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Elaborate Plans For Entertainment

. (By "Anstice")

WITH the arrival ot His Excellency

the Governor-General of Austra- lia (Lord Gowrie) and Lady Gowrie this weelc, together with the ships of His Majesty's Australian Squadrou and the visiting warships of the French, Italian, Netherlands, and Uni- ted States fleets, for the Centenary Regatta, Hobart will be en fete for the next few weeks. Elaborate plans are being made for entertainments of all description, and the coming week pro- mises to he one of the gayest yet ex- perienced. If the general public is as enthusiastic as the many voluntary helpers in the interests of the Ragatta, and provided the weather is season- able, then nothing can prevent this Centenary event of the Royal Hobart Regatta Association and the numerous functions associatpd with it, from he


Who will be the guest of honour at many parties prior to her marriage to Mr. Eric Gray at St. David's Cathedral, Hobart, on February 28. She Is the younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rob-

ert Nettlefold, of Sandy Bay.

ing a memorable success. At several ot the functions there will' be a pre- sentation of debutantes, who will have something .to look back ,on with life- long interest.-.'' To celebrate the cen- tenary of the'Peninsular arid Oriental Steanic Nayigation Company, and to mark tile .occasion of the Regatta Cen- tenary, a late afternoon reception will be held on board R.M.S. Stratheden, on Friday. Their Excellencies;Lord and Lady Gowrie, His Excellency the Gov- ernor (Sir Ernest' Clark) and Lady Clark, and commanding officers o£ H.M.A. Fleet, and visiting warships, will attend the Air Force Ball at the City Hall on Saturday night. A motor

picnic has 'been arranged for Sunday," when, pilleéis from the visiting ships will lie entertained by younger, mem- bers ot'tlie'Victoria League. There will be .an official: dinner at Govern- ment House on Monday night, and on the same night the Mairons' Ball will take place at the Continental. Tues- day, of course, will be the principal Regatta day. To meet Her Excellency Lady Gowrie, the Lady Mayoress (Mrs. J. J. Wignall) ' has issued invitations for aniAt-Home at'the Hobart Town Hall on .Wednesday afternoon next. The Royal Centenary Regatta Ball at the City Hall on the Wednesday night is to be' honoured by the presence ol Lord and Lady Gowrie, and by the Governor and.Lady Clark. In honour ot Their Excellencies the Governor General a if d' Lady Gowrie, a Garden Party, will; be held at Government House on the following afternoon, to which guests from all over the State have been. Invited. A Ball at Govern


Elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Jack- son, of Federal St., Hobart, whose en- gagement to Mr. Alfred J. Hursey is


ment House will also be Included in the social programme. It is under- stood that the crowded nature ot last year's Ball held at Government House has prompted the restriction of invi- tations to the function to be held on the night of March 4. The procedure adopted on this occasion is that not more than one or two members ot any one family will receive invitations. On Friday week a committee dance will take place at the Continental, and an- other motor picnic for officers of the Australian Squadron has been planned for the following Sunday. These are just some of the forthcoming festivi- ties, for, in addition, there are various private dances listed, and others being planned. Many hostesses who are bent on filling every moment of leisure with pleasure, will entertain in other ways, such as cocktail, bridge, and tea parties. So the fun will con- tinue until the middle of March, when the Australian warships will leave Tas- manian waters.

In Country Setting

It was a happy thought on the part of Miss Mollie Shoobridge and her brother, -Mr. Fergus Shoobridge, to give a dance at their Glenora home before the' fast approaching hectic rush of parties begins. On Friday night an endless stream ot cars con- veying their quota ot young people ar- rived at Fenton Forest, the charming- ly situated home of Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Shoobridge, which so well lends itself to entertaining. The night was moon- lit, but bitterly cold. The chilly at- mosphere was soon forgotten, how- ever, by the guests as they entered the cosy, flower-decked rooms where log fires blazed in true country style. Spirited music soon started up, and it was not long after the arrival of the guests that the dining-room and wide verandah leading from lt presented an animated scene, the lovely gladioli used for decoration vying with the many pretty frocks in graceful move- ment. Everything was delightfully arranged, not least the sumptuous sup


Wife of Major Broun,, president of the , - Australian Flying Corps. Association,

which is sponsoring the ball in honour of British Squadron No. 204¡ to be~held . in the City Hall, Hobart, on Saturday,

and at which the Governor-General

(Lord Gowrie) will be present.

per laid in the billiard room, made en- chanting with its decoration of shaded pink flowers, perennial phlox, and car- nations in artistic blending. Mrs. Shoobridge's shot taffeta frock in a rich shade of green was made with bustle effect, and pink flowers adorned one shoulder. Her daughter.Mollie looked very attractive In azure blue

organdie; - the, bouffant.-skirt of her . dance gown was'belted with â narrow . . plait of the material-to , match the .' shoulder straps abd-trim' little bows

adorned the front of the bodice from . neck to waist. Mr. Jim Shoobridge,

who is spending his-vacation with his parents, helped 'iii seeing' to the en- joyment of the: guests,."Who numbered more than 100, and mostly came from Hobart.

As a forerunner to the dance, Miss Frances Shoobridge (cousin ot the host and hostess) entertained about 20 friends at a dinner party at Mr. R. O. Shoobridge's home, Forest Lodge, In close proximity to Fenton Forest,

Royal Yacht Club

The clubhouse of the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania was en fete in, the late afternoon of Friday-when-the Flag officers arid committee entertained ap- proximately 300 guests at a cocktail party as a welcome to the visiting yachtsmen who are here in' connec- tion with the Centenary Regatta. The procession of guests was received by Commodore G. H. Evans and Mrs. Evaua. Mra.


Who with her husband, Commodore Evans, welcomed the large number of guests entertained at the Royal Yacht Club on Friday afternoon. She has re- cently returned from a lengthy visit to


Evans has but recently returned to her New Town home after a year's visit to Scotland, her native land, where she visited relatives and re- newed many friendships. For the Club's party she wore a bottle green and cream floral frock, a large green straw hat, and matching accessories. Bunting lent a festive appearance everywhere, and bowls ot hydrangea adorned the foyer, stairway, and bil- liard room, where cocktails and sav- ouries were served. On each of the white covered billiard tables was a Atting centrepiece formed by a nine foot masted model yacht surrounded by massed flowers in vivid Autumn tonings.

The committee organising this suc- cessful party comprised: Commodore Evans, Messrs. Jack Boyes, Fergus Duff, Mesdames G. H. Evans, George Peacock, Eric Beck, Jack Boyes, and Roy Gibson. The gathering included Vice-Commodore \V. T. Gibson and Rear-Commodore George Peacock, while among the inter-State visitors who numbered over 100 was Commo- dore J. White, of the Royal St. Kilda Yacht Club. The visiting yachtsmen will be further entertained tonight, when Flag oflicers and .committee oE the Royal Yacht' Club: will give a dance at the.Continental,

Hospitality Returned

; Glorious hydrangeas in all the new shades were tástetully grouped in Dr. and Mrs. K. J. Pagan's flat for the late afternoon cocktail party given by them on Friday last to return hospitality to tUeir' friends. The host and hostess have as theil guest Miss Esmey Burfltt, daughter ot Dr. arid Mrs. Burfltt, of ^Elizabeth- Bay,.' Sydney,-her . parents

:havlng recently returned to their home

after a visit to Tasmania.- :For her very enjoyable party Mrs.' Fagan don- utted an attractive. short;sleeved frock .pf, navy.¿nd white, floral cloque. ..' Miss Burfltt, who will stay; with Dr. and Mrs. Fagan, for another, fortnight or so, chose a pretty, plum coloured frock featuring a spangled effect at the neck- line. Delightful hospitality was ex- tended to the guests, who included: ! Major and Mrs. H. N. Boyle, Major

arid Mrs; R. H. Robinson, Capt. and Mrs. J. R. Johnson;'Capt. and Mrs. E. ' El Grant; Dr.-and Mrs. H. W. Sweet

nam, Dr. and Mrs. R. Whlshaw, Dr. and Mrs. F. W. Fay, Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Parker, Dr. and Mrs. E. Brettlngham Moore, Dr. and Mrs. T. Giblin, Dr. and Mrs. B. Hiller, Dr. and Mrs. J. Chalm- ers, Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Pixley, Mr. and Mrs. Alan Knight, Mr. and Mrs. Merl St. Hill; Mr3. Hugh Warner, Mrs. G. Clerk; Misses McGrath; F. Coun sell,.W. Cotirthope, V. Downes (Mell).), Mavis Smith, Z. Goodman (an Adelaide . visitor staying with Dr. and Mrs. T.

" Giblin) "Drs. E. A. ,'Rogers/ J. B. Ham .' ilton, . ,W. .D. Counsel!, \ Messrs. R . Fagan',.arid J. Warner.~l

Prof. and Mrs.-A. L.'McAAilay were host arid'hostess at a 'cocktail'party on Saturday, when about 100-friends ga- thered to meet Miss May Douglas and : Dr. Sholto Douglas (South Australia),

who are staying with the professor and his wife for a fortnight or so. The party took place at the Sandy Bay home ot the host and hostess, the entrance.hall, sitting-room, and dining room being thrown into one to accom- modate the large number of guests. Dahlias and gladioli provided a gay . splash ot colour in the various rooms.

The hostess wore an attractive black frock of French ninon, colour being added by a tartan sash; her special guest wore a simply cut navy blue crepe frock cowled at the neck.

Mrs. H. Minton Taylor (Sydney) was the guest ot honour at an enjoy- able bridge party given by Miss Sybil Lyons at Lyndhurst on Monday night. Miss Lyons' sister, Mrs. S. H. Cox, of Sydney, recently brought her elder son over with her, and has left him to atay at Lyndhurst while aha is abroad.

With her husband, Mr. Sam Cox, who is going overseas on a business trip, she will leave Sydney today for Ame- rica, and will later go on to England.

The representative crew of the Syd- ney. Women's Rowing Club and their supporters were entertained by the Buckingham Women's Rowing Club at the Buckingham sheds on Sunday af- ternoon. The New Norfolk crew, which were victorious on Saturday, and also at New Norfolk on the previous Satur- day, was also entertained at the same time. The visitors will be taken out in the launch Egeria this afternoon, as the guests pf the Master Warden (Mr. T. Murdoch) and Mrs. Murdoch.

Pre-Wedding Parties

Miss Meg Blake, whose wedding to Mr. Douglas Palfreyman Will take place at St. David's Cathedral tomor- row evening, has been the guest o£ honour at several parties. Miss Aud- rey McPhee was the first hostess at a "china afternoon" at the Chaucer. The guest of honour looked very attractive in a dress of Spring-green miradore silk, with matching hat and accessor- ies.

Mrs. Ken Kean and Mrs. Audie Pal- freyman entertained at the Grotto, in the form of a "utility.afternoon." The guest of honour on this occasion wore a dress of green Baiden silk and a brown hat and accessories.

Miss Joan Colwell (one of the brides- maids) was hostess at a. "kitchen, af- ternoon," which took place at the Im- perial Hotel, when many useful gifts were.brought to stock the new kitchen.

An enjoyable sherry party was given by Mrs. John White at her new home, Seychelles, Sandy Bay, when the bride-to-be received a large assortment of handkerchiefs.

A "linen evening" was given by Mrs. Ian Wishart-Smith at her home in Bishop St., New Town. At this party Miss Blake was smartly frocked in mulberry chiffon velvet.

Mrs. Noel Davis gave a delightful cocktail party at her home, Edgemere, Sandy Bay. On this occasion, at which the guest of honour wore a brown arid beige georgette ensemble with hat to match, many useful gifts for the larder were received.

Misses Kath and Marg Palfreymnn (the latter of whom ls to be one of the bridesmaids) joined forces to give a "kitchen tea" at their home, The Elms, New Town Rd.

Mrs. P. Thomas, another hostess, entertained at Highfield Hotel. Here many useful gifts were received for the bathroom of the future home. A brown tailored costume, with match- ing highland hat, was very becoming to the special guest.

Naval Visitors

There are not as many naval wives coming to Hobart this year as usual. Mrs. Patten-Thomas, wife of Lleut. Commander P. C. Patten-Thomas, of H.M.A.S. Canberra, is already here, and is staying at St. Ives, Montpelier St. Mrs. J. W. A. Waller, whose hus- band is captain of H.M.A.S. Sydney, will arrive from Sydney on Friday, and will also make St. Ives her headquar- ters. Comiriander H. H. Palmer's wife will stay at the Imperial Hotel. Mrs. F. N. Cook, wife of Lleut.-Commander Cook (H.M.A.S. Waterhen), with her husband, will stay at Maidstone, Fed- eral St. Others at Maidstone will be Surgeon-Lieut. (D.) P. J. Ward and Mrs. Ward. Mrs. Denny, wife of Lieut J.- Denny (H.M.A.S. Sydney), will be the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Grant at their Sandy Bay home. Mrs. R. G. A. Jackson (nee Miss Peggy Dick), wife of Paymaster Lieut. Jackson, ar- rived recently from Sydney, and is staying with her mother, Mrs. R. Dick. Others who will he in Hobart for the festivities are: Mrs. J. C. D. EsdaXe, whose husband, Commander Esdaile, is in the flagship Canberra, Mrs. F. K. Fogarty, wife of Lieut. F. K. Fogarty, Mrs. D. A. Pritchard, wife of Surgeon


Who, with her mother, Mri, Jessop Hul- ton, will leave Hobart by the Strath» .dan on Saturday for a haliday trip ta


Commander Pritchard, Mrs. G. D. Moore, whose husband is in command o£ H.M.A.S. Stuart, and Mrs. C. W. Johns, wi£e o£ Lieut.-Commander Johns, o£ H.M.A.S. Australia. Mrs.


Of Bellevue Hill, Sydney, whou hus- band. Commander Palmer, Is second in ?command of H.M.A.S. Sydney. Mrs. Palmer will arrive in Hobart, by the

Stratheden, on Friday.

H. J. Buchanan also will probably ar- rive on Friday, and will be the guest of Capt. and Mrs. E. Whittaker Cor- ney, at 226 Davey St.

Farewell Party

To bid farewell to their president, Mrs. W. T. Gellibrand, of Lachlan Vale, Ouse, members ot the New Norfolk branch of the Victoria League gather- ed recently at Mrs. C. Hartley Rowe's residence. Mrs. Gellibrand proposes leaving shortly for a trip to America and England. Mrs. Rupert Shoo- bridge, one of the vice-presidents, spoke in enthusiastic terms of the good work Mrs. Gellibrand had done for the

league, and wished her bon voyage.' A posy was presented by little Mary Rowe, and Mrs. Gellibrand suitably re- sponded. The hostess wore a charm- ing frock ot rust figured satin, the guest of honour's dress choice being a close-fitting black frock in French wool, and a small black hat. Music provided a delightful interlude, songs being rendered by Mrs. Desmazures and Miss Marjory Gregson. After- noon tea was served. The guests iu cluded^members of the Young Contin- gent of the league.

Friends Entertained

The cocktail party retains its popu- larity, and it was this means that Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Giblin chose to en- tertain about 140 guests, taking the opportunity ot doing so while Miss Zeil Goodman, of Adelaide, is staying with them. This delightful party took place yesterday at the home ot the host and hostess. The lofty ceil- inged rooms were charmingly decorat- ed with dahlias. One ot the capacious rooms was used for dancing, which was enjoyed by many of the guests. The silken frock'worn by .the hostess,

which had pretty elbow sleeves, was. leaf patterned in dark and light green,

and faintly, sprigged in gold. Dr. and . Mrs. W. W.' Giblin, tho parents ot the host, were among the large gathering.



rj^O celebrate the comlng-ol-age of

their SODS, Ralph Young, Stan Denne, and Rex Lowe, Mr. and Mrs. .-' W. Young, Mr. and Mrs. N. Denne, and Mr. and Mrs. ?A. Lowe entertained guests- at Deane's Pt. on Saturday The even- ing took the form of an enjoyable dance, the music being provided by Mr.. A. Bone, of Hobart. The hall was decorated in blue and white, the colours of the North Bruny Cricket Club, of which the guests of honour are members'. Delphiniums, cornflow er's, and larkspurs formed a gay set ting for the supper' table. Congram latory toasts proposed by Capt. Barker were ' responded to by the guests ol honour. A number made the journey from Hobart, the guests including: Mr.' and Mre. J. Denne. Mr and Mrs li. Calvert. Mr. and Mrs. E. Pybus; Mesdames Paton, Boltomley. Misse Mavis, Fay, and Winnie Young. R. Al cock; B. Barnett, Peg Bowling, M Cra'lg', Peggy Edwards, Phyl Geard. Barbara and Agnes Bottomley. A. and M. Ràdenacb, Joan Lowe. M. Goddard. SI'Walters. Nina and Joy Young, Phyl lis' Luckman. Eunice Churchill, P and 'O'. Pybus; Messrs. Roland Young Colin Brownell C B.; N.. and'R. Denne. Colin, Vincent. Cecil, and Bern Lowe. Keith Young, 1. Watson. G Hope, Set ton ' Bottomley, R. Harrex. Jack and Bruce Denne, A. and L. Davis.

An enjoyable evening was spent m St. Thomas' Hall, Cascades, Hobart, when the 21st birthday of Mr. Alfred J. Hursey was celebrated During the evening a duet was rendered by the Misses Wanda Jackson and Athólle Robinson, the accompanist being MrB. J. E. Jackson, and varied games were ~ enjoyed. The supper table was at-

tractively arranged by Mr. Hursey's sister Rita. The birthday cake, which was made by his mother, Mrs. FL J. Hursey, was tastefully decorated by Mrs. J. Bompas, of Hobart. Mrs. E. Pritchard (Cressy), aunt of the guest ot honour, also sent a large birthday cake. The usual toasts were honour- ed, and the engagement of the special guest to Miss Yvonne May Jackson, elder daughter ot Mr. and Mr's. J. E. Jackson, was announced by Mr. May. of St. Thomas' Church, Cascades. The gathering Included relatives and friends numbering nearly 60.

An enjoyable evening party was held in the Sorell Town Hall recently to celebrate the coming-of-age of Miss Effie Doreen Quinn, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Quinn, of Sorell. About 200 guests were entertained by the host and hostess. The guest of honour wore a frock of magnolia satin with Empire waistline, moulded to the 'figure, and set off by a white fur wrap, and carried a posy of pink and silver. Mrs. Quinn's choice was black lace over a green underskirt, and she held a posy in Autumn toning. The supper table decorations in tangerine, pink, and silver, were interspersed with terns, and the pink decorated birthday cake occupied pride ot place. The hall was decorated in pastel shades, and the stage was converted into a lounge where the many presents were display- ed. At supper, the Rev. Robertson proposed the loyal toast, and Col. A. C. Blacklow that of the guest of honour, to which Miss Quinn responded. Coun- cillor W. McDermott, supported by Councillor E. G. Grant, proposed the toast of her parents, and Mr. Quinn re- sponded. Col. Blacklow then present- ee Miss Quinn with a golden key, and this was autographed by those pre- sent The dance programme was varied with old and new dances, and merriment followed when masks and party caps were donned. Music waB provided by MÍBS Audrey Stanton's or-


Lyceum Club Activities

The Garden Circle of the Lyceum Club held a very successful meeting on Friday afternoon last at the club, the gathering being organised by Mrs. . G. Hirst (deputy-president ot the Cir-

cle). Mrs.' Stourton (president) pre sided arid there was a good attendance of members. The speaker for the " afternoon was Mr. Thornycroft (cura-

tor of the Hobart Botanical Gardens), who gave an interesting talk on gladi : oil and other Summer, flowers.

A verse competition on. floral sub-' jécts was then conducted. .The six . entries received were expressively - ""read by Mrs. E. Sorell. The verse -

gaining, the largest number of votes: was that on. the - forget-fne-not -The writer was Mrs. J. C. E. Knight,, who - was presented, with the. prize by. the

president. ^ Tea was served. '

Surprise Party .

A complete-surprise was sprung on Mr. arid Mrs. .Bernard. Conolan, ol Sandy Bay, .when a bevy of unexpect- ed guests arrived<at their residence to - farewell.-Miss. G¿ Sibley, who has re . ceived ¿a . transfer to the Commercial . Bank ot Australia In Melbourne.

A happy evening's enjoyment re . suited,-and Miss Sibley was the re-

cipient of a handbag as a farewell rift from those present. On the eve of her departure from Hobart a presenta - tion was also made by the Hobart bank

staff, the recipient in a happy speech of appreciation thanking her well

, wishers.

Going Overseas

Mrs. Paton, ot Bellerive, was one. 'ot the first hostesses to entertain In komotur at if». *>ed Brough and Mrs.

Royle, both ot whom will leave Tas- mania by the Orlon on Saturday week to visit relatives in England. The hostess' picturesque home is one ot the oldest houses in this eastern chore suburb, and ls quaint and artistic both inside and out. Mrs. Paton ¿las a special flair tor arranging flowers and blending colours, and thé scheme of decoration decided on for this party was very attractive. In thlB pleasant setting ' mutual friends ot the hostess and the prospective voyagers played bridge, the prizes for which were won by Mesdames Royle, H. Mitchell, and F. Ridge. À simply cut gown of black chiffon velvet was worn by Mrs. Paton. Mrs. Brough wore a black dinner frock trimmed with gold clasps and gold applique on georgette sleeves. . Mrs. Royle's strik- ing frock of black lacquered satin wa« effectively patterned with blossom in several shades of pink. Others pres- ent were: Mesdames H. Whitley, ' P, Henry, C. Bingham, K. Read, G. Mor- tyn, V. Morrisby, J. Ross; and Miss Molly Morey.

At the meeting of the Clarence branch of the Child Welfare Associ- ation, held in the committee room' of the Bellerive Town Hall on Monday afternoon, opportunity was taken at an afternoon tea gathering to say tare well to the president (Mrs. Brough) and Mrs. Royle, a member of commit- tee. Each of the travellers was the recipient of a posy of flowers, and, on behalf of the committee, Mrs. G. Mus grave Parker (vice-president) present-

ed the president with a hand bag. In - doing so, Mrs. Parker wished both a pleasant voyage, a happy sojourn with relatives and friends In their home- land, and a safe return to the country ot their adoption.

Tea and Chat

The buffet lounge at Hadley's Hotel was the setting chosen on Saturday by the Misses Georgine and Patricia Best, who, to return hospitality, entertained

more than 40 of their youthful friends , at a morning tea party. A glowing fire and all the warm colours of a pro- fusion of asters bade defiance to the chilly atmosphere out-of-doors, and the party was much-enjoyed by the happy gathering of young people. Mrs. Best assisted her daughters In looking after the guests. A belted green suit flared over the hips and buttoned high to the throat was the dress choice of Miss Georgine Best, whose tam-beret of brown felt was relieved with a touch of gréen. Her sister Pat, who is to be one of this season's debutantes, wore a brightly flowered linen suit, a light blue blouse, and a navy halo hat. The guests included Misses Mary Butcher, Kerry Braithwaite, Joan Cane, Mary Chapman, Eileen Corney, Mary Croz- ier, Elaine and Deidre Giblin, June Goddard, Dorothy Withers-Green, Mar- garet and Joan Gunn, Mary Hamilton, Peggy and Mary Oberlin Harris, Mar- garet Hawson, Barbara Hudson, Nell Hinman, Joy Ikin, Mary Ingram, Pat- ricia King (England), Dorothy Lips- combe, Loyal and Alpha Lord, Joan Low Shirley Maclean, Mary Moore, Mary McPhee, Barbara Murdoch, Bon- nie Phillips, Mary and Dorothy Rad- cliff, Verl and Esme Reid, Patricia Rex, Peggy Rogers, Florence Saun- ders, Joan Seager, Barbara Steele.'Mol He Swan, Shirley Sweetnam, Mary Turner, and June Wilson.


' The engagement ts announced..- of . Eglen Marjorie, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Smith, Mountside, Fern Tree, to Alan P. younger son of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Dyason, of Essen- don, Victoria.

The engagement ia announced ol Effie Doreen, only daughter of Mr. and ' Mrs. A. H. Quinn, Lumeah, Sorell, to Donald, eldest son ot Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Phillips, Summerville St», Sorell

The' engagement is announced ot - ivonne May, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Jackson, of 32 Federal St., North Hobart, to Alfred James, only son of Mr. and Mrs. Ron J. Hur sey, of 114 Cascade Rd.. South Hobart.

The engagement is announced ol Gwendoline Joyce, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Fisher,. Hobart, and Leonard William, only son of Mr. and Mrs. F. F.. Powell, Blackman's Bay, Kingston.


* Vice-Regal Calendar

The Governor (Slr Ernest Clark) and' Lady Clark will attend the Royal Yacht Club Ball at the Continental, Ho-, bart, tonight.

Her Excellency Lady Gowrie will ar- rive in Hobart by the Stratheden on Friday morning, and will stay at Gov ernment'House.

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Pedder are

spending a holiday at the Great Lake.

* ? ?' ? » . ?

Mrs. L. Logan, a Brisbane visitor to

Hobart, is staying at St. Ives until

' Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Mytton (Melb.) are among the visitors staying at Had- ley's Hotel

* . * t *

Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Hines are Ameri- can visitors staying at Hadley's Hotel . until Saturday.

Mrs. A. J. Reynolds ls a Melbourne visitor staying at Highfield Hotel, Ho- bart, for a brief visit

* ? » * *.

Mesdames Williams, Luckman, and Gavitt hare returned home after a holiday stay at Cobb's Hill.

* » * .

Miss Dulcie Hartam arrived In Ho- bart by air on Saturday from Mel- bourne to spend a vacation with


« * . *

Mrs. Ingar Jessen (Sydney), who stayed at St. Ives prior to a tour of the State, returned there on Friday tor a

further visit.

« " . . »

Mr. Cecil Le Piastrier (Consul de Chili) and Mrs. Le Piastrier arrived In Hobart on Monday, and are staying at Hadley's Hotel.

« * '. . *

Mr. and Mrs. William Hodgman will return to Hobart by the Stratheden on Friday, after their honeymoon, spent on the Mainland.

.? *. . .

Mrs. Willis Taylor is expected from the Mainland on Friday. She will make St. Ives her headquarters tor

some weeks.

.* * * . »

Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Pardon (Japan), who have been visiting Hobart for the past two months, will stay at St. Ives tor another month or so.

* * * *

Mrs. W. Chaplin, of National Park, will return tomorrow by the Taroona after a month spent in Melbourne with her daughter, Mrs. S. Tointon.

. * * *

Major and Mrs. A, Broun, of Orchard Hill, Spreyton, will arrive in Hobart on Friday for the Regatta festivities, and will stay at the Imperial Hotel

? ? * .

Mrs. J. M. Hay, of Launceston, and her small son, Peter, are staying with Mrs. Hay's parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Baisille, at Wrest Point, Sandy Bay. i

. * . .

MrB. Colyer, accompanied by MIBB Peggy Dunn, arrived from Sydney, by the Zealandia, on Friday last. They are making Hadley's Hotel their head- quarters.

* » * *

Miss Margaret Hollis, who was the guest of Dr. and MrB. Morris Miller and Miss Ailsa Morris Miller for some weeks, has returned to her home at Vaucluse, Sydney. "

* * » .

Miss M. Sheehan (Sydney) was among the Zealandia's passengers to arrive on Friday. She is making Highfield Hotel her headquarters dur- ing her short viBit to Hobart.

» » . * »

Mrs. J. R. Johnson and her infant son have returned to Hobart after three weeks spent In Sydney with

Capt. Johnson's parents, Col. R. B. ' Johnson, D.S.O., and Mrs. Johnson.

* * » »

Mrs. Harold Horley, of Belmore Rd., Randwick, Sydney, will arrive at Ho- bart, by the "Stratheden, on Friday. During her visit she will be the guest of Mrs. E. Batchelor, St. George's Ter .; race. : ,

. . * »

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Trescowthick. ?'who are. spending three weeks in Tas- mania, were in Hobart last week, and .this weekjáre visiting Queenstown be-

fore returning to their home In Mel-


* . » . .

Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Koch, of New Guinea, with their two children, Jenni- fer . and John, arrived in Hobart on Saturday, and are staying with Mr. Koch's parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Koch, at their Stoke St home.

» . * *

Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Corstorphan and their daughters, Misses Lynn and Peggy Corstorphan, have gone Tor a holiday trip to Melbourne, .where they will stay with relatives. They cross- ed by the Taroona on Saturday.

* * * »

Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Buckle, of Syd- ney, arrived In Hobart by the Zealan dia on Friday, and will return by the same ship on Saturday; accompanied . by their grandson, Master John Buc-

kle, they are staying at Highfield Hotel. .

« * . * '

Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Strutt and their children are staying at Maidstone   Guest House again, Mr. Strutt having recently travelled to Swansea to bring his wife and family back to Hobart after their holiday of some weeks at the seaside.

* * * *

Miss Ailsa Cullen, daughter of the late Sir William Cullen (former Lieut. Governor and Chief Justice of N.S.W.) - and Lady Cullen, will be the guest of

her aunt, Mrs. L. Hungerford, at Hath- away House, Holebrook Place, for the Centenary Regatta festivities.

* * * .

Mr. and Mrs. Noel Davis are plan- ning a trip abroad, in which the former will combine business with pleasure. ?They will leave Hobart by the Orontes on March 12, and will be away about hine months. After two months or so spent in England they plan to tour ' Europe and America.

* * * .

Lady Williams, a visitor from Lon-

don, ls expected in Hobart on Friday,

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and will make the Lyceum Club her headquarters. She will be welcomed at an At Home at the club that after-

noon, and will probably stay in Tas- . mania for a few weeks.

. « * *

Mrs. Burton, wife of Commander Burton, of the New Zealand cruiser Achilles, now in Australian waters, arrived in Hobart recently, and after a few days spent at St Ives, left for the Great Lake on Monday. She will visit Launceston before crossing by the Taroona to Melbourne.

» * * *

Capt. and Mrs. E. Whitaker Corney (Melb.), who, with Mrs. Corney's two daughters, Misses Mary and Diana Chapman, are in Hobart for three months "or so, travelled North on Fri- day for the: matrons' ball at Westbury, and other race festivities. After their brief visit , they returned to Hobart ? : * * * *

Nurse Edith Margaret Wolf, of Al-, tona, Middleton, who returned from the Mainland some-months ago, after having added to her hospital training, will leave Hobart, in the Stratheden, on Saturday for Melbourne. She will Join the Themistocles at Melbourne for South Africa, where she will carry on her profession in Durban and Johan nesburg. -

» * * r

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Barrett, who came over from Melbourne for the biennial


Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Quinn, of Sorell, whose engagement to Mr.

Donald Phillips is announced.

conference of the Australasian Insti- tute of Secretaries,-held in Hobart re- cently, left Hobart -yesterday for Queenstown. . They will travel via Deloraine to Burnie, where they will stay with Dr. and Mrs. W. A. Harrison (the latter Mrs. Barrett's aunt) until



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Saturday night, when they leave for home.        


Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Miles, who for-

merly resided in the Straits Settle-

ments, and who now live in Melbourne,   are among the Regatta visitors to Ho-   bart, having arrived yesterday via Bur-  

nie and the East. Coast. The Astor     will be their headquarters while they   are in Hobart. They were accom-     panied by Mr. Miles' father, Capt. E. T.   Miles (formerly of Hobart), who will stay with his daughter and son-in-law,   Dr. and Mrs. G. Musgrave Parker, at  


; Mr. and ' Mrs. Harold Harvey, ot '

. Fonthill, Andover, were in Hobart for.

: a brief visit before sailing on Saturn

day last by the Zèalandia for Sydney,.. . en route to New Zealand. They will:

j board the Niagara, tomorrow for Wet i

lington, and intend touring.thé North . and South islands of the Dominion. .

During their'absence of nearly three months their small daughter Judith /will be taken care ot by . her grand- mother, Mrs. G. Wishart Smith, at Ba

Elboden St.

« . * * .

Mrs. Ross Wilkins, accompanied by. her- schoolgirl -niece, Beatrice La Nauze,. returned from Sydney to Ho- bart, by the Zealandia, on Friday last, after staying in Sydney for two months

at the Wentworth Hotel, and after- . wards at Manly.' Mrs. Wilkins' elder .niece, having left school, has also been

in'Sydney with, her aunt.. She will , pass^through Hobart In the Orlon next

week-end on lier way to Colombo, . where she will join lier, parents. Mr. ' and Mrs. R. F/L. La Nauze, and accom-.

nany them to Port Sudan; where; they .. .wlll màke their,home for au indefinite; period. ? .