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  • mgregory 2 Dec 2013 at 15:08
    John Kelly (Ned's father) arrived on Prince Regent from Ireland

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Arrivals.-December 30-the bark Emu, 381 tons, How- ard, from Plymouth, 19th August, and Cape of Good Hope, 9th November, with a general cargo-passengers, Messrs. J. A. Allen, J. D. and X}. S. Chapman. For Sydney-Mr. H. D. Hopter, James Curry, and T. Hicks.

30-the schooner Truganini, 62 tons, Biscoe, from Port Phillip, 24th December, with cattle-passengers, Messrs. Hall and Sullivan, D. Mackinton, Miss Alves, G. Wilson,

J. Parker.

30-the schooner Bandicoot, Campbell, from Launceston,

with sundries.

January 2-the bark Courrier des Indes, 360 tons, Leeauneleiar, from Havre, 25th February, with oil.

2-the bark Prince Regent, 496 tons, Barclay, from Ire- land, 7th August, with 182 male Convicts, Surgeon Superin- tendent, Dr. Toms-passengers, Major Cheape, 96th regi- ment. Ensign Bythesea, 80th regiment.

Departures.-December 31-the ship Faune, 129 tons, De Graindsaigne, for Port Phillip, with a general cargo.

January 2-the brig Thetis, Bissett, for London, with colonial produce.

2-the schooner Flying Squirrel, Clinch, for Port Phillip, with a general cargo.

2-the brig Scout, Gwatkin, for Port Phillip, with a gene-

ral cargo.

2-the brig Maguasha, Taylor, for Port Phillip, with a general cargo.

C-the bark Lord Goderich, Mills, for Batavia, in ballast.


Vessels enteied Inwards from the 29th Dee. to the 4th Jan.,

1842, inclusive.

Per schooner Truganini-4 cases wine, 2 cases porter, 3 saltlbeefTH' Hurst; 1 box, Thompson; 17 bullocks, Order.

Per schooner Bandicoot-17 cases wine, 5 Cases 3 kegs brandy, Win. Elliott ; 5 kegs butter, 9 casks whiting, 9 do

books, 3 casks starch, Order.

Per bark Emu-10 trunks shoes, 4 cases haberdashery, 23 tons iron, 46 cases port and sherry, 10 pipes 20 half pipes 17 quarter pipes 20 half aums 1 anker Cape wine, 100 boxes raisins, 2 kegs tongues, Kennards, Chapman, & Co. ; 50 li lids porter, 50 barrels vinegar, 16 casks blacking and ink, 20 cases pickles, 20 do fruits, 3 cases I cask drugs, 37 casks nails, 11 cases stationery, 30 barrels Burton ale, 8 cases wool- lens, 1 case books, Willis, Birkmyrc, & Co. ; I case apparel, W. H. Breton ; 1 case apparel, A. Garrett ; 3 cases cotton hosiery, W. C. Robertson ; 10 cases cheese, J, Cooke ; 1 case apparel, Rev. Wm. Redford ; 20 firkins butter, 5 cases stationery, 1 stove, S. A. 'fogg ; I case stationery, Colonial Bank ; 2 cases boots and shoes, A. Haig ; 7 bales bacon, 30 firkins butter, 5 hhds whiting, 30 barrels pork, 20 tierces beef, 20 lilids beer, II. Jacomb ; lO casks turpentine, 40 casks vine- gar, 100 cases brandy, 137 do wine, 6 do sweetened spirits, 10 do brandy fruits, 15 do anchovies, 6 do pickles, 2 do cologne water, 14 do sundries, 1 do marble, 1 do macaroni, 1 do ver- micelli, 2 do pomatum, 5 do plums, I do oil of lavender, I do orange flower water, J. Dioré ; I cask almonds, 2 casks nut- megs, 3 hhds nuts, 10 tierces 10 hhds British goods, Lavington Rook ; 4 cases British goods, I case pasteboard, R. Lewis ; 1 box books, Rev, F. Miller; 20 packages British goods, J. & W. Robertson ; I box, Win. Sorell, 2 tierces twine, 1 tierce sacks, Win. Stallard ; 41 casks blocking, Wilson & Tonkin ; I tierce 1 case, Forster; 1 parcet. Montagu; 6 cases British goods, G. Hunt ; 1 box, Roberts ; 1 box, Otter ; 1 parcel, Harbottlc ; 1 parcel, Tabart ; J case, Milward ; 1 box, jones ; I case apparel, Higgin ; 27 cases oilman's stores, 33 do beer, 3 do British goods, 3 do books, 2 do British goods, Order.


Vessels enteied Outwards from the 27th Dec. to the 1st Jan.,

1842, inclusive.

Per brig Maguasha-50 tons stone, 14,000 shingles, 4000 laths, I case stationery, 5 cases chocolate, 30,000 feet timber, F. A. Downing.

Per brig Thetis--223 bundles whalebone, 232 casks oil, Willis & Co. ; 191 bundles whalebone, D. Moses ; 181 bales wool, G. Hunt; 26 bales wool. Kemp St Co. ; 16 hales wool, W. T. Macmichael ; l8 bales wool, J. & W. Robertson ; 23 bales wool, J. G. Jennings & Co. ; I bale 1 case cottons, R. S. Waterhouse and Brothers; 1 case bird skins, C. M. Mudie ; 1 box public papers, H. C. Darling.

Per brig Scout-15,000 feet timber, 90,000 shingles, 5 tons hay, 2 ploughs, 4 chests tea, D. M( Pherson.

Per schooner Flying Squirrel-25 chests 1000 boxes black tea, Kerr & Co ; 5 chests 4 half chests 5 ten-catty boxes tea, 1 ton flour, G. Bogle ; 15 kegs sperm oil, 2400 feet timber, 10,000 laths. 25,000 shingles, 50 bags maize, 70 do flour, 30 do bran, I ton potatoes, £ ton onions, 2 tons hay, 1 cask shoes, 2 bundles leather, G Wilson ; 1 case perfumery, 1 bundle walking sticks, 20 cases lemon syrup, Marzetti fit Co. ; 1 trunk apparel, 1 case china, D. Moses.

Per baik Pantheon-1484 barrels sperm oil, 1196 do black do, 11,0001 bs whalebone.


Arrivals.-December 29-the schooner Essington, 122 tons. Dutton, from Portland Bay, J. Griffiths, agent, with wool and bullocks-passengers, Mr. A. Campbell, M. Ritchie, Edward Espie, Thomas Bird, George Tomlinson, Jonathan Disden, D. Venson, James Williams, William Edwards, Jas. Thomson, Daniel Tinkler.

30-the cutter Alpha, 27 tons, Bennett, from Port Phillip, J. Guillan, agent, with sundries-passenger, R. Massie, Esq.

January 3-the steamer Corsair, 186 tons, Bell, from Port Phillip, J. Raven, agent, with sheep, &c-passengers, Mr. Bernard, Mr- Burnley, Mr. Wood, Mr. John Wood, Mrs. Wood, Messrs. Borradaile, Munday, Miss M'Donnell, Miss Margaret M'Donnell, Mr. S. Browne, Mr. Cleveland, Capt. Harding, Mr. L. Levey, Thomas Porter, wife, and child, Thomas Saunders, Mrs. Taylor, Ann Thompson, James Wilson, Mary Leahy, William Cowper, John Egan, - Grieve, Thomas Boreland, William Walmsley, Mary Ann Dwyer and three children, D. Windsor, W. Foote, P. M'Ginnis, Ann Murphy, Martha Shillinglaw.

Departures.-January 1-the bark Mona, 188 tons, Milli- gan, for London-passengers, Captain J. Lloyd and Mrs. Lloyd, Miss Fanny Lloyd, Mrs. Ann Lloyd, John H. B. Thwaites, surgeon, and James Hazlelam.

I-the bark Hamilton, 248 tons. Bradbury, for London, Henty & Co., agents-passengers, - Douglas, D. Hunter, Esq., Rowland Wood.



There has been more activity in the wheat market this week, and prices are looking up.

Fine flour at the mills, £'M to £21.

Wheat, 8s to 8s 3d j oats, 5s to 6s 5d ; barley, English, 6s to 6s Cd; Cape do, 4s to 4s 6d; Cobbett's corn, 4s to 4s 6d per bushel; hay, old, (loose) £6 10s to £7, ditto, new, £1, straw, £4 to £4 10s per ton ; Port Arthur coals, 18s, Sydney ditto, 45s per ton; sheoak, 10s 6d; gum wood, 7s 6d per ton.

Potatoes, £12 to ¿C14 per ton; cabbages, per dozen, 2s; turnips, 2s per dozen bunches ; carrots, 4s per cwt; cauliflowers, 4s per dozen ; new potatoes, l¿d per lb ; peas, 4s per bushel ; cherries. 8d, black and red currants, 8d per lb ; strawberries, Is 6d, raspberries, Is, gooseberries, 3d per quart.

Turkeys, 14s to 16s, geese, 12s to 14s, ducks, 10s to 12s, fowls, 4s 6d to 6s per pair ; eggs, Is 6'd per dozen ; fresh butter, 2s per lb.

Shingles, 10s per thousand ; posts and rails, 34s per hundred ; boards, 10s per hundred feet ; paling, 8 feet, 6s to 8s per hun- dred ; do, 6 feet, 6s per hundred.


Union Steam Mill*.

Wheat 7s to 9s, barley 6s to 7s 6d, oats 4s to 5s Cd, pollard 2s, bran Is 6d, per bushel; flour, first quality, £22, se- cond, £20, ration, £16 per2000lbs.-Launceston Advertiser.



Property in Bathurst, Barrack, and Murray-streets, on the

respective premises-Mr. J. C. Stracey.

General Sale, at his Mart-Mr. T. Y. Lowes.

Tuscan, Leghorn, and Straw Bonnets, at his Mart-Mr. T.

Y. Lowes.


Bay Horse, at the Company'« Yards-Mr. J. C. Stracey.


Tne Observation* at* taken at 2 o'clock each day.




Thermo- meter.




1 2 3 4 ' 6



Saturday. Sunday.

Monday. j Tuesday.

Wednesday. 1 Thursday.

29 70 29 69 29 22 29 00 28 95 29 05 29 70

67 7U 75 78 68 67 67


South North. North. N.W. S.W. East

Fine. Fine.

HotWd. HotWd.

Showery Showery Cloudy.