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Crown Blames Shirley Beiger

For Fatal Shooting

SYDNEY, Monday.

Tile [HibJc gallery aL the Cenlral Criminal Court was packed when Sydney model, Shirley PaU'icia''l$ciju; jr, entered the dock this morning to

face her Lriul ou a. charge ol' murder.

Dressed in smart black frock , out vrcanng no iiai, Lelgei oioivc down several times aud cobbed quietly during the Crown PÇOSQ cutor'.s opening uddiess.

She plc.idcd not guilty to .-hav- ing murdeicd bookmaker's clerk, Arthur Ban y /Griffith, > 25, of Prim lose Avenue, Rosebery.

Griffith wa.* s.noi' in 'the' head

near Chequers Restaurant, King Street, City, .ç-n.î'thc night ol Äugiist 9. . ' f * ? ' *

Senior Crown prosecutor, Mr. W. J, Knight; addressing / the jury, said sympathy would be aroused by the fact that Beiger was n young woman, and "not unattractive." '.

Describing the events before Griffith's death, iMr. Knight said it was important for the jury.'to determine the course of the bul- let, the position in'which ¡the rille yum held, and how far away the weapon was when discharged.

Early on the night of August 9,-Griffith left Beiger's Hut, tell- ing, her 'he''wns 'going to 'a' den- tist, Mr; Knight said. : ?

. ?Later*! Beiger's mother '.had driven . herv to u . place near Chequers .Restaurant, and" then saw; Griffith, accompanied ,by a young"- womans , named * Gill Daniels, go ipside the restaurant. i 'Mr. <Kn.glit said Beiger had become angry and1 jealous. She

had "mude a scene" in the restaurant, < and had demanded back a k'c> from Griffith.

She hud. then retuincd to the liât. She then went lo the room of a .man inamed Lee, and tooj*' a liile and cartridges.

- She . loaded and cocked the fille and took it in; the car with fier to thcf corner of 'King and Pitt .Streets.'- ^

Hor mother went to the res* taurant and accompanied Grif; iith - back - to cthe , 6ar, said ' MA Knight. ' , ' (V ,vt"Grifllth was in front, and standing on the footpath alongi side the back window of the car, when he was shot," he said.

Beiger had claimed that when Griffith put his head in the car window a few words look place

between them.

She lind told police thal she, u.skcd him to return lo the ilat willi her. <

Mr. Knight said Beiger., lind alleged Uiat Griffllh then pushed her and the'rllle went off. ^V ^

He said the Crown would show], thal Beiger had nclïd willi reck-; less indifference to human life when she "set the stage" as she did,' "I ..!'

He said ^ that -whether Beiger had consciously pulled, the trig- ger or 'whether her hun,d had tightened around the trigger, if sh<< '"WOB- pushed by Griffith, did not come: into the case, t ..... ,

""Unless Bolger had had Ursave herself , ft oin. something, there could *> 'be" ho question of self defence.' he-said. - ». '

Mr. Knight said that in a-wril len statement .Beiger claimed =he had taken the gun willi Uie intention of- lolling Griffith that; if he didn't come with lier, she

would shoot herself.

Before writing this statement,

Bolger had given a different ver^.


Asked by police why she had 'ondod the gun. if ehe did "no1 in- tend to .«hoot Griffith, Beiger-liad replied: 'il don't know. I was so upset' I wils prepared to do any- thing," Mr.' Knight said.

Mr. Knight said- the CrcjWii would submit thal the nulurc-of Griffith's injuries indicated/that

the' fcVír, V'iíoÜ! Griffith's- i'à'cp.

¡"ït\'vfp'dldf be impossible, In view'óf those facts, lha't she was intending to fire ajshot" ixl hcr sakUMr. Knight. '.

. .The heaving was adjourned uit stilfto-morrow. ., , '