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November 5 — Arrived the ship London Packet, 338 tons, 1 gun, Howland, from Fairhaven 9th Nov. 1843,

with oil.

5 — Arrived the schooner Sylvanus, 72 tons, Taylor, from Port Albert 2nd instant, with cattle and sheep.

8 — Arrived the schooner Flying Fish. 122 tons, Clinch, from Port Phillip 3rd instant, with sheep — passengers, Miss Lauson, Mr. Spencer, Mr. Crabtree Field, Mr. C. Officer, Mr. H. Officer.

8 — Arrived the brig Louisa, 182 tons, 2 guns, Tucker, from Sydney 2nd instant, with a general cargo — passengers, T. D Chapman, Esq., Mrs. Chapman and child, Miss Swan, Mr. Walker, Mr. Gibbin, Mrs. Midwood, Miss Midwood, Miss Kemp, John Holeman

8 — Arrived the schooner John Pirie, 105 tons, Simp- son, from New Zealand 8th October, with timber, &c. — passengers. George Tomlinson and wife, George Philip, R. Ryan, J. Channing, Mr. and Miss Steel, Joseph Rowe and three children, P. Denby and wife, Chailes Hickbottom, wife, and two children, John Townshend, Hugh Frazer, George Bartlett.

November 5 — Sailed the schooner Flying Squirrel, 86 tons, Young, for Port Phillip, with sundries.

9 — Sailed the schooner Champion, 116 tons, Lieut. Helpman, for Swan River, with troops.

9 — Sailed the schooner Margaret, 50 tons, Moodie, for Port Phillip, with sundries,

9 — Sailed the brig Amity, 149 tons, Marr, for Port Phillip, in ballast.


Jfavejnher 7-Schooner Syfoanut, from Port Albert. -32 head cattle, 138 sheep.

8-Schooner Flying Fi»h, from Port Phillip. I cask hardware, 3 water filters, 5 kegs butter, 2 esses cottons, 69 cheeses, I piano, 7 rolls lead, 1 hhd geneva, 530 sheep, 1 box apparel, 3casks beef, 1 cask butter, 26 casks do, 4 case« cheese, 1 piano, 4 packages appsiel.

8-Brig Louisa, from Sydney-208 ten-catty boxes hyson, 984 bags sugar, 4 cases cigars, 2 bales paper, 3 cases furniture, 1 gig, 1 cask oranges, 2 casks refined sugar. 1 case stationery, 100 cases wine, 1 case cigars, I do coriander'seed, I do apothecary, 2 coses confec- tionary, I case patent groats, 1 case macearon!, 28 quarter casks wine, 34 barrels pork, 8 bales lings, 2 anchois, IO chains, 3 kegs tongues, 2 pianos, 1 case luce, 11 casks tar. 2 bags maize, 2 cases fruits. 5 bales paper, 2 bags hardware, 2 boxes soap, 2 do apparel, I case music, 15 packuges fruits and plants.


November 9-Schooner Margaret, for Port Phillip. -50Í10 feet timber, 2000 staves, 1000 palings, 16,000 shingles, 2¿ tons flour, 20 empty tierces.


November 4 -Arrived the cutter Shamrock, 36 tons, Boyd, from Hobart Town, Boyd, agent.

4 -Arrived the cutter Alpha, 37 tons, Martin, from Port Albert, Haven, agent-passenger, W. Wade.

8-Arrived the steamer Shamrock, 200 lons, Gil- more, from Sydney and Port Phillip, Craufurd, agent -passengers, - Fennell, Esq , W. Black, Esq., S. Raymond, Esq., Captain Wcldridge, Mr. St. John, Mr. Mercer, Mr. White. Mr. Noake, Mr. Jordan, Mr. Flummery, E. M. Clissold, L. West, H. West, J. Scott, M. Donoran, Mr. Tomlin, Mr Isilin, Mr. Moore, J. Considine, G. Tweedy, Mrs. Morrison.

November 5-Sailed the cutter Jane and Emma, 33 tons, Irvine, for Sydney via River Mersey, Atkins, agent-passenger. Mrs. Irvine

7- Sailed the brig Giraffe, 260 tons, Harvey, for Sydney, Williams & Co., agents-passengers, Peter

Crane. John Fortune.

6-Sailed the cutter Shamrock, 36 tons, Boyd, for Hobart Town, Boyd, agent


Mina Orr, 30lh October, 700 barrels black, 50 do


Francis, 30th October, clean.

Industry, 26th October, two fish.

Terror, of Sydney. 26th October. 900 barrels.

The following vessels spoke the middle of October : -

Eamont. 800 barrels black. Cheviot, 800 barrels black.

Dundee Merchant, 250 barrels black. Grecian. 1200 barrels black.

Wallaby, 300 barrels spetm, 700 do black. Johanna, 80 barrels sperm, 600 do black. Marian, 500 barrels black. Adelaide, clean.

Prince of Denmark, clean.



We have no change of any importance to notice in the markets. Wheat is quoted at from 3s Gd to 3s 9d. Patatos are a nominal price, and will not realise 10s a ton after paying freight from Brown's River.

Fine Hour at the mills, £0 to £9 10s.


The ronrkcts have been remarkably quiet through- out the week, and the transactions but few. The cargo of wheat, ex Calypso, biought 4s per bushel ; in flour lhere is no alteiation. A lot of Ilennessy's brandy realized 5s 9d per gallon- In rum there is nothing to report ; 100 cases gin sold for 17s. Buss's tile -(lie importation ex Garland Grove, sold at former rates Salt, 100 tons brought .£5 5s per ton Sugar-about 70 tons Manillu sold to the trade at £22 10s and ?23.

Tea-hyson skin, Ibis market is quiet and nothing doing. Soft goods-well assorted invoices are realis- ing good advances ; in other articles there is nothing calling for comment.

JOHN* JOHNSON, Broker. Albion House, Miller's Point.

The Wool Market-Skin wool is the principal de- scription that has been offered for sale, which, being of good colour, fetched Is Id to Is 2d readily. Some new wool has also come to maikct, and was well got up, but no sales effected, on account of its belonging to parties who consign home on their own account. A few huies of unwashed were sold at auction at, but were not very heavy in the grease. The shearing has been interrupted by the late rains, but again resumed with every appearance of a good clip. The Jaigc sales of wool commence in London on the 15th July, and the expectation was, that the prices would be main-


Wheat.- Great dulness prevails, and the cargo of the Calypso has added to out previous heavy stock. The Martha is expected daily from Launceston with a cargo of wheat ; but as she comes to a house in the trade her cargo »ill not ailed the current rules; 3s 6d may be quoted us the price for best, samples.

Flour -The millers have reduced their prices gene- rally to £9 10s per ion, cash. We do not recollect such a perfect stagnation in this article as appears lit


Bread.--The 2!b loaf is now generally sold for 2|d ; but there is still much of un inferior quality in the city.

Maize.-There is a very large quantity of maize at present in the matket, for which the growers hate ob- tained from lOJd to Is Id per bushel, according to quality ; the retail prices arc from Is 2d to Is 6d per bushel. The general price is Is 3d per bushel.

Oats arc neither plentiful nor much in demand, the retail price 2s Gd per bushel ; the wholesale dealers giving about 2s per bushel.

Barley.-There is hut little iii the market; the wholesale price is from 2s to 2s 3d ; the retailers arc charging from 2s 4d to 2s 9d per bushel.

Horses.-Good strong coach, gig, and cart horses are inquired for by the dealers, but the prices thev offer not being more than from £7 to £9 per head, there is no encouragement fur the owueis of this de- scription of stock to bring it to market, and such asare compelled to sell must make up their minds to sacrifice, as the dealers are not at all inclined to compete or make an advance on the prices which have tor some . ccks been obtained. On Tuesday last, fifty-one head of stock horses, mares, and foals were sold at the pound ; the animals were in general in indifTi rent con- dition ; the prices ranged from 70s to 180s per head, the fools being given in willi the mates ¡n the lot. The average price of the whole was about £5 5s per head.

Butchers' Meat continues of good quality at last week's prices, vi« , wholesale, beef and mutton, ¿d to }d per lb ; «cal and pork, 3d to 3Jd per lb. The re tail prices are, beef and mutton, Id to I id per lb; veal and pork, 4d to 5d per lb ; neals' tongues, Is each ; suet, 3d to 3jd per lb.

Patatos are still plentiful, but the demand is as yet limited, in consequence of the cheapness of other sorts of food, rather than the largeness of the supply. The wholesale prices arc. Van Diemen's Land potitos. £3 to £3 10s per ton ; Broulee do, 50s to 55s per ton ; Jeringong do, 45s to 50s per ton. The retail prices range from 2s 9d to 5s per cwt.

limber.-There is at present a large supply of almost every description of timber in the market ; the wholesale prices aie from 5s 3d lo 6s Cd per 100 feet ; assoi ted timber is from 7s 3d to 7s 8d per 1(10 feet; buildings are supplied throughout nt from 6s-9d to 7s 3d per 100 feet; Bellingham cedar, in log. is from 9s to 12s per 100 feet, and in demand ; cedar inch boards are from 2d to 2¿d per foot ; shingles, 6s di to 8s per 1000; and laths fioin 5s to 6s per IW0-Sydney

Morning Herald.


' The Observations are taken at 2 o'clock each day.





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