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NEWS AND NOTES. Mails for Eastern States.-Mails for the Eastern States will close to-morrow (Friday) at 9.15 p.m. (late letters 10 p.m.). and on Saturday at 4.45 a.m. (supplementary via Albany), for con veyance by the s.s. Kyarra. The Weather.-The following shade temperatures were recorded in Perth yesterday :--At the Observatory: Max., 75deg.: min., 55.9deg. Perth Gar dens: .ax., 75.Sdeg.; mmin., 56deg. The Government Astronomer, writing under yesterday's date, said :--'An other fine. pleasant day has been ex perienced in the S.W. and S., though somewhat warm inland. Over the Mur chison and Coolgardie fields the hot, sultry weather still continues. Forecast for S.W.:--N. portions: Fine weather (5!; becoming warm. especially inland (1). S. portions: Moderately cool in S. districts (5). but warming up inland (4). Coolgardie fields: Cooler in S. portions (-), but still hot and sultry ekew-here (4)." The above forecast was

issued at 4 p.m. yesterday; 4 means "normal probability," 5, "very strong," 3 "doubtful, indications uncer tain." The Protection of Natives.-At a meeting of the Executive Council held yesterday Mr. C. F. Gale (Chief Inspec tor of Fisheries) was appointed Acting Chief Protector of Aborigines during the absence on leave of Mr. Prinsep. Mr. Gale was also appointed as a Royal Commission to inquire into the charges of ill-treatment of natives made by E. J. Blake against members of the Canning expedition. Retail Grocers' Social.-A social re union of the Retail Grocers and Store keepers' Association was held at the Court Hotel last evening. There was a good attendance, and Mr. A. C. Macey presided. Among the toasts henoured were "The Retail Grocers' As sociation," "The Wholesale Houses," "Tl'he Picnic Committee," and "Commer cial Travellers." Songs were rendered at intervals, and the evening prov.ed most enjoyable. The Libel Case.-The hearing of the action for damages for alleged libel brought by Mr. P. A. Connolly against the "Sunday Times" news paper was continued yesterday before Mr. Justice Burnside and a jury. At midday the plaintiff left the witness box, where he had spent in the aggregate nine hours .under examina tion, cross-examination and re-exami nation. In respect to the direct charge this concluded the case for the plain tiff. That for the defence was opened by Mr. Lavan. When counsel sat down Mr. R. A. Shell, ex-Postmaster-General and a prominent member of the W.A.T.C was put in the box and exa mined. His cross-examination was not concluded when the Court adjourned till 10.30 o'clock this morning. In an swer to counsel, his Honour said that if necessary the p iintiff would at a sub sequent stage be allowed to go into the witness-box and give evidence in rebuttal of the defendant's case. Sir Walter James, K.C., with him Mr. G. H. Lukin, appeared for the plaintiff, and Mr. R. S. Haynes, K.C., with him Mr. M. G. Lavan, for the defendants. Perth Licensing Bench.-The ad journed annual sittings of the Perth Licensing Bench were concluded yester day before Mr. A. S. Roe, P.M. (chair man), Lieut.-Col. Haynes, and Mr. Rice Saunders, J's.P. New colonial wine licences were granted as follows :-Jo seph Ferstat, 411 Wellington-street ; John Moffat Anderson, 1238 Hay- street; Morris Ferstat, 428 William- street; Elizabeth Price, 287 William- street; and Landos Michael Nalis, 828 Hay-street. Tram and Motor Cars Collide.-In No. 1 Supreme Court yesterday, before Mr. Justice McMillan and a jury of six, S. C. Thompson sought to recover from the Fremantle Municipal Tram ways and Electric Lighting Board dam ages for personal injuries sustained. Mr. V. F. Smith, with him Mr. F. Martin, appeared for the plaintiff, and Mr. M. L. Moss, K.C., with him Mr. J. H. Barsden, for the defendant. The plain tiff, a civil servant residing at 432 St. George's-terrace, was on August 19, 1906, driving a motor car in Fremantle. At the intersection of Victoria and James streets a car belonging to the defendant Board, it was stated, crashed into the motor. The plaintiff declared that the collision was due to the\negli gent driving of the tramcar. He al leged that the tramcar was travelling at an excessive rate of speed, and that it gave no warning of its approach, and failed to stop at the intersection of the streets in question as it should have done. The plaintiff, as a result of the accident, received serious injuries to his head, arms, and legs, and was per manently disabled in his left arm, and for 11 weeks was precluded from fol lowing his employment. The defendant Board, on the other hand, asserted that the car was travelling at a reasonable speed, and that its approach was signal led by a warning bell. The car was not obliged to stop at the intersection, but it slowed down, and proceeded over the crossing at a proper speed. Con tributory negligence- was charged against the driver of the motor car. The plaintiff's case was completed yesterday and the hearing of evidence on behalf of-the defendant Board will be con tinued to-day. Crop Prospects.-The Government Statistician, DMr. Malcolm A. C. Fraser, informs us that a further report has just come to hand from Mr. R. Cob ham, the land agent at Katanning, in which this officer raises his estimate of the oat yield for his district to an ave rage of 20 instead of 18 bushels. This increases the total estimated production of oats for the State to. 537,500 bushels, or an average of 18.5 bushels per acre. Fremantle Sanitary Service.-A spe cial meeting of the ratepayers of Fre mantle was held at the Town Hall last night for the purpose of discussing the loan of £4,.000 which the Council propose raisming, with the object of municipalising the sanitary service. The Mayor ({Mr . W . A. Murphy) pre sided over a sparse attendance. In submitting details of the proposed scheme the Mayor stated that an assess ment rate of 4dl. would enable the Council, after paying sinking fund and us.,,m erm+1n inn to show a small

surplus. A 4d. rate, he explained, would mean a substantial saving to the ratepayers, and he quoted figures where the saving to the ratepayers in the West Ward amounted to 50 per cent. on the present pan rate. Cr. Lucraft said that he was entirely opposed to an assessment rate, for the reason that ina large number of cases it would not be for services rendered. He was in favour of a pan rate. A discussion followed, after which a vote of thanks was accorded the chairman. On Wed nesday next a referendum on the ques tion as to whether the sanitary service be municipalised or otherwise will be taken. Fremantlo P.~L.P. Council.-The fortnightly meeting of the Fremantle P.L.P. Council was held at the Trades Hall on Tuesday, Cr. Dale presiding. Mr. Needham. a Western Australian member of the Senate. was present, and received a hearty welcome from the delegates. He addressed the meeting briefly, dealing with the work of the Federal Labour Party during the ses sion. The committee appointed for the purpose' of arranging a Labour demon stration reported in favour of an even ing gathering being held early in Jann ary and recommending a musical and social programme, to bhe interspersed with short addresses from the Federal members who may be in the State. The recommendations of the Committee were adopted, and the committee were nuthorised to carry out the necessary arrangements. Fremantlo -nemployed.-A deputa tion of unemployed waited upon the Mayor of Fremantle yesterday morning and explained that, owing to the clos ing of the Smelters and the stoppage of work on the Esplanade. a large nuim ber of men were thrown out of employ muent. They hoped his Worship would be able to find employment to tide them over Christmas. The Mayor promised to inquire into the matter and ascer tain if there was any direction in which lie could carry out the wishes of the de putation Postal Finance.--A correspondent writes :--" Apparently the rules of the post-office provide for swelling the re venue by an ingenious, if in other re spects a somewhat unsatisfactory de vice. If a telegram arrives, as it so commonly does, bringing a message that reads like nonsense, and if a 'repeat' is asked for on the ground of a mistake by an operator, and this should he found to be the case. the money lodged for a repeat message is not returned. What is done is this: Assume the first :t-gcamii, say. from Melbourne. is duly m:id for, that the amount is 2s. 5d., 'nd that the message is mutilated. In its mutilated form a repeat is asked for, for which 3.. :d. is demanded. The telegram comes through thills time mak int, sense: the :all-important word ,r words being, of course, the mutilated once. but the post-office authorities do not return the money lodged to secure a correct message. They return nult of the 3s. id. 2s. Id.. and it is explained that the balance is kent lb,caus.i the whole of the message was not wrong only the important words;. By this pro ceeding the post-offic,, ani?s a clear Is. 4d. made over the hlundcr of its ser vant. A case of this kind has actually occurred. It follows naturally that an operator has only to make a mistake

of a word in each third or fourth mes sage, a low average perhaps for the telegrams which reach and go from 'Western Australia, and the Depart ment will net something considerable for its own blunders at the end of the year." Metropolitan Water and Sewerage Act.-Yesterday in the Legislative As sembly the Premier gave notice of his intention to move to-day for leave to introduce a Bill to amend the Metropo litan Water and Sewerage Act, 1904. The Horticultural Society of Western Australia..-The monthly ineeting and exhibition of the Horticultural Sfciety of Western Australia was held last. night at the Bureau of Agriculture. The exhibits were a very excellent lot. The attendance was very good, and the exhibit of delphinium shown by the Roselea Nursery was the best ever seen in Perth. The roses shown were very good for this time of the year. Re gret was expressed that the other nur serymen allowed the Roselea Nursery to sweep the board. The following is the prizo-list : --Open section-Roses: Rose lea Nursery, 1 and 2. Carnations: Roselea Nursery, 2. Gladioli: Rose lea Nursery. 1 and 2. Miscellaneous flowers: Roselea Nursery, 1. Annuals. Roselea Nursery, 1 and 2. Bulbs: Roselea Nursery, 1 and 2. Shrubs: Roselea Nursery, 1 and 2. Climbers: Roselea Nursery, 1. Delphiniums: Roselea Nursery, 1, 2, and special prize. Peunmias, double: Roselea Nursery. 1 and 2. Petunias, single: Roselea Nur sery, 1 and 2. Amateur Section Roses: G. Rae 1 F. Young 2. C. ar nations: H. DM. Stobie, 1; Mrs. Jour dain, 2. Miscellaneous flowers: J. K. Bennett., 1: F. J. Sto bio, 2. Annuals: F. J. Stobio, 1; J. H. Bennett, 2. Petunias, single: G. S. Bararrd, 1 and 2. Petunias double: F. Younge 1; G. S. Barnard, 2. Climbers: Mrs. Jourdain, 1; G. S Barnard, 2. Gladioli: G. Schmidt. Sland 2. Phlor: Miss Shepherd, 1; F. J. Stobie, 2. Gaillardias: Miss Shop herd. 1; F. J. Stobie, 2. Delphiniums : F. Young, 1. The Labour Party and the Income Tax.-At a meeting of the Fi emantl P.L.P. Council held on Tuesday even ing the following resolution on the mo tion of Mr. W. H. Carpenter, rconded by Mr. H. J. Crall. was carried and or dered to be sent to Mr. T. H. Bath, Leader of the Opposition in the House of Assembly :--'That the congratula tions of the Council be conveyed to the Parliamentary Labour Party on their success in resisting the attempt of the Moore Government to imposu further taxation upon the wage-earners and others in receipt of small incomes." Municipality of Cottesloe. - The fol lowing nominations 'were rece'ved for the elections to be held at the Cottes loe Roads Board office on Wednesday, the 18th inst.:--For Mayor: John Stuart and William Zimpel.' Council lors-North Ward: John Delamare. J. P. Doscas, Charles M. Gibbons. Jack Harry James, Robert Goodens Scott: South Ward: James W. Blackwell, Thomas Campbell. Walter Hy. Clifford, Henry E. Laslett. Henry Seeligson; East Ward: F. Medcalf. Walter Saw kins, Everard W. Scutt, C. E. Turville. Auditors: F. B. Greeth, C. E. Man thorpe, Gee. Pick. Three councillors have to be elected for each ward. Perth Girls' School. - The annual entertainment of the Perth Girls'. School in aid of the prize and school fund will be held in the Queen's Hall on Tuesday evening next. The pro gramme will, it is announced, present new, artistic, and amusing features. The box-plan will be opened at Nichol son's to-day. St. Bartholomew's, Perth: - The an nual fete in connection with the above church was held on the lawns of Carle ton House, Hay-street "East, yesterday afternoon and evening, and proved to be very sucessful. Lady Stone after being introduoed to the large gat]iering by the rector (Rev. R. J. Graggs) dt clared the fete open. His Lordship 3ishop Riley paid a visit to the grounds durinj the afternoon, and by making purchases from each stall helped the cause materially. The Railway Band very generously gave their-services, and their musical programme appreciably added to the evening's enjoyment. The fete will be continued this evening at 7.30, when admission will be free. Lane and Income Tax.-The Legisla tive Council spent the whole of yester day's sitting, which established a re cord for the session, inasmuch as the adjournment did not take place until after the Legislative Assembly had risen. The House was occupied in con sideration in Committee of the Land and Income Tax Assessment Bill. Not much headway was made, and progress was reported at 11.5 p.m. on clause 11, which deals with exemptions from the land tax. Legislative Assembly.-Though mem bers of the Legislative Assembly did not separate after their all-night sit ting until 10.35 a.m. yesterday, they managed to put in some good work at the ordinary sitting, which began at 4.30 in the afternoon. In view of a general desire for the early termination of the session, the Premier moved that the House should meet henceforth at 2;.30 p.m. i:, nstead of 4.30p;n., and that

ouC eIuiLUItUg UJ5LII 5UUIUe UiU SUe iiUif ed in order to facilitate the business of the House. This was agreed to. The Estimates were then passed 'through their final stages, the Council's amend ments to the Roads and Streets Closure Bill was agreed to, the District Fire Brigades Bill passed through Committee with amendments, and the Nariogin Wickepin Railway Bill passed its sec ond reading. This measure was also passed through Committee without amendment, and the third reading was agreed to. Shortly before 11 p.m. the House adjourned until this afternoon. It may be mentioned that there are some 27 orders of the day on the notice paper, and, of course, most of these will have to be sacrificed and allowed to lapse. South African Soldiers' Memorial. The annual memorial service at the Fallen Soldiers' Monunent, King's Park, will take place on Sunday next. 'l'he Commandant has called a general parade for the occasion. Trades and Labour Council.-At a special meeting of the South-West Dis trict Trades and La.bour Council held at Brookman's Buildings, Barrack street, last evening, Mr. A. McCallum presiding, the new rules were adopted after a somewhat lengthy discussion. Subiaco Fire Brigade.-At the meet ing of the Subiaco Municipal Council last night Superintendent Itichardson reported that the Subiaco Fire Brigade had attended two fires in the mI?nici rality and one at Claremont during the past month, and recommended that the residences of several members of the Brigade be connected by telephone with the Fire Station. The report was referred to the Fire Board. Subiaco Municipal Valuations. - At the meeting of the Subiaco Municipal Council last night the valuers (Messis. Rankin and Kevan) submitted an in tcresting report on the progress of the municipality. In the East Ward the value of unimproved property was £20.855. improved property £275,153, total capital value £296,010: annual value, £16,439; total tenements. .517, of which 36 n ere empty; population. 2,075. The figures for the North Ward were: Unimproved property £27.400. improved £290.760; capital value. £318.160: annual value. £18.959: total tonomelnts, 704--79 empty : population, 2.707. In the Central ard the value of unimproved property was £30.l25, improved property £1n67.86O: capital value, £1SS.785 : annual value, £i1..;0-l; tenements. 398---11 empty; population, 746. The figures for the South Ward were : iUnimproved propertyv £57.175, improved £i132.175: capital val it. £189.350: annual value. £11.892; tene ments, 390-7 emipty : population 1.531. The total figures wele: Unim proved property £136.355, improved s.5,950; capital value, £1,002.305 : annual value. £,.794 : tenements, 2.003-123 empty ; population. 8,059. Subiaco Swearing-in ('eremnonv. - Last night, prior to the meeting of the Subiaco Municipal Council, the Mayor (Mr. H. l)aglish. M.L.A.), was sworn in by Cr. Brown..P. J.P. The nwly-lected &e:oncillors also took the oath of allegi ance. The Mayor, in replying to con gratulations. said that he tolk upon himself the responsibility for net h.:v ing any ceremony upon this occa-in.

He was of opinion that the Council often paid more for an advert i.Imenlt than it was worth, and, in view of the posible stringency of funds, he thought the money could be put to better use. Nearing the End.-Now that the end of the present session of Parliament is close at hand, it being the desire of a irajority of members on both sides .af the Legislative Assembly to prorogue brfore Christmas, the question a's o u hat business will be put through has ,to be decided. A glance at the bulky notice-paper indicates that the slaughtered innocents will be many, and as tho Opposition, as well as the Go vernment, desire that certain measures should not be dropped, some arrange ment will probably be arrived at be tween the two parties in order to avoid the necessity of a January session. In the course of conversation last night, the Leader of the Opposition (Mr. Bath) mentioned that the Party first desired to know what the proposals of the Government were as to the legisla tion to be put through before they came to any arrangement as to the fixing of a date for the prorogation. There seems to be little doubt amongst mnenhero, however, that the session will be termi nated before the holidays. St. John's Church, Fremantle.-A meeting was held last night in the rec tory schoolroom, Cantonment-street. FIremantle, over which the Rev. J. E. M. Roche presided, to consider what form of welcome should be extended to the rector, Canon Barton-Parkes, on his return from London next iveek. Those present included Mesdames Hal cotmec, Shuffrey, Collyer, lots, Beres ford, and Webster, Miss Evans, Messrs. itatcombe, Boultbec, Harbutt, and Wavman. It was decided to hold a so cial" function in the Victoria Hall on Saturday, December 21, and that the Bishop and the Dean of Perth be asked to attend. Funeral of Capt. G. Dalton.-The funeral of the late Capt. Dalton, whose death occurred in Melbourne on No vember 28, and whose remains were con veyed to Fremantle by the s.s. Hobart, took place yesterday in the Roman Ca tholic portion of the Fremantle Ceme tery. The chief-mourners were Mrs. E. Dalton, widow; Messrs. J. A., C. S., and IE. Dalton, sons; Mesdames W. Shields, W. Rice, and J. E. Gustafson, and Miss Agnes Dalton, daughters; Messrs. W. Rice, J. Gillam, J. E. Gus tafson, and W. Shields, sons-.n-law; and IM'iss Irene Dalton and Mr. A. R. Dalton, grandson and granddaughter. '1'ho pall-bearers were Capt. W. J. Mahdr, Cr. J. Hoaly, Capt. McDonald, Capt. T. W. Smith, Mr. T. Mlcahy, Major Townsend, and Mr. W. C. Ang win, M.L.A. The Rev. Father Smyth conrducted the service, while the funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs. Arthur E. Davies and Co. The deceased gentleman arrived in Newcas tie, N.S.W., from London in the early fifties, and followed the sea until 1895. He arrived in Fremantle at the latter end of that year. The harbour im provements being about to be started, Capt. Dalton obtained a position on the dredge Fremantle when it arrived from home. Afterwards he was transferred to the Government steam tug Pelican. On the completion of the harbour works he retired and resided in Glyde-street. Although taking periodicpl trips to the Eastern States and abroad; for his health's sake, Capt. Dalton's life was never despaired eo and his death came as a. very severe shock to his family and friends. The deceased was well known in business and commercial cir cles. Although he never took part in public life he was requested on several occasions by the ratepayers of East Fremantle to allow himself to be nomi nated as a councillor. A Stockyard Nuisance at Subiaco. Last night at the ordinary meeting of the Subiaco Municipal Council the elec tric lighting committee recommended that Messrs. J. M. Hopkins and Co. be requested to take steps to abate the s~uisance caused by dust rising from their saleyards, which is seriously af fecting the machinery at the Council's power house. The recommendation was adopted. Later in the meeting a com munication was read from the St. John of God Hospital complaining of nui sances arising from the yards by shout ing, by the bellowing of cattle, and by smells from the pigyard. The writer of the letter stated that visiting doctors asserted that the hospital was being se riously menaced. The matter was re ferred to the health committec. Mr. August ananp. specialist in eye testing, nay te consulted daily at his rooms, 25 Barrack-stret. opposite the Treasury. Hours: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. No agents. The Commeretal Tailoring Company. importers of High-grade Woollens, eater only for first-class business. Its Cutter 1 as London West End experience, and holds ree: gnised English diplomas. Cash o" extended terms if desired. 566. 35', and 510 Hay-strset, opp. Zimpel's (up 'airs). The public are reminded that Messrs. Wilson and Johns, florists. of Barrack street, have instructed Mr. W. Fred. Holman, auctioneer, to continue the large auction sale of choice pot and table plants at 11.30 o'clock this morning on the premises. Hay-street Central, next to Sandover's new building. This afternoon, at 2.30 o'clock Mr. W. Fred. Holman, auctioneer, will se!l a

plants at the mart, 183 Murray-?treet. Mr. Chas. Sommers announces that he will conduct a sale of superior household furniture and effects on the premises. corner Palmerston and Church streets. West perth. to-day (Thursday). at ii a.m. Included in the lots to hb dispose? of are two superior Cheval bedroom suites. dining-room suite, very fine solid cedar sideboard, and a large quantity of other first-class furniture. In our advertising columns the Com monwealth Public Service Commissioner (Mr. D. C. MeeLachlan) invites applica tions from persons desiring appointment as telegraphist in the State of Queens land. Persons who were engaged either temporarily or permanently in clerical or telegraphic work in the Public, Rail way, or other service; of any of the States on January 1, 1901, are eligible to anply, as well as those who have at any imne retired from a permanent posi. tion of n similar character in the ser vice of a Commonwealth or of a State. Applicants must be capable' telegraphists, alnd they will be required to satisfy the Commissioner in this respect by sub mitting themselves to sending and re ceiving tests in practical telegraphy at the rate of 25 words a minute. ''Those appointed will. subject to the provisicns of section 3.1 of the Commonwealth Pub lic Service Act, co:nm ance at .t120 per annum. The Commissoner will also be holding an examination at various coun try centres at an early (late for appoint ment: as telegraph messenger. The annual distribution of prizes in connection with the Girls' High Se.hoo0. (riaremont. will take ulace in the Parish Hall. Claremont. to-morrow. The Bishop of Perth will present the prizes.