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The Grand Prix at Paris wakes the Derby a falsely run race. Early in the present year on a public form Thurio was a superior horse to Insulaire, and Insulaire was better than Sefton.

Cannon maintained that the Derby running of j Thnriu nag wron#, au?i the French race vindi- ■ cated this opinion. We bave ouly space for : details, not further comment: — j the <:iu.\-n i'rizk or I'Aitis ; Of 100,00 t fr. <4,<)00 sovb.), for thrfte-year-oW i colts an<l fillies of all countries, added to a I sweepstakes of 1,000 fr. (40 sovs.; pach, CW fr. (24 sovs.) ft. and 500 fr. (20 «ors.) only if de clared by midnight on the Wednesday pre ceding the race; second received 10,000 fr. (400 : aovs ), and third 5,000 fr. (200 sovs..); colts Bst. dibs.; fillies Bst <5 lbs.; about 1 mile 7 fur- \ loogB; 269 subs., 213 of whom paid 4 sovs. each, j and 57 20 wvk. each. \ Prince BoltykoffV) br.c. Tiinrio, by Tibthorpe > or Cremorne — Verona, 8 st. 9 lbs. (T. 1 Cannon) 1 ' Count Lagrange'a bi.e. Insulaire, by Dutch j Skater—Green Sleeve, 6 et. 91 bs. (Goater) 2 > Count I^agrange's b.c. Inval, by Pompier— | Inconnue,Bst.9ilM. (C&rratt) 3 Other horses running—ll. Delatre's b.c. Clo- ; cher, by Cathedral—Convent, lbs.; M. Delatre'a cb.c. Olotaireor IJerryer— Nice, 8 st. 9 lbs.; Count Lagrange's cb.f. Cle mentine, by Hortemer—Regalia, Bat. ti lbs.; M. Fould'* br.c. &Uth?uder,by Vertugadiu—Satba niel, 8 et. 9 lbs.; M. Moreau-Ciiaslon's br.c. I«e O^ant, by ije Petit Capor&l or Vertugadin— Andromeda, 8 et. 0 Ibi. Boulouf le4, followed by Clementine and Inval, the last three being Insulaire, Stathouder, and Tiiario. Going np the billon the fa? side of the course Clocber took third place, and at the turn by tbe?onlogne Gate headed Clementine, whilst after passing Baron de itothschild'e villa Insu laire and Inval took third and fourth places be hind If. Delatie's pair. Here Le Geant bolted oat of the course, and Thario began to improve his position, and as the lot turned into the straight Insulaire, Thurio, Inval, and Clocher, in front, lay almost in a line, the favorite with the lead. Half-way np Clocher was besten,and Thurio and Inval began to close up with Issu iaire, who at the distance still had his head in front, but Thurio kept gaining on him as they neared the post, and just beat the favorite at the finish by a bead. Inval was beaten only a short neck from Insulaire, Clementine being a bad * fourth, with Bouiouf and Ciocher next, and Stathouder last. Value of the stakes, £5,934. Time, by Benson's chronograph, 3 mins. 22 sees. The late Ascot Meeting ntay well be termed a Tcagedy of Errors. Never was public form and we may say common Bense so flagrantly vio lated as in the results of the running. In the Prince of Wales's Stakes Childeric gave Bonnie Scotland 121b*., a neck beating. In the St. James's Palace Stakes he gives 7 lbs., and is beaten in a canter by Bonnie Scotland. At New market Tbunderstone beats "Vemeuil in a canter. Soon after Silvio gives Thunderstoue 10 lbs., and beats him in a canter. And then, in the Gold Cup, Verneuil beats Silvio at level weights. Again, Attains in a trial gives Glen garry 21 lbs. and a beating. Glengarry beats the first and third in tbe Derby, and then At tolus fails to beat the most moderate form re presented by Sousie Queen aud Boniface. Verneuil beat iarty Golightly for tbe Gold Vase, aud tbe Ascot Stakes went to Chesterton in a field of 17 runners, this four-year-old re ceiving 16 lbs. from Advance, who was second, and carried 8 et. 12 lbs., the top weight. The Lady Morgan colt by Adventurer secured by an «ssy three lengths the Biennial from Strathem and Muley Edris. On the Wednesday Insulaire, looking rather light and tucked np by his labors and joumeyings, beat the Oaks winner in the Ascot Derby, and the Royal Hunt Cup went to Julius Caesar, who, though he still runs in blinkers, rac«d as straight as a gun-barrel. Lord Falmoath won the Coronation Stakes with Bedwiog, but as this filly is a roarer, and the Old Mile is a very stiff one to compass, this form muct be wrong. This success was followed up by Muley Edris winning the Triennial. On Thursday Verneuil beat Silvio, Hampton, and St. Chrlstophe very easily in the Gold Cup. This grand French horse has improved in pace and stamina, aud thongh his fore fetlocks bear a sign, hi is bit: enough to carry 15 st. to hounds. In the New Stakes the famous Chance colt failed to carry his 7 lbs. penalty to victory over this severe course, and he succumbed to Stratbern and lansdown. Petrarch won the Eous Memorial, but the leg has given way, and he will probably never he trained again. We give details of the principal races:— THE COLO VASE, Added to a sweepstakes of 2.} eovs. each; weight for age, with penalties aud allowances. Two miles. Five subs. Count Lsgrange's ch.h. Yemeni], by Morte mer—Begalia,4yn.,B st. 10 Ib. U.Goater) 1 Lord Falmouth'a b.f. Lady Golightly, 4 yrs., 8 st. 5 lbs. (F. Archer) 2 Won easily by ten lengths, Lady Golightly palling up very leg weary. 1 lirE PBIXCX OF WAXES STAKES. Of 50 sore. each. h. ft., with LOGO added, for ! three-year-olds; colts 8 st. Id lbs., fillies 8 et. 5 lbs.; winners extra, with certain allowances; ! second received 300 Bars., and third 200 oovs. New Course (about 1 mile and 5 furlongs). 93 I saba. Sir. J. H. HouldswortVs ch.c. Glengarry, Iby Scottish Chief—Crocus, 6 st. 3 lbs. (G. Fordham) „ 1 Lord Fatmoatb'sb.c. ChUderic, 9 at. 1 1b. (in. S lbs. extra) F. Archer 2 Other horses running—Mr. W. S. Crawford's | b.c. Seftou,9 st. 5 lbs. (in. 9 lbs. extra); Mr. B. Peck's ch.c. Bonnie Scotland, 8 st. 3 Ib*.; Mr. Vf. S. Cartwright'g b.f. Ban de Vie, 7 Et. 12 lbs.; Count Lagmnge'd cf. Clementine. S st. 10 lbs. (in. 5 lbs. extra); Lord Wilton's b.c. Censer, S st. 31b. A quarter of a mile from home Bonnie Scot land was in trouble, and Childeric went with a rush t-> the neck of Glengarry, while Sefton also made a gallant effort. For a moment, as they came to the Spagnoletti board, Childeric was on level terms with Glengarry, but the latter drear away again in tbe last hundred yards, aud won an interesting race by a length and a half. Bonnie Scotland and Sefton finished a dead heat for third place, a seek behind Chil deric. Eau de Vie was fifth, about half a dozen lengths in rear of tbe dead-beaters, and the last two, beaten a considerable distance, were Cle mentine and Censer. Time by Benson's chrono graph, S min. 101 Bees. Net value of the stakes. i3,075. TUB ASCOT DEEBT STAKES, Of SO sovs. each, h. ft., with 200 oovs. added, for three-year-olds; col to, S st. 10 lbs ; fillies, 6 st. 0 lbs.; winners extra, with certain allow ances; second received 160 sovs., and third 50. Svintey Course (one mile aud a half); Si subs. Count Lagrange's bl.c. lusulaire, by Dutch Skater—Green Sleeves, 9 st. 1 \h. (in cluding 5 lbs. extra) J. Goater 1 Lord Rosebery's br.c. Cou Cregan, S st. 10 lbs. (Coustablej 2 Lord F&luiouth's b.f. Jannette, 8 st. 11 lbs. l\ Archer) 3 Won by four lengths; about half a length separated the second and third. Time, by Bon son's chrouograpb. 2 min. sti sees. THE BOYAL HCST CUP. Value 300 sovs., added to a handicap sweep stakes of 10 sove. each; winners extra; second received 150 sovs., and the third 50; Kew Mile ; 72 guoj Mr. J. T. Best's b.h. Julius Gusar, by St. Alb&ns —Julie, 5 yrs., $ st. 6 lbs. <F. Archer 1 Lord tfartington's lielphcebe, 4 yrs., 7 st. 12 lbs. (C. Wood) 2 Mr. H. Kymill's br.f. Bosy Cross, 4 yrs. 7 st. 11 lbs. (Constable) 3 Othtr horses running—Mr. F. Leleu's b.h. Kineton, 6 yrs, 7 st. Slbs.; Count Lagrauge'o Augusta, 5 yrs , 7 st. 5 lbs.; Lord Wiltuu's br.h. Craiile, 5 yrs., 7 st 4 lbs.; Mr. Naylor's ch.h. Jester, 5 yrs., 7 st. 2 lbs.; Lord Kosebery"s br.c. Toucbet, 4 vrs., J st. I lb.; Lord Arling ton's b.c. Post Ha^te, 4 yrs., 7 St.; Mr. C. B. Cave's b.h. The Eeevo, 5 yrs., 7 st.; Lord Zet land's b.f. Spiogelschiff, 4 vrs., 6 t>t. 9 lbs.; Mr. Crawford's ch.c. Avontes, 4 jrs ,6 st 9 lbs.; Mr. W. S. Cartwright's oli.f. Fair Lvoiiese, 3 \rs., 6 st. 3 lbs.; Lwd Bradford's br.h' Swiug, 4 j-rs., 6 st. 2 lbs.; Lord Wilton's b.t. Balance, 3 yrs., 6 St.; Lord Kcsteven's br.c. Haddon, 3 vrs., 5 st. 7 lb.; Mr H. Saville's br.f. by See Saw— Victoria, 3 yrs..3 st. 7 lbs.; Mr. W.'S. Mivshcll- Innes's br.c. Potentate, 3 yra., 6 st.; Mr. Chap- Hu's b.f. by Kuowtsley—liab-at-the-Bowster, 3 yrs., 5 st. 12 lbs. Lord Wilton declared to win with Balance. At the first attempt the signal was given to a good start, the lot getting away on equitable tenn? with the exception of Balance, whose rider did not think it was a start., as be did not see the advanced starter drop his flag. As soon as they were fairly on their legs Haddon, in the centre of the coarse, drew out with a. clear lead, and made the running from Avontes, Post Haste, Cradle, and Fair Lyoaese, Julius Caesar, on the extreme left, holding a prominent posi tion from Rosy Cross, Spieglescbifi, and Bel phoebe, while on tbe left centre was tha favorite, and on the far side the most conspicuous colors were those borne by Touchit, Jester, and Poten tate. The field became more select by the time half the journey had been covered, one of the first to retire from the front ranks being Haddon, whose retreat was quickly followed by that of Post Haste and Avoutes, while at the same time Lord Wilton's pair and Fairlflone^bvcain^piowoonapicuous. Better

than a quarter of a mile from home, however they also were beaten, and Julias Caesar, fall of running, drew out with a clear advantage of Rosy Cross on die right, and Belphcebe Btreteb ing away towards the centre of the course. Of the pair Bosy Cross hung out signals of distress [ before reaching the Spagnolefcti board, and was passed by Belpboebe, who made a grand effort, * bat could never get on anything approaching : terms with Julius Caesar, who ramped past t£e j post an easy winner by three lengths. A similar ; distance away came Rosy Cross third, and then I at a clear interval was Avontes fonrth. The next j pair were Kineton and Spiegelcbiff, close together, three or four lengths in front of Poten tate, who was seventh; then came lord Wilton's pair in advance of The Beeve, Post Baste, : Uaddon, and Swing, in the order named,-and the , last three were Touchct, Fair Lyonese, and 1 Jester behind the Victoria filly, Augusta, and j the Bab-at-the-Bowster filly. Time, by Benson's . chronograph, 1 min. 52 sees. Net value of the Btoke,JCJ,OlO. 1 THE <SOM> CCP, ' Value 1,000 sovs., added to a subscription of j2O eovB each; weight for age, with certain ■ allowances; second received 200 sovs, and third I 100 bovb. About two miles and a half. Twenty fonr snbs. I Count I/Ogrange's ch.c. Verneuil, by Mor temer—Regalia, 4 yrs, 8 et. 10 lbs, (Goater) 1 Lord Falmoufch'g b.c. Silvio, 4 yrs., 8 st. 10 lbs. (F. Archer) 2 Count Lagrange'R ch.c. St. Christophe,4 yrs., 8 st. 10 lbs. (Fordham) ... 3 Lord EHesmere's bJh. Hampton, 6 yrs., S et. 5 lbs. (F.Webb) 0 Verncuil cut oat the work on the inside, and by tha time they reached the stand held a clear lead of bis stable companion, St. Coristophe, and Hampton, close together, Silvio whipping in. They ran thns to the Hotel torn, when Silvio passed Hampton, and no farther change occurred until jnst after enter ing the Old Course, when Hampton ib passed the favorite, and directly afterwards ran into second place. Passing the Brick-kilns he. however, dropped back again, and Silvio polled his way into second place. Coming round the bend, however, Archer was compelled to call upon him (or an extra effort,and though the son of Blair Atbol answered generously enough, he could not get on terms with the Frenchman, who retained his advantage to the end, and won in a canter by sis lengths, without ever having been * beaded; Silvio was second, half a length is front of St. Christopbe, and Hampton, finishing only half a length in rear of the Grand Prise winner of 1877, was placed fourth. Time, by Benson's chronograph, 4 mins. 50 sees. Value of the stakes, £1,460.