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By "Observer"


pOR the third year iii succession, the juvenile, star, Shirley .Temple, has been named by

American and British motion picture exhibitors as the biggest attraction at the box office.

This is a remarkable tribute to a.child player, and proves'that her appeal is not only to her own j generation. The relative box office ranking of players in England and America is the subject I bf a comprehensive check by "Motion Pjcture Herald" each year, and the result may be accepted '

.as a true indication of the popularity of the stars. >?

M HB . American poll resulted:

11 [ Shirley Temple, first; Clark V \\ Gable, second; Robert Taylor,

1 third; Bing Crosby, fourth; WU

, liam Powell, fifth; Jane Withers, sixth; Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, seventh; Sonja Henie, eighth; Gary Cooper, ninth; Myrna Loy, 10th.

' The result showed definitely that Shirley -had enhanced ' her popu- larity, and her appearance ln'such films as "Wee Willie Winkie" and "Heidi" (the latter film has not yet been re- leased in Hobart) probably played-a major part In her success. In 1932 Shirley entered pictures ' in a Baby Burlesque short production for Educa- tional. However, there was no bur- lesque in her appearance or In her role, and in September, 1933, she pláyed her first part in a feature film .- Para mount's "To the Last Man." That film started Shirley on her triumphant screen . march.. In 1934 there were "Stand Up and Cheer" and "Baby Take a. Bow" (Pox), and "Little Miss Marker'.' and ','Now and Forever" (Paramount). Although her first ap- pearance'in a feature picture was not until 1933, Shirley in 1934 won eighth place .In the ranking Hst o£ money-

making stars. The next year, she top-' ped the list and has since held that position.

pable Holds Place

The name ot Clark Gable has appear- ed consistently In the ranking list. In

each of tile six yea r's ' ;i h e "Herald".has con- ducted its' Inter- national poll, Gable has : been among the first ten. . Starting in eighth place in 1932, he niove'd forward . to seventh the fol- lowing season, and with one ex- ception he ha8 held second DOS!

Clark Gable

tion since that time.

Robert Taylor improved his position, moving into third ranking.. ' His. rise in 1936 to fourth place was-a meteoric jump from 83rd position the year be- fore. Bing Crosby retains his popu- larity among American audiences, and Jane Withers wins her first recognition among the "upper 10." The lnclusiñu

of Astaire and Rogers is not surprising,, nor is that of. Sonja' Henie, who achieves the distinction o£ finding 'a place in the first 10 in her first year in motion pictures;

Those clever exponents- of sop- histicated comedy, William Powell and. Myrna Loy, are in th&'honours list, and both deserve their: place. A ? Tasmanian plebiscite .'ii/ouid: i?>'0

. bably place them nearer thc .top. of - the ranking list. >Gary Cooper:has

earned his place by sheer merit'of performance in the past year. ? Choice of British Public

British, exhibitors placed the 10 greatest moneymakers in the following order: Shirley Temple, first; . Clark Gable, second; Gracie Fields, third;

Gary Cooper, fourth; George Formby, fifth; William Powell, sixth;- Jeanette MacDonald, seventh; Robert Taylor, eighth; Fred A'staire and , Ginger Rogers, ninth; Laurel and Hardy, loth.

Clark Gable has improved his stand- ing among British filmgoers, rising from fourth to second place. Gracie

Fields;- the Eng- lish comedienne, ', occupied the samé

place as in 1036, but her votes, ac cording to the "Herald," showed' a more favourable ratio to those of Shirley Temple than on . the pre- vious ; occasion.

Gary ? "Cooper is1

another American player, who' has ?enhanced . his

Gracie Fields

popularity in England, while the'^En'g-' lish comedian George Formby . ha's jumped into the ranking list. , William' Powell has risen from 12th to sixth place:' and Jeanette MacDonald is an- other new favourite. She was not in the first 20 in. 1936. Robert Taylor was of greater star, value.'in England last year than previously, but Laurel, and Hardy, lost-some of their former popu- larity. ...

..The 10 biggest attractions"iii British productions were: " Gracie Fields, first; George Formby, sec- ond; Jessie Matthews, .third; TVi'ii . Hay, fourth; Jack- Buchanan^ fifth;

George Arliss, sixth; Charles Laughton and Tom Walls,-seventh; Anna'Neagle, eighth; Jack Hulbert, ninth; and Paul Robeson. lbiVt.'

The omission pf Robert Donat, Leslie Howard, and the Walls-Lynn team and the inclusión . of * Laughton, Anna Neagle, and Paul Robeson are the main differences in the: polls of 1036 and


International Ranking -

' From the votes recorded by exhibi- tors throughout America and the .United Kingdom, an international "10 Best" were chosen. Relative posi- tions were established by averaging the two polls, crediting 10 points for each mention for first place, nine points for second, and so on through to-one point for tenth place. The list is;

' 'Shirley Temple, first; Clark'Gable, .'second; Robert

'[Taylor anti ; Wil

liam Powell, third ; Gary Cooper, fourth ; Gracie Fields fifth; Bing Cros hy, sixth; Astaire Rogers a n ti Georgè. - Formby, seventh; Jane Withers, eighth; jeanette MacDon- ald, ninth; Sonja

Gary Cooper.

Henie, 10th; Myrna Loy and Laurel and Hardy, 11th.


Who for the third year, in .succession has been voted by exhibitors as thc greatest international attraction at

the box office.