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BY the arrivai of the Rory O'More, at Launceston, we hear of the arrivai of the Cacique at San Francisco, on the 4th June. Letters have been received in town from passengers by that vessel, one of whom has sold several tons of potatoes at I Id. per lb.

We subjoin the most important items of intelligence, gleaned from our own May mid June files, and Suturday's

Launceston Examiner. ' '?

T. D. Chapman, Esq , ns Lloyd's Agent- in Hobart 'lowit, lias received a letter from the, Agent at San Francisco, enclosing au Act of the Senate and Assembly of California for the Better Regulation "of ide ¡Mines and the Government of Foreign Miners, and Au Act to prevent the importation of Convicts into that Slate. Both Acts arc published in lite Hobart Town Gtizctto.

The number of male passengers which arrived at San Francisco in the period extending from loth April to 29th May was 6738, of females 3-4Í»-total 7087. the total tonnage of vessels that had arrived iii the same period «us Ö8.42Ö tons.

We mentioned that gold had been found under a store at Auburn. It appears from tile Alta California that the ground is undoubtedly very rich, us the largest day's work «as only interrupted I rom the fact that the proprietor of the store claimed a right to the ground on which his building is situated. Hu can be said io have a safe of gold under his store, and can employ his leisure moments in digging, until a .customer calls

bim otr.

More Difficulties with the Indians -Mr. George Woodman, of Woodman and Co.'s Express, called upon us yesterday morning, mid, from a conversation with him, we learned some particulars of another of those Indian disturbances which seem to grow more common every day. A few days ago a company of traders encamped at Kelly's Bar, on the North Fork, and left their waggon, which was heavily laden with goods and provisions, near by the tent in which they slept, Duiingthenightlhe Indians robbed the waggon; and what anieles of value ihey could not carry off with them, they scattered over the earth and ruined. This ufliiir caused a party to leave Barnes' Bar tor the pur- pose of punishing the offenders. They killed'seven of the Indians betöre their return to the Bar. Last 'tuesday evening a party ol the Indians secretly came upon ii tent on Barnes' Bar, and the first intimation the inmates lind of the presence of ibu savage foe, nu arrow pierced the heart of one of their number, killing bim instantly. Simultaneously with this, another of the party received two arrows in the leg. The Indians then fled. The same night they stole a bag of flour from near u tent a few miles farther down the North

Fork, after which they'discharged their arrows at the

tent and fled.

Mining Talk -We conversed yesterday with a gentle- man who had just returned from the Trinity. He started from Benicia about six weeks since, and was twelve days on the way to the second canon. The water was still so high that advantageous operations would have lo be delayed two or three months; there was considerable snow encountered on the way, and during the lust four days they were there it fell continually.

The party were not impressed with the peculiar advantages of these diggings, and most of them returned. They estimated the number there at 800; and mel sometimes as many as 100 per day on the road. A

third canon lind been discovered about 12 miles below

the second, and was very favourably represented. On visiting it, however, they were not induced to remain. An old mountaineer informed them that be lind followed the stream called Trinity to its junction with Bogue river, and that from thence it took a direction north of west into the ocean. The water of Trinity was found to disagree with a good many of the miners. Diarrham prevailed, and the impression was very unfavourable to the health of the place in the more advanced season. A targe number lind died there during the »inter, 10 out of one party of 19. Few bad realized any very extravagant success. They saw one person who had 200 pounds. From careful enquiry and investigation they were satisfied to return to the digging in this direction. Except some rugged and steep mountains, the ronds were found excel lent.-Placer limes 8th May.

Colonel Meyers, who absconded from the city under very peculiar circumstances with a large amount of money, had been brought buck in the barque Drummond from Honolulu. A portion of the funds which it was supposed be took off with him, was that entrusted to him us Treasurer of the fund for the relief of the poor and sick. 'The Relief Committee offered ti reward of 1000 dois, for his appichciision.

Mdllc Fanny Martin -This rianseuse, who has acquired some celebrity in the United States, arrived in the city on the 7th May, fiom Muzatlun, where she had been performing.


Resistance to the Tax on Foreigners in Tuolumne County. - It is reported in this city, on authority not to be doubted, that the foreigners in Tuolumne county have presented a strong resistance to the enforcement of the late tax law. The sheriff of the county, in attempt- ing to compel the foreigners to yield, was killed by them, and one or two of his posse wounded. This caused the American miners to turn out en masse, and at the last accounts about a hundred of the foreigners had been arrested. - Sacramento Transcript, June 1.


We have ronds leading to most of the diggings in this vicinity, such as Wood's, Sullivan's, Curtis', Jamestown, Sonora, Pine Crossing, Mormon Gulch, Hawkin's Bur, Savages Camp. &c. This is nut the region of big lumps generally, bul some few have been picked up. One specimen of -i pounds, the finder was offered 500 dots, for ; it was picked up within 50 yards of here. Another of one pound is puie gold, found close by ; another of ibu same weight was obtained at a gulch about n mile off, from which smaller pieces of fiom l8 dois, and 25 dois, arc frequently taken. Day before yesterday I was shown a specimen weighing IG ounces, taken from the river a quarter of ti mile below

The tall lump of 22 lbs, was obtained at Sonorian Camp, a few miles from this point. Our liver here is a minc of wealth, always repaying the labour of the miner. Wood's Creek bits had tons of the precious metal taken from it, yet still jichis, ctcn at ils present stage of water, from O' (lois to Ki dois, per day ; in

the summer au ounce U about a fair estimate.

The system of mining the present year will be different from that of last. Damming comp.inio have been universally funned in every direction throughout Hie mines. Our company at lins point lias fifty members. A canal is being dug tit the mouth of the Creek, ucioss the bar, 4000 feet in length, 12 feet in depth at its terminus, 17 feet wide ; it will be finished shortly, biing well under way now. Other companies are in operation al Kanaka Har, Stevenson'», Third Bur, Paynes', Hart's, und Don Pedro's Bur, also on Wood's Creek.


The great centre of attraction of that- region of country near the Middle Fork seems ut present lo be a place called Bird's Store, situated well up un the mountains between the Middle and the North Forks, and about thirty-fire miles north east from Cullomu. There ure doubtless good diggings in that legion, bul there will soon be miners enough there to occupy them two deep ; thal is, if the gold does nut lie too deep

To him who is contented with steady wages, and will be contented to labour the summer through for from one thousand to three thousand dollars,.there is. a chance offered on the branches of the American river. Fen*, however, will be so wise us to avail themselves of this " sure thing." Most of the miners are after the "big licks," and we venture the asset lion that a majority of them iii the fall will find themselves clean licked of cash, '. Many go after wool and come back shorn," sa ; s the wise Panza.

The barque Philip Hone was sold on Wednesday, April 24, on account of the underwriters, mid brought

2200 dois.

The prominent candidates for the new Chamber of Commerce are-Messrs. Finley, William Hooper, for President; Messrs. Chauviteau, Macundray, Hooper, for Vice-Presidents; L W. Slont, Esq , for Secretary.

California Pocket Filter.-'The last specimen ni Yankee invention for our comfort or health out here is n little pointed machine, shaped something like au umbrella top, to draw clear water out of ponds and mud-holes. Tt look's as if it might Answer the purpose. Ona has been luid ou our table, but we do not know who has them for sale. ''

The Washington Republie says. " We are. informed that the Mo-t Reverend Archbishop Eccleston, the Catholic Ilieiurcli of Baltimore, has notified the Rev. C. P. Montgomery, D D., O.S. I)., of Zincsvillc. Obi«, of his élection us Catholic Bishop of California."

Progress of Steam. - VV'e learn from a Valparaiso paper that Don Miguel Moutain, of the bouse of Munumi & Co., at Lima, und now residing ut Paris, has purchased a steamer of 90 horse power, to be employed in the Chilean coasting trade.

At iMomega Bay, W. I., the Baltimore schooner El Dorado was sold on the loth February for I 173 d. It was said that 3ÔU0 dois. Has offered for.her before she left Ballimore.

George Law has purchased the new steamship Republic for 135 000 dois, cash, lo run between

Panama and San Francisco.