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Lady Brassey, accompanied by the Hon. Helen Brassey and Lord Richard Neville (aide-de-camp), arrived in Adelaide by the Melbourne express on Sunday morning.

They were met by the Mayor of Adelaflhr*" and Mrs. Ware, and breakfasted at the Gresham Hotel. The visitors then drove ' to Marble Hill, where they will be <he~<£ guests of I<ord Tennyson till Thursday, J trfaen they will continue their journey Albany iii the Arcadia. At Albany lady's Brassey and the Hon. Helen Brassey -wiflj join the Suabeam. Lord Richard NevfljejJ will go on to Perth, where he will £tay-ji|| few days at Itotmest Island, the eommeaj retreat of the Governor of West Australia^! Sir ocrard Smith. Then he will retnni"| to Melbourne and take up a position ouS the stall of the Idcntenant-Goveritbr (Sir"; John Madden) in an honorary capacity. .* The Hon. C. C. Kingston went to Wal laroo on Friday, when He had a cordial i; reception. lie was-entertained by tfee-*1 mayor and councillors. .Mr.* Kingston, jnij' accompanied by two other members W. Parliament —Messrs. Koberts and Hooper. Q At the meeting of the Semaphore Boird j' of Health this evening, the resignation bl . Dr. J. S. Mackintosh, as health officer «I y the town, will be considered. Dr. lladdn-i tosh has officiated as health officer of the municipality practically, eince its inception. - Old age and increasing' infirmities nave in- ; dnccd him to rrsign the 'various positions - he has occupied as a>f medical practitioiucr. ; Dr. Mackintosh -arrived By lie barque- Caucasian, oE which he "was surgeon, in.: 1553, and received his .. appointment as i health officer of Semaphore in January,- ISSt • ■'•■■■■ .A Mrs. Mary MVJacMan, of Pine Ha11,5 Mount Gambier, has attained the ripe agie of 100 years. She was'born, on the island of Uh-a, Argyleshire, Scotland, on DeceHg ber 31, 1739, aad thus passed -the ?nn| drod-A year mark at the beginning of€bft present year, and dioold ishe Jive auotiher' year die will /enjoy die rare distinction of ha/ring lived in mree centuries. Accord ing to the "Border :Wa4di" airs. McLaeK lan arrived <jn Australia' on October 12, 1856, by the ship General Hewitt, landing in Portland. She resided in Victoria &t 12 years, when As crossed the border into the south-east, where she has resided ever since, the last 17 years of iier life being spent at Pine Hall, near Mount Gammers She is the eldest surviving member of .-M family of seven. Her only An is Mfe Alexander MfeSJacblan, ifbo came" to <d4£ colony-with his .mother, and is one of our best known pastoralists. Although somb-i what "feeble her health is fairiy good, aha her memory almost unimpaired. Mr. i£2 J- M«?F-fl«*l?lali, -^*hiff of the *~^f?drniiwn Stf ciety, is a grandson of Mrs. McLachlan. v-j Several members of the Sooth. Ansfcta? lian cricket team which has been touring the eastern colonies, returned to Ade laide on Sunday morning by the Mejr bourne express. Those who did opt. tjgg turn were Darling, who is stayingwithtar brother at Seymour, Victoria; Hill, wfai> remained in Melbourne; and Hack and: Hugo, who are «till in Sydney. The players' were met by a number of cricketeis and' 'members of "Hie South Australian Cricket-; ing Association. iGffen has seriously in jured his ode, and it is expected that, lie -will not completely recover bom ids injuj ries for six or seven weeks. ' Otherwise the team are in good health. - . >3j Mrs. T. A. Patterson, of Melbourne, toil received a letter -fibm her sister, Maduoejg Melba, dated from Uerlin on December |S£§ The following are extracts from the letter:| —"I must tell you about my wondexfntj succeS? here. I sang 'Lucia' last Mpndagef December 4, and I verily beUeve that*^ have never had such a triumph, l-wentijjns the stage feeling very nervous, but when ir| got there I found my voice was toeautifiui and supple, and that I could do -what it liked with it. I never heard such applauieif They screamed and vent mad. The.limped ror and Empress were present, and after* the performance (ley sent for me. Xhey,^ were both most gracious and land. T3he| £mpexor ih&aked zoe. for Jiarjng come'|3o'^ Benin, pad said lie had never Been eudrVf "enthusiasm there. lam very happy, be-% cause I have conquered another oonnliy.3 I had never sung in Germany before. * I'am'J crazv about JMtz Mnller. He is so 8b2% Beethoven in the face, and I believe tbitf he has the same trains. Joachim and JU^ took him to the circus last night. How *e enjoyeS it!" ■ ' •_'**