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Radio Players Open With

"Vinegar Tree"

The Radio Players gave the opening performances of their firs! production, Paul Osborn's "The Vinegar Tree," at Bryants' Play- house during the week-end. . *

Apparently there is a limited satisfaction in acting before a microphone and a grotip of radio artists has formed this new com- pany to get behind the footlights

on occasions.

"The Vinegar Tree" was one of the best of the American drawing-room plays of the 1930's. lt is. on the sur- face, a gay comedy with plenty of entertainment to it. And it can be suc- cessfully played as such.

But it has a deeper value in its com- ment on the sadness of growing old, the inevitability with which youth is lost.

The Radio Players did not quite suc- ceed in bringing that out. The play was well cast, the acting had much to commend it, and the comedy was pre- sented in a thoroughly satisfactory


Yet. in the more delicate and serious

moments the players were inclined to be casual. The greatest offender was John Alden as the elderly artist. His performance was too even,

Therese Desmond was thoroughly con- vincing in everything she did and said. Madeleine Howell played the under- graduate with much understanding. Ed-' ward Howell had fine moments as the father, but in general took the part loo


The play will be repeated on the last three dav«: nf everv wei>L- until th» enrf'

of August.


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