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The annual match, M.C.C. against Fremantle, was played on the Recreation Ground, Perth, on Wednesday. Fremantle won the toss and put the Perth men in, Sholl and May facing the bowling of Stafford and Newman. When the score reached 11, May was caught in the slips and Monger filled the vacancy. A good stand was now made, and the score mounted to 35 before the next wicket fell. Mason, the new comer, was clean bowled by Stafford without scoring. 36-3-0. R. Hare, however, seemed quite at home, and soon put 10 together. Sandell did not stay long, and E. Hare mistook the wicket for the ball. Parker got a nasty hit on the finger which caused him to re- tire for a time. Glyde seemed in for a score, but could not induce Lawrence and Lowe to keep him company, so the last wicket fell for 69. Sholl and Monger played exceedingly well for 17 and 12 respectively. Some discussion took place as to byes going through the fence counting 3. The Fremantle captain said he should certainly object if the M.C.C. had not a bowler who could bowl

through the fence like himself. It was pointed out to him, however, that the Perth longstop was so good that such a thing could not possibly happen. Fremantle began badly, Moore, Lochee, Jose, and Newman all going down for 1 run. Back and Stafford, however, made things look brighter, and by dint of steady play, raised the score to 30 before the former played one of Ran- dell's on. No one else made any stand, and Stafford carried his bat out for a very well played 29. It is a noticeable feature of this innings that no extras were obtained, whereas Fremantle had let the M.C.C. obtain 17.

No time was lost by the M.C.C. in setting to work again. Sholl and Monger soon got out, but Glyde and May were in a long time, and runs came fast, until the former tried the power of his pads to resist the bowling and retired with a nicely played 11. May, too, and Parker (the next man) came to a misunderstanding, and the former was run out. He seemed well set, and is almost always to be depended on for a score. Mason was quite at home, but he, too, unluckily was run out. Randell and Lawrence made things lively for the field, and the telegraph board was continually being operated upon by its energetic donor. The innings at length concluded for 91, or 109 in advance of

the other side.

With 109 to get, and a little over an hour to do it in, the Fremantle men began their second innings. Lochee did not stay more than two or three overs but Stafford and Back got together again, and it seemed as if they would play out time. The Perth fielding was very loose, and Stafford was clean let off at slips. Back, however, presently knocked his wicket over, (38-2-15), and Stafford was soon held by Lowe at cover. Hillman went first ball, and time was played out by Newman and Moore. The match was thus drawn in favor of M.C.C, as the Freman- tle men had 61 to get and their best men were out. Stafford and Back deserve the greatest credit for the way in which they played. Had it not been for them, Fremantle would have been 'nowhere,'     as these two made 82 runs out of a total 99. The umpires were Messrs. F. A. Hare and A. Finnerty, and the scorers Messrs. Huddlestone and A. Curtis. The M.C.C. were weak in bowling, as, with the exception of Randell, there was no one on whom to depend. Appended are the scores :

M. C. C. 1st innings.

2nd innings. E. Sholl, c. & b. Stafford 17

b. Newman.


C. E. May, c. Back b.

Stafford 0  

run out .


F. H. Monger, st. Staf-

ford .12

b. Back .


C. T. Mason, b. Stafford 0

run out .


R. C. Hare, b. Newman 10

b. Back


G. W. Randell, c. Hill-

man b. Stafford ... 2

c. Hanham b. Back 19 G.Parker, b.Stafford .. 4

b. Newman.


E. Hare, h.w. b Newman 0

not out


A. Y. Glyde, not out . . 4

l.b.w. b. Stafford ...


S. Lawrence, b. Newman 0

b. Herbert.


T. R. Lowe, b. Stafford 3

b. Herbert ..

4 Extras .17


15 Total .69

Total .



1st innings

69 Grand Total 160

Bowling Analysis : Stafford, 173 balls, 12 maid- ens, 46 runs, 7 wickets, 1 no ball ; Newman, 135 balls, 12 maidens, 21 runs, 5 wickets, 6 wides ; Back, J.65 balls, 11 maidens, 46 runs, 4 wickets ; Herbert, 36 balls, 1 maiden, 14 runs, 2 wickets ; Jose, 10 balls, 1 run, 1 wide.

Fremantle C.C.

1st innings. 2nd innings.

A. Lochee, run out ... " 0 b. Monger . 1 S. Moore, b. Randell ... 0 'not out ... 5' D. Jose, b. Randell ... 1

F. E. Stafford, not out 29 c. Lowe, b. R. Hare 22 E. Newman, b. Randell 0 not out ... 1 W. Back, b. Randell ... 16 h.w., b. Lawrence. . 15 H. Herbert, b. Randell 1 C. Hanham, c. Lawrence

b. Parker . J. Hillman, l.b.w., b

Randell . J. Clancy, b. Randell ... J. Broomhall, b. Lowe

Extras .


2 0 0 0

b. Hare . 0

Extras.4 Total .


Total .48

1st innings 51 Total (6 wts. to fall) 99 Bowling Analysis : Randell, 180 balls, 15 maid- ens, 32 runs, 7 wickets ; Lowe, 79 bans, 6 maidens, 23 runs, 1 wicket ; Hare, 30 balls, 1 maiden, 9 runs, 2 wickets ; Parker, 75 balls, 5 maidens, 17 runs, 1 wicket ; Monger, 15 balls, 9 runs, 1 wicket : Lawrence, 25 balls, 2 maidens, 4 runs, 1 wisket, 1 wide.