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COTNTREY. WOODANILLING. The Cartmeticup School break-up took place last Friday. There was a large attendance. A splendid set of prizes was awarded. The Revs. J. Smith and W. Kennedy were the judges in the various departments of school-work. The competitions were keen and close, and showed that much care had been exercised by the teacher (Miss Darby) during the year. After noon tea was dispensed and apprecia ted. RHarvesting is now in full swing. Some of the crops are proving lighter than was estimated. A great quantity of mallet bark is being sent from Woodanilling this month. There is much need of a post office here. At the present time the sta tionmaster has, besides his railway duties, to attend to the telephone, telegraph, and postal matters. ARMADALE. On Tuesday last a picnic organised by the headmaster of the local State school (Mr. E. W. Schonell), was held at the South Sea Beach, Fremantle. About 100 school children and over 50 adults made the journey via Janda kot. Although the want of shade on the beach was rather badly felt, an en joyable day was spent, and all re turned home quite satisfied. Mr. Douglas, the traffic .manager, kindly consented to the children being taken home via Perth, and many took advan tage of this. The Fremantle Citi aens' League arranged for penny fares on the trams, which were well patronised. Thanks are due to the committee-Mesdames Wade, Morgan, Davies, England, Brookes, Marsh, Saw, and Miss M. Wall. The follow ing gentlemen assisted in making the, trip a success:--Messrs. James, Cor nish, and Morgan. On Thursday the annual prize distri bution was held. The nrizes were dis tributed by Mrs. M. E. Jull. A dis play of work done by the manual training class was very much admired, as was also the exhibition of work done by the pupils. The headmaster was presented with a handsome set of brushes and the assistant, Mrs. Eng land, was given a pretty purse. The monthly meeting of the Pro gross Association was held on Thurs day week. Mr. J. S. Marsh was ap pointed to act during the absence of the president. Some interest is already being taken in the annual Roads Board election, and also that of the committee of the institute. Both elections take place next March. Fruit-growers are not having a good time this season, the price and yield both being rather low. The fruit fly has not yet made its appearance, but the present warm weather is very fav ourable for it. Many townsite blocks have been sold lately, and the building trade is fairly brisk. GERALDTON. Mr. Henderson, a Western Austra lian member of the Senate delivered a lecture on Tuesday night in the Town Hall on "The Benefits of Co operation." There was a fair at tendance, Mr. J. M. Drew, M.L.C., presided. The speaker was atten tively listened to, and was accorded a hearty vote of thanks. NORTHAM. The annual meeting of the Northam Agricultural Society was held at the Shamrock Hail on Saturday last, and was very largely attended. The president (Mr. T. H. Wilding) occupied the chair, and among those present were the Minis ter for Agriculture (Mr. Jas. Mitchell), Mr. Geo. Throssell, M.L.C., and Mr. H. Teesdale Smith. The prelident read the annual report, which showed that the Society was in a very flourishing condition. The profit made on the National Show was £l314, which was pronounced highly satisfac tory. The officers appointed for the en suing year were: Patrons, His Excellency the Governor Sir F. G. D. Bedford, Mr. Gee. Throssell, M.L.C., Mr. W. T. Loton, M.L.C., and Mr. H. Teesdale Smith; pre sident, Mr. T. H. Wilding (unooposed); vice-presidents. Messrs, . W. \. Hancock, G. L. Throssell, and Jas. McManus: co;m nittee, Messrs. A. Martin, A. A. Smith, A. G. Loton, J. French, G. T. Wilker son, F. R. Walsh. J. Martin, E W. Car ter, W. H. Lunn, C. R. Knight, J. M Carroll. F. '. Cooke, J. Sermon. II. Withnell. and S. F. A. Parker; treasurer. Mr. Jas. Mitchell; secretary, Mr. V. TI. Spencer. The Gcvernor's Cue and the Throssell Trophy were presented to the sinner,. Mr. Wildinv. and the meeting termi nated after several toasts had been hon oured.