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"Star" to Visit Tasmania

Filming of Novel


Tasmanians especially «-ill be inlerest i ed bi the news that Australasian Films I Ltd. has received a cablegram from Los Angele« stating that Eva Novak, thc well-known motion picture actress, has I sailed from America by tho Tahiti for Australia to "star" in the production, partly in Tasmania, of an adaptation of Marcus Clark's novel, "For the term of i his natural life," with an Australian cast. She is under engagement to Australasian Films Ltd., and is bringing with her George Fisher ns leading man, and Steve Murphy.

Kva Novak was born of English parents in St. Louis in 1902. She has had a career of more than twelve years in motion pic- tures, and been a leading player for ten years in a long list of notable produc- tions for Universal, Paramount. First National, Metro, Fox, FJJ.O., Selznick, Pathe, and many independent producers. Some of the pictures in which she figured prominently were "The Man That Life Passed By," "Wolves of the North," "Up in Mabel's Room," "The Girl and the Goose." "Women First," "The Ltrr'o of the Yukon," "The Man From Heü's River," and "The Snowshoe Trail."

Beginning her career as a comedienne, Miss Novak rose to the rank of a "star" under Norman Dawn's guidance at Uni- versal, and later played in many suocesKiul pictures of the North Country, in which she attained spocia! distinction. She ia an outdoor girl, an expert horsewoman, and can drive a dog team with the best of the northwoodsmcn. She is a musician and a dancer, and has appeared with some of til« leading male star« in Hollywood, in- cluding Tom Mix and Thoa. Moighan. She made one picture in Alaska with Norman Pawn, and was very popular with thc hards mining people or. thc Yu- kon Uiver, where she gave an exhibition ot her skill in dog team driving.


Eva Novak is a quiet, iKwne-Joving girl, and when not at work, to which she is de- voted, is at home with her mother in her magnificent residence in Hollywood, thc material monument to the thrift and earning capacity of this attractive little star. She has done considerable work in foreign countries, and baa often express- ed tho desire to come to Australia and make pictures in the wonderful and now backgrounds of tho Commonwealth.

Few novels are more adapted to trans- lation to tile screen than "For the Tern: of His Natural Life," and Australasia! Films Ltd. lias determined to turn out £ production that will, on ita quality, find t ready market in America, England, and the Continent. In addition to important Miss Eva Novak and Mr. George Fisher Mr. Norman Dawn, one of America's foro most producers, has been brought to Ta» mania, and. in company with Mr. W. A Gibson, O.B.E., managing director of Ans tralasian Film» Ltd. and Union Thoatrci Ltd.. is now engaged viewing the location: at Port Arthur and elsewhere where thi actual incidente of the novel were por frayed. It is in-tended to treat the themi most delicately, eliminating gruesome de tails, and accentuating the love intcrcs and romance that permeate the novel.

It is estimated that tho production o "For the Term of His Natural Life" wi] cost almost £40,000, murri of which wil bo spent in Tasmania, which should ata benefit in other directions, as thc nnsur passable beaut}- of thc backirronnds wil be strongly brought out in tho film.