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April 1-Arrived the brig Islay, 282 tons, Galt, from London 1st November, with Ordnance stores and a general cargo-passengers, Charles Galt, Matthew Jackson, Samuel Jackson, Mrs. Emma Augusta Jackson and two children, Miss Louisa Jackson, Miss Lacey, Mr. W. B. Nichols, Mr. George John Crouch, Mr. Edward Crouch, Barrack Serjeant McLean, Mrs., four Misses, and two Master McLean, Mrs.


4-Arrived the brig Maguasha, 141 ton*, Taylor, from Sydney 24th ultimo, with sundries-passengers, F. A. Down- ing, Esq., Mr. and Mrs. P. G. Emmett, two elrildren, and servant, Mr. and Mrs. Blade and child, Mr. Williams, Tho mas Eagar, John Robertson, wife, and child, Thomas Ce win, Thomas Baise«, Mrs. Watson and four children, George Grimer, James Whiting.

5-Arrived the cutter Shamrock, 35 tons, Boyd, from Port Phillip 23rd ultimo, with sheep.

6-Arrived the bark John Brewer, 549 tons, 4 guns, Brown, from London 5th December, with stores-passengers, Mr. Conway Armstrong, Mrs. Armstrong, Mr. G. L. Foreman, R N. Surgeon, Captain Armstrong, Ensign Armstrong, Dr. Galbraith, 99th regiment, 22 rank and file 51st, and 29 rank and file 99th regiments, 4 women and 2 children, and 198 male


April 2-Sailed the schooner Abeona, 96 tons, Blackbourne, for Port Phillip, in ballast.

3-Sailed the schooner Marys, 61 tons, Clinch, for Ade- laide, with sundries-passengers, Miss Murray and W.



Vessels entered Inwards from the 1st April to the 4th April,

1842, inclusive.

Per bark Caernarvon-468 barrels sperm oil.

Per schooner Flying Squirrel-100 hides, 200 sheep, 90 barrels pork, 9 tiercfs beef, 50 barrels pork, 19 tierces beef, 1

case woollens, Order.

Per schooner Velocity - 62 cases whiskey, 30 do curacoa, 386 do brandy, 33 do hollands, 22 do claret, 214 do port, 2   do madeira, 340 do sherry, 2 do claret, 100 dozen ale, 20 tierces beef, 642 canisters soup and boulli, 152 bundles nail rod iron, 34 firkins butter, 4 coils rope, 22 kegs gunpowder, 2 anchors, 3 chain cables, 2 bales calico, 43 barrels 33 half bar- rels pork, Order.

Per schooner Lillias-200 sheep, Order.

Per brig Maguasha-70 barrels pork, 9 tons whiting, 2 cases foolscap paper, 50 tons pig ¡ron, 20 do coke, 70 chests li j son skin tea, 492 deals, 19 hales gunny bags, 9 barrels sperm oil, 62 logs cedar, 4 cases cigars, F. A. Downing; 2 bales gunny hags, 8 cases slops, 1 bale gunny bags, Older.

Per brig Islay-30 tierces bottled beer, Order; 16 hhds 28 quarter casks Spanish wine, F. A. Downing ; 2299 bars 108 bundles iron, F. Cummins & Co. ; 20 hhds beer, W. M. Orr; 5 barrels pork, 10 barrels 20 firkins British goods, Hums & White; 120 boxes soap, Order; 2 cases eau de cologne, I case perfumed spirits, 1 do perfumery, G. and T. Dugard ; 20 pockets hops, W. Inkcrsolc ; I case clocks, T. Dugard ; 2 trunks British goods, A. Moirison; 1 box Bri- tish goods, - Wright ; 26 tierces tobacco, Order ; 8 cases French wine, Holler & Co ; 25 kegs British goods, Jackson & Co. ; 2 cases stationery, J G. Jennings ; 1 bale blankets, W. Elliott ; 6 hhds refined sugar, 371 bags refined bastard do. Order ; 1 box British goods Burns & White ; 2 cases drapery, W. Elliott; 6 bales bags, W. M. Orr; 50 casks bottled beer, 22 do vinegar, Order ; 2 cases watches and jew- ellery, T. Dugard ; I case apparel. G. T. Pogson ; 9 cases slops, 51st regiment ; 1 case British goods, Halter & Co. ; 313 boxes soap, E. Munday; 5 cases French wine, Hal 1er A Co. ; 3 cases British goods, R. Waterhouse ; 1 case silver plate and jewellery, Halter & Co. ; 7 cases British goods, 1 box samples, Order ; 1 case hardware, C. M'Lachlan ; 2 cases Spanish wine, Hillier fit Co ; 4 cases lamp glasses, 1 case combs, Order ; 3 cases preserves, W. Elliott ; 7 cases 20 bun- dles British goods, H. Downer; 12 casks British goods, Jackson & Co. ; 2 cases varnish, 6 pairs of shafts. Order ; 45 packages British goods, Ii. Dickenson ; 4-eases British goods, 2 casks horse-hair, 4 coses slops, 2 do toys, 4 do hats, 6 do pearl barley, I do lamps,'10 casks shot, 6 half barrels gunpow- der, Order; 2 cases 4 bales, R. Lewis; 2 hales, 20 hams, 10 barrels biscuit, W. Watchorn ; 32 packages British goods, 2 hhds 2 quarter casks madeira, Boyes & Co. ; 4 hhds 72 quar- ter casks Spanish wine, Halter & Co ; 12 casks bottled beer, lOtierces beef, 25 barrels pork,1 case apparel,Order; 3cases British good, J. Waterhouse; 126 firkins butter, 45 cases cheese, Order; 1 case wadding, 1 do thread, 3 trunks velvet shawls, 5 do boots and shoes, 1 case silk cloaks, 2 cases ban nets and shawls, 3 do drapery and baby linen, 2 do caps, 3 bales woollens, 20 packages British goods, Nathan & Co. ; 629 deals, Maller &c Co. ; 8 cases cartouches, 4 casks empty cartridges, 6 barrels slow match, 200 boxes shot, 11 loose iron guns, 11 do do carriages with trucks, 48 wood chocks, 10 iron platforms, 94 loose handspikes, IO iron crows, 11 wood coins, 6 linstocks with cocks, 48 sponge staves, 48 sponges, 8 wad hoops, 6 copper ladles, 250 321b shot, 1 sling cart, I drag carriage, 1 triangle gyr, 39 fathoms rope, 2 gyr blocks, I band waggon, Her Majesty's Government.


fesselt ente» ed Outwards from the \st April to the Ath April,

1642, inclusive.

Per schooner Bandicoot-2 hhds whiskey. Willis & Co. ; 6 cases geneva, G. F. Evans ; 70 chests 40 half chests 20 ten catty boxes hyson-skin tea, Kerr & Co. ; 2 casks sperm oil, 10 bales gunny bags, William M. Orr; 2 casks sperm oil, D. M'Pherson ; I trunk perfumery, 22 cases 10 casks wine, 2 bags nuts, 2 cases drugs and oil, J. Dioré ; 30 bags coffee, Kerr fit Co. ; 5 cases clocks and shades, 4 do salad oil, W. Carter; I cask perfumery, I case shirts, 6 bales bags, D. M* Pherson ; 4 packages furniture, 87 boxes glass, 7 packages apparel, Willis & Co. ; 33 casks ¡ron wheels I malt mill,

Easby & Co.

Per schooner Marys -22 chests black tea, Kerr & Co. ; 361 bags potatoes, 1 bag wheat, 45 casks apples, 2 cases fruit,

3 bales sacks, 1 case haberdashery, 1 cask drugs, 22 bags rice,

D. M' Pherson.


April I-Arrived the schooner Sir John Franklin, 52 tons, Jenkins, from Port Phillip, J. H. Campbell, agent, with sheep, &c-passengers, Mrs. Whinstone, Mr. Hall, Mary Dogherty, Pcricc White and wife, M. Croke and wife, J. Andsley. F. Walker, - Flaherty, Mrs. Freeman, Thomas Power, Allise

Mullens. '

1-Arrived the schooner Sally Ann, Cummins, from Syd ney. Henty & Co , agents, with coals-passengers, G. Dcace,

E. Deace, B. Coulan.

1-Arrived the bark Arab, 291 tons, Wesmoreland, from London, Henty & Co., agents-passengers, W. Lawrence, Esq., W. Johnstone, Esq., Mrs. Johnstone, J. Stanford, Esq., James Nance, Esq. F. J. Corbould, Sergeant Superintendent, 198 emigrants, 5 infants born during the passage, and 3 deaths.

1-Arrived the brig Lord Saumarez, 201 tons, M'Lcan, from Port Phillip, bound to New Zealand, put into Port to land 250 sheep, Eddie & Co., agents.

4-Arrived the schooner Minerva, 110 tons, Fawthrop, from Portland Bay, Henty & Co., agents-passengers, John Henty, Esq., Mrs. Henty and child, William Bourne, Fanny White, James Reed, James Smith, James Paisley, Edward Partridge, John Woodward.

4-Arrived the brig Henry, 107 tons, Grainger, from Port Phillip, Tregurtha, agent, with 300 sheep-passengers, Mr.

William Dibble, Mrs. Joues.

&-Arrived the brig William, 149 tons, Le Grand, from Sydney, J. Griffiths, agent-passengers, Miss Curr, Miss M'Cliver, Miss E. M'Cliver, Mr. C. B. Morton, Mr. Now lan, Mr. Robert D. Innis, Misses M'Kinnon, A. A. Marga- ret and Catherine M'Kinuon, Master M'Kinnon.

5-Arrived the Lady of the Lake, from Portland Bay, bound to London, put into George Town for instructions. Willis Ac Co., agents.

6-Arrived the bark Indian, 276 tons, Carr, from London, Borradaile, Gore, & Co., agents-passengers, Mr. William Allison, Mrs. Chttty and two children, Mr. and Mrs Hawks, Mr. Tomkins, Mr. and Mrs. Truro and child, Mr. M'Nish, Mr. and Mrs. Watson and four children, Mrs. Ashman, Mr. Hodges, Mr. Ransom, and 40 bounty emigrants.

March 31 - Sailed the schooner Thomas Crisp, 175 tons, Beard, for Sydney, Eddie fie Co., agents-passenger, G. M.

Eddie, Esq.

April I - Sailed the schooner Challenger, 89 tons, Robert- son, for South Australia, Connolly & Co, agents-passenger,

Mr. Hall.

4-Sailed the schooner Essington, 123 tons, Dutton, for Portland Bay, J. Griffiths, agent-passengers, J. Cox, Esq., Mr. Tulloh, William Walker, Jane Walker, John Williams, George Tomlinson, H. Brown, Robert Sydenham, Samuel Peden, Thomas Bird, D. Venson, A. Williams, Robert Wossack, John Dimscombe, William Tyver, Samuel Feathers.

5-Sailed the schooner Will Watch, Gi tons. Harding, for Port Adelaide, G. Fisher, agent-passengers, Mr«. Harding

and two children.



A considerable quantity of wheat has changed hands this week, at prices varying from 7s Cd to 6s; butin consequence of the low quotations from Sydney, there appears no imme- diate prospect of any advance in prices here.

Flour at the mills, £20.

Wheat, 7s Cd to 6s s barley, English, 6s to Cs 6d ; Cape do, 5s to fis 6d ; oats, fis to Cs ; Cobbett's corn, 4s 9d to fis 3d

per bushel ; hay (pressed,) £7 to ;£7 10s, ditto (loose,) Xô to £6, «traw,«t'4 to £4 10s per ton ; Port Arthur coals, 30s pCr ton delivered ; Bydney coals, none; sheoak, 10s; gum wood, 8s

per ton.

Potatoes, '£7 to £8 10s per ton ; cabbages, per dozen, 2s ; turnips, 2s per dozen bunches; carrots, 4s per cwt; cauliflowers,

4s per dozen.

Turkeys, 12s, geese, 10s, ducks, 8s, fowls, 4s Cd per pair; eggs. Is 9d per dozen ; fresh butter, 2s per lb.

Shingles, 8s per thousand; posts and rails,.34s per hun- dred ; inch boards, 10s per hundred feet ; paling, 8 feet, 6s to 8s per hundred ; do, 6 feet, 6s per hundred.


Union Steam- Mills.

Wheat 5s to 6s Gd, barley 6s to 7s Gd, oats 4s to5s Gd, pollard 2s, bran Is Gd, per bushel; flour, first quality, £20, se- cond, £18,-ration, £l& per2000lbs.-Launceston Advertiser.


Wheat Market-The supply for this market continues to be extremely limited, in consequence of the badness of the roads, and the unsettled state of the weather. There is a large quantity of wheat in the neighbourhood of Windsor, which, unless immediately brought to market, will1 be completely de- stroyed by weevil. The millers arc giving from 6s. to 7s. per

bushel for good samples.

Flour Market.-The arrival of ships from Launceston with wheat and flour has revived this market more than depressed it. The holders of Launceston wheat arc firm at 8s. 6d. and 93., and although we have not heard of any sales, yet the purchases which have been made during the week of flour lead us to think that an advance will soon take place. The millers are delivering largely, and the spirit shown by those interested is the best proof wanting to bear evidence to the active nnd healthy state of this market. Prices, 21s., 20s. ; seconds, 18s., 17s. ; ration, 16s., lös.; No. I biscuit, SMis. ; 2

ditto, 21s., per cwt.

Bread.-The price of the 21b. loaf remains at fid. The bread generally is now of very good quality.


On a review of the commercial markets since our last, a good amount of business has been done in manufactured goods, at very satisfactory prices; and, for good samples of most goods, a steady advance may be anticipated.

Flour,-The transactions continue upon avery limited scale, consisting chiefly of Chilian at former rates, and the late arri- vals from Van Diemen's Land will not tend to advance the price.

JHicat -There being a good demand for Van Dieraen's Land, nearly all the recent importations have changed hands at &>. Cd. per bushel-about 6,000 bushels ; wc do not antici- pate higher prices.

Provisions.-Pork-There is no variation in the value 'of this article; the demand continues limited; the sales have been confined to a few tierces and barrels, at 70s. per barrel ; the barrels, in one instance, rejected ; but few good samples are now to be found, and an increased demand and rates may be anticipated ; several holders arc now firm for AL 4s, and one for öl., which they are likely to realise, as no importations are expected. Beef-There is still little or no disposition to purchase, and the market remains in a drooping state ; wc have only heard of one sale, of no import, at former rates. Butter-Of good quatity, in good demand, nnd readily bought on arrival; a lot of Holstein, 110 kegs, realised Is. Id., and a

small lot of Irish Is. Cd. Cheese, hams, and bacon are in good


Tea.-The market has become tranquil, and prices have undergone very little change since our lust. The transactions hate not been upon an extensive scale; the trade have pur- chased steadily, but not more than adequate to their wants, being very fearful of holding stock in the present unsettled

state of tlie market, and the known shipments that will shortly

be here.

Sugar.-Since our last, the arrival of the Alligator, with about 170 tons, caused considerable stir in the market; the principal holders of this article having refused to purchase at the rate asked, another firm stepped in and purchased the whole at 31/. per ton, a higher rate than we have known for years past. This sale has improved the stock on hand at least li. per ton, and will give a countenance of firmness on the part of the holders. In refined, we have only to report a sale of two tons, at Cd. per lb. ; the holders arc firm for increased prices. Coffee

remains quiet.

Tobacco.-There is a continuance of firmness on the part of the holders of good samples, and a good demand has again existed for this article, and prices paid have exceeded those last reported : 8 tierces Barrett's, Is. 3d. ; 16 tierces Jones' brand, Is. Id. ; 40 kegs, an inferior sample, IOd. ; 20 kegs prime,

Is. Id. ; with every prospect of increased rates being asked and


Cigars_This market continues dull, and prices depressed, with a disposition on the part of some holders to realise at

present rates.

Spirits.-B. P. Bum-In this market there has been less activity, and sales cannot be made with the same facility. The sales have been confided to a'bout 90 hogsheads, 8 O. P., at 3s. 2d. ; 30 hogsheads, 5 O. P., at 3«. cash ; 10 hogsheads, 10 O. P., at 3s. 3d. 'In foreign, S.'ÏOO gallons Mauritius, at Is. 2d. ; arrack, 15 hogsheads, at Is.

Brandy.-In this market the transactionsliave been very limited, -consisting of forty hogsheads now in harbour, Clavier brand, at 4s. 3d., a very high figure ; and a few hogsheads Hennessey's, two years in bond, very fine, at 5s. ; holders of approved brands evince no desire to sell at present rates ;

Geneva, both in case and wocd, is not quite sa much in


Beer and Ales.-We have not had any activity in this market during the week, but upon the whole a fair business has been done ; about 90 hogsheads Taylor's, just landed, at bl. as. per hogshead ; 40 hogsheads Alsop's ale bl. 10s. ; 30 hogsheads Ind and Smith's, at 4J, with 500 dozen Dunbar's ale and porter, at lis-, with 800dozen other brands, at9s.

Wines.-Little or nothing has been done, and prices keep very low, without any prospect of amendment. Stock very large and prices quite nominal.

Metals -Copper, with the exception of a trifling sale, at last week's rate,-the holders being disposed to wait for better prices, M ith every prospect of obtaining it. In Lead nothing

to Tepört.

Salt remains as last reported-dull in the extreme.

Deals continue very dull of sale, there being scarcely any

enquiry: the holders, however, do not press sales. Prices are

little better than nominal.

Manufactured Goods have been in good request, and a large amount of business has been done, and prices have still an upward tendency ; the rates obtained have been from 10 to 274 per cent, advance.-Sydney Herald,



Farms at Prosser's Plains, &c, at his Mart-Mr. T. Y. Lowes. Prime Mess Beef, at his Mart-Mr. T. Y. Lowes. General Sale, at his Mart-Mr. T. Y. Lowes.


Kidbrook Estate, Sorell, on the premises-Mr. T. Y. Lowes. Paint and Turpentine, at the Company's Mart-Mr. J. C.



House and Premises in Campbell-street, and House and

Premises in Liverpool-street, near Murray-street, at his

Mart-Mr W. T. Macmichael.

Sheep and Stock, at Jones's Yards, Cross Marsh-Mr. J. C.



Tlic Observations are taken at 2 o'clock each day.




Thermo- meter.





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ERRATUM.-In our last neck's report of the match between

Don Giovanni and AWr, instead of " the latter" proved vic-

torious, read "the former." .