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Dancing and Debates.


The City of Sydney Eisteddfod sections In six city halls on Saturday attracted large at- tendances. Dancing and debates were added to the verse-speaking and musical contests, and judging for the 40 sections besan at 9 a.m. and continued until nearly midnight. The debat- ing section was officially opened at the School of Arts Hall in the evening.

Perry Hart, the seven-year-old girl violinist from Ewingsdale, near Byron Bay, was ac- claimed by eisteddfod officials as the star per- former at the evening session at No. 1 Assembly Hall. Mr. Roland Foster, honorary director of the eisteddfod, introduced her to the large audi- ence, stating that thc object of the eisteddfod was to find outstanding talent, especially among juveniles. The adjudicators believed that In Perry Hart they had discovered a child whose name would soon be big in the musical world. This opinion had been confirmed by Mr. Florent HooRstoel, who had tested her for the Aus- tralian Musical Examinations Board. Her parents realised that public appearances should not be allowed to interfere with the little girl's studies, but they had consented to her playing that evening.

With masterly technique and feeling Perry Hart played "Melodic," by Newton. She was accompanied by her elder sister, Yvonne, and after the audience had warmly applauded her, Mr. Roland Foster introduced her violin teacher, Mrs. Macgillivray, of Mullubimby.

When she left the stage Perry Hart said that Sydney audiences did not frighten her, as when she was playing she only thought of her violin, and never saw the audience. Before she re- turns to Ewingsdale she will play for film sound records. Later, her parents, who live on a dalry farm, hope to send her abroad to con- tinue her studies.

The winner of the open humorous recital for men, Mr. J. C. Kennett, of Glenfield, nearly lost his chance of appearing before the judge. He arrived at thc Assembly Hall In a make-up so realistic that officials took him for what they termed "a down and out hobo." They were on the point of ordering him out of the building into the street when he made it known that his appearance was merely to give effect to his recital of how Bill Adams won the battle of Waterloo.


The 16 sections to-day will take place in three assembly halls, Paling's Hall, the Arts Club, Nic- holson's Hall, and thc School of Arts Hall/and the programmes will Include the plano cham- pionship under 18, the vocal championship be- tween 16 and 18, the men and women's operatic solo, and one-act plays. The second round of the A and B grade debates will be judged at the School of Arts Hall in the evening.


Violin solo under 12 (adjudicator, Mr. Haydn West).-Donald Shadbolt (Earlwood). 89 points, 1: Max Cooke iKurrl Kurri), 87 points, 2; Della Woods (Cooparoo). Roma Sumner (Bexley», 88 points, equal, 3. Adjudicator's comment: "A mazurka is a dance. One girl turned lt Into a romance. First prize went to a very artlstical performance."

Country dance, under ll (adjudicators, Misses Helen Black, Ann Davies. Sylvia Forrest, Mrs. Guyatt).-IA Annandale Brownie Pack (Annandale), 173 points. 1; "Wootoo" Physical Culture Club (Killara), 171 points. 2; Maroubra Brownie Pack (Maroubra), 106 points, 3: Leichhardt Infants' School Pack (Leichhardt!. 163 points, 4. Adjudi- cators' comment: "General standard of dancing not very high owing to lack of knowledge on the part of thc dancers, but very much in advance of last year."

Country dance, under 16:-Balgowlah Girl Guides IBalgowlahl, 160 points, 1; 1st St. Matthew's Girl Guides (North Manly), 147 points, 2; No. 1 Belmore North Junior Red Cross Auxiliary Team (Belmore). W5 points, 3. Adjudicators' remarks: "Standard of dancing very Rood. The children seem to enjoy it. Evidently not used to dancing In a large hall, because they were very nervous. Adjudicators very pleased with standard reached."

Morris dance, under 16.-Belmore North Junior Red Cross Auxiliary team (Belmore). 70 points, 1: 1st Drummoyne Guide Company (Drummoyne), 55 points, 2. Adjudicators' remarks: "Morris fair. Lacked the vigorousness of the men's dancing in that section."

Verse-speaking for boys and girls, under 10. open (adjudicator, Mr. Prank Clewlow).-Enid McNeil (Woollahra). 101 points, 1; Yvonne Nobb3 (Mayfield Westl, 160 points, 2; Doreen Wilkes (Hurstville), 156 points, 3. Adjudicator's remarks:

"Very pleasing. Voices of good quality. The most even standard of any section yet heard."

Verse-speaking tor girls, under 6 (restricted), (adjudicator. Miss Betty Shaw).-Jean Jones (Hamil- ton), 7a points, 1; Betty Thomas (Cessnock), 77 points, 2; Lorraine Woods (Annandale), 76 points,


Ballad dramatic soprano solo (restricted to those who have never won a first prize in an adult vocal section in the City of Sydney Eisteddfod), (ad- judicator. Mr. John Bishop).-Leah Morris (Hamil- ton), 87 points. 1; Dora May Norris (Randwick), 83 points. 2. Protest lodged against winner. Ad- judicator's remarks: "The emotional side of the song was rather overdone. On the whole the voices were very good. Some competitors have a promising future ahead of them."

Sword dance, under 10 (adjudicator, Mr», Guyatt): 1st Annandale Girl Guides (Annandale),

07 points, 1; 1st Balgowlah Girl Quides (Balgo*, lah), lat Randwick Boy Scouts (Randwick), 7t

points, equal, 2. 1

_ Sword dance, 18 and over (adjudicators, MIS! Tomllnson, Mrs. Guyatt): English Folk Dance Olut (Sydney), 07 points, 1.

Morris dance, 16 and over (adjudicators Mis! Tomllnson, Mrs. Black): Swords Club (Sydney) Eng- lish Folk Dance Club iSydneyl 80 points, equal, 1.

Country dance. 18 years and over (adjudicator, Mrs. M. Swain): Sword3 club (Sydney), English Folk Dance Club (Sydney), 185 points, equal, 1.

City ot Sydney vocal championship, over 12 and under 10 (adjudicator. Mr. Haydn West):-. Gloria Hungerford (Adamstown), 02 points, 1; Bobble Stevens (Sydney), 90 points, 2; Peg Hannell (Hamilton) (special trophy to visiting competitor gaining highest marks who is not a prize-winner in a previous sectloni. 87 points. 3; D. A. Toun ton (Dulw!ch_HHU, 88 points, highly commended.

Mixed quartette (adjudicator. Mr. John Bishop): Richard McClcIIand's students (Sydneyi, 85 points, 1: Atalanta Quartette (Bydney*-, 00 points, 2.

City of Sydney Juvenile vocal championship, under 10 (adjudicator Mr. Haydn West); Jean Osborn (Punchbowl), Bl points. 1; Jean Hemsworth IBankstownl, 80 points. 2: Royar Longworth (Aber- main!. 76 points, 3.

Vcrsc-spcaklng for boys under 12 (restricted) (adjudicator. Miss Betty Shawl: Peter Brunton Gibb (Fivedockl, 90 points. 1: Rodney Smith (Hurstville!. 80 points. 2: Bruce O'Sullivan (Cook's Hill I, 78 points. 3.

Vocal duet for men (adjudicator. Mr. John Bishopi: Robert Fincham and Arthur Shaylcr (Sydney). 03 points, 1.

Cltv of Svdney women's open elocution cham- pionship, selections from Shakespeare, représent- ée three characters (adjudicator. Mr. F. Clew low): official correction. Edna Montgomery (Bur- wood). 78 points. 1: Lorna Hickey (Bankstown!, 75 points. 2: Mrs. R. L. Blake (Armidale!. 71 points. 3.

Instrumental trio, nuder 21 (adludloator. Mr. John Blshopl.-The Hilling Trio. Peter. Patrick, and Sicnnne Kallins (Mosman!. 90 points. 1.

Oratorio or sacred solo. Men. (Adjudicator. Mr. Haydn West). Finalists: Colin Chapman (CardiffI. E. Smith (Hamilton!. Robert Fincham (3ydneyi. James E. Castle (Dulwich HUH.

City nf Svdney Juvenile niano chnmnlonshlD. undnr 10 radludlcator. Mr. John Bishop).-David C. Maddison (Pymble). 260 points. 1; Ruth Blanks (South Kenslnuton). 257 points). 2: Ethic Sadler (Bust Hamilton). 256 points. 3.

Choral contest for girls' glee club choirs, under 30 voices (adjudicator. Mr. Thorolrl Waters). Girls' Friendly Society (Sydnev), conductor Mr. Gibb. 180 points. 1: Arion Club (Lindfield), con- ductress Mrs. Wilfred Arlom. 105 nolnts, 2.

Character recital for women, open (not Shakes- pearean, non-humorous), (adludloator. Mr. F. Clew lowl_Frances Mvars (Hunter's HUH. 84 points. 1: June McgRn (King's Crossi. 83 points. 2.

Character recital for men. oncn (adjudicator. Mr. Frank Clewlowl.-John C. Kennett (Glenfield). 83 points, 1: Walter S. Nicholls (Lidcombe). 80 points. 2.

Open character recital for men, humo.ous (ad- judicator. Mr. F. Clewlowl.-J. C. Kennett (Glen- field I. 81 points, 1: Keith King (Haberfield). 76

points. 2..

Second male choral contest, not to exceed 35 voices (adjudicators. Messrs. Thorold Waters and Haydn West).-Waratah Mayfield Male Choir. 173 points. 1.

State verse-spcaklnR Juvenile chamnlonshin. under 16 (odludlcator, Mr. F, Clewlowl.-Peggy Christen- sen (Earlwood). 160 points, 1: June Gardner (New Lambton), 157 points, 2.

Mandolin solo championship (adludlcator, Mr. C. King!.-D. Desmond (Oatlcyi. 90 points, 1: A. McLeod (Kurri Kurri). 89 points. 2.

Ensemble of not more than eight players (ad- judicator. Mr. C. King).-Tom Heyes' banjo band.

04 nolnts. 1.

Ensemble of nine players (adjudicator, Mr, C. King).-The Russian Balalaika Orchestra (Sydney).

98 nolnts. 1.

Pianoforte concerto (adjudicator. Mi. J. Bishop). -J. K. Holt (Kensington). 89 nolnts. 1; Kathleen Dempsey (BurwoodI. 88 points, 2.

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