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The Newmarket Craven was rendered remarkable by the reappearance in the pigskin of the once famous jockey, Fordham. After an absence dating from the New-

market Second October of 1875, be has once more appeared on die scene of so many triumphs, and proved that his bead has not lost its coolness and judgment, nor his hand its cunning. To a list which already numbered 2,lft) winners, he added one more on his first day in die saddle, and with one of those 'well-known rushes he landed Ids mount a three quarters length winner. Finding] himsel a nice weight and his health restored, he took a measure of himself by riding some good CTBnawe gallops and trials, and felt satisfied bis nerve was as good as ever. In fact Webb, who is so associated with Robert Peck's «taUe, declared that if any man in a race imagined Fordbam was not a6 good as ever he would very soon learn his mistake. On die first day he rode Pardon in two races, and his second to Advance, no doubt renewed confidence in himself, for in die Bretby Plate he came in as in daye of old, to the delight of winners and losers, die public and die ring. There was not much interest on the first day, but on die second, the win of Thurio in the Newmarket Handicap, which he followed up by taking tbe Craven Stakes, established a claim to recognition for die Derby. In die bitter race Sefton was second, and there was some good form behind the pair. The third day furnished a notable instance of what a peculiar character the thoroughbred horse k. Tbe Selling Sweepstakes over die Bretby Stakes Course was won by Tom Jennings s Cantania. That clever trainer considered her die worst animal he ever trained, and not only did not invert a single ohilling on her, but actually promised little Morris half-a-crown if he got her within 100 yards of die winner. In die Biennial the Derby and Leper winner of last year scored an easy win. The scratching of Beauclerc of course caused extra attention to die performers at the Craven, with a view to seeing what next and next. Lord FalmoudTs Chflderic beat only a moderate horse in Broad Carrie, and though he lost his trial with Silvio he was backed for good money for both Guineas and Dorbv. Speculum's eon, Advance, did a great thing' to give Pardon, of die same age, 20 lbs. and a beating, and die Laird proved the truth of die saying tiiat expensive yearlings are expensive horses. He was die Soapsteae colt who fetched 1,000 guineas at the Cob h&m sale, and he is now a mere frame of a horse, with a hack like a gridiron and as narrow as a knife, and a roarer to boot Ponioiw, the Biennial winner, is a Dutch Skaicr colt, and i* now a wmnd horse. though when a v«arling he showed each ?n>iiioni£ of w«*knees in both for* fetlocks that be had to be deeply tired. Thurio U likely to be a fairly eucce&ful Lore*. He is most probably by Cremor&e from Ver.?na liv * 'rliuuio, ht-r dam lodine by lon, errand dan: l«y Hit Hercules. Verona was bred by Mr. Knowlee, and it may be well for tbe information i>f breviers to uoi::t to the fact of Of r ixiiDi: i?l yt*an> old when she dropped I'liurio. JieftotTe second to Thurio indiciin-d that with ■*> tt. 7 lbs. only in the City and Suburban be was oa paper star wiucinjr it. as tbe race indeed proved. At tbe Manchester Spring Meeting there is little that merits a permanent record. Jjcort added another proof that the defunct Rataplan was a good steeplechase and burdlerace sire lost; and Telescope, another Speculum, brought grist to that sire's mill. Bristol, though oot on quite so grand a scale as a few years back, still provide* three days' sport, die majority of die racing being over country; and that grand horse man, B. I'AnHon, rode the aged West Aus tralian hone Palm a winner over hurdles in the Bristol Royal Steeplecbase. Travel ling north to Durham we find Speculum again to die front, his daughter The Rjwaa winning the North Durham Welter Handi cap; anodier fillv by him (Looldngsrlaas) carrying off die High Weight Handicap, and his son Castiereagh the Lambton Stakes. At Enfield, one of die oldest cross-country fixtures, as might b* expected from a place to which it is not such a far cry from St. Alhans, and the land which Tommy Coleman made famous, the grand Commotion mare Lucy added anodier to her many wins under a diumping impost on the nrat day, and came again with lilut success for the local Hunt Cup at Hi at. 7 lbs. We give details of die principal races of die Newmarket meeting referred to in our opening remarks. The Bebthy Pijux of 300 sera, added to • handicap fcVeepiUkcs of ISaova. each,s ft.; winner* rxtn. Btetby Stakes Coaraa <<} fur lougti. 22 Mibc. C>>ui;t F. de Ijigrangr'* ch.h. Pardon, by Marcello- —Princess, by Hoaar<|<te, 5 yrs., 7 ?t. Mb. (car V st. 7 lb), (G For4h*m) 1 Mr. VT. S. Kitcfaell-IniKs's eh«. Dankeoaer, )yni,7rt.«lb. (Dodge) t Mr. K. t^ceenwood'a br-f. Peuiiaa, 3 yr?.. Set. ?U>. <Eruu) Other horses running—Prince Bttdiyany'• • htlios, 4 yrs., <S et. ■> lb.; Mr. Joaepa Dawsou's Lord Lennox, Syra, «et.s!b.; Mr. Acton's Infanta, 3 yrs., C at. 71b. lVarlina, closely pressed by Dunkeany, forced die running, whilst lying well up with the pair were Pardon on the left and lx«ril Lennox on the extreme right. A quarter of a mile from the tiniab Dunkenny beaded l'eariina, aad eunultaneausly wita this movement Pardon took second place. Slowly but surely Pardon decreased die favorite's lead, and amidst tremendous ex citement Fordham caught Dunkenny twenty etridrs from home, and won his first race, after nearly three years' absence from public riding, by three-quarters of a length. Peariina was a bad third, Lord Lennox fourth, and Infanta hut. The cheering from die ring and die general public at the success of the popular horseman was loud and long-continued, and in the weighing room he was congratulated on all sides, hu old master, Sir John Asdey, the present Steward of the Jockey Club,* being the tinst to compliment Fordham upon hie victory. The Nbwmarkbt Handicap of 25 aovs. each, 10ft., wttb 400 added; winners extra; saootxl aaved his stake. Tbe last mile and a half of BC. Fifty-three subs. Prince Sollis'boff's brx. Thorio, by Tibthorpe or Cremome—Verona, 3 yr?., 6 at. 4 lba. (Lemaire) 1 Mr. M. DMwn'i bje. II Gladiatore,4 yn, 7 st. S In*. (Buxtable) S Mr.W. S. OnsfonTc chjs. Garbroch, 4 yrs, fi st. 11 lbs. (Gallon) 3 Other horses running—Mr. T. Jennings' Queen of Cyprus, 5 yrs., 7 st. 10 lbs.; Mr. F. Pryor's West Wind, 3 yrs., 5 st. 8 lbs.; Mr. W. S.Mitchell-Innes'sSt. Leger.Cyre., 7 st. 6 lbs.; Mr. J. Core's Chesterton, 4 yra., 7 st. 13 lbs.; Count F. de Lagrange's Gavarni, 5 yrs., 8 st. 1 lb.; Count F. de Legrange's Verdurette, 4 yrs., 7 st. 5 lbs.; Mr. H. Saviles Croxton, 3 yrs., 5 st. 6 lbs.; Lord Harrington's Rylstone, 4 yrs., 8 et. 9 lbs. Garbroch forced die running, closely fol lowed by Croxton, next to whom were Thurio and 6t. Leger clear of D Gladiatore and Chesterton at the head of die re mainder, of whom Gavarni, Verdurette, and Rylstone were die whippers-in. At die Turn of die Lands, duiee-quartera of a mile from home, Croxton aud West Wind were in difficulties, and quarter of a mile from home Thurio, full of running, took a dear lead, and maintaining it to the end

won easily by a length. Twin that dis- ' tanoe separated the aecond and third; Queen of Cyprus waa fourth. Wot Wind fifth, St Leger with, and Chesterton next The last lot were Gavarai, Verdantta, CraEton, and Byistooe. Time by Beoaoa's chronograph, 3 miiis. 2 sees.. Value of stakes, £805. The Orivek Stakes of 10 ■ora.eaeb. hit, with SOO added, for three-year-old*; este Bst 10lbs,fillies, Bat.7 Um.; wumern ato, wit* maiden tllowiuieea; aeond received 10 per orat. and ttarifi peroeat. o? the whnlr atahs. Ab.M. (lmileieymU). 9S*afaa. Prince SoltykiUMirc.Thiirio, by fathers* or Crrmorno Vapmia, 8 at. IP Uw. (Bo? -«ter l ... .„ ... . M ... _ 1 Mr. W. S. Onwfonft fcx. Sefton, 8 at S Um. (C.Wood) .„ ... .„ _. .„ S Mr. J. H. Hoaldnmrtb's rh r filwgirrj-.n* 6 lbs. (Hnxtdde) _ _ 3 Other horses running— Mr. Actso'c Bayonet, Be. 5 Ibe.; Lard Amlomj'i Danmow, 9 tt 1 lb.; Lord Cal&onieV Spendthrift, 6 «t 6U?.; Im4 FU month's King Ban, 8 st 5 Dm.; Mr. F Gretton'fi Bed Hanrd, 9 at. 61b«.; Lord Anglesey's Conductor, 8«t Sfta.; Mr.T. Jennings' Etnlia, 8 at. 2 lbs.; C«ast F. de Lagmnge's Pontoia^O st 1 lb.; Mr. W. 8. MitcheU-tniKe'e Potentate, Bst 6 lbs.; Mr. Pultenev'a Priedllian, 8 st S lbs.; Lord Wilton's Censor, 6 st s lbs.; Lecd aoaabery'«€hevronel, Bst 1011*. Lord Anglesey declared to win with Dunmow. The 15competitor8 were got away on good terms, and tor a few hundred yards they ran in an outstretched line. Several of the competitors, notably Bed Hazard, Etoito, Conductor, Potentate, and Pontoue, how ever, soon dropped into the rear, whilst the issue was nearly half a mile from, boom re* [ duced to a notch between Thano and Sefton, who singled themselves oat on the upper ground. The favorite throughout held a slight advantage, and increasing it in the last furlong, won easily by half • lenfrth: Giensany -was a baa third. King B&nfourth, Priscfllian fifth. Censor sixth, Bayonet seventh, Spendthrift eight, Chev ronel ninth, and Potentate next Aloo?r wav from these came Pontoiae, Etdia, Conductor, and Potentate, who palled up a long way in front of Bed Hasard, who was last Tune, by Benson's chronagraph, 1 rain. Greece.