a new bli mu Ins iu this colony. The W. A. As- sociation has been formed ace r ling to the model of the sister Association ol' "áuith Australia. . The Patron of the new body is Dr. Scott, and Mr. 13. C. Wood Miyor of Fremantle, h-is been chosen President, while '2\ly. H. Li. Dix son luis been made Lion. Secretary raid Treasurer, all excellent Selections. A opyuif the rules of tile game is appended

to tiío book.

A SPECIAL niec-tiiig of tho %¥. A. Cham- ber of Commerce Aras, held in Fremantle on Tuesday, -the 23rd iust., to consider the question of the S'.amp Act of 1S82, in relation to Bills of Exchange. The President, Mr. W. D. Moore, occupied the chair, and among tho ni-.'-ubi.-rs pre- sent were Messrs. W. E. Marmion, M.L.C., D. K. Cougdoa, 0". MeCleeiy, L. A. Manning, J. W. Bateman, Major Siiiheiland, J. J. Highain, W. Sandover

lud A. F. Du'laeher." After a long dis-' cussioii as lo the relative convenience of the drawer or acceptor of ilia bi.l defray- ing th-> cost, ol' tho stamp, and after tak- ing into considera*n n the laws of the other colonies on lii3 subj -ct and tho peculiar c udiii-ms of our own in a*cantilc ba-siue&s, tile Cham bei* bcpai*.ite 1 with o.-.t comi-jg in any resolat-uu suggesting a change i i the pros-oat Acl.

SIR Fred'ii'iek Broomo whiio at Ceylou, on the 3rd oi this monta, xiaifced tho In ..aiidb from the JÜew S .uth Waîoj Cou

íiageut wiio w«io lying s. ok in thé mi i dary hospital at Colombo. On arrival at Albany His S£xe«* i« o ey telegraphed to the Govii'uor ni New South vVaie« a fall report of & s state o? health of the men ou the day tua Home leit Colombo, and also foi warded, without cuarge, telegrams ti oin the men lo then-li*.ends in New South Wales. His Excellency has re- ceived liie folioiring kligram from Lord -Augustus Loftus,:-.'.nee-pt our best

thanks f> v your th ug.íí'ui a tention in teieg-ap'iiug v«p -rt oi ii«valid»." It may

be îujiiiioiiad tf'iït o i° o! tue iuv.lids al Colombo, x-*i*i. at« ji-vGicgor, is t. --on oi Mr. J. -.te Grui or, larpuuter, oi inoa^,.

A V:KÏ amusing artiel J appeared iu our Fremantle coute*.poiary ately ou the subject of tho dtscont nt exhibited by tho

setrlei's of tue Tictoria district. The '

writer contended that their agitation was due to the fact that they knew successful pressure could be brought to bear upon a government such as this, with a ' swoi*d of Damocles' hanging over ii-s head, but that with a change of constitution would arise a different state of things, To have ad- mitted such an article argues very care- less editing, for the journal in question has never tired, on previous occasions, of pointing out how much more successfully' than now coidd pressure bo brought ta bear upon, and could sops be obtained from, the Governments of the future over whose heads the 'sword of Damocles' commonly known as ' loss of confidence* would foi ever hang.

CHINA, we are told, is ready to welcome an English alliance against Russia if Afghanistan, Kashgar, or Corea is threat- ened. Should war be declared China would promptly hurl her northern troops, well organized, drilled and ready, into the field against the Amoor provinces, which are weakly defended. The Eng- lish fleet should scour the seas, protect the coasts, and transport the Chinese troops from Southern (mina, where they are now released, to Lazareff or else- where. Tile Chinese troops and fortifi- cations are strong on the Manchurian frontier. Japan favours the arrangement strongly. .The northern troops aro the best in China. They are never sent south, but are kept ready for any emer dency iu the north- The Chinese fleet possesss a nucleus of most valuable ves- sels, also heavily armed torpedo boats.

A "Government Gazette Extraordinary," issued on Tuesday, contains the following intimation from His Excellency tho Go- vernor :-lu his replies to the mimerons addresses, letters, and telegrams which he has received shire1.h arrival at Al- bany on the 16th instant, Hie Governor has expressed his thanks" to the public bodies and individuals who hare so warm- ly and kindly greeted him on his return from England. The Governor wishes now, in addition, and in a special man- ner, to convey to the public at large, and the whole people of the colony, his grate- ful sen&e of tlio welcome which has been

given to him. The spontaneous and hearty co-operation of all classes in this most gratifying manifestation of publie feeling has been very marked, and the in- cidents of the reception at Fremantle and

at Perth on the 20th instant will ever re- main among the most cherished memo- ries of the Governor's life. Government House, 22nd June, 1885.

THE master of the Sea Bipple now lying at ^Rockingham taking in timber for the North West coast, drove in to Fremantle about two o'clock onMonday morning with his)boatswain who had been stabbed by one of the sailors and is now lying in a very precarious state at Mr. Adam's boarding house, Fremantle. It appears that the sailor was splicing some rope in a manner not quite in accord with the boatswain's ideas, who objected to the work and asked the man if he had been drinking. The sailor replied that he hud taken some beer only. Heated words en- sued during which the boatswain sudden- ly cried out: Ile has stabbed me and thrown the knife overboard." The Captain who wai close by, was immediately beside him and found blood flowing from the boatswain's side. After being brought into Fremantle he was placed under the care of Dr. Barnett. The Doctor having reported that the man was in a dangerous state arrangements were mide to take his denoeitions with as little delay »s possi-


THE death of Mr. J. C Flemiug, the Superintendent of Telegraphs, which took place at the residence of the Rev. D. Shearer, on Sunday afternoon, was not entirely unexpected, Mr. Fleming having, for some time past, been in suck a ciitical state of health that but little

hope of his ultimate recovery was enter- tained. His decease will be greatly re-

gretted not only by his friends-but^by^3" the general public also, for during his nearlj twelve years career iu tJio tele- graph service of this colony he gaiued a large amount of goodwill and esteem. Ho was buried on Monday afternoon the funeral being attended bj' Ihe officials of his department and a large number of other friends. Tho Rev. D. Shearer, Mr. A. Heinrich. Mr. K. Veall, and Master Shearer were the chief monnieis. The aervicè^at-tho grave was read by the Very Rev. the Deau of Perth, and the remains

of the deceased gentleman were laid. in the grave whick already held t'-tose

of ]ps wife. We understand that Mr. Fleming died intestate, the only will found being one made in favour of his wifo, who predecease:! him. Mr. Fleming's only son, who is engaged in the engineering business iu Englaud, is expected to arrive iu tîae colony shortly.

THE Albany Mail of the loth inst. gives a report of the commitment of Abraham Krakouer on a charge of manslaughter. The evidence confirms the statement of

the affair we received at the time by tele- gram. A man who witnessed the unfor- tunate occurrence said that coming up to Erukouor's house on the day in question, accompanied by three of the sailors he saw six or eiirht bluejackets approaching from the Weld Arms. Podber was on Krakou- er's verandah, aud another bluejacket was ask in« Krakouer to come arid settle the dispute they had tho night before. He t ried to climb up tho verandah hut one of his mates pulled him back and ¡Mrs. Krakouer pushed him. Krakouer then took out his revolver and backed into I lie pa «sage, saying, " If any man comes her;- I'll shoot bim. Borlber walked along lire verandah and told him if lit» was an Englishman nor. to use a thing like that. Krakouer stepped bai-k a co ¡pie of steps a-id -¿nain threaten- ed to shoot. Rodber stepped in two paces and Krakouer put up his revolver and he heard the shot and the ixnn came out of the door and fell, li vi J, > rice "was given of Krakouer havirui bon owed a re- volver iu the morning for the purpose, he alleged, oí .frightening the bluejackets.-, who he said had been annoiinu him. Tho prisoner was "cdannited for Irial, bau

being refused until the depositions had '> been submitted lo the1 A Homey General.

OUJR contemporary, the Cuiholia Jiicor^ takes exception to certain remarks" Ave lately nuLde on the unseemliness, of tho rpinrrels ab .ut pivcedeuce,. ia which the "hoads of Chinches have'been engaged in some of the East- ru 'Colonies. Evory bo ly is, of curse,' perfectly w.-ll a ware that the Caw ekes aro all ou the same fooling iu .their relation lo the St.ite in those colonies, as they als" are har e. If this is uot piaeticdly i.cknowicdg-.-d by the head of the State - caubc of giiev.-iuce i J cei-iainly established. But this divs í.ot take away from, what we have termed the apparent " mu-e-jiniiuess " ol the pro- ceed, ugs up -n which we commented. It is, however, a cpiostiou of taste which, of eonr.-iö, may he viewed from different sLiudpoiats. But with regard to Arch- bishop Moraii's action in roi'erenco to the Bir'Iiday dinner there eau scarcely, we thiuk, be two opinions. Lord Augustus Loftus invited tho two Frimâtes, the Anglican Primate and the Catholic Pri- mate, lu seating them at dinner it. was impossible to give them an equal place One of them must necessarily take ap- parent precedence of the other, ifet the Archbishop, knowing this, made it a stipulation of acceptance - for That is what lie virtually did-that lu should be given the higher place. Reiiioing to go if tlie Anglican were to be given pre- cedence, meant refusing to go unless he .wein himselt given piecedonce. To judge it on no higher grounds, this is what amongát pe--pie whom the French call ' well broiight-up' would be consid- ered shockingly ' bad form.'