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Anhalt -December 25-the ship Tuscaloosa, 283 tons, Taber, from New Bedford, 15th July last, «Wah oil.

25-the schooner Isabella, C8 teat, Griffiths, from Sydney «ia Twofold Bay,in'oallast-=-passenge>sj'lliss E. Fitzgerald, Edward Sldmond, Wro. M' Bollen.

26 - the bark Mexborough, 37 tons, Bridgman, from King- ston (Dublin) 12th August, with 143 female convicts and 85 children, Surgeon Superintendent, Dr. Hampton, R.N. passengers, Mary Pennner, Mary and Jane Carroll, Ann Fox and five children. Hannah Murphy and two children. Jane and Catherine Nowlan. The Prince Regent, with male con- victs, sailed the 6th of August.  

27-the bark Conrad, 861 tont, Camlbell, from Canton, 3d October, with tea-passenger, Robert Simpson.

Departurts- December 22-the schooner Prince of Den. m*rk,)fO tons, 8mith¡ on a sealing voyage.

28-the biig Highlander, 219 tons, Lucas, «d a whaling noymx»,<r.. ." _ :+\>

24-the schooner Marion Watson, 146 tom, Douglas, for Sydney, with sundries    

24-The scbooner Industry, 86 tons Mathews, for Port Phillip with sundries    

25-tbe barque Maria, 280 tons, Miller, tor Singapore, with


26 the schooner Lillias, 88 tons, SaoiOt, for Port Phillip, with sundries    

26 the barque mississippi, 365 tons. Rossiter, for the South Seas              

26 the steamer Shamrock, Ayling, for Port phillip

v * ? .'?Him v"?cn LU» ?*

. ' .,i*.»l#í«<í « IMFOIIl»;"5 !.

raaaalt iaia>^ è>-a>rtil sat'aie 91* Zto. 7* Mt 26M Z?#*.,

j;^-.'^ft (_*?;' wy.'t-aliiiiii.' ^ - ,

w*rtjpaoasf _MMMa>-'leVlffiaap, Oner i S tassa staut), -?-?--- .if'Sijr- >v>

Per schooner Isabella-246 sheep, Dr. Imlay.

Per Amerjcan ship Tuscaloosa-12 barrels black and 800 do sperm oil.j , i i ' i i> ? *

Tire ha»k Conrad-3703 chests, 1832 half ehetts 749 ten? ettty boxes hyson skin tea, SOO ten catty boies hyson, 290 do twankay, 200 do pouebong, 200 do souchong, 200 do, gun- powder, 200 do orange pekoe teat, 443 chesU ISO (half chests congou tea, 62 chests black leaf pekoe, 89 ehetts twankay tea, Order ; 3 cases merchandise, Captain Campbell.

4 EXPORTS. - "

Vessels entered Outwards from the I2M Dec. to At 26tit Dei.,

ISil, inclusive, r

Per bark Hebe-\02 casks black oil, C. Seal; 879 bundles whalebone, W. M. Orr; I$5casks block oil, 83 bündlet whale- bone, 137 bundles whalebone, 111 bales wool. Kerr & Co. ; 71 bales wool, J. G. Jennings ; 69 bales wool, G. Hunt ; 41 bales wool, J. and W. Robertson ; 1 case curiosities, J. Lester ; I ditto, W. D. Bernard ; 1 package linens, G. Rees.

Per schooner Marys-I tierce tobacco, G Bogle ; 3 tierces tobacco, 30 quarter casks Teneriffe wine, J. G. Reeves; 3 tons flour, J. and R. Walker; 3 bundles leather, 40 doten kangaroo skins, IO cwt. ginger, G. Clinch ; 20 tons flour, SOO bushels bran, 1 winnowing machine, SO casks ale, 80 hams, 10 toni rice, & tons sugar, 5 bags saltpetre, 10 cwt ginger, D. Mac-


Per schooner Marian Watson-34 casks tallow, A. II. Man- ning ; 71 bags bark, 1 case leather, F. A. Downing; 1 billiard table, J. Duncan; 13 cases straw bonnets, 3 tons hay, A. Mor- rison ; 193 bass bark, G. F. Evans«

Per bark Mttsitsipi-with original cargo.

Per schooner Industry-90,000 shingles, 20,000 laths, 100 posts and rails, 200 palings, 200 feet timber, 30 spars, 3 bushels apples, 2 bags onions. - Houghton.

Per schooner LtUia»-317 bags and 4 hhds flour, 6 hides, 1 bundle leather, 1 cask groceries, 3 packages tinware, 1 bale 2 cases slops, 1 basket hardware, 2 kegs gunpowder, 2 bundles scythes. 2 packages furniture, 50 cases 6 baskets claret, 1 basket drugs, 69 bags sugar, 14 chests 4 half chests and 4 quarter chests hyson skin tea, 20 half boxes black tea, 600 posts »id rails, 12,000 shingles, 2 drays, 36 empty kegs, 07 stones,«^ F. Strachan ; 20 chests black tea, Kerr & Co ; 14 packe?«* hard- ware, 4 bundles spades, 13 kegs 15 bags nails, 20 camp ovens, 24 cash boxes, 6 casks biscuits, Jackson & Co.

Per cutter SAawrocA-10,000 feet timber, 10,000 palings, 3 tons flour, 3 psckages leather, E. Ware; í packages slops, 2 packages groceries, 2 packages hardware, 1& cwt. sugar, 1 bag coffee, 3 hhds 10 quarter casks wine, 3 boxes tea, D. Macpher-

son ; 2 tons flour, J. and R. Walker


Arrival.-December 28 the schooner Minerva, 110 tons, Fawthrop, from Portland Bay, Henty & Co., agents, with sundries-passengers John and James Whyte, Esqs, William Corney, L. Wheatley. R. Lavender.

Departures-December 23-the bark Ganymede, 288 tons, Jobson, for Singapore, Down & Co.. agents, in ballast.

24-the brig Fox, l63 tons. Irving, for Swan River, J. Griffiths agent-passengers, ¿Eneas Allan.

24-the schooner Will Watch, 63 tons, Harding, for Port Phillip, Fisher, agent-passengers, Messrs. O'Connor, Miller, Lewis, Murray, Ankin, and Clarke.

24-the brig William, 149 tons, Le Grand, for Sydney, J. Griffiths, agent-passengers, Messrs. Morton, Griffiths, Miss Williamson, Mrs Hart and four children, W. Foster, Miss Foster, J. B. Shortis, Edward Mathews, John Duglin, Maria


24-the schooner Dutty Miller, 90 tons, Sanders, for Port- land Bay, J. Guillan, agent-passengers, Mr. and Mrs. Hutchinson, D. T. Gladwell, Richard Haggerty, John King, James Connor, Henrv Si&son, Donald M'Kentle.

24-the schooner Bandicoot, 55 tons, Campbell, for Hobart Town, Connolly & Co., agents, with sundries.

27-the schooner Royal Mail, 90 tons, Hay, for Sydney, Hav, agent, with sundries-passenger, Mr. S. Spyera

29-the schooner Sir John Franklin, 52 tons, Jenkins, for Melbourne, J. H. Campbell, agent-passengers, Mr. Athorne, Daniel Colman, John Carroll.

Arrived at Circular Head, on the 19th instant, the bark Emu, 381 tons, Howard, from London, 17th August, and the Cape of Good Hope, 8th ultimo-passengers for Circular Head, James Gibson, Esq., Mrs. Gibson and two servants, Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Grigg and six children, Miss Milton, Mr. and Mrs. Rouse and six children, Mr. Wiltshire, Mr. Carr, Mr. Jeffrey, Mr. Corney, Mr. Hicks, and 30 indented ser- vants with their families-total, 96 persons. Passengers for Hobart Town, two Mr. Chapmans, Mr. Chaptan, Dr. John- son, Mr. Atkin. The Emu will leave in a few days for

Hobart Town.



The market for grain continues excessively dull ; little or no business doing. Prices rule nominally as under.

Fine flour at the mills, £20.

Wheat, 7s 6d to 8s ; oats, 5s to 6s; barley, English, 6s to 6s 6d ; Cape do, 4s to 4s Cd ; Cobbctt's corn, 4s to 4s 6d per bushel; hay, (pressed) £8 to £8 10s, old ditto, (loose) £6 10s to £7, straw, £3 10s to £4 10s per ton ; Port Arthur coals, 20s, delivered ; Sydney ditto, 45s per ton ; she oak, 10s 6d ; gum wood, 7s 6d per ton.

Potatoes, £14 to £16 per ton; cabbages, per dozen, 2s; turnips, 2s, carrots, 2s per dozen bunches; cauliflowers, 4s per dozen ; new potatoes, 12s to 14s per cwt ; peas, 4s per bushel ; cherries, 8d, black and red currants, 8d per lb ; straw- berries, 2s, raspberries, Is, gooseberries, 3d per quart.

Turkeys, 14s, geese, 12s, ducks, 8s to 10s, fowls, 4s to 6s per pair ; eggs, 2s per dozen ; fresh butter, 2s per lb.


Union Steam Mills.

Wheat 7s to 9s, barley 6s to 7s 6d, oats 4s to 5s 6d, pollard 2s, bran Is Gd, per bushel; flour, first quality, £22, se- cond, £20, ration, £16 per 2000 lbs.--Launceston Advertiser.


Since our last not the slightest improvement has taken place in any of our markets, nor have we heard of any private sales having been effected ; in fact, every description of busi- ness hat come to a stand «ill-no prices can be affixed to any articles The tales by the hammer of goods driven into the market leave such result! as have never been before known in this colony-scarcely enough to pay freight and charges: this, however, is partly owing to the goods not being adapted to the market; one sale of well selected dry goods (at Lyon't) having shown a very different result from the generality of the


Flour-There is no change in the price of this article since our lost report, the sales of colonial flour are Mill effected by that of the imported flour.

Bread remains unchanged in price; several of the manufac- turers of inferior bread ore selling the two pound loaf at 4d.

Wheat.-On account of the halfest, but five loada nave reaehed Campbell-street during the week ; the prices given for it have ranged from 5s to Cs 3d per bushel.

Barley.-Only two loads have been sold at the stand since our lost week's report ; the prices given were from Ss 9d to 3* per bushel ; the dealers are asking 4s per buihel.

Oats.-None have been received for tome weekt patt ; the dcalert are charging 6s per bushel.

Hay continues to be of a fair quality, only thirty loads have been brought from the interior since the week began, but the scantiness of this supply is mainly to be attributed to this being the wheat harvest time. There it an abundant first erop of hay already secured by the growers, but tbey have not time at present to get it sent to town. There it also a good prospect of an excellent second crop from the late abundant and seasonable rains. The price given in town for new hay varies from £7 to £9 per ton

Vegetable» -Potatoes have declined greatly in price during the week ; the best Derwent* are now lin per ewt, and new colonial from 7s to 9s per cwt- It it evident, from the quality and abundance of the latter, that a considerable number of the settlers have turned their attention to the growing of these, and there is little doubt but ere long we shall have no occasion to impoit from either New, Zealand or Van Diemen* Land.- Sydney Herald.



Two Farms in th« district of New Norfolk, at his Mart-Mr.

T. Y. I*»«s.

General Sale, at his Msrt-Mr. T. Y. Lowes.

Merchandise, at his Mart-Mr. T. Y. Lowes.


Stoek-in-Trade, ice., on the premises, Bee Iii*« Stores, New

Wharf-Mr. D. Taylor.


Books, Reviews, Msgssines, &c , at the Company's Mart

Mr. J. C. Stracey.

Land, &c., in New Norfolk and Hamilton, at th« Company Is

Mart-Mr. J. C. Stracey.


Household Furniture, at the Argyle Rooms, corner of Liver-

pool and Argylcsireets- Mr. T. Y. Lowes.

FaiDAT. '

Taylor's Porter, at his Mart-Mr. W- T. Macmichael.

China Goods, at his Mart-Mr. T. Y. Lowes.' > <


1%*' Obêervatiom art tait» at 3 o'eisot mteh dtg.




M « m as 71 .1

.H.W. , Luna,; r >

aw., A tatally.

S «sr 1 sflk*M.^H

. W. 1 OMWWWSy

8a*th ' Jtno. &E. Ba» N.B., fisttv

W.K. I Ooody.

S4 Sft

* ,


Friday. I 29 4« Saturday. 99 41 ««islay. M 69 Monday. M3» Tooti«?. » »


Tlie COORIKB, of' Friday nexVwill contain two wood engrav

ingt, representing James Wilnanwon and George Bailey as they appeared dn'tne dock at their-trial at the Suprema' Court on the 20th .December instant, before His Honor , Mr- Juttico M«»»tagu, for the wMili murder of Thomas ¡ Lord, at Swan Port^togsther with tome interesting parti | cutara connected with, the l»vet of these unhappy men, who

are doomed to toiler the extreme penalty of the taw on i Tuesday neat. , , ,, , J > <? ' -_