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To the Editor of the West Australian.

Sir,-It was with some surprise that I read the letter signed " G" which appeared in your issue of to-day. Your correspondent, before rushing headlong into print, should have taken the trouble to become acquainted with the facts of his case. His statement that "the Victorian   or ' Bouncing' rules are those which are univer- sally adopted in the other Australian Colonies" is calculated to mislead many people. In New South Wales, for example, they seldom play any- thing but the Rugby Union game, and one of her two annual contests with Victoria is played under those rules; thus West Australia will be   able to compete against either of these colonies in the event of her receiving a challenge from the "other side." In New Zealand, too, the   Rugby Union are the rules under which all the premier clubs play, and the few teams that adopted the Victorian rules soon learnt the   error of their ways and took to the Rugby


" G." does not appear to have much knowledge of his pet Victorian or '.Bouncing' rules, or he would not hold up the Union Club as an example, for the game they play - beyond the fact of their occasionally bouncing the ball - is as unlike the Victorian game as it is the Rugby Union. In conclusion, 1 may state that I have played under both codes, and I have also seen many first class matches played under them, but I never yet met a man who, having once chan- ged from Victorian to Rubgy Union, ever re- gretted having done so.

Yours truly

ONE WHO IS NOT " A RUGBY MAN." Perth, May 9.