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December 3-Arrived the brig Emma Prescott, 160

.tons, Moodie, ? from Mclbourno 27th ult., in ballast. Cabin-Mr. and Mrs. Wolfe, Mr., Mr. J. and Miss Anderson, Mr. Jane, Mr. and Airs. Luttrell and threa children, Mr.' Luttrell and 4 sons, Mr. Carte; 32 in the

steerage. . "

4-Arrived the French ship Des liles, 39G tons, Landgrccn, from Bourbon 30tii October, with sugar, &c. Cabin-M. A. Vergor, E. and A. Vergor, Louis lloacal, Juliet Thomas: 23 in the steerage.

- 4-Arrived" tho brig John Souchay, 284 toas, F'alcoubridgc.-from^Ielbouruo 27th ult., with general


5-Arrived tlio 'barnato Australasia, 415 tons, M'Phorson, from Plymouth 21st August, with general cargo., Cabin-Captain Hamilton, U.K.,Mrs. Hamil- ton and 3 childreu, Mr. and Mrs. Raven, Mr. Ilaybcrs, Mrs. and Miss Hayters and 3 children. Burgeon, Mr. King. Steerage-53 malo 91 female adulte, 29 malo anti -l8 femaks-children ; total, 221 emigrants.

5-Arrived tho schooner Harlequin, 190 tons, Heslop, from the Mauritius 23rd October, with gene- ral cargo. - Cabin-Mrs. Heslop and 2 female children, Miss Campbell, Mr. Kinset, Mr. Dcllalande, Mr. Ttomeon ; 14 in the steerage.

fi-Arrived the French brig Hortensie, 236 tons, .Garresainc, from Bourbon 21st October, with general cargo. Cabin-Messrs. Finney, Saviguon ; 4 in tho


December'4-Sailed tlia schooner Sword Fish, 168 tons, Clinch, lor Melbourne.

4-Sailed the schooner Flying Fish, 126 tons, Lucas, for Melbourne.

4-Sailed the barge Eliza, 15 tons, Blair, for Mel- bourne, with sundries.

6-Sailed the cutter Apollo, 44 tons, Hams, for Melbourne, .Sith sundries.

Cleared out the Sacramento and tho Olinda for Fort Phillip. "",

Passengers per Sword FMi, for Melbourne-Cabin -Sirs. J. 1{» Reynolds and family, Mr. Duke and infant, Messrs. M'Cormack, Dobbs, Seivcrhig, Dow- ling,, W. "Watson, J. Shcirs, and MasterXyons; 22

in the steerage.

Per Olinda, for Melbourne-Cabin-William and George Sinclair.

Per Flying Kiah, for Geelong-Messrs. J. and A. Olding, J. H. lfcainont, T. Betts, W. Knight, J. Fountain, J. Austin, Mrs. Paterson and child, Mrs. Harding; 1 in the steerage.

Per Sacramento, for Mclbourno-Mrs. Elizabeth and Miss .Elizabeth Payne, Master Georgo Payne, Airs. Margaret Farrell; 10 in the steerage.

This Í3 the first voyage of the Eliza to Port Phillip, whence she is despatched for sale after dischargo of cargo. This is a branch of trade newly sprung up in

this colony.

The Union and Helen S. Pago have cleared out for this port at Melbourne.

The Queen of England, not tho monarch, but a vessel bearing that royal title, left Portsmouth on the 19th August for Melbourne.

Tho Circassian and the Pilot, hence, arrived at

Melbourne on the 27th ult.

Tho steam-ship Sydney arrived at Sydney on tho

16th ult.

The Chusan, steamer, is now due at Melbourne from Singapore.

The barque Walter Scott is for sale at tho Mauritius. The Royal Mail Screw Steamer Lady Jocelyn, Nathaniel Stewart, Commander, left Plymouth on tho 15th August, arrived at St. Vincent in 9 days 11 hours, being the shortest passage yet made to that place ; detamed there 4 day?, and then obliged to leave with an1 insufficient supply of fuel. Arrived at Ascension on 7th September ; finding thoro was no coal to be had there, tho Australian Steamer Sydney having loft on the previous day with all that could be procured, stayed only 4 hours and steamed on to St. Helena ; made the passage there in 3 days and 22 hours against a steady trade wind; detained 3 days coaling, and loft on tlic 13th instant at 10 p.m. On tim 15th an accident happened to the machinery, which made it necessary to disconnect tho screw and heave it up the tunnel formed on purpose for that operation: this with the other repairs occupied abwit 5 days, during which little progress could be made, tho wind being light and tar to the southward. Experienced a strong southerly gale for two days before arriva! here, with dark thick weather, and anchored in Table Bay about 1 p.m. on Saturday the 25th, during the strong south- easter.- Cape Exchange Gazette.

The William Prowse, from Madras 30th August, with Indian immigrants, touched on the reefs at a short distance from the entrance of Port Louis Harbour, about half-past 7 P.M. Tho Port steamer Prince   Albert went to her assistance, and after part of her cargo was taken out got her off.

Seamen's Wages.-Captain Smith, of the schooner Eucalyptus, was summoned before the Mayor by five of his sailors for ¿B3 10s. each, wages due to them for their services during the run from Hobart Town. Mr. Francis Stephen appeared for the defendant, and proved that the men had not fulfilled the full time specified in their articles. His "Worship directed £3 each to bo paid to the men.-Melbourne Argus,

The Osprey, a three-masted schooner, latterly trading between Hobart Town and China, arrived about six or eight weeks since at Melbourne with a cargo of sugar. She was put up by auction at .that place, and purchased by Mr. Kuban Barnett for tho

sum of £1100. She is intended to run in tito trade between hore and Port Phillip.-Sydney Empire.

The barque Rory O'Morc, from Launceston and Emu Bay with coals and potatoes, put ¡uto Circular

Head on the ICth Novombor, And left the same day for


_ Stowage.-the proper stowage of flour barrels, pro- vision casks, in vessels on long voyages, is now attracting the particular attention of owners, under- writers, and other parties interested. It is stated that

a large ship called tho Liverpool, which Heft New ' York with an entire cargo of flour, has never since been heard of; it is supposed the lower tiers of barnda gave way under the pressure, and the cargo having got loose, shifted in a gale of wind, and capsized the

voxel.-Portland Guardian.

Caution to Captains of Vessels.-An information was laid by the assistant harbour master against David Gourlay, master of the barque Monarch, for a .breach of the harbour regulations, in taking in ballast from the south side of the Yarra, opposite Raleigh's Wharf. It was proved that from 60 to 100 tons of earth had been removed from the bank of the river. A fine ol' £5 was therefore inflicted. It should bo recollected there are fixed places in other parts of the river where ballast is permitted to be raised.-Mel- bourne Argu}.


Per Emma Prescott, from Melbourne-24 barrels

beef, Moodie.

Per-John-ßouchay, from Melbourne-5 pipes wine, 16 hhds. ditto, 90 quarter-casks ditto, 3 bags corks,

KerivBoglc and Co.


Per Flying Fish, for Geelong-8 bales canvas, J. Guthrie ; 4 boxea apparel, 1 writing-desk, C. M. Maxwell; 10 keg« tobacco, 24,000 feet timber, 50 dozen brooms, 123 bags oats, 12 bales 3 bundles leather,

101 bags potatoes, 110 bags flour, 5 houses, 36 trusses ' hay, 30 coils rope, 20 packages furniture, 12 casks

rice, M'Pherson and Francis.

Per Apollo, for Geelong-Í00 bags apples, 10 tons fine flour, 10,000 feet timber, 20,000 shingles, 4,000 paling ditto, 9 cases 6 bales bacon, 203 hams, 59 dozen buckets, 8 water carts, Maning Brothers.

Per ¡Sacramento, for Melbourne-160,000 feet timber, 2,000 posts and rails, 3,400 bushels bran, 12 horses, 12 carts and drays, 50 bushels oats, II. & C. Degraves ; S barrels coffee, W. Neilson; and 20,000 feet timber, part of original cargo.

Per Sword Fish, for Melbourne- 3G cases Geneva, 2 cases plants, 300 empty keg«, 56 stones 168 bags flour, 4 hhds. ale, 31 bags black oats, 26 hap* white ditto, 1,000 palings, 22 baskets, 2 giates, 99 bales

hay, 62 bags oats, 14,000 feet timber, 5 tons potatoes, I 1 dog cart, 3 carts, 1 .keg gingeradq, 1 »hip's pump, 6 houses, J. Clinch ; 5 hhds. brandy, Mezgcr and Bass

tian; 1 case lozenges, F. A. Downing; 2 casks sperm , oil, Maning Brothers; 64 bags flour, 20 bags bran, 16 bags sharps, Danby; 11 kegs raspberry syrup, 6 kegs cherry ditto, 8 kees black currants, 48 cases syrup, ,Pavno; .12 hhds. lemon syrup, C. Gaylor; 4 cases 3 bales drapery, J Guthrie; 20 cases jam, 20 cases raspberry vinegar, G. & T. Dugard ; 2 bales tents and tarpaulin*, 1 package tent-poles, G. C. Watson.

Per Eliza, for Melbourne-2720 feet timber, 3200 bricks, 600 spokes, I box gooseberries, T. W. Brown.


. December 1-Arrived the steamer Clarence, 300 terna, Greig, for Melbourne. Passengers-Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Messrs. John Davies, F. Allison, John «.Connell, Blyth, B. Jones, E. Hett, G. Jones, H\

I* "Keene, Richardson, S. Gibson, M. Nathan, Tj. Abra-

ham, B. Harri«, J. K. Shileto, George Brown, Uux ,table, T. T. Clark, A. Ramsay, W. Crutchly, Henry Smith, John and Janies Espie, Mr. and Mi's. Goodall, Mr. Gorringe ; and nearly 200 steerage.

1-Arrived tho schooner Martha and Elizabeth, 80 tons, Reynolds, from Geelong. Passenger-Joseph


2-Arrived the schooner Rattler, 123 tons, Foyle, from Melbourne'. Passengers-Mrs. Foylo and child, Captain and Mrs. Byworth, Jhlr. and Mrs. Kirk, Mr. G. White; and35 steerage.

3-Arrived the schooner Mariposa, 190 tons, Carr, from Melbourne. Passengers-Messrs. Williams, G. Filkiu, K. Perkins, W. Scott, W. Dixon ; and 14


M A ItK iC'i'-S. .


There js very little doing in the grain market. Holders ol' wheat are holding for higher prices than 10s. per bushel, which is now stated to hs about the quotation. English malting barley is quoted at 7s. Gd.

per bushel. Oats, nominal. Bread, GJd. to 7d. per

2 lbs. loaf.

Haiti of Excltangc.

Sell on London above £100, 5 per cent dissount.

Sell under £100, par

Bnv on London, 8 per cent discount. Price of Gold, £3 Us.


Stubbs & Son sold on Saturday at their rooms, Queen-street-Hams 8Jd., bacon 9d. per lb; horse, dray, and harness, £62 Ï0s. ; horse and trace harness, £25; mare, £15; ditto, £30; horse, cart, and harness, £72; horse and liamoss, £17; wooden iionses of two rooms cneli, £55 ; red wood battens, 10?il. to 13&d. ; ditto boards, 4M. to 4Jd. ; ends, Is. 3d....C. A. Ross & Co. sold on .{saturday-Quartering 3Ss. to 42s. per 100 feet; joists, 49s. to 52s. ditto; battens, 36s. to 38s. ditto; five-feet broad paling, 50s. ditto: hard- wood-boards, 40s to 46s. ditto; potatoes, £18 to £19 per ton ; jam, Is. to Is. Gd. per lb ; English cheese, 2s. per lb; hams, Is. Gd. to to Is. 8d. ditto; pickles, 12s. 6d. to 14s. per dozen ; champagne, 42s. Gd. to 50s. ditto....Messrs. Gibbon & King sold on ¡Saturday -Adelaide flour, £30 ; potatoes, £23 per ton ; sherry, 28s. per dozen; bacon, Is. to Is. 6d. per lb....Little & Co. sold-on Friday-Adelaide bacon, average price, Is. 5d. per lb; ditto cheese, Is., Is. 0.}d.,and Is. 2d. per lb ; oats, 19s., bran, 2s. 7d. per bushel ; Adelaide flour, £32 10s.; Van Diemen's Land ditto, £31 per ton; English cheese, Is. 6d. per lb....Messrs. W. M. Tennent & Co. sold on Saturday tlio brigautinc Sch'm for £1200 ; flour, from £24 10s. to £29 per ton cash ; potatoes from £11 to £14 per ton..../foi/ Market. There has not been moro than half the average supply in the market this week. The price ranged at the commencement of the week at about £27, there being but a small quantity offered; at the latter part of tlio week the supply was moro plentiful, and on Saturday inferior was offering at £22, and good samples at £25 10a. per ton. New hay realises from £14 to £7 per ton. Green stuff is becoming scarce as the season advance«, and is selling at £5 per ton, and 5s. per dozen bundles. The farmers nre now busy getting in the new crop of hay, which, from authentic sources, we arc enabled to say, will bo one third less than last year....Live Stock Market-Cattle. -Bullocks fit for the butcher have ranged from £4 10s. to £G per head; cows from £2 10s. to £4 10a. each. Store cattle aro not in demand; some sold during the weak at about £2 per head ; calves are worth from 35s. to 40s. each. The-supply dm'ing the week has been moro than the demand. Sheep have varied very little in price for some weeks past. Shorn wethers fit for tlio butcher have ranged from 10s. 6:1. to l'Js. dil. per head ; unshorn aro soiling at about IGs. each. Fattening stock aro not enquired for. The supply had been largo during the week, and quito equal to the demand. Horse*, as reported last week, have a downward tendency, and in compa- rison with sales of a faw weeks back, to the extent of at least 100 per cont. Hacks have ranged from £4 to £15; light harness horses fron £15 to ¿20; draught horses from £20 to £25 each. Horses fit for harness aro much enquired for. There has been a large number offered during the week, and in some instances, when at a high reserve, have not found purchasers. Wo never vet have seen so sudden a fall in horse flesh.-Melbourne Herald, November 29.

Sale of Town Property.-The soventcen allotments of land sold 'by Messrs. Bell and Howe on Thursday last realised prices beyond all expectation. Two allotments, with frontages to Balfour-street of 26 feet and depth of 60 feet, brought £49 each : two allot- ments of 32 feet each to Fraukland-street by depths cf. OOiuct, brought £22 each: the remaining thirteen allotments, having frontages of 30 feet and depths from 50 to 53 feet, brought from £10 to£17 10s each : the double allotment, with dwelling-house fronting Balfour-street, belonging to the same proprietor, Mr. Hargreaves, sold for £250. The gross amount of the sale was £550 10s. payable in cash, and the profit to the vendor, who purchased in July last, is upwards of £300.-Cornwall Chronicle of Saturday.

The sale of Mr. Tilomas Walker's hors»s at Perth, ' on Wednesday last, by Messrs. Bell and Howe, was

very numerously attended, mid prices considerably - above the reserve .were realised-Topthorn brought £60, Tasman £50, Jorrocks £40, Shyiock £30, Robin £38, Lelia £22, Lilliput pony £15 10s. In addition to the horses, perhaps the greatest number of sheep, together with mixed cattle and cows, that were ever disposed of at a stock sale at Perth, exchanged hands on this occasion ; mid not a single lot was bought in. The amount of the sale was nenrly £2000 ; and both buyers and sellers expressed their gratification at the . result. Tlio prices of the sheep were-Fat owes, Ms. 3d., 14s. 4d, 14s. 6d. ; fat wethers, 13s. and 14s. ; four and six-tooth wethers, 13s. Oil.; two-tooth wethers, 11s. Gil. ; ewes and Iambs, 13s. 8d. ; store wethers, 10s. Id. j store ewes, 9s., 9s. 3d., 10s.; lambs, Gs. Gd. to 7s. 3d; fat bullocks, £15 each; working

bullocks, £16 per pair: sharps, 8s. per 100 lbs; fine , flour, £25 per ton. At Robinson and Allison's Bale, ' although the unfavourable state of the weather caused

the attendance to bo small, nearly the whole of the I stock changed hands at the following prices:-Fat ewes, 11s. 9d., full-mouthed ewes in their wool, 10s. ;

good store wethers ditto, 14s. ; two-tooth Saxon nuns, '. 20s. ; four, six, and eight-tooth rams, 20s. to 22s. ; pure Saxon ewes (two-tooth) in their wool, 18s. ; work ins bullocks, £17 10s. per pair; steers, £14 ditto; cows, calves given in, £5 ; yearling cattle, 45s.- ; mixed lot, £3; horses, £30 to £31.-Ibid.


The market remains in an unsettled state, with few 'buyers. First flour is nominally £25 per ton ; wheat,

10s per bushol ; oats, 13s to 14s per bushel ; English and Cape barley, 78,6d; bran, lslOd; potatoes, £11 to £12'per ton; loose hay, £5 per ton, pressed for

shipment, £7 10s to £8 per ton ; broad, Is 2d per 4lb8



Transactions in sugar have been made at fully the prices of Saturday, say 4.40 to 4.50 for fine yellow; other descriptions in proportion, with nithcr.a "heavier

decline in low than in fine qualities.

SnniTs.-3500 cases of brandy hove boen purchased from bond for the Australian-market at"2.25 to 3 drs., and there remains little moro on hand. Thcso sales will inflnqneo the valueofduty paid. Cask brandy is become very scarce. Spirit of 34 to 35 degrees French is selling at 5.40 to 5.50, There is little demand for Geneva, and prices remain without chango.

Liqueurs are abundant and the sale very limited

li til October.