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Noon versus Foresters. —Soon, 64 (B. Cm mil 3«; Condon «ye for 10, Pnanm two for IS.] , Oras; two for 9); Foresters, 102 (H. C. Pflaum : •?, Singsborongn tit. G. Adams 27; Wiggles , worth two for 31. K. Cardake three lor 27. H. ; Edwanss two fur none). Olimpians verms Parana.—Parana, 18S (Fetch 50. Haddrich 54, Vaagnan 15. F. D. Petch M; Symons two tor S3); tM.vmpL.Tis. 115; (H. B. Mitchell 30. B. H. LaSer 3a; Petcb two; for 28, Kadowski two (or I*. Schmidt three, tor It). - : i Laxton Imperials cessus Pats.—imperbla. four for 129 (Giffen SO, Palter 50, UaiTaWe 11); Pats, 91 (Lowery *3, bglU 10. G. Deer t% H. May 11; Webber two for 21, Parks' twe £8, Giffen three for U. Miller two for 7). S.Y.P. ASSOCXATIOX. Ike cricket aeasaa opesed on SatordaT, when the Edlthbars* A Gcaale team net Yarfceanvn at Edithbargh, and the Edithbtunrh B's journeyed ta Tsvketawn. Play ceased wttli both grades at ( p.m. owing- to heavy raia that fell, neither or the Yorkrtomn teaSM«jnioe batted. Scores:— A Grade—Edithiorgh, <S (E. Benscbfce 16, O. Baker 20). B Grade.—Bdidtborjh. six wicked for 17! (T. n. Sunmer IS, t. C ibrtram 30, S. Franke 36. sundries 26). i FOOTBALL ■ NORTH ADELAIDE DISTRICT ASSOCIATION. At the Prospect Ov«I pavilion last night the aiuraal txil of the Sorts AMaite District FajtbaJl Assoriation was held. Tbeer was a; large attendance, presided over by Mr. B. C. ' Stock. The chairataa proposed the toast of the Xjrth Adelaide A Grade FoUbaU Chi. He aid ' the senior dub waa now feeling the beneSt of i the hmior *rmciuti<m'm work. Mr. C. F. V Jang, secretary of tue North Adelaide dub, in respono ins. said be was pleased to see the healthy state i !of the Korth Ad<:U:ie District Associstion. Be I appealed to dob secretaries ts semi an the names j of rbe mJ«T prom^ing plaveoi and not keep them {or t!H> immediate benefit of their own cuoV Mr. ' 1. F. Bennett responded oa behalf of the Korth Adelaide B trade dab, who annexed tie premier- I «!i:n of t'jat erad*. Other toasts were:—"The ! Pnmier Team." Mr. X- Basb. responder Mr. J. I Caumbell. setreUrv of the Chicago Footbafl CIA; -The North Adelaide District Football Asso-ia i H«,~ Mr. i. F. Bennett, responler Mr. G. W. [ Beer; 'Tie Trophy Winnm." Mr. B. Levis, te spwier. Xcmn. C. W. wiiker. E. Foebo. ana A. R. Forter. The toast "Donors of Tropim" waa responded to by Mr. T. E. Shatter. *Ttie Umpires" wa? proposed by Mr. H. fascoe. Mr. F. Htninjr cave elocntionary items, and Sir. F. Barter a dtplay ol coojurinc