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At Wimbledon

By John Bromwich

Bcliihd tlie generous spirit of thc American Association in sending two players to help rehabilitate

tennis at Wimbledon next month lies a desire hy the American L.T.A. to secure a reliable guide to the strength of European tennis.

The U.S. is heavily committed in this, season's tennis tournaments.

Weighing none too lightly on the heads of players and executives is the Davis Cup programme and its


the American Association was shaken somewhat, by the recent con- vincing wins of . the French, Yúgo¿ slavs, and Chinese teams iii-thc Davis Cup.ties. ,, ...,., ,,,, .... .V;' Return Of Puncec

What was a little - more alarming was -the return to international -tennis of that fine pre-war exponent, Yugo- slav's Franjo Puncec.

He ranked eighth in: the world players of 1938 and fifth in 1939.

Puncec startled American tennis when he beat trie in the Davis Cup tie at Boston in 1939. i r

Now leading. Yugoslavia again, Puncec is surrounded by á team that might worry U.S. if-it reaches the zone final and plays the match on en-tout

cas courts. . :

Puncec is at his best -on hard


Confidence Shaken

France's showing against England also shook American beliefs of an ea run to the Davis Cup challenge


For the U.S. to be represented at Wimbledon, therefore, became im- perative and in sending G. Kramer and Tom Brown it moved astutely.

Kramer, with a background of solid tuition from class coaches and players, is competent to judge possibilities.

His reports on Puncec, the French- men, our own Dinny Pails and Geoff. Brown, and European players may welj be important factors in America's playing campaign.

A northern Californian, Brown has already won a place in American tennis, but may not be. a Davis Cup player this year.

, In addition to Pails and Brown, Australians who will be able to look over thc field include Victorian Jock Harper, Australian Davis Cup team captain in 1939, Harry Hopman, and former world champion, Gerald Pat-

terson. .

They may rtot have left Australia with. L.T.A. commissions, but it is natural to assume that their services

will be available for report purposes when they, return.

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