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In the Adelaide Local Court on Friday, several claims under the Work- <*> men's Compensation Act were settled by Mr. S. D. Ronald. S.M.

The first claim dealt with was one by E. R. Chenoweth against Atkinson Brothers, of Willunga. The applicant was engaged loading logs, when one fell on his right leg and fractured it. The accident occurred on May 31, 1928. and tbe claim was for redemption of the weekly payments payable to Che noweth. Mr. L. J. Stanley appeared for Chenoweth and Mr. F. E. Piper for the respondents. An award was made by consent for £79 4/, in redemption of the weekly payments, inclusive of payments ac crued and not paid, the respondent to pay the applicant's solicitors costs, amounting to £7 11. B. H. Bamford. by his next friend, claimed compensation from Waltons Limited, for personal injury caused by an accident arisins out of and In the course of his employment. Whilst working a machine the applicant's fingers were cauprht in it. and the distal joints of the first, middle, and ring fingers were amputated. Mr. L. J. Stanley appeared for the applicant and Mr. F. E. Piper for the I respondent. ' The SM. ordered the respondent to! pay the sum of £147 as compensation for injuries sustained by the ap plicant, the above amount being £157 10. less £10 10' already paid. Colin Jack Downs <16). of North Croydon, sought compensation from Pope Sprinklers Limited, of Croydon. for injuries received while in the re-1 spondent's employ. The applicant   was engaged as a press band, and whilst so employed, in consequence of   an accident, which occurred on July 29 last, lost the top joint of the index   finder of his left hand.   Mr. R. A. Peake appeared for the   Public Trustee.   The respondent paid £52 10/ into   court as full compensation.   The court made an order for the paymsnt of certain expenses incurred by the aoplicant as a consequence of the accident, and save instructions that the balance should be handed to the Public Trustee for investment, on the applicant's behalf. Bert Alexander Creepera (17), gar- dener, of Mitcham, claimed compensa- tion from Mrs. Elsie F. Conquest, of Mitcham. for an accident received whilst in her employ. By a coinci dence, the applicant, on Aucust 27. lost the top joint of the index finger   of his left hand, the same injury as that sustained by the applicant in the previous case. Mr. R. A. Peake represented the Public Trustee. The respondent paid £52 10/ Into court by way of compensation, and the S.M. made an order for the pay ment of certain amounts for the ap- piicant's benefit, and instructed that   the balance .should be invested by the Public Trustee on his behalf. Application was matfp to Mr. L. H. Haslam. S.M.. by Hurtle James Halli- day. carpenter, of Kenilworth-road,   Parkside. for £700 compensation from.   the South Australian Fanners' Co-  

operative Union, Ltd., for Injuries sus tained ■while in tiieir employ. Mr. L. J. Stanley appeared for the applicant, and Mr. R. F. Newman for the respondent. The plaintiff alleged that whilst at tempting to lift a heavy piece of timber it fell across his stomach, causing in juries which totally incapacitated him for nine months, and partially incapaci tated him permanently. These alle- gations were denied by the defendant company. The SM. dismissed the application in the form of a non-suit.