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The whole of Thursday was occupied by the officers and men of the Mounted Contingent in making the final arrangements for leaving by the steamer Surrey for

South Africa to-day. The final selection   of members of the contingent was made, and the officers and men were enrolled in the following order: — THE OFFICERS. Captain Charles James Reade (in com- mand). Lieutenant Joseph Francis Humphris, senior subaltern- Lieutenant George Herbert Lynch, se- cond subaltern. Lieutenant Frank Milton Rowell, third subaltern. Lieutenant George Joseph Restall Wal- ter, junior subaltern. Lieutenant Frederick David Jermyn, me- dical officer. Lieutenant William John Bickford, vete- rinary surgeon. WARRANT OFFICERS. Warrant Officer William De Passey. Warrant Officer William Joseph Press (commanding "Colt" automatic gun de- tachment). NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS Quarter-Master Sergeant Henry Ernest Francis. Sergeant Edgar John Flynn Langley. Sergeant Francis Xavier Fay. Sergeant John Dockrell. . Sergeant Leonard Knapman. Sergeant Thomas Howard Allan. Sergeant James Read. Farrier-Sergeant George Henry Goodall. Farrier-Sergeant William Daniel Carter. Corporal Denzil William Brock. Corporal Charles Phillip Butler. Corporal Charles Alexander Constantine Grosser. Corporal Robert White. Corporal Frederick Frere Solly-Flood. Corporal Harry Harbord Morant. Lance-Corporal Maurice James Coffey (orderly clerk). Lance-Corporal Thomas Hubert Rowell. Lance-Corporal Clement Claud Castine. Lance - Corporal Stanley Livingston Goode.   Lance-Corporal Cook Charles Ferbrache. TROOPERS. William George Cuttle. Frank Gordon Sanders. Aulay Babington Macaulay. George Lawrance Hardey. William Arthur Halliday. Arthur Frederick Huskinson. Wilfred Alexander Nunnelly. Joseph Erskine Croucher. Thomas Nixon Skinner. Thomas Walker Richardson. Richard Edward Wood. Thomas Bradshaw Marsden. William Arthur Cook. Allen O'Halloran Wright. Edward James Evans. Alfred Frederick Hood. William James Toseland. Charles Philip Butler. Horace Daniel Robson. Wilfred Bannister Home. John Mounsey. Hugh Robertson Corpe. James Reidy. Frederick Conrad Pflaum. Samuel Harriett. Francis Bartlett. James Hay Millar.   Wilfred Gottlieb Rowland Patrick Nord- mann Leo. Morphett Henderson. William Stirling Nobes. Alfred Stanley Hillman Marcus Richard Newman. Michael Frank Lynskey. Herbert Alexander Tolmer. Harry Lort Spencer Balfour Ogilvy. Hartley Hermann Newbold. Ramsay Nuthall. James Gregory Clarke. Herbert Henry Fetch. Hector Simper. James Douglas Tolmer. Peter Bruce Bankine. James Way. James Douglass. Victor Mara Newland. Albert Charles William Davies. Frederick Wormleighton. David Morton. Edward Jenner. Leslie Alexander Wauehope. John Sheppard. William Henry Ward. William Henry Pether. John Henry Morrow. Robert Vernon Bostock. Herbert Woolmer Brown. James Florence. Percy Thomas Lowe. Alfred Taylor. Arthur John Lee. Leonard William Gordon. George Richard Aldridge. Edwin Joseph Hancock. Edward Dugald Webb. Reginald Charles Henderson Walker. Sinclair Blue. Robert Dutton Webb. Edward Sherman Marshall James Leslie Loller.   Donald Angus Campbell. John Angus Campbell. Phillip Jones. George Tavemer. Herbert Bail. George Burford. William Mclnerney. William Gilbert Stoyel. Arthur Storer Dayman. Frederick Westbrooke Bateson. William Hay Gosse. Percival Arthur Charles Pettitt. Oscar Carl Sobels. Thomas James Carter. John Coon Wilfred Walter Malcolm. Albert Walker Moore. Frank Humphrey Makin. Alfred Douglas Stock. Reginald Hamilton.