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ENTERTAINMENTS. HIS MAJESTY'S THEATRE. " ROBBERY UNDER ARMS." As regards literary workmanship no Australian novel has ever approached Marcus Clarke's monumental work, "For the Term of His Natural Life," but if a plebiscite of public opinion could be taken it would be found that "Robbery Under Arms" is the most popular Aus tralian novel that has yet been written. The novel itself attained. a wonderful popularity on its publication, -and pro vided the materials for the most suc cessful, at any .rate financially Austra lian drama so far produced. The series of animated photographs taken by Mr. McMahon and exhibited last night under Mr. William Anderson's manage ment show a distinct advance in the pro duction and projection of. biograph pic tures manufactured in the Common wealth. The various scenes of Rolfe Boldrewood's breezy romance were screened in a highly commendable man ner. " Robbery Under Arms" is a purely Australian picture-drama, and some of the bush scenes are very beau tiful, and at the same time intensely in teresting. Mrs. Keightley's ride to Bathurst in quest of the ransom for her husband's life and the "sticking up" of the Engowra gold escort were realistic items in the large and varied animated art subjects submitted by the manage ment. The entertainment itself was supplemented by some of the latest American and European films. Amongst these may be mentioned "iiqnid Elec tricity," A Quiet Hotel," " Dumb Saga city,' and "Zimbo, the Lightning Sketch Artist." The animated pictures of "Robbery Under Arms" will be ex hibited at His Majesty's Theatre till fur ther notice. PALACE GARDENS. The current programme was repeated at the Palace Gardens last night. Hay man and Franklin and Fred ┬▒iluett gave very popular turns, and Leonard Nelson was several times recalled. The man agement announce the last two nights of liayman and Franklin. To-morrow night a complete change of programme will be given by the company, and Miss Fanny Powers (mimic and comedienne) will make her first appearance at the Gardens. On Monday night Mr. Rickards will present his greatest attraction, Price and Re voet, the London comedy acrobats; also Jarvois and Campbell, jugglers and co medians. The "Daily Telegraph" of Syd ney, said of Price and Revost --"Price and Revost, who made their first appear ance at the Tivoli on Saturday. are the cleverest comedy acrobats who have ap poeared here for a long time. From the time Revost made his bow till Price fell into the wings, the house simply roared. The success of the pair was spon taneous, and at the condlusion of their turn they were four times recalled to bow their acknowledgments. Revost is a short nuggety athlete, whose acrobatic performance is distinctly clever. Price is a clowp. in evening dress, ill-fitting and baggy and with powdered face and squeaky voice. Price with great ease falls off and over everything. He falls off chairs piled on the table, he falls into the orchestra and emerges with his foot through a drum; he falls over chairs and tables, with a studied carelessness that is remarkable." FREMANTLE ESPLANADE. The Fremantle Trades Hall Band will give a series of concerts on Saturday nights on the Esplanade as well as on Wednesdays, commencing at 8.15. The band will march from the station at 8 o'clock. MARINE AND RIVER EXCURSIONS. The s.s. Zephyr is advertised to run to Point Walter, Fremantle. and Rock ingham on Sunday, leaving No. S Jetty, Barrack-stret, at 10.15 and Fremantle at 11.45 a.m. On Sunday night the Zdphyr will run her usual popular Rocky Bay trip, calling at Applecross both ways. "LIFE" AT MIDLAND JUNCTION. At the Town Hall. Midland Junction. on Saturday (to-morrow) night the New York Bioscope Co. and Entertainers will, they announce, present for the first time in Western Australia their unique and artistic entertainment "Life," which thej declare has made a triumphal tour cf the Eastern States. SIXPENNY PICTURE "POPS." Another excellent audience. witnessed the two hours of animated pictures at St. George's Hall last evening. The se ries of pictures presented this week is a varied one, but the humorous films pre dominate. THE BENEFIT PERFORMANCE. To-morrow evening the benefit perform ance in aid of the widow and children of the late James Hartley (the victim of the recent motor-car fatality on the Perth Causeway) will take place at the Theatre Royal. The committee responsi ble for the event report that there has been a brisk demand for tickets, and that the box-plan is now filling rapidly at Nicholson's. His Excellency the Lieu tenant-Governor has forwarded a donn tion, and Sir John and Lady Forrest, the Premier and Ministry, the Mayors and Mayoresses of Perth and Victoria Park, Bishop Riley. and other distin guished citizens have granted their pat ronage for the occasion. The programme will be a varied and interesting one, and everything points to a successful issue. The full programme will appear in to-morrow's issue. KING'S THEATRE. Willoughby-Ward's London Comedy Co. made their second appearance at ],re mantle last night. when the farcical comedy "The New Clown" was presented before a large audience. In every re spect the performance was a great sue ress. There was not a duIll momeni throughout the eveniang, and the piece went with a merry swing from start to finish. The company will bring their Fremantle season to a close to-night. when "The Talk of the Town," which was received with enthusiasm in Perth, will be produced.