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October brings with it a regular embar-<*> rassment of racing wealth. A Cæsare-<*> witch, Middle Park Plate, and Champion Race, all included in one meeting —the

Newmarket Second October—afford a bill of fare which makes the lensthening shadows of the racing evening a time to be conadered. And the latest Cajsarewitch food for reflection. Last year the first five places in the race were tilled bj three-year-olds, and now there was not one of that age in the fire. The state of the course, influenced as it was by the rain, was just edited to the fire-year-old winner, Jester, 'with his nice burden of <3st. 10 lbs., and he won with just as much ease as lioseberry and Hilarious had done befire liim. The previous running of Jester, Botftbly in the Chester Cap and at Ascot, had not been such as to mark him oat as the -winner of England's greatest handicap, and consequently Prince Batt&yany, at one time half owner, only backed him for a trifle. Bat he had had a long and careful preparation for this special coup, and his owner trusted him -with £1,003. Mr. Naylor had previously won this race with Cherie, trained by Matt Dawson. On the -present oceasien die winner was trained by John Dawson and ridden by Luke, -which gave rue to She playful lines— " Though HatthewintE?ed the mark, my son, Yet Luke and John the nee had won." "Last year Jester was claimed out of a -selling race to be schoolmaster to Sidonia for the Cambridgeshire, one of the most highly-tried handicap certainties erer brown, but who went wrong a few minutes after running his private spin. Itetaus follow:— The Qasaxewitch Stakes of 25 boys. each, 15 -ft..-with 300 added; winners extra.; the saeond -received 200 sots., and the third 100 aavs. C;essiewitch Coarse. 64 sabs. Blr. B.C. Naylor*s ch.h. Jester, by Merry maker (dam's pedigree unknown), 5 yrs., Cat 16 lbs. (Duke) 1 KrJLtt Sanford's bJ. SJart, 4 res.. 7 «t. (H. Covey) _ 2 ;Blr J. Johnson's Shillelagh, 4 yrs, 6st. 8 lbs. (Mallows) - 3 Also ran—Lord Falmouth's Lady Go liahtly, 4 yrs., 8 st. 2 lbs.: 3fr. Crawford's Sefton, 3* yrs, 8 st.; Mr. W. Berill's Bhidorrocb, 4 yrs., 7 st. 11 lbs.; Lord Bosebery's Snail, aged, 7 st. 9 lbs. (car. 7 st. 10 lbs.) ; Count F. de Lagrange's Insulaire, 3 yrs., 7 SL 9 lbs;" Lord Zetland's Flotsam, S yrs., 7 st. 5 lbs. (inc. 10 lbs. ex.) Captain Maehell's Master Kildare, 3 yrs., 7 st. 4 lb.: Mr. F. Gretton's Harbinger, 4 yrs., 7 st; Mr. Bowes's Jagellon, 4 yr?., 7 st. (car. 7 st. 3 lb.); Mr. M. L. LazareCTs h-c. Hermes, 3 yes.. 7 et.: Mr. E. Etches's Lancaster, 4 yrk, C st. 11 lb.: Mr. M. L. Lazareffe Tisba, 3 yre., 6 st. 10 lb.; Mr. C. Perkins's Boehamplon, 5 yrs., G st 9 lb.; Mr. C. Bush's Bound to Win, 3 yreu, 6 st. 3 rb. One 10 lb. ex.); Mr. T. T. Drake's Sunshade,3 yrs., 0 st. 2 lb.; Mr. Acton's Equinox, 3 yrs., 6 «t- 2 lb.; Mr. W. S. Crawfurd'e br.f., by brother to Stratford, Makeshift, 3 yrs, a st. 10 lb. (car. 5 st. 11 lb.) They got away at the first attempt, and pi oof of the goodness of the pace was 5} >a afforded by the lengthy tail so com paratively limited a Caesarewiteh. field pre sented on their appearance in sight from beifiLdthe farm buildings on the other side cf the ditch. The advance guard consisted of Shillelagh (inside), Lancaster, Start, the Mnke?hift filly, Roehampton, and Sunsaiie, -and at the head of the second division, as they rounded the extremity of the ditch, Master Kildare, Rhidorroch,Sefton,Harbh> srer, and Snail also laid in good places, whilst Lady Golightly, Equinox, and the Russians thus* early began to exhibit the effects of -the pace at which Shillelagh cut out the work. After Imping on the fiat Sunshade and Harbinger disappeared in the ruck, and at the T.Y.C winning-post SeftoD, the Makeshift filly, Lancaster, and lthidor jOL-h also hung out agnate of defeat. These secessions reduced the front rauk left -with a chance to half a dozen— viz., Shillelagh, Start, Roehampton, Jester, Master Kildare, and losolsire—of which lot the last-named pair gradually improved their positions ia approaching the Hashes, at which point, however, both were done with. At the top of the hill fioehampton gave way to Jester and Start, both of whom closed with Shillelagh in the Abingdon bottom, and heading him directly after wards, Jester shook off the American mare in the cords, and won with great ease by five lengths. SbJDelaen finished two lengths behind Start, a length in advance of Roehampton: and six lengths in the rear of him Master KUdare, Insulaire, and Lancaster passed the post nearly abreast, .clear of Sefton, Snail, the Makeshift filly, and Harbinger. The last lot were Lidy Golightly, Flotsam, and Hermes, and a Ion? Wav behind them were Equunx and Tisba. Of the other performers Insulaire im proved on his Leger form, and Start ran a good honefit mare for Mr. Sasford. She had 4 lbs. more on her back than the winner, who beat her five lengths. Her American trainer had given her a most careful .preparation, and I think she ehould have won last year if she had not been struck out. Shillelagh, once one of die speediest two-year-olds, led to the Abingdon Mile Bottom, but the hill thenceforward was the better horse. On the old theory that the boi&e that can command the iield across the flat in the Ctes&rewitch should win the Cambridgeshire, Shillelagh received good support for the shorter distance, but we know the result has not justified the view in this instance. Insulaire was beaten by Master Kildare, who indeed beat all the -three-year-olds, and Sefton for a Derby winner did badly. Lord Falmouth declined to start his splendid filly Wheel of Fortune for the Middle Park Plate, ac she would have cir ried the extreme penalty, and hie Lordship considers that the running- of Lady Go lightly under similar cireuiustances was what marred her three-year-old career. Sunshine in her day never got over her struggle In this face at the top weight, and she has left the memory of a two-year-old who came three times in the race. General Peel was successful with Peter, the not inaptly named eon of Hermit, and the Duke of Westminster was second with Victor Chief, the berth he filled in Chamant'eyear with Pellegrino. Peter is already as big as a Derby winner. He stands 15-3, has a good head and neck, remarkably deep aud well-placed shoulders; with plenty of width over his hips he shows great muscular development in his quarters, but is just a trifle too light in his middle to be considered true made all over. Details:— The Middle Park Pjl&xe, of 500 soys., added to a sweepstakes of 30 sore, each, 20 ft, for two year-olds ; winners extra j toe second horse re ceived 200 soys., and the third 100 soys. Bretby Stakes Connie. 178 sobs. General Peel's cli.c Peter, by Hermit—Lady BUdum, 9 at. (inc. 4 lbs. ex.) (C. Wood) 1 Sake of Westminster's Victor Chief, S st. 10 lbs. (Constable) 2 Mr. Acton's ch,c.GuuHersbury, S st. 10 lbs. (Glover) „. 3 Also ran—Mr. EL E. Beddington's b.c. Stratheam, 9 st. 3 lbs. (inc. 7 lbs. ex.); Mr. Christopher's br.c. Discord, 8«t. 10 lbs.; Mx. Crawford's br.c Lansdown, :) st. (inc. 4 lbs. ex.); Lord Falmouth's Charibert, 9 st. 3 lbs. (me. 7 lbs. ex.); Mr. Gosden's b.c. Scapegrace, 9 st. (inc. 4 lbs. ex.); Lord Hartington's c. Indigo, Bst 10 lbs.; Mr. J. Johnson'sbc, Roscius, 9 et.J(inc. 4 lbs. ex.); Count F. de Lagrange's chx. Rayon dOr, it st. (inc. 4 lbs. ex.); Mr. D. miner's br.c. Jfafsena, 8 st. 10 lbs.; Duke of St. Alban's High and Mity, 8 st. 7 lbs.; Mr. Gerard's eh.c. Crhazi, 8 st. 10 lbs.; Miss Graham's Westiiourne. 8 st. 10 lbs.; Lord Hard vicke'e b.c Nigel, 8 st. 10 lbs.; Mr. 3. H.

Houldsworth's eh.c. Ruperra, 9 st. 8 lbs. (inc. 7 lbs. ex.); and Major Stapylton's Sans I'areil, 8 st 10 lbs. They got away at die second attempt, and when fairly under weigh Gunnersbury in the centre, Uiscord, with Ruperra at his quarters, on the far side, and Rayon dOr, in the left centre, showed in advance, the three being- so nearly level that doctors differ even amongst the jockeys as to which was leading. Next to them hud Ghazi, Scapegrace, and West hotune on the stand side, whilst most pro minent of the middle division were Mas sena, Peter, Lansdown, Victor Chief, and Indigo; nor did we notice anything else until Charibert showed for a few strides at the Bushes, aud then died away again with Ghazi, Scapegrace, and Westbourne De scending the hill Kuperra was in dii?culties, and ltayon dOr giving way in the Abui£ don Bottom simultaneously with the col lapse of Discord on the far side, the issue was left to the three placed and Massena. ILising the bill the latter besan to tire, and Uupnersbury resigned the lead to Victor Chief, who was challenged half-way up by Peter, who ran the longest and won a splendid race by a neck, Gunnerabury finishing- three lengths eff, half a length in advance of Rayon dOr, who was a neck in front of Masseiia. At an interval of dix lengths Ruperra, Discord, Indigo, and Ghazi passed the post in a cluster, the last lot being High and Mitv, Roscius, and Nigel. Jannette and Silvio made an example of the field m the Champion Stakes. Of the seven starters three were Leger winners. Tie mare only got home s neck to the good of Silvio, but then Archer had an ey? to future events aud engagements, and the mare is unquestionably the best three-year old of the day. Details:— The Chaht-iok Stakes of SO soya. e&ch.h ft, with I,oooadded; second received 10 percent, and tbe third 5 per cent. A-F. 197 subs. Lord Fa.mouths hi. Jannette, by Lord Clifden—Chevisaunce, 3 yrs., 8 st. 3 lbs. (F. Archer) ... 1 Lord Falmouth'& Silvia, 4 yre., 9 et. 4 lbs. (J.O&bocne) 2 Lord Koseberj-'s Kaleidoscope, 5 yrs., 9st. 6 lbe. iCoiwtable) „ 3 Also ran—Lord Calthorpe's Petrarch, •r) vrs. 9 st. 0 lbs.: Mr. J. HL Houldsworth'a Cfftngarry. 3 yrs, 6 st. C lbs.; Count F. de ljagrau^e's Verneuil, 4 yrs., !>st. 4 lbs.; and Mr. 3£itchell-InneE's Glen Arthur, 4 yrs.. '.* st. 4 lbs. Silvio cut out the work at a very strong pace, followed by Gleu Arthur and Petrarch (very wide loh the left, Verneuil lying next on the far side, and Jannette bringing up the rear with Kaleidoscope. This order was maintained to the T.Y.C. winning-post, when Glen Arthur retire 1, and Verneuil drew into second place on the wLip-havd with Silvio, whilst Januette drew up to the Frenchman's right hand shortly afterwards, and before reachitig the Bushes Kaleidoscope showed prominently between Silvio and Petrarch. The latter began to sprawl descending the hill, and Kaleidoscope was disposed of iv tiie Al.-.r.Ldon Bottom simultaneously with tbe retirement of Ytrneuil, who was settled tbe ii.staut Jaunette challenged her stable ct-mpai.ion. who fought it out to the i ist wiih her: but tbe issue was never in dou'it, though the fiat was a neck only. At an icle2val of 10 lengths Kaleidoscope and Viini-uil pafsed the post a head apart, ant tbe oihers were as far behind them. The meeting was a good one for t'je Dawson family of trainers, and a triumph for lyjrd Falmouth, who won the Royal Stakes with Childeric, was secon.i in the Ckarwell with Ringleader, was first and second in the Champion with Jannette and Silvio, won the Newmarket Oaks with Jannette, and the Prendergast with Leap Year—the second year in succession.