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Dolores Costello at Wondergraph.

"Second Choice," which commences at The Wondergraph to-day, is yet another of the eternal triangle pictures, pointing the matrimonial moral that

those who marry in haste may .repent at leisure. Dolores OosteHo hi* the •*M; b t^i ft^if m the moit of jtbvcxMl^ bhv> jfiy'yta part of a "'"^fri^i'lH^f ma^S attrtMSn to S^.SS cannot forget ter tat suitor, lmwyvw, ana ton vnc nts to; maay nuttmaer* timfflnw betweeu her "'"f^fi"^' and ttttteur *nfllog n 3 toS Xhpjiictnr? ppntains ajnt^r tbeme

Dolores Corte?o and Chester Monb to "Second Choice," so Bttnetfve pietere befag alunra at tte WMdefgraph to day.

song, entitled. "Lite Can Be fio Lone some," which attunes well to the mood pf the girl who imagines herself to be disappointed In love. Mia costelkris ethereal beauty loses none of Its charm in the modem setting, and altogether ttie picture to one which should add to her reputation as a dramatic actress. "The Sophomore," the supporting pic ture, is a comedy <"""■ of American college We, .featuring petty Sally O*NeU and Sddle Qufllan. - It promtses to contain all the thrills which usually emanate from flmrrlrnn nnTkiiiM aa por trayed. In the movies. ' taom wuTbe an intaesUng feature added to the programme on Monday, when "The Quest of the Golden Arrow," showing aoenes from the recent Scoot Jamboree, wffl be screened tec three dayaT^^